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Qur’an made easy’ delivered at EIC masjid.


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The importance of not overpaying oneself and not wanting to get married to a woman is discussed in a series of verses, emphasizing the need to not allow others to get away from Allah's message. The speaker warns against giving up and creating false assumptions, as it could lead to negative consequences. The history of Islam is also highlighted, including the use of the "has been" label to assert one's political stance and the need to make peace with others. Prayer and pray slowly is emphasized, and the importance of avoiding conflict and protecting one's rights is emphasized.

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wala Lisa Redman, unify begins with the women that are halal for us that we can get married to. But Allah tells us specifically that you pay the Mahara and you pay the dowry. And there are Muslims who listen to this, who still haven't paid the Maha to their wives. So that's a big message to you that you need to get it over and done before you're sort of out a lot and tells us in the following verses about again, it's about us trading. And when you're trading what wealth you can take, he says that with false hood, don't take any well don't consume it, and number 29, to none, because you whoever will do that, for so far, mostly, now there is a file that I will cost you into, it tells us

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if you stay away from major sins, then unless I will get rid of your minor sins. This is our number 31. And it says, Look between yourselves even certain people are more than you. But don't try and say why did he get more than me? Why is this one guy more than me, this isn't a number 30 to be happy with what I've given you as as God. Then I number 34, he tells us that look, sometimes what happens is even between men and women, you will have conflict about who's got more some men, you know, they've got the certain things I've given to men that they haven't given to women. And I've put the man in charge of the family life because that is going to be you know, the order that I I

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believe as the creator that will take place now someone you know someone sometimes I say, well, it's not working out for me. And number 35 in Surah Surah Nisa, Allah says that look, if you got a problem, bring one member of a family that is going to be a judge, and one member of your family and try and make the reconciliation between yourselves. And then he moves on to say that look, whoever is besides you, whether it's your family, whether it's others, you've got to try and do a son, you've got to try and be excellent towards your parents towards those who are close to you to the to the to the orphans, to the needy, to those who even your neighbors, the people who you travel with

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the people you find next to you, be good to them. And don't try and be stingy and not give anything to any of these people try and give because Allah has given you my Atacama Don't forget the money that you've got the treasures that you've got the gifts that you've got the Oh come from Allah. So you're giving one way you receiving another way, Allah saying I'm giving you here, you give that way. And on the Day of Judgment, you will find that I will not I will not commit any room or any oppression whatsoever I have 40. And when you get to the Day of Judgment, those of them who follow this messenger will be those who who will be with him. And those who didn't will wish that they will

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become dust on that day. He then tells us that look, okay, now you're now you need to pray, but with prayer, try and getting a good set of mind. And don't be Don't be in a in a in a in a mind that is intoxicated. Now this I obviously was was revealed at the time that they could drink later on a lie made it harder for them to drink. He then tells us that look. There are certain people who will use even their tongues to try and twist and move away, you know, move you away from Allah azza wa jal, and they will say that they believe and they abate but they don't really obey. Don't become like these people who say that you will, you will obey, and you will believe and then you don't. And the

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worst thing you could ever do is that you will assign partners with me. And if you do that Allah says, I will not forgive you. This is number 48. If you want to have purification of yourself, then remove yourself from others, you know, sort of idols one of the things Allah says 51 he says whosoever will go towards that they will get the curse of God upon them. And he says then that people will be jealous of you because of you Muslims, the way you will continue on this earth, but they will only be jealous because of the favors that I've given you I number 54. Again, look how many positive things are last telling us to be proud of as Muslims. But then he says there will be

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certain people who will believe in the message certain people who will try and stop this message from reaching the entire world and those who will do that Allah says in Ghana and they will find that I will strip the I will replace the skin every time the skin bends is it at 56 but then it tells us on in Jana one of the beautiful things that will have is that Allah will not only interest into Jana but will be there in shade forever and forever. This is an Amana Allah say this is a trust and this trust must be delivered in the best of manners and the trust is that you people will obey a law number one this and number 59 you will obey the messenger number two you will obey those people

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who are in authority. And if you ever find that you've got you're pulling one other you say no the Quran not you saying that. No, the jurisprudence or law the Sharia should be this the Sharia should be that Allah says Pharaoh do it Allahu Allah. So come back to Allah come back to the messenger if you really believe in our in Allah on the Day of Judgment, and then you will

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Get back back back to unity. And London says there are certain people who will say that they believe in this Koran, but then they will go to other laws and they will bring other laws in place of the Quran. Allah, Allah tells us about the seriousness of them but he tells us if you meet these people, what should you do? Allah says, well, Abraham McCullough and unfussy him columbaria and number 63. Try and tell them a message that reaches the heart that is your duty to try and convey the message clearly, and they will be people who will come these are Muslims amongst you these are now let's talk about the hypocrites there are certain Muslim amongst you when you when they're with you, when

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you lose this hahahahaha we told you so Haha, we told you so. So you want to look at that. And number 7374 law says there they are dubious and what they will do is they are the people who are bringing conflict on you your own Muslim kind who are really hypocrites. Allah says they bring the trouble on you. When it comes to standing up for the to fight for the Muslims, they will say that, you know, we, when they wanted it, they will say God why didn't tell us that we could fight but Allah says I told you now go out and stand for yourself that said now not now can't do we have got this excuse about the excuse. So look at number 77 Allah talks about that Allah says, look, wherever

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you go, eventually you're going to have death coming to you. Wherever you can't escape that. So he says the main thing is to look at minute herbalists soon forget Allah. And at again, unless establishing the sooner that look at the prophets of Allah husband's life, because if you follow Him, you will you will. And if you obey Him, you will obey Allah azza wa jal, he then moves on to saying that look, the hypocrites, you will have two different paths, your two different ways of looking at them, but they are not in your favor, what you should look at is if you need to make any, any agreement with even the non Muslims who will come into a good agreement with you, that they will

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not fight you and so on. You need to make that agreement and trust Allah, you look at it in 1991, you will find that but if they come against you the need to again stand up and you know, rise, you know, for your own rights. He tells us very specific, that Be very careful not to kill anyone. Except if God has given a right or there is a law that gives you the right to take someone's life. And specifically, if you ever get into conflict and you take the life of a believer, Allah says I'm number 93 He says, you will have not only jahannam you will stay there forever allies angry with you. He's got his curse on you. And he will, he will prepare for you as severe punishment. Why?

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Because Allah warning us that in times of conflict, we're not supposed to get together as Muslims killing Muslims, which is happening right now. Allah says in number 94 Some will say that, oh, you're not a believer that says, Who are you to say that look at animals 94 and you will see, then he moves on to say that look, sometimes you will find that you need to probably migrate to another land because of the conflict that you've got. Anima 97 tells us about that. And there are weak people on the earth who are crying to Allah Allah says, Look, if you got problem here, go somewhere else. I made the earth very fast. Don't say that. Oh, you hear you start what can you do? You make

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all the problems and excuses. Allah then says that sometimes even in conflict, you have to pray your Salah, and you're in, you're in a situation where you've got to pray, pray quickly. So Allah says he gives a hope permission or praying to records going back forth and guarding the Muslim the comeback again, praying another two records will read the deceit of this looking at number 101102. But it says when you are clearly you know, when you're clearly in peace, Allah says, Carry on, carry on praying Salah, Salah is something that should not be missed out of time. This is number 103. He then tells us that look the Fatherland the bounty of Allah is on us, but in our gatherings, we should we

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should seek this this is number 114 you should seek trying to give either sadaqa trying to call towards good or trying to reconcile between people trying to bring people together, not split split people apart. And this is this is telling us to try and make Muslims be together and not split Muslims amongst one another. Those people who've got nothing in their, in their minds, except they want to gain something and they don't want to lose anything. A lot talks about that Allah says your real gain is the accurate if you do good actions, whether male or female, you will get gender for this and I will not decrease anything. This is our number one to five. But there are other people

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who are always looking at what can I get away from what what can I get from women, what can I get from the uttama and the orphans of the weak ones among you know, who are under me, this is number one to seven a lot says look, you know, be aware of the rights that you've got over these people. He then says look, ally, ally is the one who's giving you this, this thing away, you've got to stand up for the right even if it goes against your own self, your family, your own parents, your own close ones, whether they're rich or poor. Allah doesn't care. You have to stand for the truth. What is the truth, even if it goes against your family members? This is our number one, three

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Five and he ends the solar by telling the juice or juice number

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five by telling us that there are those hypocrites again when it comes to their prayer time they will be very sort of they were very lethargic tools prayer they won't remember Allah much Allah telling us do the opposite remember a lot much be prepared for Salah, go for salah and you will be allowed and the beautiful and I think one of the one of the most beautiful ads. I find I mean they're all beautiful. This is really beautiful. The last ayah of just number five Allah says what will allow one to do by punishing you if you show me thanks. And if you believe what kind of Lahu Shaka Denali My life is very appreciative of what you do. Ally's most knowledgeable of what you do.

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Zama hydro salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato