Abdullah Oduro – The Quranic Call Juz 11 – How Much Control Do We Have?

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a parable from the Bible that describes the creation of the dunya, a vegetation that is used to feed animals and humans. The parable suggests that the dunya is like a crops, and that the dams are like a garden. The transcript also mentions a law that says everyone who takes control of the dams will be destroyed, and a Santa Monica possession that will make everyone feel grateful to him.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Made the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all we have reached the 11th part of the Quran, the 11th Jews, Chapter 10 verse 24, the chapter of Yunus on a salon where lots of kinda with Darla gives a parable or an example using the dunya with example, about the dunya with the objects of vegetation. Allah subhanaw taala says if there would have been demonstrate been regime in nema methylone higher to dunya comma in Enza now homina sama if Allah tala Bobby Hina battle or the mimiko NASA well and

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the first portion of the verse Allah subhanho wa Taala paints the picture for you. He says, the parable of this dunya is like water that we send down from the sky in which the plants of the earth mixed with it, from which mankind and animals eat from so here are Laci panda with data is showing you Firstly, that he is the provider that he is the one that sends the water down to further bring forth plants and vegetative vegetation, which we and animals we being humans and animals indulge upon and use, indulge upon and use it to eat it Mimosa yet Kudo. NASA, what an arm from what mankind and from what cattle and livestock eat from

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what either I thought it

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was alien it until the earth takes from it.

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And is is beautiful, is adorned and beautifies itself and is beautify. Right so mankind eats from it. And animals. And as some scholars mentioned, big when when the earth becomes beautiful mankind takes an indulgence upon it. And this is the parable that the dunya is like this vegetation. It is like these crops It is like the the beautification of the earth. In other words, the beauty of the dunya the beauty of this worldly life that we take, and if we don't watch ourselves, it could destroy us. And that's where a lot continues on to say, when he says, what

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was the unit, or one aloha unknown, Adi Runa, la ha, and the family of the dunya, the people of it being the dunya being us.

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We think that we are as a long term spa, D Runa. La ha, God did it means Abel, but here it means have total authority over it, that we indulge upon the beautiful things of this life to the degree that look, I own this property it is mine.

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And I think I have full control over it. But full control over its existence and full control control over its demise. But we want to keep it forever and that's where we can be destroyed. Allah remind you in the next portion of the verse

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when he says

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within the within the body Runa they have at Runa our situation comes to him it comes to them at a brunette Leyland owner how on for Gianna, I'll see that he said our affair meaning our authority, our legislation, our choice to keep it or cause it to finish. I'm gonna Leyland on the heroine in the night or in the day. And then he says what exactly is an example of his authority and his affair fauja I don't know how see then lm Governor Bill amps. And we made it like crop yields basically the beginning stages, as though it never flourished yesterday.

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So he's showing you that look, just as we brought it into existence, we can easily take it away. As soon as your heart clings to it. A law can take it away in one night Leyland. O'Hara as though nothing ever happened before. There are portions of land you see you never knew what took place before the day before a year before. That's how Allah subhanho wa Taala looks at the dunya and wants you to understand the dunya and only those that think and ponder are the ones that understand and that's why last month Allah concludes that they can no foreseeable it only at alpha karoun and this is the way that we paint a picture and that we are descriptive with our verses. Perhaps they will be

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or for people that ponder for people that ponder they will take this previous example as a mean

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of understanding the reality. So in conclusion, this beautiful verse reminds us that this world is temporary. And that Allah is in control of this temporary nature of the earth. And that we are here to use it in that which is beneficial for us for the next life, because as soon as we get involved with zoom into Xen, with its beautification and adornments, this is where we may destroy our own selves by thinking that we have some ultimate control. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us and make us of those that look at things for their real reality and use that reality to serve as a means to show gratitude to him. A Santa Monica Rahmatullah. He will better cats. Thank you

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