Taraweeh Reminder #14 – Master Silence

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah why he was so happy woman why the respective brothers and sisters said Imani Kumara to LA he was about okay. So

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today, we are talking about

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a topic, which is very important, it's very important for the Muslim to be aware of indeed for every human to be aware of. And this is what is in the reminder, number 14 in your books, the 30 steps towards a refreshing Ramadan. And the title of that reminder is your comments are being monitored as how today we live in a,

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in a strange world.

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You know, there's so much things out there. Today, you know, information.

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People are online, people are logging in, people are changing and exchanging information on different platforms. And one thing that we have come to realize, whether you accept it or not, is that every comment that you make in the cyberspace is monitored, your email is monitored, your encrypted messages end to end are all monitored.

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You what you say what text messages you send, what all of that is monitored. And when you realize this, which I'm sure a lot of people do realize it.

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What it makes you think, actually is, okay, I'm being monitored here. That means I have to be careful why I say I have to be careful what I am writing, I have to be careful what what emojis is, you know, what messages, what pictures, everything has to because everyone is somebody out there watching you from the intelligence service. And it may even not be one country may be multi countries looking. And you know, even today, the whole issue of the 5g, and our problems between

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the UK and America is all related about whether this 5g installation in the UK by a Chinese firm is actually going to be part of the intelligence and monitoring data and information and so on. So everybody's, you know, everybody's very hyped up about it. In fact, you'd be quite naive to think that everything you write things that you're writing in a private email is actually private. But because most people are aware, at least let's say even if you're not aware on all these levels, but when you are aware of that,

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for example, Now, why am I talking to you, my words are going to be monitored, you are watching and you are hearing my words, I'm going to be very careful what I say. And I shouldn't be saying anything offensive, I shouldn't be saying something that's gonna

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you know, incriminate me, I shouldn't say something that's going to be used against me. And this is the very nature of what we're talking about today, which is when you are aware, that whatever you say

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is going to be documented, whatever you say, is going to be written is going to be saved.

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Okay, not on some USB drive, but in some sort of power law. You know, in the past, when we think about the angels are writing kahraman Khatibi and Allah subhanho wa Taala said, they are writing on people writing, you probably imagine them with these, you know, you might in these angels with these big books, you know, these massive box images writing

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what now is how long

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as time has advanced, we know that it's not might not be these big books with the you know, ink pens and writing down today, your actions your information is being registered, you know, through digital means, you know, it's probably the angel might even have

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you know, not even I mean, digital, even just a digital might even be naive of us because, you know, looking maybe 1000 years into the future there might even be technology, which is much more advanced than this and obviously I lost pantile is aware of that. So that is all documented on you. And it might be the other day of judgment when we say that you are giving your books either in your right hand or your left hand. That book might not be like this, you know, thick volume. It might it might be a small

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micro chip or something you know, where you just insert somewhere and all your actions appear in front of us as 3d or not even 3d, maybe even 4d, like holograms or something.

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So are you knowing that everything you do everything you say

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Everything you think and feel, is being monitored.

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And Allah subhana wa Taala will judge you for everything that comes out of your mouth. And to a certain extent, you're what's inside here meaning your intention, the reasons behind you doing it, etc, etc. When you think about it in this way, are you then more?

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Or should you not be more aware of what you say, what you do, how you behave, we're talking specifically about what you say today because the tongue is one of the biggest

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problems that will cause humanity. And this way the prophet SAW said and when he gave that advice to why he gave him you know, a summary of advice you gave told him about, he was asking what will make mental agenda and keeping away the fire the process and gave me some of the advice there he gave him that can he gave him some key aspects he kept you know, he gave him lots of and then he said to him, shall I not tell you something which is almost like sovereign, you know, is something which encompasses all of this advice that I told him? He said, Yes, indeed Tell me omashola so the process had to call the his time

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and he said hold back this hold it back. Don't let it loose. Don't let it just be speaking and talking hold back your tongue somewhere along the line and what I remember what I said is that as the person has another heavy said Allah Almighty will halide will haram while he is the most knowledgeable in terms of halal and haram Why is it Amish Allah? We're going to be accounted for what we say.

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And the prophets I sound was to a certain extent upset with why you know why Come on, you are one of the most knowledgeable of the Sahaba How can you make a statement and that's why the process of them said in the statement, which we might not fully understand in English, but it's like goes May your mother be of loss to you any what you have said is almost worse than somebody dying any what will cause what will cause people to be thrown on their faces in the fire except the harvest of their tongues. It's like the majority of things that will land you in the fire and not just land you will cause you to be thrown in your face you know our view humiliation is what your tongue so is and

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therefore you will harvest there

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So, my dear respected buzzer sisters, aroma Yvonne is an opportunity for us where we are monitoring what goes in the side.

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Don't put anything

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but it's also any coincidentally it should be monitoring what comes out of Iowa and that's why when Mary Emily SLM a loss of Hannah Tyler told her that when you go to a pupil and they're going to ask you and you don't want to talk to them, just say in the Nevada, man you Salma I have I have intended I've made an oath

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to I pledge to fast for a mad felon, okay limit Do not talk to anybody that had in their religion in the Jewish religion, a type of fasting which was not to speak, and that's why you have some of the monks and the nuns, they probably they practice this an oath of,

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of silence, you know, for so long they shouldn't speak or whatever. It's like a form in our Deen.

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If you are quiet thinking that being quiet is a bother, then that's a bit Ah, it's a bit odd to think that

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being quiet, and just for the sake of being quiet is a bother, then this is a bit odd because Islam doesn't tell you You shouldn't be quiet for the sake of worship. However, being quiet for the sake of not talking something which is going to incriminate you or cause you harm or damage etc, that is a bad and that is a high respect that because the prophet SAW Selim said, when can a villa when The Omen after failure will hire and only a school whoever believes in Allah and the final day will say something good or let him be quiet. So therefore, you have a choice of either being saying things which are good, saying things which are useful, saying information which is is going to be helpful

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to you and to others. If you can't do that, be quiet. That's the best option. And that's why in the in the narration, man samata nyjah whoever is quiet will be saved up he will be he will escape. And also when you look at the scenes of the process, and then you look at the scenes of the Sahaba you will see that that was their practice, you know that it is better for them to be quiet than to actually say

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Say something and to the extent that Imam Shafi Rahim Allah, He summarized this kind of attitude and he said, but a to suku t Mehta. jaren Fela zimtu in Lamia con in Lamia, Finsbury pen fellas to be facilely I saw that my silence was a type of bargain. The type of trade is trying to give that analogy of silence to being a trade. Now a trade when you're looking for a trade, you're ultimately looking for profit and loss. So he said, I saw my or I considered my silence as a trade. If it is not going to bring me any profit, ie by being silent, then at least is not going to make me that loss and nobody knows anything. And that's how we should feel in Sharla Tana, this summer, violet

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has tried to learn how to control what comes out of our mouth, learn to control our tongues, control our speech, but also control the tone of things that come out of Allah and ultimately, control also the expressions and the body language that comes with that.