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An-Nahl 22-40 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 22-25


AI: Summary © The segment discusses the confusion surrounding Islam and the importance of only one God for worship. It also touches on the difficulties of living in a society where everyone is satisfied with their reality or desire to change. The concept of one's agenda and its reflection on actions and views is discussed, as well as the burden of carrying on the Day of Judgment and being welcoming others. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning from the Quran and following guidance, as well as being prepared to handle the burden of one's religion.
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As we let him in the shade line of Regina Smith, for him,

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that's the number 135 sort of. I am number 22 to 40.

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Ella hukum Illa, who

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your God is one God, for Latinas. Dina you may know now bill ferati. But those people who do not believe in the hereafter Bulu boohooman, Kira, their hearts are disapproving, well whom was stuck with you alone, and they are also arrogant.

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This is a main lesson that we learn from the previous ayat. In the previous I add a Lost Planet Allah has mentioned the various types of creatures that he has created, and he has spread throughout the earth. And emphasis has been laid that all of this has been created for the benefit of who, for the benefit of human beings.

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And now Allah subhanaw taala says that Allahu Allahu wa had the one who has created all of this, the one who has brought you benefit from all of this creation, he is who only one God, only one being.

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And since he is the only one who is doing all of this, therefore he is the only one who deserves worship. Either who come your God. And remember the word ILA is different from Rob. Rob is Lord, Master creator provider, but Allah is who one who is worshipped.

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And Allah soprano Darla is the Rob and he is also the ILA

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the mushrikeen. What did they think?

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That Allah Islam, however, there can be many Illa you can worship whatever you want, you can worship anything. This is what their belief was. This is why they used to worship many things, for example, trees as well as idols that they had made with their own hands. But the reality is, that if your rub is only one, your Creator is only one, then definitely the one who deserves your worship is also that same be not anyone else. ilaha illa who were hit, so he is the only one who deserves to be worshipped, because he is one he is unique. And there is no one who is similar to him. No one who is equivalent to him. And who is he? Allah subhanaw taala.

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For leadin Allah you mean una bella Farah, but those people who do not believe in the Hereafter, then what happens to them?

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When they're informed that your Lord is only one Lord, and He is the only one who deserves worship, what is their reaction? their reaction is that coloboma, their hearts are muncul they are in denial, they do not acknowledge what do they not acknowledge?

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They refuse to acknowledge the oneness of Allah soprano.

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Why? Because they do not believe in the hereafter.

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And moreover, who must be wrong and they're also arrogant.

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They refuse to accept the oneness of Allah, they refuse to give up their gods, they're extremely arrogant.

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We learn in sort of soft fat I number 35, that in a home can either piano home La ilaha illAllah yester kabiru, there are indeed these people, when it is said to them, that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah, they become very arrogant, they become very angry, and they refuse to accept the oneness of Allah.

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You see over here, the main reason behind their denial and behind there is think about is what the fact that they do not believe in the hereafter.

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When a person believes in the Hereafter, when a person has this concept of being accountable for what he has done, then it makes him more serious. It makes a person more serious about the actions that he does, about the choices that he makes.

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And it makes him capable of accepting the truth. It is a part of human psychology isn't there when you know you'll be questioned, when you know you will be examined and what happens you automatically become more serious.

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And even if something goes against your desires, you do it anyway.

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Even if you don't like it, you'll do it anyway. Why? Because you are worried that you will be questioned.

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Like for example, it's possible that these days in groups when we're questioned every day, did you do your lesson seven times, just out of the fear of that question what happens? We do the lesson seven times.

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So being questioned about something makes a person serious and even if something goes against his desires, he will do it anyway.

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But if a person does not believe in the Hereafter, he does not believe in any kind of accountability. After that.

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What is he going to do? He is going to follow his desires. He's not going to care about what the truth is what makes sense and what does not make sense. He is just going to do whatever he feels like doing.

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So the machine as well, they did not believe in the hereafter. That was one of their main problems. And because of that, when they were told that Allah is one, he's the only one who deserves worship, what would they do? They would reject it, they would refuse to accept it.

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And were homeless duck marone, they were also very arrogant, meaning they would refuse to accept the truth, and they would refuse to follow the Prophet, satellite, etc. Because what is this stick about what is arrogance? But what will help us it is to deny the truth, to refuse to accept it, and it is to belittle people.

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So a person who does not believe in the Hereafter, he incurs two main losses and what are they? First of all, kulu mon Kira, and secondly, for whom was

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such people Allah subhanaw taala says ledger Rama, assuredly, ledger Rama is an expression which gives the meaning of no doubt, certainly, of course, ledger, Rama, anila, higher animal that Indeed Allah He knows, what does he know, man, you see Luna, whatever they hide, what am I your linoone and whatever they reveal,

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whatever they hide in their hearts, and whatever they reveal, by their words and by their actions. Allah subhanaw taala knows all about that.

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In the hula hibel Mr. COVID-19 and he meaning Allah does not love who and mustard within those people who are arrogant, meaning he will not reward them. And obviously, when he does not like them, when he does not love them, then they're going to be deprived of his blessings.

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Now, you see over here what is mentioned, Allah knows what is in the heart, what you hide, and he knows what you reveal.

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And in the previous ayah, what is mentioned, arrogance, and in this eye again, what is mentioned, arrogance.

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Now sometimes, a person's heart is filled with pride.

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A person's heart is filled with arrogance. But outwardly, he may appear to be very humble, he may appear to be very friendly, isn't it?

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in his heart, he is rejecting the other person.

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He is perhaps answering back yelling at them in his heart, but on the outward he is showing a lot of good behavior, a lot of politeness. So what do we learn over here that whether a person conceals arrogance in his heart, or he acts according to a Lost Planet, Allah knows fully about every single person, what's on the inside? And what is it that a person is showing to people. Now, it doesn't mean that if a person feels something bad in his heart, he must show it. In such situations, what should he do, he should try to cure his heart, and he should seek a loss of pontarlier Salford, but a person should remember that if it's in the heart, it will also come out, it will also come out.

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And this also shows to us that arrogance is actually a disease of the heart because may you still rune when you're a little arrogant is a disease of the heart. And it is manifested in persons actions, and, and also his behavior.

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And when Allah subhanaw taala knows what is in the heart, and what is also on the outward, then his judgment, his recompense is going to be the most just because he knows inside out. When people judge when people give their verdict, when people give their opinion concerning someone, what is that based on? Just on the outward? Isn't it? Because we don't know what's in the hearts. But because Allah knows what's in the heart and what's on the outside, his knowledge is complete, therefore, his decision is also the most just, it is also the most correct one. So ultimately, Who should we fear? Allah subhanaw taala because many times when we have such feelings in the heart, we become very

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careful in front of people. But the fact is that Allah knows us very well. In the Hadith, what do we learn that Verily, Allah does not look at your faces and your wealth, but what does he look at, at your heart and your deeds?

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So if a person conceals arrogance in his heart or any such bad feelings in his heart, and he should be fearful of Allah subhanaw taala because Allah does not like the arrogant in the hula horrible mistake when he does not like the arrogant people. Especially if arrogance prevents a person from accepting the truth. It prevents a person from bowing down before Allah subhanaw taala

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because many times a person when he's arrogant, he refuses to accept he refuses to acknowledge the greatness of people and he also refuses to bow down

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For a long time, he refuses to pray. He refuses to read the Quran. He refuses to follow the commands that Allah soprano God has given.

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And we learned into the Prophet I number 60. That in melodien is stuck with Luna and everybody said, Oh, Luna, Johanna muda, serene. Verily, those people who score in my worship those people who are too arrogant to worship me, do arrogant to bow down before me to pray to me to make their art to me, then they will surely enter Hellfire in humiliation. Why? Because Allah does not like the arrogant ones. If you think about it, in the previous ayat, what have we learned about the various things that Allah has created for who? human beings? And what's the origin of a human being, we learned in the previous ayah that may not differ for either who has a movie he becomes very arrogant. So if you

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notice throughout the pseudo what has been mentioned,

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you are nothing without Allah, soprano darnit everything you have, you have because Allah has given you

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and your position is of someone who is very, very small, someone who is very insignificant. And when that is your reality than arrogance does not refer to you standing up against the commands of Allah, objecting, what he has said, does not refer to

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what led to him and when it is said to them, mother, Angela buco, what has your Lord centum?

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When it is said to

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when it is said to the Muslim community in the arrogant people

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that wish to gain of Makkah, who refuse to acknowledge the oneness of Allah, who refused to accept the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So when it is said to them, that mother and a lot of bukem what is it that your Lord has sent them?

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Call you they say, What is their response? They say, a selfie with a Willie. It is the stories of the previous people, as athlete is a Florida busara. And as soon as you know, is used for a story that has been fabricated by the people of the past stories that have been fabricated.

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It is well known that there is no reality to those stories.

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Like for example fairytales they have been narrated generation after generation they've been written, people have made movies out of them. So many things have been made out of them. However, it is well known that all of these stories are what their faults there is no reality.

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So they say that the Quran is what it has a lot of stories. And these stories are all false. And they've actually been made up by the people of the past.

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And this man, meaning Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. They're these slaves, these Roman slaves, these Persian slaves who come in, tell him about all these stories. And because we are not aware of them, we think that this is based on some kind of Revelation. So when people would ask them, we shake enough mica, what do you say about the Quran? What do you say about this message that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is conveying?

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Their response would be, it is nothing new. It is nothing great. Nothing special stories. That's it.

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There is a reason behind the revelation of these verses It is said that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he publicly proclaim the message in the previous surah, what did we learn first Doc, publicly proclaim it. Up until that point, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was doing Dawa, privately secretly.

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But after some point, he was commanded to do open hour,

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which meant that anybody who would be coming to Makkah, anybody who would come across he would give them dharma.

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So when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was publicly proclaiming the message, the message reached various parts of Arabia.

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Up until now, it was known only to, to the people of Makkah.

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But remember, Makkah was a place heavily visited by who people all over Arabia, they would come to perform removal, they would come to perform hajj, and they would come for various reasons. And remember that Makkah, was not just a place where people would worship, but it was also a place where a lot of Business and Commerce would take place. And you remember at that time, people had a lot of interest in poetry. So they used to have a lot of poetry competitions, you can see. So people all across the river, they would come to Mecca.

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So when the prophets are allowed to sell them the Dharma openly What happened? The message, it went outside of Makkah, all over Arabia.

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And as it reached the various tribes and their chiefs, those chiefs What did they do? They asked the leaders of Makkah

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They asked the leaders, the chiefs of the tribes of Quraysh, and the other eminent tribes in Makkah, asking them, what do you think about this man? What do you think about this revelation that he is presenting before us? What is your opinion?

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Just like today, whenever there's something important whenever there is some, you know, some major event, what do people do? They ask the experts, they have a panel of them sitting, and they ask them, What is your opinion? What do you think? What do you suggest? So similarly, that her judge, the people who would come visit my Catholic pilgrimage for Ramadan for various reasons, the chiefs, they would ask the leaders of Makkah, what do you say about this issue about this man when I'm upset about Islam?

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Now, in response, the machine of Mecca, especially the leaders amongst them, they would say, It's nothing new. It's just a sad little a wedding, just stories, forget about it, don't give any importance to it. But just imagine, somebody tells you about something that is relevant to your life, something that is about your hair after what's going to happen after you die, and you ask someone about it. And they say to stories. Now, when they say it's just stories, what happens? automatically that message that has reached you, it has been beautiful,

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isn't it?

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Just imagine, if you find out about a major news, some major event that happened? somebody tells you it's just a story, just something made up something that the news has made up? Isn't it going to be belittled automatically, it's going to be belittled, nobody's going to give any importance to it. In fact, people are going to have a good laugh at it, isn't it so we thought it was so serious, but look at it, it's only stories, stories that have been invented by the people of the past. So by saying such remarks, by giving such comments, they would not only belittle the Quran, but they would also mock at the Quran, and at the Prophet sallallahu.

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And they wouldn't just say that it's a subtitle or winning they would also say that it is true. This is poetry, or it is said it is magic, it is gahanna. It is suiting, they would say many, many things.

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It is said that at the time of Hajj, the leaders of Macau what they did was that they sent various people on the outskirts of Mecca. So that as a Hajaj as a caravan, they would be coming into Makkah, they would tell them they would warn them from before that, look, there is a man in Makkah, he's claiming to be a prophet of Allah. But remember, he's only saying a South little opening. All that he's saying is false it.

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And we learned about so many companions, who had come to Makkah, hearing about such news, plugging their ears so that they are not able to hear anything even that this magician was saying. However, we learned that people who use our sense will use their mind, they know that they should also look at the other side of the story. And when they heard what the prophet sallallahu Sallam had to say, they believed

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so much chicane they tried their best to stop people from coming even near the profit side of autism.

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We learnt a lot of work on line number five, they would say, we'll call you as a welline data. And they say it is only Tales of the ancients, which he has written down. Just imagine he was supposed to be an only and they say he has written down for here to La La hypocretin were asleep. And they are dictated to him morning and evening and in the afternoon. So every morning afternoon, somebody comes and dictates these stories to him is his Roman and Persian slaves. They come and tell him about these stories. And then he chose that it is some kind of Revelation.

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So by this plot by the scheming what were the Muskegon of Makkah doing. They were diverting people, they were stopping people from Islam. They were stopping them from coming near the Prophet sallallahu Sallam even

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So as a result, they were misguiding many people.

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Now when they're misguiding, so many people so many people are averted from their religion because of them. What happens when a person is averted from the deen because of us because of our behavior, because of our negative commentary, our negative speech, then what happens? Allah subhanaw taala says Leah millou ozada home Camila Tanya will piano that they may they're their own burdens in full on the Day of Resurrection

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woman ozeri Latina UB Luna homebuilt

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and some of the burdens of those whom they misguide without knowledge and SM ma as your own unquestionably

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Even it is what they bear.

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Leah middle lamb over here is of consequence. Remember there is different types of love. Sometimes it gives a meaning of reason. In

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other times lamb is of Optiva consequence. And you should not become familiar with these words.

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One lamb is off ala Ella is one reason

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and another is of occupa What does October mean? And result consequence.

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So, Leah Emmylou, so that they make a meaning in the consequence of their matter.

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In the consequence of these activities they were engaged in telling people the Quran is a little overwhelming, as a result, what are they doing,

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they will carry ozada home their own burdens, that is a poor enough with their own burdens, which burdens

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the burden of the sins that they themselves have committed the burden of their banal their misguidance their sins,

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and they will carry all of these burdens, how can we let them completely Camila from caffeine Blam completely, meaning nothing of their sins will be reduced, nothing of their sins will be removed, they will have to carry their burdens fully completely.

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Whereas on the other hand, we see that if a believer has committed some mistakes, some since then with Allah's mercy, some burden will be reduced for him, some burden will be lightened for him.

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But this person, Leah middle ozada, home kameena, Tanya mo piano.

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So first of all, they will be carrying their own burdens, the burden of the sins that they themselves have committed. They're being unbelievable.

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But they will also carry something else what will they carry women and from Oh, Zadie Latina, the burdens of those people who, usually Luna whom they miss guide their behavior in without knowledge.

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They had misguided people without any knowledge. They misguided people how, without any knowledge, meaning without any evidence, and when people follow them, and the sense that they committed those sins, the people will themselves carry, but they will also be carried by who by those who misguided them.

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So what is the show to us?

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That on the Day of Judgment, a person will carry the burden of saying that he himself has committed and at the same time, he will also carry the burden of center who

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those people whom he led astray, those people whom he misguided.

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And if you notice over here, it has been said one Min ozette in Medina, not all of their burdens, but some of what does it show

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that the people whom they led astray, it wasn't that they committed only one type of sin. They committed many, many types of things, and of their sins is what what they did in following their leaders. So their leaders will carry the burden of who that sin in which they had let the mystery woman ozeri Latina yo de Luna home, is it real? Allah says LS Elia zero, evil is what they carry.

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So we see that the people of Makkah, they rejected the truth themselves. And at the same time, they also encouraged others to reject it. They were on VLAN. And they also did elblag.

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They were on misguidance. And they also lead others astray.

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This is the reason why they will carry double burden on the Day of Judgment. And in this is a very important lesson for us.

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First of all, we learned from this, that on the Day of Judgment, each and every person will carry the burden of their own sense. ozada, whom their own sense. Nobody's going to come and say, let me carry some of the burden that you have on your back. Let me share some of your burden in dystonia. What happens if you're carrying a lot of weight? If somebody sees you, sometimes even strangers, if they see you, they will come and help you, isn't it sometimes you have a lot of stuff in your hands, and perhaps your neighbor whom you hardly ever speak to? If they see it's possible that they will come and help you. However, on the day of judgment, a person with carry the burden of his sins

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alone. No one is going to come and offer any help. It's up to a person. How much burden does he want to carry on that day?

00:24:51--> 00:24:52

How much can you afford okay?

00:24:53--> 00:24:59

It's up to a person. You have the choice. If you think you can carry a lot. Go ahead. Do whatever you want. If you think

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You cannot carry that do not do anything that will make you carry a lot of burden on that day.

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Just imagine, if you're traveling somewhere and you have a lot of hand luggage that's demanded. Sometimes it happens if you're traveling in a group, and you end up carrying a lot of stuff in your hands. So imagine you have a handbag, then you have a trolley, and then perhaps you have a car seat and maybe have a stroller, how difficult it is to carry all that stuff yourself.

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It's impossible. It's extremely difficult. So in this is a great warning for us. That whatever sins we are committing today, tomorrow will have to bear their burden. Tomorrow we'll have to carry that and this is real. This is not imaginary. This is real.

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We learned in the Quran, well as little was rotten was no bear of burdens will bear the burden of another similarity in total and I want 64 we learned while taxi will Kowloon Epson Illa Allah, and every soul earns not except against itself. Meaning everything that a person is acquiring, he himself will carry it.

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Secondly, another very important lesson that we learned from this is that if a person misleads others, if a person is a means of stopping people from the way of Allah, then he will also carry their burden on the Day of Judgment.

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If a person does something wrong, because you taught them, if a person if a child says a bad word, because you taught them

00:26:36--> 00:27:21

if a child begins to lie, because you lie to them, if somebody does not do something that is a part of the in because you said it's not that important. You belittled it. If somebody asked you about the Quran, and you say, it's no big deal, you don't really have to study it every day. It's very tough anyway, it's very difficult if somebody asks the person, so how is the course? Do you think it's good to enroll in it? Do you think it's beneficial? And a person says no, no, no, no, don't do that. Your life will become very difficult. You know, just study once in a while, whatever you want to turn mentoring anyway. So if a person is a means of stopping people from the deen from the Quran,

00:27:22--> 00:27:29

if a person teaches people what is wrong, and they do it, then he will also carry their burden on the Day of Judgment.

00:27:30--> 00:27:43

From the Hadith, we learn that whoever invites people to guidance, any person who invites people to guidance to something that is good, then he will receive a reward like that of those who follow him.

00:27:44--> 00:27:46

And what is this? So the criteria,

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that you teach someone something good, and they continue, even when you've died, then what's going to happen, you're going to continue to get the hassle that he will have a reward like that of those who follow him without diminishing their award in the least.

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And whoever invites people to misguidance. Any person who invites people to something that is wrong, then he will bear a burden of sin like that of those who follow him without diminishing their burden in the least.

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So here we need to check ourselves. That what are we promoting? What are we calling people do?

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Like we see over here that the machine Yes, they would say a sad little ugly. Today, perhaps we don't say anything like that. We tell people come and study, come and learn the Quran, come and listen to the Quran. But sometimes our behavior, our rudeness, our disorganization, our not following the rules, what happens? It turns people away from their religion. When they come and they see Oh, everything is so disorganized over here. People don't even sit in classrooms. They hang out in the cafeteria, then isn't that a way of turning people away? What are they going to think there's no discipline? What are they going to say that the rules written everywhere, but people don't follow

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Or sometimes our behavior that people come in, we don't welcome them. People come into the class, we don't make room for them. So sometimes our behavior can easily turn people off. And we should be very careful. And you see, there's also another reason as to why people get offended so quickly. When it comes to the religion. When anyone comes to do something for the deen they think they're doing a favor, isn't it? Many people think like this that when they come to study the deen when they come to the masjid, when they come to an institute, it is as though they are doing a favor, which is why they wanted they should be respected and they should be honored and there should be listened to

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they should be accommodated every wish there should be granted. This is the psychology of people. And when every wish if there has not granted they get offended very quickly. So this is how people are at the beginning that they think is oh they're doing a favor. But the reality is that when people

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Welcome, we should welcome them in accepted Okay fine, they want to be respected, go ahead, welcome them in and later on, they will come to learn, they will find out themselves and they will know what is acceptable, what is not acceptable. But at the beginning, we have to be extremely welcoming. Remember, we learned earlier that

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bring them closer, be gentle towards them, be kind towards them, because at the beginning, everyone wants that comfort. Everyone wants that sense of, you know, being welcomed in. And if we don't offer that, then people will be turned away from their religion. And if they're turned away, then it's our fault as well. So we should be extremely careful in our speech and our behavior in our style of walking in our following the rules that nobody at all gets upset because of us. We should not be a means of turning people away from their religion.