Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 15 – L142A

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Al-Isra 11-22 Translation 11-22

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu I hope everyone is slowly on our studio karimabad fairuza wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, Allah Shashi solebury were certainly Emery, Washington, Petr melissani Yakubu Kohli are better Ben as a dinner enema. Lesson number 142. sorbitol israa is number 11 to 22 Translation What? And yeah, there, he invokes insano the human being by Sheree with the evil there are a whole his calling his invoking, better fiery with the good or cleaner and he is an incentive for human being are Judah. One very hasty

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word, Your Honor, and we made a Laila the night when the Hara and the day a tiny two sides from a homeowner so we erased a sign Amelie of the night, or jalna and we made Erica sign a memory of the day mobile Sarah 10 one visible illuminating

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later, so that you will seek fadlan bounty from Rob become Europe while the paranormal and so that you will know either the number of the years well, she said and the reckoning

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and every shame thing for Sumner who we have explained it

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in detail

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what and cola every incentive human being Alexander who we have imposed on him earhole his fate fee in eternity he his neck will not graduate and we will produce we will bring out

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level for him urina on day lpm the standing

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above book yo who he will find it he will meet it Matura spread open

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rate kita berker yo book katha sufficient BNF sticker definitely your own self elliana Today I look upon you has CBRE as an accountant

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man whoever

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he obtains guidance for in Lima indeed not but yesterday he obtains guidance, numeracy for himself where men and whoever then the history for innama but indeed not but you know he goes astray or they her against itself whether or not the zero it showed there was a bear of burden was the burden of another woman and not good now we were more ID banner ones will inflict punishment happen until Nebraska we raised rasuna a messenger

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well either and when our dinner we intended and that move liquor we destroy all the attend a town and then there we ordered no trophy her it's effluent ones. So first of all, so the defiantly disobeyed see her in it for hepco. So it became deserving, it was justified. I may have a planet I will call the statement for them no more her so we destroyed it did a complete destruction

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and how many a hillock now we destroyed men from around the generations

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from by the after no hint or Lisa Walker and he is sufficient but a bit definitely Europe did an OB which seems rebel D of his waves phobia one as aware basura as one seeing

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men whoever camera he was up to he wants to be immediate. The one that comes quickly agenda we hastened level for him. See her in it now watch ever national we will Lehman for whom do we want some of them jamna we made level for him Jan mama Hellfire? Yes Lucha he will burn in it.

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When blamed Maduro when rejected when expelled

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when and whether or other he intended.

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The hereafter was our and we strove for it. Surya her is striving for her while he is a believer. For Ola eco sobers Ghana. It was Sara Johan best driving machine

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Korra appreciated.

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Colin each month, we extend our owner a BS

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MDS man from ATO gift Robic of Europe warmer and not gamma It was our gift or big of Europe national World War One want to be confined want to be withheld.

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Look gay for how fat burner we have preferred babraham some of them are better than some others. When l Aquila and surely the hereafter egberto is greater

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in ranks workable and greater depth whaler in preference in distinction led do not tegile unique Mara with Allahu Allah in our hand our whole other set vocoder so you will sit you will remain madman one blamed one censured by Allah forsaken abandoned

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for me