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Al-Isra 1-10 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 7-10

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In our santam, if you did Exxon, or Santa, you did air Sanli unphysical for yourselves. If you do good, then you do good for who? yourselves meaning you are only benefiting yourself, you are not going to benefit Allah, you're not going to benefit His Messenger. Who are you going to benefit by your son? yourself? Because you are going to get the reward for it in our centum, how, by your thorough by your obedience, then you're doing this only for yourselves.

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We're in?

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And if you did evil, how, by committing facade, follow her, then for it. What does it mean by this then for it? Meaning the evil is going to be in your favor, in the like manner, follow her, the same thing is going to happen. If you do good, you're going to get the benefit. If you do evil, then the same thing is going to happen meaning you're going to suffer the consequences of that evil.

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So what does it show? If a person is grateful? Who does he benefit himself? And if a person is ungrateful? Who does he cause harm to himself? If a person remains obedient, he benefits himself and if a person commits disobedience, he's only harming himself.

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For either then when it came, what came? Where are the hero? The latter promise, what does this refer to the second promise of punishment for what?

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For the second occasion of disobedience and mischief making,

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because we learned at the beginning, that you will not have to do nothing or the model attaining.

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So so far, we have learned about one the first one in which when they committed suicide, last panel data center against them, tyrants and then when they repented a loss of penalty fix their situation for them.

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But again, the bunny is trying to not take a lesson.

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Soon, what did they do? They started committing suicide again. And when they committed that facade, what happened? Allah subhanaw taala send more people against them.

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And these people who were sent against the Bani Israel What did they do? LEAH Sue so that they said

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Leah so what is implied over here is virus now home Leia Zoo meaning we sent our people again against you saw that they would sadden would you How come your faces Leah Zoo your solution newsletter scene welcomes a set is

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which is to do evil, do disgrace

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because remember, so is a corpse, right or a private part. And when it is exposed, it is a means of shame and embarrassment for a person. So sad. So yes, it means to do evil, but it also means to disgrace to humiliate, to ruin to destroy.

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And when this word is used for face Leah Sue would you welcome What does it mean?

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That when a person's face is made extremely sad that the sadness comes on the face as we learn elsewhere in the Quran as well fellow Mara was will fatten see at what you will learn in

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that when they will see the punishment coming see at Will you will Edina cover the faces of the disbelievers are going to be see that they're going to be saddened

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so when the enemy came again and attack the Bani Israel, what do they do use to overcome? This has been understood in many different ways. That first of all, they inflicted upon you that which saddened you to the extent that sadness was visible on your face.

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They treated you in a way they attacked you in a way that disgraced you that made you depressed to the extent that that depression was visible on your face. You were visibly sad. You were visibly worried you were visibly depressed.

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Secondly, would you over a year has not been understood as much. But it has been understood as their political and religious face. Meaning the political and the religious front of the Bani Israel

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that was completely destroyed by the enemy.

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They destroyed their entire political system they destroyed their country they destroyed their religious system they completely devastated the Bani Israel

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because the Bani Israel had King such as the older incidents that a minor incident and imagine today, man RSM had been under his control.

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And with those genes, he made them work so much. He made them construct huge buildings and temples and massage it and so much he made them construct

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And similarly they had a very strong political system, a very strong religious system.

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But when this enemy came in attack, they completely destroyed everything. The face of the city. The face of the city was destroyed, it was finished. It was disfigured

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the face of the Bani Israel their entire image was disfigured. They were known as powerful people as religious people, but their entire impression was disfigured.

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Then it is also said that leaders who would you welcome that they completely did must have your wealth and your children. What does musk mean

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to this figure? So yes, who would you How come? Meaning they disfigured your children? How by killing them. They disfigured your wealth by destroying it. Nothing was left as it was before everything was destroyed.

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Well, he must be the answer that they enter the masjid comma, the hollow just as they entered it, a well a model of the first time.

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Meaning when the enemy attacked the second time again, what did they do? They attack the temple. And mustard refers to the beta democritus. They attacked it just as they had attacked the first time, just as they had entered it the first time

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when they entered it the first time they completely destroyed the beta blockers. Now again, when they came What did they do they destroyed the beta blockers.

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Well, you answer that they destroy mirlo whatever they overpowered that the bureau a definite destruction, you don't build that be from the rotators that that

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antibody is used for destruction, when something is destroyed, when something is waste, when something is completely finished, and tibbett is used for small broken pieces of something. So while you bureau are allowed to do whatever they overpower, they completely shattered it they completely destroyed it.

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What does that mean by the smell, I love Marlowe has been understood in two ways.

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First of all, man meaning that which everything that the enemy overpowered whether it was a building, or it was a scripture, or it was a religious text, or it was a person, a child, anything that they took control over my ILO what do they do with a bureau data bureau they completely destroyed it, they completely shattered it completely.

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Secondly, the bureau Morello has been understood as as long as they had or loose,

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as long as they had or look for the entire mood for the entire period of their power. What did they do, they kept on destroying

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Lita bureau mallotus Bureau, as long as they had power over you, they continue to destroy you.

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Because remember, when an enemy attacks the other, he doesn't just come attack the other one day and leave the other day know generally what happens, they go attack a nation attacker people, they will stay there for a month and eventually they will go from there.

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So the entire period while they had power over you, they continue to destroy you. They only added to your destruction. So in this ayah what is mentioned

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the second time when the bunny Australia were inflicted with a great punishment by Allah soprano, tada through a disbelieving people. Why because of their own facade

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because of their own acts of disobedience, because of their own killing of the prophets of Allah.

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their opinions as to who this was, it is said that this was the Roman King.

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Now it was the Romans were attacking the Bani Israel.

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And when they attacked the Bani Israel, they completely destroyed the city. And they said that this happened after 70 years resigning Cena had gone. So the first occasion was before he started the salon. And this was after he started.

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Because remember that he saw this and when he came right before Him who was killed Zachary on Instagram, yeah, Harrison. And the bunny Israel attempted to kill him as well. they persecuted him. And the people who had believed that eerie silence and under Harada Yoon, they were persecuted by the Bani Israel as well. So this was their facade they had reached a peak of facade, another peak of facade. So what happened? Allah subhanaw taala punish them?

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How that the Roman King was sent against them, and he destroyed them completely. What does this show to us? What's the lesson in this for us? Why is this being mentioned? If you think about it, this is history. It's done. It's over. It's finished. Why is this mentioned over here?

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Think about it. It's a lesson for us. It's a great lesson for the Muslim oma

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because of Bani Israel where the Muslim woman of their time. Allah subhanaw taala had given them a scripture, Allah panaderia had given them a responsibility, convey this message to the people, abide by this book, follow the messengers, what did they do? completely opposite. And they committed great facade. Instead of supporting the messenger, what did they do? rejected and killed the messengers.

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Instead of supporting the righteous, they oppose them. Instead of observing the book, they abandoned the book or they altered the book.

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Instead of populating the temple, the worship place with rabada they populated it with what with St. Olaf with differences with violence, religious violence. And if you look at it today, the state of Muslim oma is no different. It's no different

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where the profits are a lot of them should be respected and followed. His Sunnah is made fun of people object at his authority, where the Quran should be observed. People abandon it, or the misinterpreted there's so much injustice going on with the deen of Allah soprano data, which has facade and in this is a great warning that if a people who have been bestowed with these great blessings if they are ungrateful, then Allah will inflict punishment even in this dunya at the hands of who, at the hands of those who disbelieve.

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We see that the Bani Israel when they were attacked by the enemy. What was the reason behind that? Because they themselves were committing injustice, they themselves were creating facade.

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So at that point, what were they being made to realize that reflect on yourself?

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And the same thing we need to do as well? That instead of blaming other people, it's their conspiracy? It's their big plan. It's their whole attack on the Muslim Ummah, what do we need to do? reflect on ourselves?

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It's a big warning for people, that just because it hasn't happened yet, don't think it might not happen because Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the following Ayah that are sort of broken, and your hamaca that perhaps your Lord will be merciful upon you how that when you do Toba when you do Islam, Allah subhanaw taala will be merciful to you, and He will remove that difficulty from you.

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And we learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he came the Bani Israel, they were in a state which is known as the Diaspora in which they had been scattered. They had been spread everywhere all over the earth.

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Because remember all of them, Bani Israel, they're related by blood, isn't it so because they are a race, and they were all together in the area of a sham. But when they were constantly attacked by one nation after the other, what happened? In order to save their lives, bunny Australian escaped, and this is how the Bani Israel came from a sham to Medina. This is why they settled over there.

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And they weren't just settled over there. They were settled all over the earth. So Allah subhanaw taala says, I saw bukem in your hammock, perhaps your Lord will be merciful upon you.

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And he will unite you again in your home country. When if you do Toba if you do Islamic

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what in earth do but if you return, return from the root letters, well then either your return if you return meaning if you return to our disobedience, if you relapse, into the same things that you did before, into the same facade, then what will happen? arena We will also return. Do what? Do your punishment?

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Meaning do not think that this was only meant to happen twice? No. If you do facade again, remember Allah will punish you again. We're in earthen arena.

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Yes, the first occasion it occurred you were punished the second time it happened you were punished. But now again, if you do facade, don't think that alone was not punished you in earthen Roadrunner was your alumna, Johanna middle Katharina hasura. And we have made the Hellfire for the disbelievers of prison. Meaning, if in this dunya you're not punished, then there is a hereafter where those who disbelieve those who do Cofer, they will be imprisoned over there. The word has leaders from their own veterans have sought or hustled and hustled is to in circle to surround something from all sides and from the sword has lead is used for a prison because the prison is a place where the prisoner is

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surrounded from everywhere. He

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He has no way of escape. He cannot get out of there. He cannot escape the torture that has been inflicted upon him over there, he cannot get out of there. So Allah subhanaw taala describes Hellfire as what has seen for who, for those who disbelief.

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So we see that the nation who has chosen who has a responsibility, when they forget a lot than the punishment of Allah descends upon them, Allah punishes them in this dunya. And this punishment can come over and over again. Each time they commit facade of luck and punish them again, the third time, the fourth time, the fifth time, on and on. So a person should never think that just because I'm a Muslim, I'm from this oma, I will be fine, I can do whatever I want. Who is being addressed over here? The believing people, the Bani Israel were Who? believers of their time, but what are they being told? If you commit facade again, you will be punished again. And the same lesson goes

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for us that just because we're Muslim, we should not think that we are safe.

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In the huddle, and indeed this Quran, yeah, the it guides lilavati to that which meaning to the manner that is to the way that is, here, it is a comb most suitable. A comb is from the root letters of Well, me.

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And Kama como is to stand and

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this is f I lead most proper, most upright most correct.

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So the guide to that way to that manner, which is most appropriate, which is most suitable, which is most just most correct. And what is that way,

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the way

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the way that our last presenter has taught us

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so the call and guide the way that is most appropriate, most just most moderate, most correct, it does not lead to extremes, but rather it guides to the solutions to that which is most appropriate, where you best shooter, and it gives good news and meaning to the believers. And it gives good news to the believers, who are the believers alladhina, Yama, Luna solly, had those who do righteous deeds? What does it show to us? That it's not enough to just say that I'm a movement, I'm a believer, what does a person need to do?

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as well?

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those believers who do

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the Koran gives them good news that anila home agilon Kabira, that for them is a great reward.

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We see in this ayah that the Quran, it guides people with regards to all aspects of their lives to that which is best. If you think about it, what guides us at a personal level, at a social level,

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at a political level, at a community level.

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Over here we see in these ayat, what kind of guidance has been given. In the previous side, what kind of guidance is given with regards to a community level that as an entire oma as an entire nation, what are we supposed to do?

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And it guides a person with regards to in the matters of his knifes in the matters of his actual wealth, how to earn it, where to spend it, what to do with it, every aspect of our lives a last parameter that guides us to the most appropriate way how through the Quran.

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And this is the reason why I did have to learn, he said that Jimmy ruler is me fill an all room all types of sciences and knowledge where are they

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in decline. lack in the US are and who have Hamilton regional.

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What does that mean?

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But the of ham, meaning the comprehension of people, they have fallen short in gaining that knowledge in seeing that knowledge in realizing that knowledge.

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People only look at the Quran at a cursory level. They only look at the surface. They don't go into the depths. They don't reflect. They don't take lessons. They don't apply. Which is why when they study once or twice, they say let's move on. Let's do something else. They get bored of it very quickly.

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Whereas the reality is that if a person really wants to gain in where should he look into the Quran? Because the Quran is the knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala has given

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a lot.

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This is the knowledge that has come from who Allah soprano died. And Allah subhanaw taala is the one who knows about every single thing.

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So in this call on you will find everything that you want to learn everything that you want to do. Everything that you want to research about, you will find it in the Quran. But what you need to do, open your mind, open your eyes, open your heart, and give some time, give some time, take some time to spend on reflecting upon the Quran. Unfortunately, many times our connection with the Quran is just limited to memorizing the lesson. And that's nothing beyond that. Whereas the fact is that if we begin reflecting on just one ayah, one word, it will take you hours and hours. Honestly, if you take one eye and you want to understand every single word, go open one dictionary, go open another

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dictionary, go open one book after another book of the sea, it will never be enough. Never be enough. Any word that you read, research about it, any concept that you read research about it. For example, just for these items that we have learned, if you try to research about what kind of punishments or you know different people who attacked the money Australian over the course of history, that research will take you hours and hours, it will open up your mind it will give you so much information. But we just want to go over the Quran Quickly, quickly, quickly, and just be over with it and move on to something else. Whereas the fact is that if you try spending some time with

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the Quran, then you will never have enough time. Never ever

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take some time, spend some time with the Quran, reflect on it, research about it, increase your knowledge, because that is what will truly satisfy you.

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Believe me, nothing else will give you contentment more than the Quran

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or the the Lutheran who said Jimmy or alumi feel cold and lacking takasaki who have hammered region, people, their uncle has fallen short. They are not paying that much attention. Which is why they say let's move on to something else. Let's do something else. We've done enough of this.

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What anila Dena and indeed those people who me the Quran informs that those people who lie you miuna will fit who do not believe in the hereafter or utter denial or whom we have prepared for them or there have been a Lima, a painful punishment. So the Orion it gives good news. It gives knowledge and it also gives warning

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because this Quran has come from who Allah soprano.

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So what warning what good news do we learn from these I add, let's listen to the recitation and then reflect

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on Isla kita Vina to see

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to see

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Mr. Martini wala

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cabbie you

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last panel that I told them exactly what was expected of them what they were supposed to do. Because remember, he there is also a day off his shot to inform as to what has to be done to give knowledge to give instruction. So they were given all the instruction, but when they didn't do Arnold, sila, look at the consequence. And the same warning goes for us, where loss of penalty tells us this Court has also come to you and a guy to the best. But the good news is only for who for those who do I'm sorry.

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I was just trying to point out like nowadays we look at like the Muslim money. So what happened to the Muslim Ummah, we look at like the Ottoman Empire, we say, you know what Muslims, and we're so good, what's happening to us. But if you really think about it, we're not doing our job. We've been given a quota and and one thing that always pops into my head was once a neurologist who was in Saudi Arabia, who was in a hospital near the head of not near the outside with a novelist. And he said, I've been there for 20 years, and not one person has told me about the Quran. And that's in Saudi Arabia, where it's a Muslim country. And then we start to wonder, why are the Muslims like

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this, we're not doing our job.

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I was just saying that it's a good news for people, when you have done something wrong, there is hope that when you repent that Allah will give you something better.

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I was just focusing on the word Assad and how prophecy was taken. Just to have the idea that how you will get the rewards when you do with Amazon, and how there are the punishments. And I was thinking, it's a kind of a straw for us, though. It's been it's been traveled by night, but we are going to a journey through of this after now 15 years? And what are our feelings? Do we have this connection when these type of IR come? Today's versus the really, whenever I come to them? It really is a shame when somebody come in your own wounds, that somebody disfigured your faces. When somebody kill your kids in front of you. It's just easy to read that if you start realizing these things, you say, Oh,

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it's so painful. It's so insane. We can't even see it. And if we reflect this is just what is happening in the dunya when you when you are disobedient. Exactly. Imagine what's gonna happen if you're continuously doing here in the world and in the Hereafter, what kind of punishment?

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How can we can dare to to the maaseiah.

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Because this dunya is temporary, eventually will be over what your honor Johanna, Mel katherina has, that a person can never escape a person can never come out.

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And I have a question to sister like this is, of course, a particular context that it happened in the muddy and it is a lesson we need to take in for today. As a mother it could happen. But is that possible? Like it happens on a small level too. When you're doing a counselor job many times people come and complain a lot that this is what is happening within our homes that people are very oppressed, like sometimes their husbands or any other relationships they are going through. So can you take a lesson in that when a person disobeys or not then we have learned earlier the punishment could come to you from above you from below you. And above and below has been understood as people

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who are oppressive or people who are disobedient. This is a form of punishment. This is a form of recompense as a consequence for a person's own ingratitude.

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Somebody else

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just reflecting on the the i o where the B'nai Israel were given so much blessings, and they had the freedom to do whatever they want to do, like, you know, just to spread the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I was like, thinking about what just happened. It's happening now that maybe we're not doing enough to convey a last message or we're not even doing enough to learn a last word that we are being terrorized by other people. They're saying we are the terrorists but we are being terrorized. Look at the example of what has happened in is that in Quebec or in France, that they arrested 60 women who are wearing niqab make this is for me, I'm reflecting on it like okay, well,

00:29:42--> 00:29:59

what are we doing, we're not doing enough and so later on, this freedom of practicing your own religion is taken away, it will be taken away from you. When you have this freedom. Allah has given you this blessing and you don't take advantage of it. You don't make the people aware that

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happen, eventually the blessing will be taken away. If you look at the deep connection between the soul and the previous one, the blessings that Allah has given you use them, use them, and especially the blessing of Deen. Be grateful for it by spreading this message to other people. And right at the end of the solar, we were told how to do that. Because that is the greatest form of gratitude for all the blessings that Allah has given you.

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And if you don't do that, then look at the consequences. Look at what happened with the Bani Israel.

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Assalamu alaikum sisters, we are talking about Israel What happened? We can see right now, in Somalia, it happened the same thing. When we didn't follow our religion. And we bonded, we kill each other and they come to your house and kill each other nephew and brothers and two brothers and two uncles they kill each other. And that's one of it. And seven and right now, we have to wake up.

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And the thing is, we're in a rotten Roadrunner. If you repeat the same, if you go back to the same behavior, then Allah will also repeat the same punishment upon you. And it happened with the Bani Israel that when they were in Medina, the tribes have been to Korea the tribes have been in the lead, how they oppose the Prophet sallallahu sallam, how they humiliated the Muslims, how they broke the the treaty with them. They were expelled. Their men were killed. They were expelled from Medina evicted from their homes. This was what

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we will also return and the same warning goes for us. Because many times we think that oh you know if we do something Nothing will happen. We'll see on the Day of Judgment Allah Allah for Him He will forgive. And we have this confidence especially because we say we're Muslims were the Muslim ummah. But where the Bani Israel not the Muslim Omar their time they were.

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So how can we ever think that if we do something, we will not be questioned about it, we will not see the consequences of it. When Allah has given you the knowledge of the deen and you don't pass it on to others, then yes, your life will become difficult.

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Allah has given you this blessing, not just so that you both have already become very proud of it. It so that you share it with others. Because when Allah gives a blessing, he likes to see the author of it on the person.

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And when a person does not spread it, then his life will become difficult. His own house will be full of miseries. There will be people who will be oppressing him in his own house for Joseph Ilana dia,

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coming into your own house into your personal lives, personal matters, destroying your peace, destroying your comfort, not letting you live. This is what a consequence of ingratitude.

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And welcome, um, I was just thinking right now that you kept saying, These are stories of the past, and how are we supposed to relate to them, I was just thinking that the ground is eternal. So whether it's in our homes, whether it's hard, I think it's time that we take it out of our hearts, which is important, first of all, but we need to reflect even even if it's small, maybe just sharing an hour with your brothers or sisters or maybe just going out to your family friends or going back home. We sit there and we ponder and we say, Oh my God, my mama Katie's which we should but I'm saying go well, even if the do something. And even like you said, there is no place on this earth

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where you cannot do like banquet halls, grocery shops, barber shops. I remember when I called to my Warren for to get my hair cut. I spoken with

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Asian sisters, I when I walked in with my

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then when I was like, they were really respectful. The only one man that they had, they made him championship and made him go to the other store. And then what they did was they were so cautious more than I was

00:33:48--> 00:34:01

just outside. And it was just a way that I told them and they asked me a lot of questions like What are you doing? Why are you getting into a club when no one's gonna see it and stuff like that? I just give them a little to get lucky said get on their level don't say okay, why don't I

00:34:03--> 00:34:09

just tell them the load information that you know, I'm going to go around giving lectures to people when they're not

00:34:13--> 00:34:37

thinking about the money Australia and how it was at their peak of like, complete disobedience is when they were given the punishment. And several times you think, okay, we can do one thing, one thing, one thing and then we start to add up. And we don't think that might we might be at our peak that we'll get the punishment at that time. And the thing is, when a person does one thing and he goes on doing another and then another and you get so used to them, until he reaches the height of disobedience,

00:34:42--> 00:34:42


00:34:46--> 00:34:56

that whatever you do comes back to you. Very true. If you do facade, it will come back on you. If you do your son, then you will get the benefits of that.

00:34:58--> 00:34:59


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Thinking when we were doing this I was just thinking about like, myself and like where I came from that Subhanallah like 50 years ago, like the Muslim in my country where the high top all the sharp everything. Education was like led by the Muslim nowaday. If you see that Muslims are the lowest disgrace people. And not only that, when the IRS saying that they're gonna come to your home, and then they take you, nowadays, they might come in your home, and they take you, but they take you from home, and then they take it, where you can't fight for your right. So it might come to you as well.

00:35:39--> 00:36:02

If you look at it, the Bani Israel, what happened with them in Europe, just a few years ago, they were living peacefully in their own countries, and how they were taken from their homes, from their workplaces, from their streets into concentration camps. I mean, this is in or tomorrow, it can come anytime again and again.

00:36:03--> 00:36:11

And again, this is a lesson for us that anytime something like this happens, we need to reflect on our actions. What are we doing?

00:36:12--> 00:36:50

So in our ecosystem, just thinking, Why Why is it like this? Why are we like this? And when you go back to it, the main source is arrogance. And as a Muslim woman right now become arrogant. We just assume that Oh, the Muslim woman were the chosen ones. Even if we go to the Hellfire before a short time, and this is arrogance, this is exactly what the bunnies Ryan said, this is exactly what we're doing now. We keep saying, Oh, we were pressed into conspiracy theory, you know, they want to eradicate Islam. But in reality, we're the ones who are doing it. We're the ones who are eradicating our own religion. And we're doing exactly what Bani Israel did. You know, we're not reflecting this

00:36:50--> 00:37:02

panel. When you look at it, the best way to deal with is first, learn your deen and this is the main problem. We've gotten so far away from the dean, that it doesn't affect us anymore.

00:37:03--> 00:37:13

If you look at it, being a part of the Muslim Ummah having a scripture, it's a privilege, isn't it? But with every privilege, there's a responsibility.

00:37:14--> 00:38:05

If you don't fulfill your responsibility, then what happens? that privilege is taken away from you. Isn't it so? So similarly, with this privilege, we have been given the responsibility of doing our work. If we don't do that, then in autumn Urbina, a login, in fact, his punishment upon the people whenever he wishes, however he wishes. So if you look at it, the ayah is number nine, in the Quran, ja de la de Aqua. This is, you can see the main message that this neuron guides to that which is most suitable in all circumstances, in all situations, for every person, every individual, every nation, whatever they're going through. And if you adhere to this Koran, if you pass it on, you will

00:38:05--> 00:38:16

be okay. But if you abandon it, if you don't give the Quran attack, then you will see the harmful consequences in your life as well.

00:38:17--> 00:38:27

Because you by Sharon, Mini, alladhina, Yama, Luna, Sally had another home, run Kabira. And at the same time, we're anila Dena, la umina will fit

00:38:31--> 00:39:04

for like I was just thinking about how Elon mentioned that Australia will have two times of peak facade. And why is the number two mentioned, because we know that if they keep coming back then it's going to keep happening anyway. So why specifically to and I was thinking that if he had just mentioned one, and then had it so that, you know, if they keep coming back, then punishment will keep going, then we wouldn't get the lesson of learning from history quite as much as here because they they had one period of peak beside. And then yet for some reason, they went back to it they exceeded and learn from their first mistake. And they had a second mistake. So we should also learn

00:39:04--> 00:39:33

from history. So not just from like learning the story, we shouldn't just learn about what their first mistake was, we should also learn the second mistake that they didn't learn from the first mistake. as Muslims, we need to know our history. I mean, to learn from that, and we need to change our son Exactly. And not just at a national level at an individual level as well. Learn from your mistakes, learn from your own history as well. Because if we don't learn and we keep committing the same mistakes, then what's the point?

00:39:35--> 00:39:53

Even from a selfish perspective, if we think that Okay, we're doing the work, if we did the work and environment becomes it becomes easier for us to practice if people around us are practicing, then it just becomes easier for us to be more accepted and not terrorists are called terrorists. At least they know. Even if they don't believe at least they know.

00:39:55--> 00:39:57

Listen to the recitation of all of these is from the beginning.

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saw Dr. Dee dee dee

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dee dee

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you need any?

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la colina

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up the mountain

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