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Yunus 31-52 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 45-52

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Well, my actual home. So in that is a lesson for us that while we were studying the book, what should our focus be not just to get a diploma, not just to get full percentage of attendance and so on and so forth. But what should be our focus? And we want to benefit from the Quran because only when a person reads the Quran with this intention, then he can benefit from it

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when you're actually home, and the day that he will gather them, meaning on the day of judgment

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will yoma What does it indicate what koriyama and mentioned the day

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when he will gather them as if lumea Albus who as if they did not remain in lesser item except and our

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yalova solution newsletters, lambda and Labs is to remain to stay somewhere. And generally the word is used for staying somewhere for a long time. But on that day, when they will be gathered, it will appear to them as if they did not remain in the world except for just an hour, just for some time, just for a moment, minute and a half hour of the day.

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Yet our funebre buy a home and they will recognize each other they will know one another.

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So on the Day of Judgment, out of realizing the enormity of that day, it will be as if they never stayed in dunya except for just a part of the day.

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If you think of it, the day of judgment is how long 50,000 years. And the life of this world is how long for each person

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who lives in this dunya for even 1000 years. Forget about 50,000. So obviously if you compare that 50,060 to 70 to 80 years, what is that? only a part of the day compared to 50,000 years.

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So it will appear to them as if they did not stay in the world except only an hour of the day. And on the Day of Judgment. Yet our phone Urbino they will recognize one another.

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There are a few there are one from Tarot from newsletters in Rafah. What does Earth mean maruf recognized good. So yet out of hoonah, they will recognize one another, they will know one another, they will become acquainted with one another. It's not that people will not recognize each other, know the will, or the hustler Latina, camdeboo berakhot Ella, certainly he will suffer loss who those people who denied the meeting with Allah Womack and remove the dean, and they were not guided at all. So on the Day of Judgment, when we will see the greatness of that day, when we will realize its enormity its reality, then dunya will seem very insignificant, very insignificant.

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Right now, I present the dunya seems to be very long, very important, which is why we spend so many hours just following just pursuing this world. Whereas on the Day of Judgment, we will realize that this dunya had absolutely no value, that the whole time had been wasted. That we thought we consider the sorrows of this world to be the real sorrows and the happiness of this world to be the real happiness, the success of this world to be the real success. But it's all over. It's finished. If you look at it, every success of this dunya will eventually come to an end it will be over.

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Just imagine how people spend years trying to get one gold medal one certificate one degree.

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And while they have it, they keep it with themselves thinking is so important to me. But when they die a few years later, after some time, eventually where does it end up in the garbage them.

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Just the other day somebody was saying that they cannot justify that they should buy something very expensive. Why? Because something very expensive and something very cheap. Eventually, both of them they end up in a garbage dump. Both of them, they end up in the same place in a few years. So they said I cannot justify that I spent so much money on something like this when it's going to end up in the garbage can. When I am content with something that is cheaper. It fulfills my need, then why should I bother wasting my money on something that is overpriced. So anyway, the objective of mentioning this is that anything of this world eventually comes to an end. Eventually it is over.

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While we have it. It seems extremely important to us. We think we cannot live without it. We cannot survive without it. It would be impossible to go about daily life without those things.

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However, eventually they're over. They're finished.

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And this is a reality that we will realize on the day of judgment and on the Day of Judgment there will only be regrets you will have

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insulted me no i 130

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We learn how Lula Vesna, Yeoman, Oba biomin first deed, they will say we remained a day or part of a day. As those who enumerate those people who count things, ask them, How long did we stay in the world, we don't know. We think maybe a day or part of the day, in total Nazareth, I have 46, we learned under homeo morona lamea Alba su Illa. She eaten over her, it will be on the day they see it as though they had not remained in the world, except for an afternoon or a morning of it.

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So on the Day of Judgment, the dunya will seem very insignificant, because it will be over, it will be finished.

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And secondly, we also learn in this ayah that people will recognize one another on the Day of Judgment.

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How will they recognize one another, because they were acquainted with one another in the world. And if they did not know one another, at least they knew of each other's description.

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Like, for example, we haven't seen the Sahaba. But we have learned off their description, similarity, the seven people under the shade of the throne of Allah subhanaw taala

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we know as to what their description is.

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So people will recognize one another.

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And this recognition will be a cause of happiness for some.

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And it will be a cause of embarrassment for some, because some people will be recognized by some good sides, like the marks of will do,

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the place where they're standing on the Day of Judgment, and for other people, it will be a cause of great embarrassment.

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In sort of, man, I have 41 we learn you're a full moody Muna vizima home

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for you all to be notoriously one of them, the criminals will be known by their marks, they will be identified by their marks, and then they will be seized by their forelocks and their feet. So initially, people will recognize one another at the time of resurrection.

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But then this they're out of will be severed. Why, because of the severity of that day, because of the difficulties of that day. So despite recognizing one another, people will be of no use to each other.

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Despite the fact that people will recognize one another, they will not be able to help one another.

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Like we learned in total marriage, I number 10. Well as I do have even hemiola and no friend will ask anything of a friend.

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If you go anywhere in any crowd, who do you look for? Your friends? Do I know anybody here?

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Any wedding you go to any party you go to immediately you look at everybody, do I know anybody here if you know anybody, you go to them, sit with them, talk to them, greet them.

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And if you don't know anybody, you don't want to walk in.

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But on that day, even though you will recognize your closest friends who are mean, closest friends,

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no friend will ask another. So how are you doing? What have you gone through? No. Why? Because of the severity of that day. Similarly, we learn instead of Alba said that yo maya federal model, when

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a person will recognize his brother still he will run away from him, while only he will be well sorry, but he will burn he each person will run away from the other. Here, the dounia seems very important. But then we will see that all the connections, all the friendships of this donor also, they have no value over there. If we have not been good ourselves.

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We're in minority and NACA, and whether we show you Baba Latina, to whom some of what we promised them. The addresses to who the profits are a lot isn't

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that if we show you some of that which we promised them, what is it that was promised to them?

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The machine of the rejecters the deniers what was promised to them punishment, that if they reject, they will get punishment. And remember earlier we learned while ma to him that we do

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that we was mentioned that actualization of an event that has been mentioned and of those events is punishment. So if we show you some of that which we promised them, meaning if the punishment comes while you are here, if the punishment descends on these people in your lifetime, in the dunya Oh or another fire Nick, we recall you fully netta one year from newsletters, wildfire, the word feed Dorothy yetta of what does it mean?

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to recall to take fully and the word is also used for giving that

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because when a person dies is

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All is extracted fully, it is taken up fully. And the dune was shattered over here gives meaning of definitely. All we give that to you,

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meaning before they're punished, you are given that you are taken away from the world. So in other words, whether their punishment comes to them in this life of yours or it comes to them

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after you have gone

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for Elena mode, you're there in either case to assess their return,

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the punishment will come to them, either in the dunya or the Hereafter, either in your lifetime or after you have passed away. Some Allahu shahidan or them if our own than Allah who will be a witness over what they do. Meaning Allah is fully aware of their actions, and he knows very well as to what they deserve.

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The word Shaheed is used for a witness, but it's not just used for witness it is also used for a judge

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because Shahada is also used for judgment.

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I consider the use of I number 26, we learned was shahida Shah he didn't mean earlier

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that when the woman when use of RSM escaped from the room, and she grabbed hold of his shirt and adore, from the back shahida share, he didn't mean earlier, a share hit a judge from the family. He decided that if the shirt is ripped from the front, then he is at fault. And if it's ripped from behind, then she is at fault as a shader shahidan. What does it mean? The judge made a decision. So someone Moshe Hayden RLM, a fellow meaning he is the judge, he will decide as to what should be done with them. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being consoled over here that do not worry. If they're not believing, and they're not getting caught, they will be questioned.

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Generally what happens when people do wrong?

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And still they're not punished? Why do we think

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these people are so lucky, they're doing whatever they want to, and they're not caught.

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No punishment falls upon them. They don't see any difficulty in their lives. And they're doing whatever they want to do. Their life is so easy.

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So over here, we're being told that if somebody is doing something wrong, whether you see their punishment coming or you don't see their punishment, coming know that their hisab is with Allah, He knows what they have been doing, and he will deal with them. While he can leave omatsu will end forever every nation is a messenger,

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every nation, Allah subhanaw taala scented a messenger, to guide that people to guide that nation

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for Elijah rasuluh. Then when their messenger came to them, called the Albania home, it was decided between them,

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what was decided between them bill kristol with the justice,

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that when their messenger came, and the people rejected, then the punishment was sent upon the people, so called the avena, home, it gives meaning of punishment was sent upon those people when,

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after they were informed about the truth. So in other words, Allah does not punish people, until they know what they're supposed to do.

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Until they know what they're supposed to do. And if they reject, after getting knowledge after the coming of the messenger, then they're punished if you look at it, no hurry Salaam, so many messengers, when they came, when they gave the message, still people rejected then the punishment ascended

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to the

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moon, and they're not treated with injustice.

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This is also understood in another way, that for either john or Sulu, whom, when their messenger came to them, meaning on the Day of Judgment,

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on the day of judgment, when different nations are brought for their hisab,

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then what's going to happen? Before judgment is made concerning them, their messenger is going to be brought,

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like, for example, a nation is brought forth. And the nation was of those people who disbelieve those people who did check. So before they're sent to Hellfire, what's going to happen their messenger is going to be brought. And he is going to be asked, Did you deliver? Did you convey? What did these people do?

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And the people will be questioned. And when the people will reject that no messenger ever came to us. We didn't know what was right and what was wrong, then what's going to happen, who's going to be brought forth as a witness,

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and also the Muslim woman in the corner, Shahada Elena's.

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So for Elijah rasuluh, then when the messenger will be brought on the Day of Judgment, then called the available middle case, then the judgment will be made between them with justice. We're homeless on the moon, and there will be no injustice on the Day of Judgment.

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We learned in sort of the Zuma is 69. Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, I should have gotten Arduino to be here.

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The earth will shine with the light of its Lord. Where will the URL kita boo, and the record of deeds will be placed where God Nabila was she had, and the prophets and the witnesses will be brought, will call the Urbina whom will help and it will be judged between them in truth wahome law, US law moon and they will not be wrong.

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So elsewhere in the Quran as well, what do we learn, that judgment will be established on the Day of Judgment, once the witnesses are brought, and of the witnesses are, who

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are the witnesses or who the prophets who were sent to the people.

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So on the one hand, people will be brought before Allah. And on the other hand, the messenger will also be shown as to what the people had done.

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While coluna and they say Mata had Eduardo, when is this promise going to be in quantum solder pain if you're truthful? Meaning whenever this promise be fulfilled, which promise

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of punishment of the Day of Judgment is threat that you're giving us? When will it be fulfilled?

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And then we're sticking up because they always use this argument, when they were defeated.

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Whenever they had no answer left, like, for example, in the previous ayat,

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what was mentioned negation of Schick, one after the other, so when they would have nothing left to say, they would say, Okay, what is the day of judgment going to be? And the prophet SAW the Lotus and would say, I don't know, Allah knows. So they would say, See, you don't know about anything, you're a liar. So they will say Mother has Eduardo in contempt sadly, when is his promise going to be if you're truthful, the profits or losses and restore? Cool c'est la vie, monacolin. FC, I do not possess for myself barwon any harm? Well, no friend nor any benefit.

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I don't have any control, to benefit myself or to avoid any harm from myself in menasha Allah except for what Allah wills.

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If Allah wants to give me some harm, it's up to him. If Allah wants to give me some good, it's up to him. I don't have any control. So in other words, who has complete authority and power, Allah subhanaw taala.

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Who has complete knowledge or loss of penalties, and he knows when the Day of Judgment is going to be

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legally omitted, for every nation is utter for every niche is a term for which they're allowed to live in this world. And eventually, their term expires, either a judge or to whom and when their term comes. Meaning when their term comes to an end, when their agile comes to its deadline, when it expires, Fenn is feeling a certain that they cannot delay for a moment. When is the moon nor can they advance? They cannot defer it, nor can they bring it before it's time.

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So in other words, the day of judgment, the time for it is fixed. The time for the punishment is fixed. I don't have any control over it. Allah will send it

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per item. Say Have you considered in Atacama taboo if this punishment came to you, by Athan by night, owner heroine or by day by Addison, the ruthless Byetta and we have done this word earlier as well.

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And Bharat is used for by night. Why?

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It's on the word Bates and what is bait? house? Where do you spend your night in the house?

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So in the Atacama, daboo bieten una hora. If the punishment comes to you by night or by day, mother is 32, Minho, moody moon, then what is it that the criminals are hastening for?

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What are they being so hasty about? What do they want so bad? The punishment? Is that what you're so eager for?

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What's the objective of saying this, that the punishment is going to come to you at any time without warning? Why do you want it so bad? And why are you being so impatient for it?

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Why are you being so impatient for it? Don't be so impatient for it.

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I Selma then is it is America when it will actually occur? What are from the root letters? Well kaufering

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when it will actually occur, when it will actually happen? is it then that are meant to be then you will believe in it? Then you will believe in the Quran? What use is that belief going to be al Anna now?

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Elena is a combination of

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meaning Hamza, what and and now so what is it at this point now that you will believe and anisul collectors Hamza well known.

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So when the punishment is sent, then you're going to believe that belief is not going to be a benefit.

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What are the quantum while in fact you were beneath the strategy alone, you were hastening for it before when the punishment comes, you will run away from it while you are actually demanding it before. And then you are going to believe that belief is not going to benefit at all the time to believe is now

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like many people, they say, you know, when they blame everything on fate and destiny on the last panel and say, okay, when this happens, then I will believe when this happens, then I will change.

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But the fact is that when a calamity does befall a person, then it's too late to change. It's too late to do anything.

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So Nikita, Lila de novo girl and then it will be sad to those people who did his own. Zuko or devil hold days the punishment of eternity because now there is no going back. Now it's all over life has finished. So it is the punishment of eternity. That will be eternal. That will not end at all. And health. zona Are you being recompensed in love in our quantum taxi boom except for that which you were earning?

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Meaning This is exactly what you deserve. Isn't this what you deserve? This is what you deserve. You were so hasty for it. You wasted your time waiting for it. demanding it. You didn't do what you were supposed to do. Now, this the consequences.

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Introduce it at 1991. We learned that fit our own also did the same thing. That for all those years when the message was brought to him he denied continuously

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and then had either a draka hula taco color to unknown hula Illa Illa de m anatomy Hebrew Islam, he will no mean and muslimeen until when drowning overtook him, he said I believe that there is no god except that in whom the children of Israel have believed and I am of the Muslims. But what was said Atlanta now you believe

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a taco blue and you had disobeyed him before will contaminant move sitting and you are optimal city. Meaning now your Eman is not going to benefit you.

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So what's the lesson of all of these is

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that instead of waiting for something big to happen, so that then we will change? What do we have to do?

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We have to bring about the change now. Because we don't know when it might be too late for us.

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We don't know when it might be too late.

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Generally people wait for some big events to happen. When this will happen that I will change when this will happen then I will improve then I will start studying the Quran then I will start learning.

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But sometimes we waste our life and only waiting

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and we keep waiting and we keep losing chances we keep losing opportunities. And at the end we're left with nothing.

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So before it's too late, we should take advantage of what Allah subhanaw taala is providing us with

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subhanak Allahumma vmdk shodo la ilaha illa Anta Mr felucca wanted to be like a celebrity