Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-033D Tafsir Al-Baqarah 246

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history of Islam, including the "will" of Islam and the "will" of Islam. It emphasizes the importance of being patient and not giving up in difficult situations, as well as the need for individuals to be patient and not give up. The conversation also touches on the importance of having a prophet as a leader and expanding one's empire, as well as the need for individuals to establish prayer and give grace to receive help from Allah. The conflict between Mojtois and the King is discussed, as well as the importance of expanding one's empire and not seeking war or victory. The speakers also touch on the importance of having a prophet as a guide and finding guidance in daily life.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al M kala Elan mela Iman Benny Israa Elam embody Musa Have you not considered the assembly of the children of Israel after the time of Musa alayhis salam in Paulina, Biggie LA home, when they said to a prophet of there's a birth Lana Melaka no cocktail feasable Allah, a point for us a king and we will fight in the way of Allah. Now in the previous verses, we learned about an incident where some people who were in the 1000s fled from their homes out of fear of death. Now, that is an incident that shows us that those people were too weak and too afraid to fight. And this incident shows us a group of people who were too confident to fight. And between

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these two incidents, Allah subhanaw taala tells us that will call to FISA vilella That fight in the way of Allah. And fighting in the way of Allah means that a person does so sincerely for the sake of Allah, not to show off not to gather the things of this world, not for fame, not for worldly glory, but for the glory of the religion of Allah zoologia. And before that verse and after that verse, There are two incidents. One incident shows how when people are too weak and too afraid, they only harm themselves and being afraid and avoiding running away from difficulty does not save a person from difficulty. And this incident shows that when people are too confident in themselves, and they

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think that they don't need the help of Allah, and that they are enough to take care of their own things. That is also something very harmful. So the best way is the way of moderation the way of where you have confidence where you're not too weak, too afraid. But at the same time, you're not overconfident, you recognize your limitations and you realize that success comes from Allah subhanaw taala. So you seek help from Allah. Now alum Tara L L. Mala II the words alum Tara, we discussed them earlier, literally did you not see meaning? Did you not consider and reflect over this incident? And when Allah subhanaw taala is the one who is informing us of this incident then it is

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as though we can see it before our eyes because it is completely factual Allah subhanaw taala is the one who was telling us about this incident. So Allah Tala eel Mela, have you not considered the assembly? The assembly of hula men bunny is La eel of the Bani Israel eat. Now the word Al mela is from the root letters meme lamb Hamza, and the word mela means elite or chiefs, the assembly or the elders of a people of a nation and mill from the root mean lamb Hamza, the word mill means the feel of something. When we get up from Bluecore and we say Samir Allahu lumen Hamidah. There is one of the call to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say, part of the wording is that mil Assa

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T will mil alert that oh Allah do to use all praise as much as the fill of the sky and the fill of the earth. So mil is the fill of something. Okay. And Mala? Are the elite, the elders of a people, the chiefs, and why are they called Mala for different reasons. One reason to Allah mercy is because these are people whose presence fills the hearts of people with all when you see people have power, your heart is filled with all or some kind of fear or maybe admiration. So this is the reason why they're called Mullah. And another reason is that Mullah is not just, you know, the elite or the elders of a people, but the elders that are united for some purpose. So you're talking about like,

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for example, think of a parliament, where all the MPs or all people of authority have gathered together. Now, they have all gathered together, the entire place is full, every seat is full, and they have come together for some purpose. So this is my lap, the mala as in the elders that have come together for some purpose. There is some kind of cooperation, some kind of unity, some kind of willingness to work together. So this is Mala. Now the mullah of Bani Israel eel, you're familiar with the bunny is Salah eel. They came to their Prophet, but this incident occurred mimbar the Musa after Musa alayhis salam so

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This was after the time of Musa alayhis salam at some point in the history of Bani Israel in and they came to a prophet of theirs. And it's called Oh Lena Bigelow home they said to a prophet of theirs that ever Arthur learner Milliken Eberth you appoint Lana for us Milliken King. Now the word Eberth is from bear or entha Bertha is to appoint someone it's also used for raising. So for example, the word birth is used for resurrection. And birth is also used for the appointing of a messenger here this said, raise a point a king for us a Malik and Malik is from meme lamb calf. So we want a king, why do we want a king so that new cartel feasable Allah so that we can fight in the

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way of Allah and the word no cotton from cough Thailand we have discussed this earlier and Seville from Simba lamb. So this incident occurred sometime after Musa alayhis salam. And it is said that this incident occurred somewhere between three to 500 years after Musashi salaam, where the bunny is La eel requested their prophet to appoint a king so that they could fight their enemy. Now, remember, I mentioned this to earlier that many details are not given in the stories in the Quran, but at the same time some details are given and the details that are given. They are very, very important. So why is this said that this incident occurred after the time of Musar in his salah?

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Well, first of all it told us about in which part of the you know, history this incident occurred. But this is significant in another way. Also, you see they're asking for a king so that they can fight in the way of Allah. But what happened when Musa alayhis salam told them to fight in the way of Allah. In the Quran, we learn about how when the bunny is slightly ill, they were brought back to their homeland by Musa alayhis salam, they crossed the desert, they reached their homeland. But inside there was another nation. And when they were told to fight those people, the bunnies throw Ilsa to Musa alayhis salam that it have uncovered Buka for Katella, that you and your Lord, you

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should go and fight the enemy in our Hoonah carry, don't we are sitting right here, that we are not going to fight the enemy. We're just going to sit and wait. You go fight the enemy. And when the enemy goes, when they leave, when the city is free, then we will come and enter. So at that time, they refuse to fight in the way of Allah. And now we're after Musa alayhis salam. They're asking their prophet that we want to fight in the way of Allah. Now, like I mentioned, that this incident occurred somewhere between three to 500 years after Musa alayhis salam, okay, somewhere between 300 to 500 years after mozarella. So when you look at the history that is mentioned in the Bible, this

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is the estimation. Now remember that after the Buddy is right, you were rescued from Egypt, and they were in the Sinai, we learned about how they made a covenant. Right? They made a covenant. There were many Meetha elk that they made with Allah azza wa jal, they were given the tow rod and they were supposed to observe the law. And when they were supposed to enter the promised land, they refused at the time and after the death of Masada husana Under the leadership of you sha Allah His Salam, they entered the promised land. All right, and then we see in the history of Bani Israel that whenever they followed the lived by the covenant, they had the help of Allah subhanaw taala. But

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every time they violated the covenant, their enemy overcame them. Okay, and then we see a pattern that once their enemy overcame them, they made Toba, they returned to Allah, and Allah subhanaw taala sent someone to help them. And over time, you know, the cycle repeats again and again, only to get worse. Okay. And in the Bible, in the book of First Samuel, we see how the bunny is Salah eel, we're a group of tribes, okay, the 12 tribes, and they transitioned from that state into a unified kingdom, a kingdom ruled by kings. Okay. So this is the point in history where this turn happened. Where before there were groups of tribes that were living together and then afterwards they were a

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unified kingdom ruled by kings, okay. And the first king they had was King Saul. And in the Quran, we see it's dilute. So this is the incident where the elders of the Bani Israel, they came to their Prophet and they asked that we want a king we want one leader. All right. In the book of First Samuel, chapter eight, verse four, it says, all the elders have

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Israel assembled and came to Samuel. Samuel was the name of the Prophet. And they said to him, appoint a king for us to govern us like all other nations. So they said to their Prophet that you appoint a king for us to govern us like all other nations. And then later on in the same chapter, it says, We must have a king over us that we may be like all other nations, we want to be like other nations. We want to have one king, and they said, Let our King rule over us and go out at our head and fight our battles. So they showed their willingness or their eagerness to fight, all right, and they wanted to fight their enemy just like other nations fought under the leadership of a king. So

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they said Ibarra, Atlanta, Mulliken, no cartel FISA vilella. So you see, they're asking to fight, they want to fight. And is this something good that should a person have the desire to fight an enemy? Is this something liked, it is actually not liked? Okay, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam told us that letter Manoli call Allah do do not wish to meet the enemy. But when you face the enemy, then be patient. Meaning, do not ask that you should, you know, be given an opportunity where you fight an enemy, you should not have that desire, that you know what, we want to have a war, we want to go to battle, we want to fight this is a wish that you should not have in

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your heart, Latin Manoli call or do because participating in battle. This is something very dangerous. And it's not the only way to seek the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala it's not the only way to ward off evil. Yes, sometimes war is needed battle is needed to ward off evil but it is not the only way. Violence is not the only way we see that war is sanctioned in Islam. Any we learned earlier Allah subhanaw taala himself told us we'll call it Luffy Sybil Allah fight in the way of Allah, but it doesn't mean that we should be eager to fight all the time. It's not the only way. And it's not something that we should be eager for. Because the Prophet sallallahu earnin Salam, he

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said, Let a man know Lukoil or do do not wish to meet the enemy. In another Hadith we learn the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that it is not appropriate for the believer that he humiliate himself and the Companions ask that how would a person humiliate themselves and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that a person presents himself for tribulation that he is not able to bear meaning a person seeks difficulties and hardships that he is not able to put up with. So in the same spirit, a person seeks to participate in battle whereas battle is not something easy. In another Hadith in Behati, we learned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that all

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people do not wish to face the enemy in battle. And ask Allah for Aafia was an Allah Allah raffia. ask Allah for safety for well being for protection, any you should not be asking for fitna you should be asking Allah for protection. And he said, but if you should face the enemy, then be patient. And you should know that paradise is under the shade of the swords. That yes, when you face the enemy, you have no other choice, you have no other option, then you have to be patient. And you should note that this is a way to Paradise and then the Prophet sallallahu earnin Sena Madara, in the same Hadith he made dua, that Oh ALLAH revealer of the book disperser of the clouds, defeater of

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the Confederates put our enemy to flight and help us in overpowering them. So he made da so we learned from this that we should not seek fitna okay we should not seek battle, nor should we wish for it. But if it is destined for a person, and they end up in a situation like that, then they should not give up, then they should not quit, they should not flee the battle because fleeing the battle is a major sin. And otherwise also, when a person is in some kind of trial, they should be steadfast and they should be patient, they should seek the help of Allah and they should not give up. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that is unnecessary the lemon June nibble Phaeton,

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the happy man is he who avoids trials, meaning if there is a person who is saved from trial, then that person is very fortunate. And the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam repeated the sentence three times. And then he said, Well, I'm unable to leave for sobre for where her but how fine is the man who is afflicted and chose endurance? Meaning Yes, it is excellent that a person manages to have

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avoid difficulties or trials in life that Allah subhanaw taala has protected them. But if a person is afflicted with hardship with some kind of trial, whatever it may be in their health, in their wealth in their family, in terms of security in their nation, whatever it may be, but if they are afflicted, and then they show endurance, they show patience, then how excellent is that person? Meaning that is something truly amazing, right? So avoid fitna. All right, don't seek it. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the person who hears about the emergence of the journal should stay away from the journal. And if you find out when you're alive that the

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journal has appeared, then don't go to the place where the journal is. Don't be eager to see the journal and talk to the journal No, avoid him, stay away from him. And similarly, stay away from troubled trials. Don't seek them, because some people you know, they say, if I got sick, if I got this disease, I will be so patient. If I was you know, in such in such difficulty, I would be so patient. No, you should not wish for difficulty in sort of solid is 16 we learn about the people of Makkah, how they would say we'll call you Robina I Jelena Putana Kabbalah yo Marisa, that our Lord give us our share of punishment today, any before the Day of Account punish us in this world. And

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this is not something that we should be asking Allah for. We should be asking Allah for forgiveness, for safety for protection. Now there is a Hadith that tell us about the reward of martyrdom, right of dying in the way of Allah. So should we not have that wish? Yes, we should have that wish. But having that wish does not mean that we should have the wish to participate in battle. Okay, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever seeks martyrdom, sincerely, any honestly, then Allah subhanaw taala will make that person reach the ranks of the martyrs, even if he dies on his bed. This is a Hadith in Sahih Muslim. Okay, so basically what I'm trying to say is that the only

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path to great rewards and success is not battle. Okay? Battle hardship trials. These are, you know, realities for many people. And if Allah subhanaw taala puts you in a situation like that, then yes, be patient and do not turn away, do not quit. But if Allah subhanaw taala has protected you from these things that don't ask Allah to put you in hardship. Don't ask Allah to put you in a situation where you have to fight the enemy, because this is a mistake that the Bani Israel eel made. They said to their Prophet Ibarra, Atlanta Malecon no Katell feasable Allah, you should appoint a king for us so that we can fight in the way of Allah. Now their prophet, he made them realize the

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seriousness of what they were asking for. So he said Allah, He said, Hello, I say to him, would you perhaps in kuti, virally Komal Patel, if fighting was prescribed for you, a lead to quality loot that you don't fight? Meaning? Is it possible that If fighting is prescribed for you, you don't end up fighting meaning at that time you get afraid, and you become cowardly? And you run away? Because fighting and battle is not something easy? And when I say Tom Hill is a question I say Tom, this is Eisah we have read this earlier many times are so means perhaps, maybe meaning is it possible that in katiba katiba, from Kafka and keytab as you know means writing decree. So if it is decreed on

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you, if it is prescribed on you, what is prescribed on you Alcatel the fighting and after it is prescribed and Allah to continue and that law not to Cthulhu Takatsu Haftar law, same route. Why did he say this? You see that Prophet, first of all, did not deny the possibility of a king. Okay? Rather, he questioned their dedication to fight. Why? To make them think about what they were committing to what they were asking for, and to make them realize that fighting is not something easy. All right. And you see when someone asks you for something, and you, you know, just give it to them easily, then it's possible that they don't really value it. All right, but when you question

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their commitment, and when you ask them about, you know, their willingness, then they become more eager. Right? They become more determined. So

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This question was a question of warning. Okay, but also in a way of encouragement that Are you sure. Are you serious about this? All right. And I mentioned earlier that he did not deny the possibility of a kink. He didn't say that No, having a kink is a bad idea. Kings are evil. No, he didn't say anything like that, which shows us that appointing kings and having kingdoms is something that is permissible. And later on, we see that followed is appointed as a king, Allah subhanaw taala is the one who appoints dilute as a king for the Bani Israel. And remember the rule that if a king is righteous and abides by the command of Allah, that is excellent. And you know, a leader is necessary

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for organization. We learn in a hadith the Prophet sallallahu earlier said and said that either Hadith Aletheia, tofi, suffering that when three people go out on a journey for you Amuro are harder than they should appoint one of them as an amine, as a leader over them. So having a leader is necessary for organization, and their Prophet did not deny the possibility of a kink. Now, there's another reason why he could have said this to them that Hello, I say to him in quotevalet, como kita, Liu Allah to Cthulhu. You see, wanting a king means seeking a monarchy. And when there is a monarch, when there's a king, that means that you have an empire. And that means that now you have

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to constantly not only defend your empire, but you have to expand it. That means you're not just fighting defensive wars, you're also fighting offensive wars, because now you're going to expand your empire. And when you have a bigger empire, when you have a king, that means that the king is going to live a life of luxury, right? And the people who are going to be close to the king are also going to live a life of luxury, and people who are seeking luxury. They're not going to fighting and battles because it's well known that kings live in luxury, they're used to comfort so how and why would they fight. In the Bible we see in the book of First Samuel chapter eight, verse 11, that

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their prophet warned them, he said, This will be the practice of the King who will rule over you, he will take your sons and appoint them as his horsemen as his fighters, and they will serve as our governors for his armies, basically, meaning he will use your people as soldiers, he will appoint them as his chiefs of 1000s and 50s. Or they will have to plow his fields, reap his harvest and make his weapons and the equipment for his chariots. He will take your daughters, as perfumers cooks and bakers, he will seize your choice fields, vineyards and olive groves, and give them to his courtiers. And you know, he will take 10th part of your grain, etcetera, he will take your male and

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female slaves, your choice young men and your animals and put them to work for him. So basically, you warned them that a king is a man of dunya. Right. And this is amazing, any they have a prophet to lead them, and yet they're asking for a king to lead them in battle. And if you think about it, having a prophet as a leader means that you will not only have someone to lead you in battle, but also someone to guide you. And the presence of a prophet itself is blessing and there are more chances that you will receive the help of Allah. But look at them. They don't want the prophet to lead them they want a worldly King to lead them. All right. So which means that you know, it's quite

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possible that they would receive the help of Allah. So their prophet makes them think about what they're really asking for Hello, I say to them in cootie barlick, multi TyLoo Allah to Cardillo into to Nyssa ie number 77. Allah subhanaw taala tells us and Ankara Illa La Nina P Lella. Whom Khufu idea, we're upheaval salata will add to the character, Fela Kuti VRLA who will Peterloo either for the coming home you have shown a NASA kaha Shatila, he assured the harsh year will call Robina Lima Khattab Tara Lena tittle Lola erhaltenen Illa Julian Corrib Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says that, haven't you considered the case of the people who were told to restrain their hands, meaning

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do not fight back, do not fight your enemy, and instead you should establish prayer and gives a cat but when fighting was decreed on them, then a group of them began to fear people as the fear of Allah or even greater fear than that. And they said our law

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Word Why have you decreed fighting for us? Why did you not defer it for some more time Subhan Allah, and we see that there were some companions at the time of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam also who wanted to fight the people of Makkah, they wanted to fight back, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he also knew that fighting in battles is not easy, right? And this is why Allah subhanaw taala did not permit the Muslims to fight their enemy for the entire time that Muslims were in Mecca, they were not allowed to fight back. And then afterwards in Medina fighting was permitted it was legislated. So this is human nature that you know, sometimes you are very eager to do

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something because you can't do it. But then when you are actually required to do it, then you no longer want to do it. So their profit ask them this question to make them you know, determined and to have them you know, introspective and really see if they were sincere and honest in this regard. Allah subhanaw taala says Fela MCITY Wehrlein will Patel and then when fighting was decreed on them when they were commanded to fight and when the king was appointed the willow they turned away the low is from Wow lamb Yeah, the only is to turn away so they turned away in love kalila Minho, except for a few of them Pauline from cough lamb lamb will know who are Limon de Gali, mein and Allah is

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ever knowing of those who do wrong. So this is basically an overview of what is coming ahead. That here they asked for a king. And then later on, we see when the king is appointed, they turned away and when the king led them to a battle again, many of them turned away. And Allah subhanaw taala is fully knowledgeable of those who do learn who are the lolly mean over here the lolly mean of aalameen is a portion of the word lol Him. Those who do learn oppression, Allah Blair meme, the volley mean over here are those people who turn away he need this is wrong, that first you ask Allah for something when Allah grants it to you, then you turn away, this is wrong. And this is Lorem on

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oneself. This is injustice toward oneself also, that you put yourself in a situation that you were not capable of handling. And then you you know basically humiliated yourself. You know, like the Prophet sallallahu already said and said that it is not befit a believer to humiliate himself and when the people asked how he said that a person puts himself in situations that he cannot handle so Allah who are Limon Bilbo Alameen any, you should know your capacity, you should know your weaknesses and ask Allah subhanaw taala for opportunities that meet your capacity. And you should also know at the same time that if Allah subhanaw taala puts you in a situation that you never knew

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you could handle, you can handle it because Allah knows your capacity. And if he puts you in a situation he knows you he knows what you can do. Although they said we're Mallanna we're Mallanna and what is with us meaning what reason do we have a lamb or Katya feasable Allah that we do not fight in the way of Allah. Meaning why would we not fight in the way of Allah wakad Oakridge e&m in the arena, Obinna inner, when the fact is that we have been expelled from our homes and our sons will cut Regina, Regina from ha Rajim is Raj is to expel okay. And the R is the plural of the word dog. And a banana is the plural of the word even the art from the dal whare. So they said that why

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would we not fight when we have been expelled from our homes and our sons? What does this mean? This means that our homeland and our children have been taken away from us. So we have every reason to fight our enemy. They basically showed their determination to fight and their willingness and basically the fact that they had no reason to not fight. The Bible tells us about how, at this time when Prophet Samuel was among them, the enemy of Bani Israel, the Philistines, they had been basically fighting them for a very long time. And there is a particular battle that happened where the Philistines not only killed many of the Bani Israel, but they also took the ark, the ark of the

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covenant which Allah will talk about. So basically the Bunny is not yield sustained a huge loss, a huge loss. And after that huge loss, you know, they asked their prophet that we need a kink to fight this enemy. So there were many battles one after the other. I mean if you look at the

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and of the book of Judges and the beginning of the book of First Samuel, there is battle after battle after battle. And this shows us that the bunny is slightly who had, you know, big enemies who were constantly trying to destroy them. So you can imagine battle after battle. Many lives had been lost future generations basically. And they had lost their homes, part of the area that they used to live in, so they really wanted to fight their enemy. But then Allah subhanaw taala says Fela makuti Barella haemagglutinin When fighting was decreed on them, though a low they turned away Illa kalila minimum except for a few of them will law who already been below the mean

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