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Al-Maidah 41-50 Translation 41-50


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The conversation covers various speakers, including billing, religion, and Linda as a teacher, as well as a woman named Angela and her supposed teacher teacher position. The group discusses plans for the upcoming weekend, including staying at home during quarantine and judge actions. They also mention a book and a woman named Jackie, as well as a woman named Leah Blue trying to convince them to stay in a hotel. The group discusses their actions and potential outcomes.

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So I'm ready

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to go.

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Today I noticed with him Kareem and Robert for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim of the Shara Holly Saudi way acidity MD. What are we listening in your

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open as in

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Lesson number 72 sora tonight EDA is number 41 to 50 Translation Yeah Are you her or you are rasuluh the messenger law should not yet Zonca he agree view and novena those who you Sadie aroona they hasten with each other fee in a coffee the disbelief men from Medina those people who are new they said Amanda we believed bf where he him with their motes welcome and did not mean it believes Aruba home their hearts wealth and men from a Medina those who do they became Jews, summer owner are ones who eagerly Listen, they'll carry be to the lie to the falsehood summer owner ones who eagerly Listen, they comin to a people or for a people hurrying others learn not yet to occur, they come to

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you. You have the foreigner they displace, they distort and Kalima the words. Men from Barbie after my well there he is places here coluna they say in if booty tone, you were given her that this for who do who then you all take it in and if lamb not to go who you all are given it for the row, then he will be cautious woman and whoever you ready he wants Allahu Allah fitna to who is trial felon then will never turn liquor you possess you have authority law who for him, men from Allahu Allah shaida anything

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when I iica those alladhina are those who love not Europe he wants Allahu Allah and that you thought hero he purifies kuruva home their hearts the home for them fee in adonia The world is Yun humiliation what and the home for them fee in an era the hereafter either been a punishment or Raman great

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summer owner one so eagerly Listen, Lil kvb to the lie to the fall third, a calluna once would have are much lesser for the forbidden for him than if Joe oka they came to you for home then you judge by your home between them

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or or they'll use you're turned away on home from them. What and if you turn away on home from them for them, then we'll never your will ruka they harm you shake anything. walk in and if How can you judge for the new judge bainer home between them with basically with the justice in Indeed Allah Allah your hibou he loves a nakusoo clean those who are just

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working for and how you have chemo nica they appoint you as Judge we're in the home while with them Attila to the Torah see her in it Haku command Allah He of Allah so much then yet when Luna they turn away men from body after that because that warmer and not buena Ecuador's meaning at all those who believe

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in math indeed we and zelner we sat down we revealed a daughter the total fee her in it who then guidance work and neuron light. Yeah, cool. He judges be happy with it. And never unit the prophets and Medina those who assalamu they submitted Linda Dena for those who do they became Jews. Well, and of Rabbani unit, there are

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those who are worshippers of rub one above and the religious scholars, the rabbis, the man because of what was the fuel they were interested protection, main from kitabi book Allah

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Allah What can I do and they were or lay upon it show her the witnesses for so do not show your fear and NASA the people work and it's showing me your fear me. Winner and do not touch the room y'all barter Be it with my vs semonin a price Padilla very little woman and whoever learned not yet come He judges Bhima with what Angela he sent down Allahu Allah for Allah ecosa those whom they are careful on the disbelievers wall and Katana we wrote we ordained or lay him upon them, fee her in it. And that indeed and nafsa the knifes the life been nuptse is for the life. Well I enter and the I will I need is for that I will answer and the nose bill and fee is for the nose. When una and the

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ear below the knee with the year before the year was sin and the tooth the Sydney for the tooth while Judo have and the wounds and the injuries. The assassin have the sauce. unrequited equally from and then whoever the third doctor he gave charity, be he with it for who so it got forgotten and expiation Lahu for him, woman and whoever Lum not your code, the judges Bheema with what unzila he sent down Allahu Allah for Allah ecosa those whom they avoid the moon, those who do wrong.

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What and Athena we followed in succession, Allah upon fit him their footsteps. Bear Isa with rissani sana if needs son, Medina of Marian Masato con one confirming Lima for what bainer is between Yeah, they he is two hands, men from authority the Torah.

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They know who and we gave him an engineer, the engineer, fee in it who then guidance when neuron and light walk and massage the icon confirming Lima for what bainer is between he has two hands, men from authority that Allah will end with then guidance were more a button and an admonition limit the theme for those who have fear for those who have Taqwa when you come and he should judge he should decide and look people in jail of the NGO of the gospel. Be male with what Angela he sent down Allahu Allah Fie in it. Woman and whoever loves not yakko he judges Bhima with what Angela he sent down Allahu Allah for Allah ecosa those whom they unphysical those who cross limits, or unzila and

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we have sent down ilica to you l kita. By the book will help with the truth. No saticon one confirming Lima for that which bainer is between Yeah, there he is two hands. Men from Al kitabi the book, what and Mohammedan one garden one protecting I lay upon it.

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So you judge by the home between them. Bhima with what Angela he sent down Allahu Allah, whether and do not that where you follow who or whom their desires are met from what jerrica it came to you mean from a happy the truth

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liquorland for all, Jana we have made men come from you. Sheraton Allah woman hedger and in methodology Willow and if he will, Allahu Allah. Surely journal calm He made you in mutton a community, a nation where he didn't single one I can but Leah Blue accom so that he tests you fee in MMA that which he gave you faster because so you all compete you always al-hayat in the good deeds inner towards Allah He Allah Madeira comb your return Jumeirah all together for you in a bit. Then he will make clear to you then he will inform you Bhima with what quantum you were fee in it after the phone, you all differ.

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Well and that you judge you decide buying a home between them. Bhima with what unzila he sat down

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Allahu Allah, Juana and do not that the beer you follow a home their desires, what their home and you'll be cautious of them

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wash their home and be aware of them be cautious of them

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and that you have to Nuka they put you in fitna they put you to trial I'm from Bali some man what unzila he sent down Allahu Allah He Laika towards you? For in so if there were no they turned away for them then you know and NEMA indeed not but you redo he wants Allahu Allah and that you sleep at home he reaches them he afflicts them the valley with some don't obey Him their sins

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were in and indeed caphyon many men from a nurse eat the people left are sukoon surely those who cross limits? Surely ones who disobey

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do for them hokhmah judgment or Jackie Lee of the ignorance Yerbabuena they seek woman and who is better men than Allahu Allah hookman in judgment less common for a people you can own they believe with certainty.

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Let's listen to the repetition

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Nepal mina larina po

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po wamena larina do some

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to the bone and carry

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all the

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Coronavirus so

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what are the

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spots in

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we must

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be law we must

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You want to

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be here

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in a minute

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in a minute

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Boom she's

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homie you mean