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Al-Kahf 45-59 Word Analysis and Tafsir 47-49

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We all want to say euro Geobella and warn of the day when we will remove the mountains.

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Everything in this dunya is temporary, it's going to come to an end. How is it going to come to an end? No matter how much you try to preserve it, or how much you try to look after it, eventually, it's going to finish how that on the day meaning the Day of Resurrection, new seguro de Bella we will cause the mountains to move we will set them in motion. Say Yo, you say you this year is to set something in motion to force something to walk that has no ability to walk that does not have the ability to move by itself. Or it does not have you can say alcohol or other intention in it.

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Like for example, a car by itself can it move? No, you have to start you have to press your foot on the pedal only then the car will move. If you don't do that the car is not going to move. Similarly, mountains they don't move by themselves. So this year is to force to walk to set in motion something that has no ability to move by itself. So we will set the mountains in motion, we will move them and so they will become like a mirage or they will be like guarded wool yanked out of the earth. We learned through the never number 20 was so eurotel w *en utsava and the mountains are removed, they will be set in motion and they will be but a mirage insalata NEMA number 88 we learn what are

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all Geobella Sabu hi Jeremy that and we're here tomoloo Mombasa hub and you will see the mountains and think I'm solid but they shall pass away as the passing away of the clouds. Just as you see sometimes in the sky. You can literally see the clouds moving. This is how the mountains will be moving on the Day of Judgment.

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In total Claire I number five we learn what the Kunal dibello kalorien illman fouche carded wool. And why is it going to happen? Why are the mountains going to be like this, how come they're going to be set to motion, how come they will be like carded wool. Because the earth is going to be crushed. We learn in slaughterhouse a 13 and 14 for either newfies office sold enough hotton wahida were humiliated ogbu, LG, balfa, Dakota, Dakota and wahida.

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That when the horn will be blown with one blast, and the earth and the mountains are going to be lifted and leveled with one blow. Just one blow and the mountains and the entire earth will be leveled.

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Now just imagine all the time that people spend in dusting their beautiful China and their beautiful crystal

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in putting it at the right angle, where will that go? What will happen to it? If this is what's going to happen to the mountains, your fragile declaration pieces, they're going to be finished.

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In Serato. And I entertained we learn yo moto moto server or mo da what the zero G value sejarah. On the day when the heaven will shake with a dreadful shaking, the sky will shake and the mountains will pass moving away.

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This is what's going to happen to the mountains. And what's going to happen to the earth What are Alba there is at the end you will see the earth prominent you will see it flat and plain emerging coming into view there is a dish from the root actress Bella z Burroughs and gurus is when something becomes exposed when something comes to view. So the earth will be bad meaning it will be law here it will be exposed. How because it will be a level playing now. Currently, it is not bad as why because of its fear shape. When you're looking ultimately what happens, no matter how far you see eventually, you cannot see anymore, it's because of your eyes as well. But also because the earth is

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severe, no matter how much people try to look from one angle they cannot see the entire Earth. But on the day of gentlemen the earth will be made flat. So it will be bad is a completely interview.

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And also it will be completely interview because nothing will cover it.

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Right now the earth is covered with what mountains and buildings and plants and different different things. But on that day, all of the pebbles and all of the mountains and anything that could obstruct the view of the earth is going to be crushed. It's going to be crushed. It's going to be finished

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in total in Chicago and number three

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What either

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and when the earth is stretched out when it is laid flat what are all the batteries are done you will see the earth law hero apparent visible, nothing obstructing it's you and it's going to be flat Why shall know whom and we will gather all of them together who all of the people all of the people will be gathered together

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which people from the first to the last in through the walker I have 4950 we learned in a way Lena will

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say indeed the first and the last language more una lm inequality yo me my room are to be gathered together for the appointment of a known day and is adjust the people who will be gathered know even the animals as Allah has said and selected duckweed. I have five what either will who should who should and when the wild beasts will be gathered? And is it just a wild beasts? No, it's every single day it's every single moving creature

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in total and around i a 38 we learned one moment that button fill early while I thought it in your to be gentle Hey, he in the moment I'm sorry lucam my forgotten effin keytab him and Shay some eat out or be him your shuttle.

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any data that moves any bird that flies, every creature, some inner beam, your shadow, every single creature will be gathered on this flat earth Phelim Nevada, then we will not leave behind main home from the meaning from the creation I had an anyone at all.

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Not even a single creature will be left out. Every single person will be brought new hardware, new or different new letters laying down.

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And harden is basically to betray someone to deceive someone that when you've made a promise you don't fulfill it, you don't show up. It is still called

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do not fulfill a promise and God Allah is to deliberately leave something behind. Deliberately leave something behind especially at the time of counting or at the time of accounting like when something is being counted when something is being taken into account. Deliberately something is left out Allah says from Nevada man whom I had not a single and will be left, not a single bird will be left Not a single human being will be left every single creature will be brought.

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What will you do and they will be presented a lot of bigger before your Lord, all of the creation that has been assembled that has been gathered together, they will be presented before who before Allah soprano.

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Now just imagine, as if an entire army is being displayed is being shown to a king. Not so that he can get to know of them, but so that he can judge concerning them. We're only do our level because all of them will be presented before your Lord but how soft enrolls in lines in files, showing discipline showing order in organized rows. They will not be in a form of a huge crowd, but rather in lines in rows. Why? So that no one can hide. Each one is visible. Each knows his position by his placement in the rows

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in throttle health. 18 we learned yoma internal buena, Leatherman coffea on the day when you will be presented, it will not be hidden, any coffee. Anything that is hidden will not remain hidden, every single thing will be exposed. So people will be in rows, so that no one can hide behind the other.

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And why will they be in rows so that Allah can call them to account from there.

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Just like people are waiting in for instance waiting lounge or people are forming a line outside a queue outside an office and what happens each one is called one after the other.

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So suffer all the people will be enrolled and then people will be called to account

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as well for the believer, how will a lock on him to account in private in a private conversation? And Allah will question him, you did such and such deed did you do such and such and he will admit and he will realize that he's doing he's finished. But then Allah will say Who is the most generous of those who are generous. He will say in Niigata to her lake of adonia what an awful heliconia I conceal it for you in the world and

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Today, I forgive it for you. We're only $1 an hour because of

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lack of tuna, and it will be set to the people that certainly you all have come to us.

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Now you have come, you have no escape. You have come to us, gamma holla cannot come just as how we created you. Uh, well, I'm over the first time, just as you were sent into the dounia. Today you have come in the same way you doubted this day you doubted that you will ever be brought to account. But see, today you have come just as how we created the first time just as you were sent into the dunya How are people sent into the dunya? Alone? How are they sent into the dunya?

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barefeet unclothed uncircumcised empty handed? And this is how people will come in the day of judgment as well. alone. uncircumcised. unclothed, barefoot, it

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empty handed having normal, nobody knew nothing.

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Because men were known. They were just Xena of the life, the world. The dunya is over, and that Xena is finished.

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When the prophet SAW a lot of someone's life I shed a lid on her she heard that people will be gathered on the Day of Resurrection barefoot naked and uncircumcised, she said O Messenger of Allah, men and women together looking at one another. He said, Arusha it will be too distressing for them to be looking at one another. People will be so afraid they will be so worried that no one will look at the other. You have come come out Hakuna. Come on. Well, Amara

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belcanto. Rather you used to think Allen Niger, Allah como Merida, that we will never make for you mo an appointment.

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You were so sure you used to claim that there is no appointment with Allah, there is no meeting with Allah, there is no resurrection, no accounting, no recompense, this is what you used to think. But today, you will see it. When will there allocatable and the record will be placed. Will there from the roof letters, well thought to play something, to set up something. So it will be set up, it will be laid down it will be placed which book the book of deeds. So the book of deeds will be placed in the hands of each person,

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it will be placed where in the hand of each person,

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one person will take it in his right hand. Another will take it in his left hand. Will there allocatable the book will be placed in the hand of its owner further almajiri mean, then you would see the criminals who is a murdering someone who is guilty of having committed a crime. This is who is sinner,

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fetter almajiri Mina, you will see them much cleaner, ones who are fearful, the ones who are terrified, ones who are afraid about what Murphy about what is in the book, they're afraid to even look at the book. They're afraid to even open the book. Why will they be afraid because they know what they have done.

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They know what is in the book. They know the kind of deeds they did. They know the opportunities they had missed. They know what they left, what they ignored, where they fell short, must be cleaner. There'll be fearful, anxious, worried, concerned. And remember the word mushfiq is from ishfaq and ishfaq. When used for fear, it is used for fear and love. But when it is used for fear, it is such fear that is in the heart of a person when he's terrified from inside, which 15 of mfe they'll be fearful of what is written in the book.

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A guilty person is always afraid of seeing his report

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whether he is guilty in terms of his health or he is guilty in terms of his studies, anything whatever he has done when he is given his report and he knows he hasn't given the health he is afraid and he does not want to look inside moosh Filipina Murphy way aka Luna and they will say on seeing the book eventually when he will open the book and he will see it they will say yeah way Latina or war to us. Or war to us. Yeah, why Latina? Why is he being said for exclamation? And some have said yeah means always or destruction or that come and finish me right here. I don't want to face my end. I don't want to face my feet. You

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airway let Anna come and finish me destroy me. May I finish over here? yawei Latina.

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Molly hadden kita. What is with this book? What kind of book is this? What kind of a record is this that let you audio it does not leave out something other than anything small, what are kabupaten nor anything big.

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What kind of a record is this that has not left out anything small or big in law or solid except that it has enumerated it

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except that it has listed it

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any small deed that I did any vague deed that I performed any small word, any big word, any small gesture, big gesture it is written in this book, what kind of a record is this malleable keytab layer you audio Cirilo whatever can be written in

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even our birthday Darren who said with regards to Selena and Kabira that Selena is a smile.

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A smile is something very small. You don't have to put in much effort and Kabila he defined it as a laugh

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so a smile and a laugh. Both are recorded.

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there even debate he said that Selena is like touching a non Muslim woman.

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Sometimes you're in the mall, you're in the store. And accidentally you touch someone who is nonverbal, or they touch you, this is what Selena and what is Kabira like Xena lair you are yourself a lot and it has not left out anything smaller big except that it has listed

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and notice the word si si is to count to calculate. So, it gives the meaning of first of all that every small and big action is written over here

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every small and big deed has been entered into this data and secondly XOR is also used for statistics. So, there is also analysis of the of the data that has been entered into this record.

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So, first of all the entry is there and secondly, the analysis is there

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that for example, how many times was this action?

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The action is written over there, but the number of times it was done you know you see graphs, you see bars, you see different ways through which data is displayed. You see percentages, you see averages. So this is what you're sorry yeah, this is all statistics. So in our saw her except that it has entered it and it has also analyzed it and it has greeted each action.

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Why will they say this? way? akula una yawei Latina, Molly heaven kita La La Jolla, severe rotten weather can be rotten Illa. Why will they say this? When they will see the work. And they will open it. And they will realize what say you have been recorded in the book,

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what opportunities they have missed?

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What kind of good deeds are written in the book of low standards of high standards. How many cancellations are there?

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You know, sometimes you get a result card and you see a big red mark. And just the sight of it. Just the sight of it makes you upset. You don't want to look any further. If you get your test paper and all you see is red, you don't want to look at it. If you see all the blanks, if you see a report and there's so many things that are blank that have been left out that have been ignored, or so many extra things that were not supposed to be there but are there

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isn't it a cause of embarrassment

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while coluna yawei Latina Melia del kita la yodel severe weather can be rotten in LA swaha

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what would you do and they will find marylu whatever they have done

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every action, every deed, every word, every gesture, whatever they have done, they will find it, how they present right before the

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marshmallow, how their own has been understood as first of all the record, they will see it right there present before then. Just like if a person has committed a crime, and by chance it has been taped on the video. And if that is shown in the court, can a person ever deny it? Can a person ever No, no. If a person crosses the red light, and by chance there was a camera over there, his picture was taken and the picture is sent home. That look you have been caught guilty of committing this crime. Please go pay your ticket. Can you dare to go to the court and say that this is not my fault? No because the crime

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Is there the evidence is there Well, what do you do merveilleux How good are there very deeds will be present recorded evidence witness present over there.

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And secondly, my amilo how the law has been understood as the desert the recompense the recompense for every deed will also be present over there. For instance, if a person has stolen some wealth, that wealth will be on the back of the person, he will be carrying it.

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If a person has stolen something from the public Treasury, from the beta man, he will be carrying it on his back. If a person has not given as a cat, then that money will be around his neck, like a snake and a bald snake.

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Similarly, if a person has been consuming the wealth of an orphan, what will happen in the Latina Karuna, Amalia Tamil woman in the Maya coluna Phoebe Tony him now, what are your slowness are you and this is the case with bad deeds as well as good deeds. If a person recites a little bottle of soda earlier on again and again what will happen, they will come in the form of do canopies or do flocks of birds covering him how they will find it present merimbula

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intero tokuyama 13 we learned unit bowl in Sonoma Eden be my demo.

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On the day a man will be informed of what he sent forth and what he left behind.

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When they are usually more a booger herder. And your Lord does not wrong, anyone. He is not unjust to any person,

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that he would deprive someone of the reward that they deserve, or he would increase the sin of a person who was sinful. Or that he would increase the punishment he would increase the recompense for a person that he does not deserve.

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Instead of Haha, I 112 we learn what my year might have been a slightly hertie who are who are movement on filaria hofers ohlman wanna hug?

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From now you have a woman when

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a person who does righteous deeds while he is a believer, then he will not feel any injustice. Any Islam at all, on the day of judgment, while are usually mirrabooka Shahada and this is because of a loss, perfect ability and his perfect justice, that he will not increase for the sinful even one sin, and he will not decrease for the more sin, even one person.

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So this is the reality of the Day of Judgment, that every single deed that a person has done, whatever its value is, whatever its recompenses whatever its quality is, it is going to be recorded in the book, and a person is going to witness it, he is going to see it, he will not be able to deny it, he will not be able to refuse it, and he will get the recompense that he deserves. What are your three modal puca hada.

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celibates are a narrative that save yourself from those sins, which are done while considering them to be small. Because many times we believe Well, since we think that they're so insignificant. What's the big deal? It's nothing. It's just one bad word. Just one bad look, what's the big deal. The example of small things is that over people going through a valley and each one collecting firewood, which is then brought together to kindle a fire. Just imagine a group of people who camped somewhere, and each person goes to collect wood. And they all bring it back. And when it's brought back together, each person brings a small piece of wood. But what happens?

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What happens? So much wood has been accumulated, that it is enough to light a huge fire.

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Similarly, small sense, small bad words. Here. They're one here, one there, one today, one tomorrow. They gather up together eventually. And they're enough to destroy a person. And so they learn who he would say to the people, after many of the Sahaba had passed away, because they don't know was one of those Sahaba who was of the last ones today, who outlived all of them. used to say to the people that you do deeds which are finer than a hair mean, that may be very small, more fine than here. And we consider them to be destructive deeds at the time of the Prophet ceremonies. You do them so casually thinking it's nothing. What's the big deal? But at the time of the prophet SAW a lot of

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stuff. We used to think that they're a big deal that they're destructive.

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Right now, we think it's okay. But on the Day of Judgment, Selena has

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Kabira everything is written, then it will be a big deal. So we need to live consciously, we need to become alert. We need to do every deed with some fear of a loss of penalty

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with some caution with some fear, because we never know which deed which deed is going to cause the scale to end.

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And we could end up here, or we could end up there. Because what was new young

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Oh, man, oh, sorry.

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kita Mila.

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Each and every one of us must take account

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something very small, one minute here, one minute there, we need one thing here we leave another thing there adds up to a lot. It adds up to a lot. And many times we don't become careful. And we keep on losing opportunities. We keep on wasting time. We keep on doing one thing after the other without analyzing ourselves.

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And the problem is that we forget, we forget in this dunya but on the Day of Judgment, it will be shown to us that this is the time that you wasted. This is the HAC that you did not give. This is where you fell short. This is what you left out. It will be shown to us and then there is no denial.

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Marsala when a suitable ally has counted, enumerated listed everything but the people have forgotten it. We forget it but on the Day of Judgment, it will be shown to us