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Hud 50-83 Word Analysis and Tafsir 50-53

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Lesson number 119 solitude I am number 50 to 83

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I was relying on your genius when they are

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what they are adding and to the people of art. A home their brother, who then who are the hidden meaning we sent to the people of art, the messenger who are the center.

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And Who was he? He was their brother? Uh huh. What does it mean by this, that he was a brother, he was related to them, he belonged to the same nation.

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The brother of a people is understood as a member of that tribe.

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So a home their brother, meaning he belonged to the same tribe, he was one of them. And this hallway, this Brotherhood is of Misbah, our relationship, not of the it is not a religion. Rather, it is a relationship.

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Who are the people of the people of art, they lived in the area of Yemen in a half. and a half literally means sand dunes, sand mounds, and this is where they used to live, the area was surrounded with sand dunes.

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And the people of Ireland were the descendants of the survivors of the flood.

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Previously, we read about the story of New Zealand. And we learned that all of the people were wiped off, all of the people were drowned except for who those who believed in New Zealand, so the people of the world from their descendants. And we also learned that new holiday Sam upon him were the bobcat, the blessings of Allah, which has been understood as that the future generations they came from the descendants of new Haile Selassie only. We know that there were other survivors as well. But it was only the progeny of new Harley Sam that continued, okay. This is why he is known as Adam masani. Not some other person who survived along with in some other person who believed rather it

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was him. So the people of the world from the descendants of who knew Arizona

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and these people, they were very strong in the physical sense. Physically, they were very, very strong. They were very powerful. And because of that, they built many great structures.

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We learned a lot of federal EIN number six to eight, that lm de la k for ferula buka biard Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with the people of odd ilma that did it remained with him? Who had lofty pillars, lofty pillars, just imagine how tall their structures must have been that they had lofty pillars, and Letty Lemieux locksmiths who have been beloved, the likes of whom had never been created in the earth.

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There were no other people who made what these people made. The pillars, the tall buildings, the very strong structures that these people constructed. No one else has ever built that again after them.

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So we see that the people of God were very strong in the physical sense.

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So Allah subhanaw taala sent to these people, one of them who they are they Salaam as a messenger?

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Why was he one of them, because the one who has some association with the people, he is one of them, he is well aware of their practices of their norms of their behavior of their language. And because of that, he can relate with them much easily.

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And because of that reason, he can also convey the message in a much more effective way.

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Because when cultures clash, when people think differently, when people behave differently, when people do not understand one another, then they cannot even communicate easily.

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Isn't it so? So Allah subhanaw taala selected their messenger from them, because he understood them, he knew them, and he could convey the message to them in a more effective manner.

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Either he said, meaning rude, or he said to the people in conveying the message that he or call me, oh my people. He doesn't say, Are you sinners, or are you disbelievers? What does he say? Oh my people, I'm one of you. He shows to them that he is one of them. Just because he's a messenger. It does not mean that he is going to become hostile towards them from the very beginning. No, yeah, call me oh my people or Buddha law worship Allah. What does it mean by this, that you should only worship of

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Monaco there is not for you min Illa in any other God ladle other than Him

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So this shows to us that after New Hernan Salaam, the people who had survived initially, they were under heat, but very soon even they began deviating, which is why we learned that the end of the story of no harness and that will uberman Sonoma theorem that there is going to be some Omen, we're going to benefit them temporarily. But then very soon, a punishment is going to afflict them. We chose that initially, the people were up on the heat, but gradually, again, they began doing check. So Allah subhanaw taala, sent this messenger to the people to that they would leave the ship that the owner with the Lucha mela coming in later, oh, there is no other God for you except Him.

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And why did he tell them that they should worship only Allah? Because that is the purpose of the creation of human beings. So he was sent to remind them of their purpose in life.

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Because if something is unaware of its purpose, then what's going to happen? What's going to happen? If you don't know what the purpose of something is, and what's going to happen, it's going to go waste, isn't it so you won't be able to benefit from it, it will not be productive.

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Anything. If there's a particular kitchen tool, for example, you don't know what the purpose is, it might just be sitting there, isn't it decaying or wasting away. And if you know what the purpose is, you use it properly, it can benefit you so much, that thing can be so productive. Similarly, if a human being is unaware of his purpose in life, then in reality, he's wasting himself.

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And if he's aware of his purpose in life, then he will be productive, he will do that which is beneficial for him. So the messengers were sent to remind the people of their purpose in life so that they do not waste their lives in unto you all are not a lamb of our own, except one to fabricate. Most our own is a Florida move, Teddy, and move Teddy is one who does a Fira, what does it mean, to fabricate something to invent lies.

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So you all are only inventing lies, what lies were they inventing? about Allah subhanaw taala that he has partners that there are other beings were equivalent to him, that there are other beings well to deserve worship, just like Allah does.

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So we see that, who there Listen, um, he conveyed the message of the heat to the people. He told them what they should do, or the law. And at the same time, he also told them as to what they should not do.

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He told them were the law. And he also told them manna coming in if

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you don't have any other God except him. So in other words, do not worship other gods besides Allah. And this is something very important that when we tell people about what to do, we must also tell them about what they're not supposed to do.

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We see that he called them to the worship of Allah and at the same time he negated their false belief. Because until wrong is declared as wrong, truth cannot be recognized as truth.

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The purpose is to separate the truth from falsehood, do distinguish the right from the wrong

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and a person can only develop that awareness when he knows what right is, and what wrong is.

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When you clearly tell them what right is and what wrong is, and this is exactly what route or insulin was doing.

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He told me, all my people, let us alone, I do not ask of you, meaning I do not demand from you. I lay upon it upon what? upon my conveying the message to you. I am not demanding you for fulfilling this responsibility of mine agilon any reward? I don't demand any other from you. What does it mean by I did I did is literally used for a wage a pay

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when someone is paid for the work that they have done when someone is given their wage.

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So I'm not asking you for a payment.

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I'm not asking you that you should recompense me in some way, because I'm delivering this message to you that you should hold me that you should give me a very exalted status in the society. I should be made the king I should be made the ruler

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or that you should give me such and such amount of money. No, I'm not demanding any kind of reward from you. So why are you finding it difficult to accept my message?

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You know, if somebody comes to you, offering you some work, that they tell you that I can do this and this for you, as long as you pay me this much money.

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If they're charging you, then what do you say? Forget about it. I don't need to take your services. But if they offer you those services for free, then you're like, Okay, let's give it a try. Isn't it? So?

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And especially if they're charging an enormous amount, then in that case, you don't consider them at all. So what does he say? I'm not charging you at all. Doesn't this show my sincerity and well wishing.

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Because if somebody comes to you, offering you some services, and also charging you at the same time, what do you think this is just a way that they have invented to make some more money, isn't it so this is just their way of making money? It's not useful at all. But if somebody says this is for free, I'm not going to charge you at all. And it's not that you have to sign up either.

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Then in that case, you wonder that perhaps they are sincere. So now as a newcomer la agilon I'm not asking from you any agile because in Nigeria my reward is not in law except on a lady photo Ronnie upon the one who created me, the one who created me meaning Allah soprano, Darla is the one who has sent me

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and because he has sent me, he will pay me for this work that I am doing.

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You can never recompense me for this work that I am doing. Only alecan.

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In Nigeria, Illa Island, Levy, Fatah, Ronnie FLR therapy, then do not understand do not understand what

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First of all, my well wishes, my sincerity, my honesty, that I'm not here to use you. I'm not here to manipulate you. I'm not here to take your money. No, I am here to tell you about what Allah subhanaw taala has said about the purpose of your life.

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And secondly, FLR therapy alone, don't you understand this message that I am conveying to you?

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This message? Don't you understand it? What was the message that he was conveying? worshipping the last panel data only

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that all of these gods whom you're worshiping, you've invented that there is no truth to them? Don't you understand? That your God is only one God flr 13.

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So we see in this ayah, that the messenger, he says to the people, that I do not demand any wage from you, any recompense from you. And this shows the sincerity of the messenger. This shows the sincerity of the dairy, the one who does not take any recompense from the people for the work that he is doing.

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Again, this does not mean that for example, if a person is working for the deity does not take any financial recompense for that, we have discussed that earlier, in Serato Toba in alarmingly gnarly headed where a person is doing funky Fiat and in that case, if he is given some stipend, then that is acceptable. However, we discussed the conditions of that as well, that it must not be fixed, it must not be set as a condition that only if you give me this address, then I'm going to work.

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However, a level higher than that is that a person does not expect any return from the people.

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No financial return, no kind of praise, no kind of, you know, obedience or acceptance even nothing. He does not expect anything from the people. He only expects reward from rule of law standard. And this is what keeps a person's intention sincere. Because the moment other things come in, like money and praise and titles and positions, then what happens it's very easy for a person's need to go back. So what we see over here is that when a person does not demand any financial recompense, that is an addition an increase in his sincerity and well wishing

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we our call me and all my people is the fear of back home seek forgiveness from your Lord. He also tells them that the people must seek forgiveness from who from Allah penalty for what for the mistakes that they have committed in the past, out of ignorance in the days of ignorance in the days of Jamia

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so it still filled up but come from what from the sins that you have committed in the past.

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Similar to LA, then you also do Toba to him. What does it mean by that? Meaning once you have sought forgiveness from a particular sin, then don't go back to it. Do Toba doodlebug meaning make a firm resolve to never repeat that sin again.

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You understand the difference between Estefan doba is still fellas all

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Forgive me for what I have done.

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I did not know or I made a mistake, please forgive me

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delva is that a person makes a firm resolve? I'm not going to do it again.

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Because generally what's the behavior of people that they will do something wrong? Then they will go seek forgiveness and then again they will do it and then again they will do and then again they will do yes Allah subhanaw taala is a foul He forgives repeatedly. But it does not mean that we have to keep making the intention to go back

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doba is that you make a firm resolve I'm never going to go back.

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So, summer to LA change your ways

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your center summer, he will send the sky and they come upon you. What does it mean by this He will send the sky upon you by the sky, what is meant is the rain clouds that are in the sky.

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And the word summer is many times used for

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clouds rain clouds, because if you think about it, rain comes down from where from the rain clouds not from the blue sky.

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Basically the word summer is that which is above you, it is that cool Luma laka everything that is above you What is it for some and then it is a summer.

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So whether it is a rain cloud or it is the blue sky similarly, it can also apply to the roof the ceiling of a building. Okay.

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So so my to be at UC Santa alaykum, he will send the sky upon you meaning the clouds upon you meter on in showers, he will send rain to you in showers from the sky.

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Middle law is from newsletters then or

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and we have done this word earlier as well.

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Then or dum dum is basically to flow profusely and continuously. When something flows when something comes forth, when something pours in abundance, in abundance in great amount.

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And also continuously, constantly without a break

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endlessly without a break. This is the meaning of the word

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from the same root is the word doula then with a casa de la with a shutdown Dora and doula is used for milk

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is milk.

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And literally the word divor is used for an excellent quality and excellent trait of something.

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So it's the goodness of everything. Like for example, it is sadly superior to the soup it has. What does it mean by that? That it's buzzing, it's full, it's busy. There's so much activity so much buying and selling going on. So what is it the brilliance, a good quality of anything? The excellence the goodness of everything.

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And from this is the word medrol.

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Some edraw is used for abundant rain, when rain falls abundantly when it showers abundantly in profusion because that is what makes the rain beneficial.

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Because if you think about it, if it only drizzles, if it's only a light drizzle, or if it rains only once a year, is that really going to be beneficial. No, it's not going to be beneficial. It's going to be extremely hot, extremely dusty, the air is going to be unclean, the water sources are going to dry up, agriculture is going to get affected animal life is going to get affected human beings are going to get affected. So rain is beneficial when when it flows in abundance. And when it comes down in abundance and also repeatedly over and over again.

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So you'll send a seminar and a committer Otto, he will send the sky upon you in showers. What does it mean by that? That first of all in abundance.

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So all of your needs are fulfilled. It's not that he will send drizzles upon you but rather he will send nice rain showers so that all of your needs are fulfilled. You have enough water for your fields for your animals for yourselves. And secondly medrol also gives the meaning of that he will send rain clouds on you again and again repeatedly. So you never suffer from any shortage. You never suffer from any famine or drought or anything of that sort.

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And this is the benefit of what

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have is the fowl and Toba. So do Toba do is

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Fall, Allah will send upon you rain in abundance.

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Where is it to come and he will increase you to what an in strength. Isla quwata come to your strength, meaning the strength that you already possess, a lot will increase that with more strength. The power that you already possess a lot will add to that power. What power did these people possess, as I mentioned to you, they were physically very strong.

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And it is also said that it wasn't just that they were physically strong. There were also a lot in their number, their population was also great. It is at that they had huge armies, which would cover miles and miles of land if there were assembled in a place. So they were able bodied. At the same time, they were great in their numbers. And over alter reflects that financially, they were also very strong. So they had physical strength, they had financial strength.

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They had strength in their resources in their numbers in their manpower. So the messenger says to them that if you seek forgiveness from Allah, you do Toba to him, then look at the benefits that alone will increase your power. This power that you already possess financial physical, alone will add to that with more. What does it mean by this that he will add to that more for years to come? quwata in aquatic, what is this additional strength? This refers to more tangible strength,

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more tangible strength, more physical strength, meaning right now Yes, you are financially strong, but he will make you even more financially strong. Right now you are physically strong, but he will make you even more physically strong.

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Right now, you have a lot of manpower, but he will increase your numbers. He has it written in a vertical.

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It is said that these people were initially denied in the messenger when they did not believe in Him, then they were struck with a drought. It did not rain for a very long time.

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And it wasn't just that they were struck with the drought but at the same time, their women would not give birth to children anymore. So there was infertility as well which was very common. So the messenger tells them that if you seek forgiveness from Allah, then Allah will send down to rain and he will increase your numbers. You cannot have children, there is infertility everywhere. seek forgiveness from Allah and see your women your people will become fertile again. Why is it important 11 vertical. So COA first of all refers to tangible board.

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Secondly, it is understood as intangible core that yes, you are physically stronger, financially strong, you have many people. But if you turn to Allah, Allah will make you spiritually strong as well. And when a person who has physical strength, as well as spiritual strength, as well as emotional strength, when he has a strong connection with his love, it is then then he can truly be productive and beneficial, then he can do a lot, then he can achieve a lot. Because it's possible that a person is physically very strong, but because he does not have any spiritual strength, he does not have any determination. He does not have any patience, he does not have gratitude, and that

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is not going to make him productive.

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So he has either come to what an illogical vertical,

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one or the other were low and do not turn away would you remain as criminals, meaning Do not turn away from the message that I'm conveying you do not turn away from seeking forgiveness. Do not turn away from doing Toba as Majidi mean, because if you turn away, then you will become who Madrid

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you will be committing crimes and what were the crimes that they were committed ship injustice.

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So we see it many lessons can be learned from desire.

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Other people are told that if you seek forgiveness a turn to Allah, your blessings will not be reduced.

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What's going to happen? They're going to increase they're going to be multiplied. You're going to have an abundance, the strength that you possess, you will increase in that strength. It will be increased for you.

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We learned that these people as I mentioned you they were the strongest people of their time. We learn to look for set I number 15 that for unmodern fasttech baru fill out the belaid will help will call you man I shall do min now

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that the people have arrived they were arrogant upon the earth without great and they said that who is greater than us in strength. Meaning we are the most strongest of people.

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But look at what the messenger is saying to them. That

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If you turn to Allah, the strength that you have, it will be multiplied.

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So what lessons do we learn from this ayah?

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First of all, we see that when there is a shortage of blessings,

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when there are less blessings,

00:25:18--> 00:25:49

when life becomes difficult when there is an increase in loss and suffering, when there is less produce when there is less income, when there is less revenue, when there is no fertility, when there is no profit, then what does a person need to do is to seek forgiveness from Allah soprano when a person increases in his estate file in his Silva than the blessings of Allah become abundant upon him.

00:25:51--> 00:26:33

Because you see over here you see the seminar, la mirada, when there's a lot of rain, what's going to happen? What's that going to lead to a lot of produce, right? health, many benefits. And when there's a lot of produce, that's going to lead to a lot of business, isn't it, so people are going to have jobs, their profits are going to increase, there is going to be increase in the revenue, employment is going to increase, and so on and so forth. There's so many benefits, people are going to eat healthier, live healthier, they're going to be able to do much more. So life is sustained by what water which comes down from the sky. So if a person increases in is too far, then the blessings

00:26:33--> 00:26:34

will increase.

00:26:35--> 00:27:02

Secondly, we also learn from this ayah, that when a person feels weak, when a person feels that he is physically unable to do something, he feels that he lacks energy, and I'm talking about physical energy, that you physically feel weak, tired, fatigued, you feel as if you're being drained all the time, day in and day out. Each and every day, you feel as if you're getting weaker, then what do you need to do?

00:27:04--> 00:27:14

What do you need to do besides taking your multivitamins and your iron supplement? What else do you need to do? Increase in SFR. Because when they do come

00:27:15--> 00:27:16

in aquatic,

00:27:17--> 00:27:38

whatever cooler that you have, you may be running out of it, you may feel that it is not enough for you. You may feel that you need more strength, mental strength, that perhaps you're trying to memorize a lesson but you cannot retain it. Perhaps you want to sit through class but you feel as if you don't have the energy. Perhaps you want to come every day to school, but you feel as if you're getting more and more tired every day.

00:27:40--> 00:27:55

It's possible, what do we need to do we need to increase in our STL file. Because look at what the messenger is sending the people. Yes, you have some strength. But remember when you will do is still fought a lot will give you more strength, he will give you more power, he will give you more ability.

00:27:56--> 00:28:17

Then we also learn from this, that when a person feels spiritually weak. When a person feels spiritually weak, he feels that he is 100. physically strong, he is financially strong, there is nothing less than his life. However, when it comes to the connection with a loss of panatela the person feels very distant,

00:28:18--> 00:28:22

very distant, that he reads the Quran and no tears come in his eyes.

00:28:23--> 00:28:26

Or he doesn't feed anything. Then again, what does he need to do?

00:28:27--> 00:28:42

Increase in SFR because he has a token quwata illa quwata you may have physical strength. However you don't have spiritual strength. Where do you get that from? It only comes from Allah. And how will you do that by turning to Allah seeking forgiveness.

00:28:43--> 00:28:58

The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, and there's a hadith that is reported in Abu Dawood, that millesimal is the pharaoh whoever makes his the fowl mandatory on himself. Mandatory, he's always seeking forgiveness from Allah.

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Whether they're driving or washing dishes or cooking or doing the laundry going up the stairs down the street. I mean, whatever a person is doing, he's always busy doing his stuff. Then what's going to happen? JOHN Allahu Allahu Minh couldn't Li hum in Fallujah. Allah will make for him from every worry.

00:29:22--> 00:29:25

He will take him out of everywhere, every problem.

00:29:26--> 00:29:34

Every problem every concern that a person has a love will relieve him from that. Allah will take him out of that.

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woman can only leave in Mahajan and from every discomfort leave his narrowness constriction. So when a person feels tight in his money

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in his heart, in his ability in his work, or when a person feels that he is stuck, he cannot get out of a problem, that if he seeks forgiveness from God

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Instantly, then Allah will make a way out for him from every leak. Look at the word massage, woman colada, you can massage and massage is what an exit away out, he will take him out of problems while also performing as well as, and he will provide him from where he can not even imagine.

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What is everybody complaining about? Generally, what do people complain about? Money work.

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But a person who constantly seeks forgiveness from Allah, look at the promise that Allah will provide him from where he cannot even imagine. So there are many, many benefits of Islam. And some of those benefits are mentioned in this.

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Then we also learn from the side that when a person comes towards the deen, then it only benefiting

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generally, what is the thinking of people, that if I learned the Quran, if I leave my work, and if I start working for the DEA,

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then what's going to happen? My life is going to become difficult. My life is going to become more challenging, my life is going to become very uncomfortable. This is what people think generally. Because initially when a person does want to do something for the team, for example, a woman says I'm sitting at home, I might as well go study the Quran.

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When she tries to do that, initially she is going to face challenges, many challenges, many difficulties. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala tests the person that what is the true worth of this person? Is he really committed? Is he really sincere? Or is this all just, you know, emotional and she wants to study. Now, Allah will create difficulties at the beginning to see our determination, our sincerity, our commitment.

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And once that test is passed, then what happens? There is only is there is only is because we see in this ayah that what is the messenger telling them, you turn to Allah, look how your life will become easier in the sense that there will be an abundance of blessings. There will be an abundance of blessings. So we see that when a person comes towards the deen, he only benefits he does not suffer from harm.

00:32:19--> 00:32:21

Then what was the reaction of the people?

00:32:22--> 00:32:49

Although they said yeah, who do Oh, who'd magic then everybody unity you have not come to us with a clear sign. You have not brought us and evidence that shows to us that you're really a messenger. Show us a miracle so that we know that you're really a messenger. Now again, instead of looking at what he was saying, what are they looking at? Who is he? Who is he? Who is this person? How do we know if he's really a messenger?

00:32:50--> 00:33:07

Yeah, who do magic then everybody unison you have not brought us an evidence. Well known national and we are not be daddy ke le Latina. We are not at all once to leave our gods. Daddy key is actually daddy kena.

00:33:09--> 00:33:20

And it's daddy kena allia Tina. But because daddy keener and earlier Tina, is Madonna de la This is why the noon is dropped off daddy kena.

00:33:21--> 00:33:43

So we are not at all ones who leave our gods meaning we're never going to leave the worship of our gods I'm calling from your word. Meaning just because you say to us, we're not going to leave our gods. Woman no lack of meaning. And we are not at all going to listen to you. lacquer, Wiimote meaning eminently, what does it mean?

00:33:45--> 00:34:20

To listen to someone to accept what they're saying? So we're not going to accept what you're saying? Show us a miracle show some evidence. Even today, people who have wiechmann or people who have a very firm, false belief. Then what happens are people who believe in superstitions, if you tell them if you try to stop them, they will not listen to you. And they're going to say, we're not just going to listen to you just because you're saying Who are you to say this? Our forefathers wrong? Is our grandfather wrong? You think our teachers wrong? You think our scholar is wrong?

00:34:21--> 00:34:57

All of these people who have been doing this practice following this tradition from so many years, now you're saying that they're wrong? Who are you to say that? This is exactly what people say today? Because when people develop prejudice, when people develop bias, when people blindly follow others, then they don't look at evidence. What do they look at that this is the person whom I follow, and I'm going to follow them regardless. And this is exactly what these people were doing. They were following their false gods they were believing and then they're worshipping them, and they weren't willing to give them up at any cost.