Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 14 – L133C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The acceptance of the loss of a family member's job and the punishment of those who refuse to change their behavior is a combination of severe punishment and the loss of profit. The punishment is executed by the person who remains behind and is linked to the use of "angels" to express pride and confusion. The history of the Bible and its use of "we" in the language is also discussed, including the historical impact of the punishment on the loss of guests and the embarrassment it causes. The importance of protecting guests is emphasized.
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Let him in the shade line over James Smith. for him. That's the number 133. We'll begin from number 57.

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All FML hyperboom iu l mo saloon, Ibrahim Ali Sam said, then what is your business here? Well, messengers,

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we learned in the previous ayah that some visitors, some guests, they came to see Ibrahim or the seller, and he did not recognize them, he had no idea as to who they were.

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And later on when he presented the food to them, and they did not eat, they told him that they were in fact angels. And they gave him and his wife, the good news of the birth of their son is how.

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And at the same time, if I humor his son, I'm realized that these angels, because according to some there were 310 or 13, angels, a group of angels, they could not have come just to give him the good news of the birth of his son, there must be some other important reason as well. Because the angel could have come and could just have given him the message. You know, one angels up on Instagram by himself. Like for example, Maria Maria said when she was given the good news of the birth of her son, only one angel came. But we see that multiple angels a group of angels had gone so Ibrahima has said I knew that there was some other reason as well.

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So he says, family will come. So what is your business here?

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How is from the retirees hot lava and we have done this word earlier as well instead of juices. And hot is basically a very important matter. A very important task that a person is involved in that a person is engaged in. And basically, it's from Hatha Yoga, which is to address. So, important matters, they involve a lot of discussion.

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So Fomalhaut will come What is your business? What is your situation what is your concern? What is your purpose over here? Are you have a saloon or you messengers who have been sent by Allah soprano Donna

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Otto they said the angels replied to him that email the sailor indeed we have been sent to who elect to omit or people that are Majidi mean, criminals.

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We have been sent to a criminal people who are the criminal people, the people off loot are the center.

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And we have been sent to them for what purpose in order to carry out the punishment of Allah soprano data upon them in order to completely destroy them.

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Now, Lutheranism he had been sent to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by who Ibrahim Reddy center.

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Remember that Lutheran Islam was the nephew of Ibrahim al Islam, and both of them, including the wife of Ibrahima samsara, all of them they had migrated from Iraq, from their original home, where they used to live and where the people were mostly keen when they refuse to believe all of them. They did.

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They migrated from there. Ibrahim Ali Salaam came to a sham and he sent Luther s&m to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to deliver the message of a loss of data. And Luther s&m when he went over there, he was not from those people.

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So we learned that Luther Islam was the only messenger who was not from his own nation.

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And what was the crime of the people of Luther the center, they were homosexuals, and Luther Islam had been stopping them. He had been warning them since a very long time. But when they refuse to change their ways, what happened, the punishment of a loss penalty was to descend upon them.

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So the angels on their way to execute the punishment they also stopped by in order to inform Ibrahim are the center

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and they said to him, that inlet except Allah Lutheran, the family of Lutheranism, meaning we have been sent to the people who are criminals, we are going to carry out the punishment of Allah upon them. But the ones when we are going to save are who the family of Luthor is in

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the family of Lutheranism. They are not going to be punished.

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In indeed we lamona Jew whom surely want to rescue them a Jew marine altogether. When a Jew is actually

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think about it when I do home when I do, what's the complete spelling and when I do not write, but because when I do and home they're coming together Madame de la la therefore, the noon is dropped. So in na lamona, Jew home and Mona June is the plural of Mona G. And who is Mona G, one who saves one who rescues so we are going to save who the family of

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SLM edge marine all together, meaning the entire family of Luth or listener will be saved. They will not be punished the entire family. But then they mentioned an exception in law except Mr. Arthur who his wife,

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or Darnell, we have decreed that in her indeed she lemon al-harbi Dean, she will be of those who remain behind.

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We have decreed that she will be with those who remain behind in what in the punishment, she will be amongst those who remain behind on whom the punishment will be executed. a librarian is a plural of Hobbit and hobbit is Andrew Tetris, vain Bella. And Robin is basically one who stays behind one who remains behind, while his friends, his companions, they have gone ahead.

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And basically, it's from Cova, which is dust. And when a group of people, they're walking together, running together, going on their animals together, that obviously they leave behind them, a cloud of dust. So a person who is riding along with them, and then he stops and the rest of them they continue, obviously is going to be left behind in the dust. So al-harbi is one who remains behind.

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So the wife of Luther Ellison, the angel say, cut down now we have decreed, but Donna, from cough Dallara, the word doc did what does doctor me destiny decree. So we have decreed that she will be punished, that you will also die with her people. Why?

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Because she was their supporter. She was not a sincere believer,

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although she was the wife of a prophet, but because her Eman was not sincere. Her loyalties were with them which we mean. Therefore, she ended up with them as well. She ended up with them as well.

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So who has saved them from the family of Lutheran center.

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It is said that it was only Luther this lamb and his two daughters.

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Only him and his two daughters. No one believed no one listened to him. No one obeyed Him, even his wife and it is said that Lutheranism did not have any sons.

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So the wife was destroyed as well, because as a model Mara might have been a person will be with those whom he loves.

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So a domna inherit lemina labin. We learned in sort of the sharada i a 171, that fernet, Jaina who, who are the marine in there, I Doosan fiddle hobby Dean. So we saved him and his family, all except an old woman among those who remain behind. So it shows that his wife was also old, which shows that he was also old.

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And we also learned in sort of that yet I number 36, from our job and our fee, her value of 80 million muslimeen. And we found out within them other than a single house of Muslims. So it was only the family of Lutheranism who were saved, everyone else was to be destroyed, because they were the only house in the entire nation that was Muslim.

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If you notice over here, the angel save are dominant. We have decreed

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who does we refer to? This is a continuation of the previous ayah

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the angels are talking and they're saying Illa Allah Luton in Ala Moana Doom edge marine in LA Mata Hoopa domna. In the * Amina Horbury, so we refers to who? The angels, but the fact is that the angels, they don't decree, they don't set the destiny of someone who does that. Allah subhanaw taala only.

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So, the angels they ascribe this actions to themselves. Why? Because they were the executors of this command that

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they were going to execute this decree of Allah soprano.

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So when someone does an action on behalf of someone, it is as though they're the ones who have commanded it. They're the ones who have issued it. They're the ones who have decided it.

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And according to many scholars, when the plural we when we is used for a loss of data, in certain situations, it does not only give the meaning of royalty, okay, this is a very important point.

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So, the we that is used for a loss of penalty that we have royalty. It's not necessary that in every context, that's the mean that it conveys. Sometimes it also includes it also refers to the angels.

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We use been used Why? Because

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It's referring to Allah subhanaw taala as well as the angels. Now does it mean that the angels are partners with Allah? Not at all narrow the window. This is not what the meaning is where we refer to the angels as well. It is because the angels are carrying out a command that Allah soprano data has given.

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This is why we alternate first to the angels. So over here, the angel say a llama Idaho

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in her lemonade, I believe that she will be amongst those who remain behind.

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And the fact that the angels say that we have decreed This is similar to how in sort of Millennium where the angel he came to Maria Maria Salaam, and she said, Lee, I have a lackey who Lamin zakia I have come to give you to grant you the I have a lucky woman zakia to grant you a righteous a pure child.

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But the fact is that who is one who really grabs children, Allah subhanaw taala but because the angel is carrying out that command is fulfilling it. This is why he refers to himself. It is as though he is doing it is as though the command has come from him.

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So similarly, a dominant in the head, Amina hobby. So the angels they told all of this to who Ibrahim Elisa

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and we learned earlier in the previous orders as to how Abraham and Islam he began to argue with the angels.

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So now follow magic. And then when he came to the family of Luther Hassan who came Alma saloon, the angels so when the angels came to the family of Lutheran Islam, Allah He said Lutheranism said in negombo, mon mon Corona indeed you are people who are one cartoon ones who are unknown. One cartoon is a Florida born car and one car literally is one that is denied one that is rejected. So you are one cartoon, meaning you are rejected in the sense that I don't recognize you.

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You're strangers. I don't know you. Who are you people.

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In the compound woman Quran you are people who are unrecognized, whom I'm not familiar with Who are you people?

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Because the angels they came in the form of human beings. And again, just as their country, Ibrahim or Islam, there was no sign of any traveling on them. Similarly, they were not locals. Right. So he had no idea as to who they were. So he said, I don't recognize the people who are you

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called to decide? The angel said to him, but rather did NACA we have come to you, V max knew with that which they were fee concerning it young the loan, they were disputing. They were doubting, we have brought you that which these people had been disputing about. They had been doubting, this is what we have brought to you. So in other words, what are they saying? That we are the angels of Allah, who have come to execute the punishment which these people have been doubting? The ydm throne has been used and em thoroughness from him to la memoria media. What does media mean, doubt and empty raw is to entertain a doubt.

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But empty law is not just to have a doubt, but it is also to dispute to argue why, because when a person is in doubt, what does that lead to?

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Our human argument? Right? Generally, people end up arguing about those things which they have doubt about. So baljit Nagar v. McCann v. m. Tarun what they were doubting in what they were disputing with you about the punishment. That's what we have brought to you want a NACA and we have come to you been helping with the truth? What does unhealth refer to the punishment and why is it called unhealth because there is definite, it is definitely going to be executed now. It will definitely come to a dynamic I will help you walk in there and indeed wheat lasagna gone surely ones were truthful, truthful in what? In our statement, meaning, be certain that now the punishment is going

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to be carried out upon them. Because up until now, there was a warning there was a threat.

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And now when the angels had come, this was going to be effect now definitely the punishment was going to be executed. So they assure Lutheranism of the certainty of the punishment what in Allah saw the moon?

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If you notice, when they came around, humorous and they said we have given you good news. We'll help.

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They said we have given you good news. Our Bishop NACA will help you we give you good news.

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With the truth and here they say what a dynamic of unhealthy we have come to you with certain punishment

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we learned before the story when I beat him or leave him What did we learn? A bit everybody a need an alpha photo Rahim. What another Abby, who else will and this is a demonstration of that.

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That at one point I'll help refer to the blessing of Allah, the gift of Allah. at another point I'll help refers to what the punishment so where Allah is very merciful. He is also severe in retribution

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for s3, so the angels say to Lutheranism that you travel.

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s3 is from the root letter scene raw. Yeah. This is not from the root ever seen yellow. Okay. Save is to travel. But scene raw? Yeah.

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It gives meaning of traveling by night.

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Sade is to travel to Germany. But scene raw, yeah, gives the meaning of traveling by night, to leave by night to set out by night.

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Like is for the journey of Islam? Why is it called Islam? Because it was a night journey, isn't it? So it's not from the same route. So for us three, travel set out be ellika with your family. Why his family only because they were the only believers, his two daughters. When should you set out because they're in in a portion milele of the night.

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Meaning you should start your journey you should leave the city even at what time

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a portion of the night apart of the night, meaning don't leave in daylight. Don't leave in the morning, but rather leave at night. Why?

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So that the people don't see the ethnic decluttering This is from Katherine and it means a part of something. So after a section of the night has elapsed, then you should set out and when you leave when you set out Luther s&m is told what to bear and you should follow Eduardo home their backs about as a Florida double, you should follow their backs, backs of

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the people who are coming with you your family. In other words, make them walk in front of you, and you should walk were behind them in the rare

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when I out of it. And when you all are going away. When you're walking away from the city, then no one should turn back layer effects you should not look back men come from you hadn't anyone none of you should look back to the city. When once you have left

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Delta fitness or newsletters land fatter and fatter is to turn it is to direct and layout the fit he should not turn back meaning he should not look back. He should not turn around. Why should he not look around? Why should he not look back at the city for various reasons. First of all, it is said that because the punishment that was going to be descended upon these people was very severe. It was very, very severe.

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And if any person would see it, he would be terribly affected by it, he would be devastated by it.

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Like for example, if you see a building collapsing and people dying, doesn't it affect you? For example, if you watch a video in which houses are collapsing in which people are being washed away, doesn't that haunt you for so many days? Imagine you're watching it closely.

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And imagine you can hear the people imagine the entire city is lifted up you see it being lifted up and you see it being brought back down and then being showered with stones. This was a horrible scene. So they are at all Don't look back, because it's going to affect you. So don't look when the punishment is being descended on these people, whoever will see he will not be able to bear it, he will not be able to tolerate it. Generally, when people see such things, what happens they begin to cry, they begin to scream.

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Right? They stare in horror and the people of Lutheranism, those who had been saved, they had to leave that place immediately.

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So this is one reason that is given.

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Another reason that is given is that if any person looks back at the people who are being punished, then the same punishment is also going to hit him

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because if he looks back at them, in a way he will have affection for them. So a person who would have affection for those who are being punished by Allah, then what's the rule of law a little moment ahead.

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If you're looking at them with compassion,

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care, despite the fact that allies carrying out his punishment upon them, and the same punishment is also going to strike you.

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13 is also said that this is a loss of profit on his home, his command, whatever reason, whatever wisdom behind it, this is what they were commanded to do.

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We don't have the wisdom, these are just our opinions. At the end of the day, Allah Subhana, Allah knows best. And also, if you look at it, if a person has to look back at something doesn't, you have to pause it isn't you have to stop. Right? You can't possibly be looking back and walking away. So they were told to leave immediately. They could not stop, they could not afford to stop and look back. Because the punishment that was being descended upon them was very severe. And its effect would be widespread. Obviously, there was an earthquake, there was a shower of stones. Imagine the fumes. So this was a very severe punishment. Therefore lay of the fitmin come, no one should look

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back. I hadn't anyone.

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One though, and you all should proceed high sort of moron wherever you are commanded.

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Anbu from the ruthless mean, but yeah, from the word moody. The word is muddy. And moody is to continue to go to proceed. So, omo go, continue. Proceed Hazleton, marone, wherever that you are commanded, meaning wherever Allah, Allah has commanded you to go. And where was it that they were commanded to go to the area of passion?

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If you notice over here, the angels, they said Lutheran salon, that first of all, you should live by night. Secondly, when you're going away, then make your family walk in front of you, and you should be walking behind them.

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Whereas the fact is that messengers, who are they? They are leaders, isn't it? And leaders are generally at the front, leading everyone by their example.

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Like for example, if you are going together collectively, as a group, you're going somewhere and one car, let's say your father is driving it, what are you going to do? Typically, you're going to be following him. Why? Because he's the leader, even if you know the way yourself. But typically the leader is always at the front, this is how we understand it. But over here, we see that he is told to walk behind them. Why?

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Because this was a situation where he was supposed to protect them.

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He was supposed to be guarding them. They were supposed to be leaving that place. And he was to garden.

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And we see that if there is a flock of sheep, where's the shepherd?

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At the back, right? Similarly, if you see children, kindergarten children, they're walking in a line, where's your teacher? One is at the front, and one is at the back. Both are needed. Right? So this is a rule where you are supposed to protect someone where you're supposed to guard someone to ensure that they are going right, what do you do, you walk behind them, as well.

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And we see that the Prophet said a lot of them as well. Sometimes he would walk in the rear of the army,

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he would proceed were at the rear of the army on military campaigns, in order to help the weak and also carry those people who had no means of transport.

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So this was a son of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam as well and Luther and his son I was told the same thing.

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Woke up or diner and we decreed meaning Allah subhanaw taala

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will call diner and we decreed lie to him. And remember when the word of law is followed by Allah, what meaning does it convey

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to convey Okay, when the word cada is followed by ILA, it means to convey. So, kobina II, we convey to him, we informed him who Luther is.

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So, for Bernina era, he, we conveyed to him, meaning Lutheran insulin, then you can remember that matter which matter, and that indeed, so what does an AMA refer to another law, ie, that, indeed, the root of these people, moko, Turin, is going to be cut off, misbehaving by early morning

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as one's entering the morning.

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In other words, Luther in his salon was informed that by morning, the entire nation would be wiped off, they would be completely destroyed.

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He was told to leave by the night and he was told leave immediately and continue to proceed to a destination. Don't even know

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I don't even pause for a moment because these people are going to be completely finished by the morning and the dabura diabetes, the route the extremity, the extreme part of something

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and that there were other people are who the last one of them

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the route or people the last one of them. So the last one of these people is going to be McCool mccluer. From New Tetris, after I got off meaning destroyed by when most behaved as ones entering the morning, meeting as they enter the morning as morning comes as a sunrises, these people are going to be destroyed, the very last of them is going to be finished.

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So Luthor the salon was informed about this.

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Now, when no Teresa was informed, what happened what Janell Medina T, yesterday, Sharon,

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and the people of the city, they came rejoicing. So now up until now, what's happening the angels. They're telling Luther s&m, what's going to happen? what he's supposed to do, how he's supposed to leave when he's supposed to leave? And what's going to happen when he leaves the angels, they tell him all of this. Now what happens? When the angels tell him, the people, they find out that there are some visitors who are in the house of Lutheranism.

00:26:30 --> 00:26:31

And obviously, who informed

00:26:32 --> 00:26:41

his wife so a little Medina tea, the people of the city, they came yesterday, Sharon, they were rejoicing, very happy.

00:26:43 --> 00:27:16

Yesterday, she don't have the reflectors bashing, and instead of shower, is to be happy. I'm receiving some good news to be very excited on receiving some good news. So yesterday, Sharon, they were very excited. They were very happy on finding out that some men some beautiful handsome men, were in the House of Blues. Listen, we learn in solitude i 78 wotja who kalu you Haruna la he and his people came, he sent him to him.

00:27:18 --> 00:27:23

So the people of the city they came like this desiring to fulfill fascia with the angels.

00:27:24 --> 00:27:49

Allah He said, Luthor Islam said to them in the heart, indeed these people, these men, who does that would I refer to the angels who appear to be men, that these men they are by fee, they're my guests. They're my guests found out of the honey, so do not disgrace me. Do not embarrass me, do not shame me. They are my guests. For God's sake, what are you doing?

00:27:50 --> 00:27:54

Let of the hooni Duff mahonia from the room veteris fell law

00:27:56 --> 00:27:59

and father her is to expose something.

00:28:00 --> 00:28:08

And basically for the heart is to mention someone's faults in order to embarrass them.

00:28:10 --> 00:28:19

It is to mention someone's faults in front of others, causing them embarrassment, shame, as well as degradation.

00:28:21 --> 00:28:32

We have done the word for the head earlier. You have heard of it. Foul the *, pseudo Toba is also called foul to Hawaii, because it exposed the traits of who?

00:28:34 --> 00:28:38

The moon African, humiliating them degrading them embarrassing them.

00:28:39 --> 00:28:52

So lack of the who need need indicates me. So do not disgrace me Do not shame me. Do not embarrass me. Because if you do this to my guests, you're going to be embarrassing me.

00:28:53 --> 00:29:16

If you disgrace my guests, that is actually my disgrace. And it's very embarrassing for me because I will not be able to protect my guests. Now, just imagine you have some guests over in your house. And one of them he, for example, trips over a table and fault and hurts his door or knee or something like that. Now they have been hurt. But isn't that a cause of embarrassment for you?

00:29:18 --> 00:29:33

that had happened in your house, that you weren't that careful about that table, you could have avoided that. But they came and because you weren't that careful, they got hurt. They're hurt is a cause of your embarrassment.

00:29:34 --> 00:29:45

Similarly, if the guests of loot early salon, if they were treated in the way that his people wanted to treat them, then this would be a source of great embarrassment for him.

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And he says to them, what the law and fear of law when I talk Zuni and do not disgrace me the Zuni from the real fetters call they Yeah, his you and what is his you mean?

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So, lack of the hooni What does it mean do not embarrass me and let the Zuni meaning do not disgrace me by you're doing evil with them

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