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Al-Kahf 45-59 Translation 45-59

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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no matter who sadly are allowed to sue the healthcare team, my bad for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim are beshara please sorry, were silly MD, of the Tamil listen melissani

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webinars in

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Lesson number 153. So, to recap IRA number 45 to 59 Translation

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and strike law home for them methil example and higher of the life adonia of the world karma in lightwater einzelner who we sent it down, men from a summer the sky facscalibur then it makes it mingled be with it, number two, vegetation and out of the earth of the land for us, but then it became has Shimon broken pieces

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that drew who it scatters it every year, the winds, what can and he is ever, Allahu Allah, Allah upon Kali, every Shay in thing Nakata de la when who is all able, one who is all powerful

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and marylu the world while by noon, and the children, Xena to adornment, and half of the life adonia of the world while back and the ones that remain, and the enduring ones a solid head, the good deeds hiren are better in the near Rob because you're rub cirebon as reward were higher on and better MLS as hope,

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way over and on de Macedo. We shall remove we shall set in motion eligible the mountains water law and you will see the earth berries at n one level one plane prominent berries attend prominent

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hashomer home and we gathered them for them so not nobody's really behind main home from them a header anyone

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or Audioboo and they were presented either upon Rob Baker Europe suffer in rose. Lockard certainly damona you all have come to us karma just as Hala Konerko we created you a one oh first mug within time doll rather xantham your thought and learn that never Nigella we will make luck home for you Merida and appointment

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well and will there it was placed open elkie taboo the book cetera so you will see almajiri mina the criminals machine painter once fearful member from what fee in it well colonna and they will say yeah or way later no war to us. Man what Lee is for however this L kita. The book lead not euro do it leaves behind Sylvia rotten any small Walla and Nora Kabir rotten any great except a saw her it has enumerated it it has counted it where they do and they found now whatever amido they did have there are present while there and not your limo he runs a lot buka Europe ahead anyone

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what is and when we said lil Malaika to the angels was Judo your prostrate Lee Adam for Adam, faster Judo so they are frustrated except a belief or at least carry he was Maine from Elgin virgin, suffer circle. So he disobeyed on from command of the of Israel

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do for them that they don't know who you are. Take him. Well did Rita who and his children are Leah as close friends, men from dooney other than me, were home while they are lukewarm for you, I do one enemy. That's how bad loverly mean for the wrong doors by their law as an exchange, man not ashamed to whom I make them witness how co creation smls of the heavens will up and the earth, water and nor hollowcore creation and forcing him of themselves.

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Wanna and not come to I was Motorhead, one who takes another lien, the Miss guiders the ones will lead astray I'll do the as helper as assistant, way oma and on day. Yoku, he will say nurdle. You will call Should I carry my partners and levina those who xantham you all asserted your claimed for their own home? So they call them Phelim so not yesterday boo they respond the home for them what you're under and we made baina home between them mobile car, a barrier, a place of destruction

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what on earth and he saw almajiri more the criminals and now the fire for them no than they thought and the harm that indeed they may have to her ones who fall in it while I'm not yet you do they will find another form it must refer any escape

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what are called uncertainly so resna we have diversified we have presented in different ways fi in Heather this the learners for the people main from Cali every method in example work in and he is ever an insane the human being accelera most Shay in thing God Allah in dispute Wilma and not manner it prevented a NASA the people and that you know they believe it when it came to them and who the the guidance was fulfill and they seek forgiveness or buy a home from their inlet except and that that to whom it came to them or it comes to them. So notice we are one of the first ones or yet at the home it comes to them are there the punishment Coppola directly before warmer and not no

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silhoutte recent almost saline the messengers Illa except mobile Shireen as one's giving good news when when the rain and as one's giving warning while you drive. And he argues and Medina those who cafaro they disbelieved bill baffling with the false hood Leo the Shibu so that they invalidate so that they're nullify be here with it and the truth What the hell do and they have taken it my versus my signs warmer and that which on the roll they were warned who knows we're in mockery in ridicule

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woman and who is more unjust men men than who the killer he was reminded by a ad with vs Robbie of Israel for our Lobo so he turned away from it when ESEA and he forgot man What are demouth it center head yedder who is two hands in indeed we are now we made Allah upon pulumi him their hearts Akin nathon coverings and that you have to who they understand it will fee and in any of their ears Walker ah a heaviness a deafness what in and if

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you call them ILA to alhuda the guidance felon the never yes they do they obtain guidance either than ever.

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What a Booker and your rub Allah for the most forgiving, though possessor a Rushmore of diversity low if you ask me to whom he seizes them be mad because of what Gustavo they earned La Jolla surely he hasn't left home for them and either the punishment Bell rather law home for them more Aidan and appointment learn never yeji do they will find men from dooney he other than it mo either and escape or return

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what they'll combat alkota the city's luck now how we have destroyed them. llama when wanna move them around water and we made Lima lucky him for their destruction, Morita and appointed time.

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Let's listen to the visitation

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to saw the hurt

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