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The transcript discusses the history of Islam, including the selection of Islamists by Jesus for his title and the selection of his wife, Maria. The hierarchy of men and women, and the importance of praying with others in congregation. The speakers emphasize the need to increase blessings and devotion to the Lord, increase gratitude and devotion to the Lord, and pray with others in the church. The dispute between the Prophet salallali Alaihi wa Sallam and the bleeding of the Bani Israel Eel, and the importance of protecting children from bullying and the negative impact of drawing lots on one's behavior.

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Verse number 42 pseudoscalar Imran Allah subhanaw taala says what is God Allah till Mala Iike two year Meriam in Allah has Tofurky what the Hauraki was the faqih Isla Nisa Ihlara el Amin and mentioned when the angel said or Meriam indeed Allah has chosen you and purified you and chosen you above the women of the worlds What is Allah and recall when the angels said, So, what is the means, what could and recall when mentioned when the angel said to Madame now on the tail Mala Iike this is something that you have noticed in these verses that it is said the angel said any color and color it is the feminine form literally means, she said, and this does not mean that the angels are female

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because that is an incorrect belief. We learned that the Mushrikeen would say that the angels are female and Allah subhanaw taala question them a shahidul Holika whom did they witness their creation? And it is not correct to say that the angels are female or male and the feminine verb is used over here because of linguistic reasons. Just as Allah till our raw boo, Amina Al Arab means the Bedouins so Allah till our labu another Bedouin said, it doesn't mean that there were all female No, this is because of linguistic reasons. So anyway, we're in Allah till Mala Iike the angel said, Now angels, this is plural, and it means a group of angels and it's possible that a group of angels

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was sent to give this news to Maria but in other places in the Quran, we learned that it was one angel who appeared to Meriam in the form of a man and this angel was in fact Jabril and the plural has been used over here because it's possible that a group of angels came and Gibreel spoke or the plural has been used over here for Jin's any as a generic noun so the angels said to Maria, that yeah, Maria mu or Meriam in Allah hasta Feki. Indeed, Allah has chosen you with the hierarchy and he has purified you will stefanki and He has chosen you or Allah Nisa Ihlara al Amin over all the women of the worlds now the word is stuff we have learned earlier it is to select to choose what is most

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pure for something exclusive. So mme was chosen especially by Allah azza wa jal, but notice, it hasn't just been said in the last offer key or bahala key but rather it has been said is the fact key and then again is the fact that Allah has chosen you and the chosen part has been mentioned two times, right. And why has it been mentioned two times because money um, was chosen in many different ways. So the Coronavirus say the first time when it is said that indeed Allah has chosen you in Allah Hustla faqih, then this means that Allah chose her. So she had the privilege to be in beta and mock this to worship over there, unlike other women, all right. And the second time that it is said

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that Allah chose you will stefanki this means that Allah chose her over all other women by making her the mother off reciting his salah, because that is the good news that is going to be given to her very soon. So the first time she was chosen, for what for worship, and the second time she was chosen, in order to be made the mother off, or usarla, his Salaam. And this was going to be something very unique because she was going to become the mother of every Saturday said I'm without, you know, being married to anyone without a husband. Then it is said that first time she was chosen, because she was from earlier Imran and we learned earlier that Allah chose the Al Imran the family

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of Iran. So the entire household was chosen. And she was part of that household. But the second time she was chosen, and this means that she especially was chosen, and one is that her family was chosen. And then the second is that she was especially chosen from her family even, you know, a times that happens that someone is fortunate that they're born into a religious family. So they have an excellent upbringing, right? They have certain privileges, I would say that they have access to knowledge, they're able to develop so many good habits from a very young age. So this is Allah subhanaw taala special gift to this individual. All right. But then we see that among such families,

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there are people who themselves are not willing. Their family is righteous, but they don't bother to exert any extra effort. So in Allah hasta faqih with the Hara.

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He was perfect. He again Allah has chosen you. And he, she was also chosen for something special. Her family was chosen. And then from her family, she too was chosen. And then it is said that the first time any she was chosen from the family of Iran and the second time she was chosen over all the women of the worlds. But notice how between the two is Leafa, right between Allah choosing her and then choosing her again, there is the three, there's purification with the Hauraki from Tahara and the three is purification. Okay, so yes, she was from a special household, but she only got the next privilege, right? What's the Feki The second is lava came after the lead after purification.

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And how is it that she was purified from what she was purified from filth? And remember that filth is of different kinds. There is tangible physical filth, and then there is intangible filth, okay. Now the tangible filth, physical filth in the form of defecation or what not any, this is something normal for human beings. And this is something that human beings are supposed to purify themselves from. Alright, the last deed that the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam did before leaving the world was that He cleaned his mouth, right. So, this is part of being human. So here the three is not referring to physical purification, but rather the lead purification from a just Marna Ouija, any

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intangible forms of filth, such as *, okay, associating partners with Allah. And remember that schicke is of levels there is Schilke which is idolatry, then there is sugar which is in the form of you know, showing off, right, having impure insincere intentions. So, Miriam was purified of the app, because we learn that she would actually worship in the privacy of her Merab. Right. And we learned in sort of Madame that Fatah that mean, doing him hijab, and that there was a screen between her and the people. So the people were not able to see what she was doing. Right. So she performed worship in complete privacy. And that added to her sincerity, and it protected her from showing off,

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all right. And then these intangible impurities also refer to things like from, you know, hatred, or bias, or jealousy, or pride, or even innovation Indien, or lowly things. And we see that a lot of people, even the believers, and he this is normal that people fall into many mistakes, where they will carry filth in their hearts, such as grudges and anger, and jealousy against people or pride even. And we have to constantly, you know, correct ourselves. You see when the criada has said, I'm asked Madame, that Where did you get this food from? Where did you get this? It is from her response was so humble. She said, this is from Allah. Indeed, Allah provides whomever he wants without

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measure. Right? She didn't say, Well, I am special and I receive special gifts from God because you know, I am special, no pride over there. So this is the three that she was purified from all lowly things, from bad manners, from bad feelings, from Schilke from showing off from all false things And base things. Now, somewhere in them I have said that the hierarchy means that Allah subhanaw taala purified her from menstruation and bleeding. So she did not menstruate because she lived in vital muck this, but there is simply no evidence for this. All right. In fact, there is nothing wrong you know, a woman being in beta knock this while menstruating with his beta mock this is like I

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mentioned to you it is a compound. It is not just one building. It is an entire area and we learn at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Urdu said um there was a woman who lived in the masjid and it is understood that a woman meant to rates so she lived in the masjid she had her tent. And this is mentioned in Sahih Bukhari and we learned that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to her I shall deal Ohana at Hajj, when I shall deliver on her began menstruating and she was crying. The Prophet sallallahu er Who said I'm said to her that this is something that Allah has decreed for the daughters of Adam, which means that to have menstruation is and to not have menstrual

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Asian is actually an array, it is a deficiency. All right. So he has purified you from what truly blemishes you dirties you. And that is bad o'clock, not menstruation, okay? And whether or not she menstruating is really not of concern. You know, just because a woman does not menstruate does not mean that she's righteous No. And having menstruation does not mean that a woman is in pious. So the hierarchy This is significant that Allah has purified you. So this is purification from what truly blemishes a person, which is bad manners, bad o'clock, you know, incorrect beliefs, et cetera. And what the hudec key this is also a hint at what was going to happen in the future that people were

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going to accuse her of a sin that she never committed, right? Where we learn that people accused her of giving birth to a child out of wedlock. And the fact is that she was never married and she never committed a sin. So Allah purified her from the blame that people would hurl at her when she was in fact innocent. So it is as if she's being prepared for the accusations that were coming. Now in this IO, we learned that Allah subhanaw taala chose mme purified her and chose her over the women of the world's Nyssa al Amin, Al Amin is the plural of Ilm. All right, and she was chosen over the women of the world's means that she was the best of women. We learned in a hadith the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said that hydel Nisa Ihar Maria Mubin to Imran or Jairo Nisa deja to been to Hawaii eyelid. The best woman in her time was Madame the daughter of Imran And the best woman of the prophets time is Khadija, the daughter of who aided in another Hadith we learn many men achieved perfection but among women, only Medina, the daughter of Iran and asiyah, the wife of Pharaoh achieved perfection. And we also learn in a hadith that Bodiam will be among the Seda to Nyssa e LL. Jen, leaders of the women of Paradise. So truly, she was chosen, and she was chosen to do something very, very extraordinary. And Allah subhanaw taala says in the next idea that yeah, Maria mukono T

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lira. Viki was Judy will carry mercury. This is what the angel said to her that oh Meriam Oh, Kornati lira big. To be devoutly obedient to Your Lord was Judy and make Sajida worker he and make real core miroir Karine along with those who make ReCore now notice over here Oakland ot was Judy ill curry the year at the end is for feminine. Okay, so Oakland ot This is from Knut cough known TA and connote is the one matar ne to be obedient for a very long time. Okay, who knows means various things. And before I get into the meanings of Knuth and sujood, notice the connection, that first Medea was told you have been chosen, right? Allah has chosen you over the women of the world. And

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then Maria was told that be devoutly obedient to Your Lord, meaning when Allah has chosen you that Oh, Maria, you should be devoutly obedient to Your Lord. And we see that she is told to do three things over here. And in the previous verse three favors that were given to Mario are mentioned. What was the first favor in the last lowfat key Allah has chosen you. So in return in response, what is she supposed to do open Otilia robic, be devoutly obedient to Your Lord, second favorite what the Hauraki Allah has purified you. So in response was Judy makes edge the third favorite was TopHat Kiala Anissa. Illallah means in response, she is supposed to work very mercury. And this teaches a

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very important lesson that increase in blessings increase in any kind of privilege, okay? Whether it is the fact that a person has been given wealth or that a person has been given a certain lifespan. So for example, you are a year older now, this is a huge blessing. Many people are not able to live that long, then increase in blessing could be good health, it could be good righteous spouse, it could be a happy marriage, it could be a good home, it could be the ability to speak, you know where other people are not able to speak that well or that easily, whatever it may be. Increase in blessings. Increase in privilege requires increase in gratitude and devotion. This is a must as

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Allah increases blessings on you

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You must increase in sugar and you must increase in devotion to your Lord. This is a must a must. Because it is gratitude that preserves blessings. And what does ingratitude do? And what does indifference do? What does arrogance do? It ruins blessings, it takes them away. It's the destroyer of blessings. We learn in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala tells us messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Allah Mia do the care team and for our did he not find you an orphan, and he gave you shelter? And then in the same Surah What is he told afterwards for Amelia tema Ferrata. Now in response, what should you do? Do not oppress the orphan, then he is told what what are the Cabal and

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for Heather, Allah found you Borland last and he guided you later on in the Sunnah. What is he told what a messiah Illa Tana, as for the one who asks you for a favor, asks you a question, then do not repel him. And then he's told what what are the QA in and for owner? Alright, Allah found you poor and he enriched you. Later on he's told what a millionaire material because he asked for the blessing of your Lord, then had this mention it any the Blessings of your Lord should be visible on you. Allah found you poor, he enriched you now that richness should be visible on you. So when Allah gives favors, all right, blessings, then there is something that we are also required to do. All

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right, we have to do our part in Surah Csaba 13 Allah subhanaw taala says EREMA Lu Ellada woo the chakra or family of that would work in gratitude in shoukat Anyone Allah has bestowed so many blessings on you, then show gratitude in total are off i 144. Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah yeah Musa Innes lafay to Karla NASCI BT Salah it will be Calamy that oh Musa I have indeed chosen you over people with my messages and with my speech and he I have given you certain messages and I have given you the privilege of speaking to directly for Holmer Tayto welcome, Mina shackling, so take what I have given you, and be of those who are grateful. Allahu Akbar, be of those who are grateful

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Musar listen, I'm just told. So Meriam is told that Allah has chosen you, Allah has purified you, Allah has chosen you over all the women of the world. So what should you do, O'Connor at lira pick, increase acts of worship, be more humble before your Lord, submit to your Lord, make such the make ROCOR. And you see, she is also told to increase in worship. Why? Because worship is needed in order to acquire what Allah subhanaw taala has written for you. Allah has chosen you. All right. But what does that mean that now, you know, like you see in movies, that you know, a fairy will appear with a wand and tap you and all of a sudden you will be turned into a princess? Is that how this happens?

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That with just one tap, things are just going to transform? No, that's not reality, things are going to transform with the permission of Allah. And with effort on your part, you have to bring about the change. Right? You have to do something in order to acquire in order to reach the level that Allah subhanaw taala has decreed for you. So what is the prescription that she's given? You know, for example, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Of course, his status is very high. But does that mean that he was supposed to do nothing? No, his status is high, he's the best and what did that mean for him? He would pray in the night until his feet would swell. Right? And I shall do long

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Lauren her In another Hadith we're in Bilal row the Longhorn who asked the prophets of Allah who already has settled and that all of your past sins are forgiven, why so much they Why are you worshiping so much? He said, Should I not be a grateful slave? So yes, Allah subhanaw taala has decreed certain things for you. But in order to get there, you have to do your part. So Maria was told, Allah has chosen you. Now you have to do something. And what is that something that you have to do? You have to open Otilia robic, you have to do connote only for your Lord. Now connote is from the root letters off known TA and cannot install pm to stand for a very long time. Okay. And he

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especially in prayer, Benoit also means thorough obedience. It also means humility, Hodor and it also means Sukkot stillness. All right. So Oakland Otilia robic meaning obey your Lord, worship your Lord in

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crease in devotion. And especially when you stand in prayer than stand for long, stand for long. And we see that the prophets that Allah Who are you setting would especially stand for long in Salah. Why out of gratitude. So Auckland, ot lira, beaky, Lira beaky, only for your Lord, this is emphasizing sincerity. And then also Judy makes Sajida makes it to the Y out of gratitude to Allah and also in Salah. And we learned in a hadith that when anything came to the prophets of Allah who earlier Salam which caused pleasure any any news that made him happy that made him glad he would make such the in gratitude to Allah. So let's do the makes such the and then worker immortal rock

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Irine make ROCOR bow down with those who bow down a rock here in floral off rock here one who bows down. Now, if you think about it in sulla such that comes after the core correct. But here we see that such that as mentioned before Bluecore why? Because it is possible that the salaat that they would pray was in this order allow Arlo but it is possible that in the Salah that they would pray such that would come before and of course, secondly, it's also possible that the WoW over here was do the work very well over here is not 430 And it doesn't tell us to order. Okay, for example, when you say I ate meat and bread, it does not mean that first you eat meat and then you eat the bread.

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No, the end does not indicate order. It just means you ate meat and you also ate bread. Right? So what's to the worker Mr. Rocker in and he was to the word curry. It's not showing order is just mentioning two things that she was told to do. Another reason could be that such the if you think about it is more common than Recor. Right Bluecore is only in Salah, but such that is in Salah and also outside of Salah. For example. If you're reciting the Quran and you recite an idea of such that then what do you do during your recitation? You just get up and you make such though. All right. Likewise, as I mentioned the Hadith Do you receive some good news? You're so happy, you're so

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grateful. So you make such the right away? Right? Such the Shaka Bluecore, however, is only insula. So what's Judy, this is not just referring to the such the insula, it's referring to such the insula such that Tila was such a shocker, okay, and Recor is referring to Salah other or an MSA that what this means is that Oakland ot Amalia was told that Oakland ot meaning obey Allah be obedient to Allah was Judi means praise Allah and worker Mr. Rock urien bow down with those a bow down means praying with others in congregation. So she is told that she should be obedient to Allah. She should worship Allah in private was Judy and she should also join the congregation. She should also pray

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with other people. Subhan Allah, Medea, the best woman, the chosen woman, she is told to pray with others. Right Walker Mr. Rock hearing along with them. And today, people prevent women from praying with others in the name of Haifa, in the name of modesty. And that is not correct, because we learned that women at the time of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam would also pray with others in the in the masjid and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam forbade men from forbidding women from coming to the masjid. So what Karima rockery of course a woman is not required to pray in congregation the way that men are, but there is definitely benefit in praying in congregation. We

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learn in fact that when it comes to Salah to read even menstruating women are required to come to the ER eat prayer. Of course not to perform eat to love but to be there for the Dora and to be part of the community. So as human beings, any women need to pray with others as well. Yes, they're not required to but there's definitely an encouragement over here and the benefits are well known. So what curry Merlok here in then it is said Valley come in umber laby no he Lake Velyka that min umber Eli is from the news of the unseen which no he like we reveal to you or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now Valley cut that this is referring to the incidents

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that have been mentioned over here. We learned about the birth of Millennium or they have said, we learned about the story of the Qadiani, his Salaam and the birth of Yehia or to his salaam, and now we learn about millennium and now in the coming verses we learned about the birth of ESRD his sunnah. So, all of this that has been mentioned over here, remember that it happened hundreds of years before the Prophet sallallahu early who said Allah so Allah subhanaw taala says this is from umbra, Italy news of the unseen and that is the plural of Nova Nova is from noon by Hamza Nova is news this is all news of the unseen any it was in the unseen you did not know it before your people

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did not know it. Right. And it's of the unseen because it happened in the past. And how is it that you are coming to know of these incidents? Because knew he like we reveal it to you? Know, he, we do worry? While ha yeah, where he is Revelation. So we inspire we reveal it to you all of this news? One or Kuntala day him and you were not with them? Meaning a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you were not with the people, if you will call it a Calama home when they were throwing their pens. Your toner is from lamp off. Yeah. Ilca is to throw and a column is the plural of column column Koffler meme pen when they were throwing their pens. Why were they throwing their pens to draw lots over

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what issue? What was the dispute? Uh, Yom yak follow Merriam? That which of them will take care of meridiem uh, you home yak follow yak follow is from Cafe lab, Kafeel Kabbalah is to be responsible for someone. So when they were disputing among themselves that who is going to be the caretaker of Medea, what did they do? They had to draw lots. And how did they draw lots by throwing their pens. So Oh, Prophet sallallahu erhu sent him you were not with them at the time will not consolidate him ABF Tassimo. Nor were you with them. It when yuck they'll see moon, they were disputing, if disarm call side mean custom. And this is basically a dispute in which you know, each party or each person

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is claiming that he has greater rights over something, or he is the one who has right over something and the other does not. So you are not with them at the time. Now, the only way that a person can learn about an event is that they witnessed it. Or if they were not present, they did not witness it themselves. They hear about it from someone else, right or they read about it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not a witness to any of these events, because these events occurred hundreds of years before him. Then we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was from among the Arabs who did not have scripture or access to Scripture. And they did not have these

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stories. They did not have this tradition. They were not from this tradition. So he had not heard of these stories before. And these stories were unknown in Arabia, and then he was unlettered, he was not able to read himself. So how was he to learn about these stories only worry, only revelation and any what people had the stories that they had the Christians or the People of the Book, their stories, or rather the records that the writings that they had, did not or do not have the details that are mentioned in the Quran. In Surah Yusuf Ayah 102 Allah subhanaw taala says that he come in and battle he knew he Lake warmer, consolidate him in a dimmer amerihome Omean Quran about the story

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of use of early cinema Allah subhanaw taala says that that is from the news of the unseen which We revealed to you you were not with them when they were plotting to get rid of use of La Santa into root causes. I have 44 Allah's Panthro says about the story of Musa la Sinha that will not continue journey will never be ye that oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you are not on the western side of the mountain, when we reveal to Musa the command, and you were not among the witnesses to their so you only know about this. Why? Because we have no heyy like we have revealed to you. So these stories in the Quran are actually an evidence of the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wasallam. And remember that he came after a huge gap of messengers after a Fatra. And in this was is a great sign of many signs, in fact, especially for the Christians of Milan, that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is a true prophet. And then it has said well my content today him and your opponent Aquila Muhammad au homea columbarium. You were not with them when they were throwing their pens to decide who should to determine who should be the caretaker of mme. Remember that Millennium already has Salam when she was born. She

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needed someone to be her coffee to be her caretaker. And earlier, we learned that waka fella has a kitty. Yeah. Allah subhanaw taala put her in the care of zucchetti Yeah. So this means that before Maria came in the care of Zakaria or his sunnah, people actually drew lots. All right, and the drawing of lots is done when there is a dispute. Okay? And this means that the people I need the money is slightly ill the elders of the Bani Israel eel, they actually disputed among themselves as to who should be the caretaker of mme, because each of them was eager to be the caretaker of mme. Okay. We learned Ibn jedes records that millenniums mother left with Millennium carrying her and

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took her to the rabbis. And what happened is that those rabbis were responsible for taking care of by the muck this, and Miriam's mother said to them that take this child whom I vow to serve the masjid I have set her free, and I shall not take her back home. They said that she is the daughter of our Eman because Imran her father used to lead them in prayer. And they said that he used to take care of our sacrificial rituals as well. The CReality Salam said Give her to me because her maternal aunt is my wife. They said, We cannot bear that you take her because she is the daughter of our Imam. So what happened? They were disputing with Zachary Alehissalaam. They said no, we should have

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her look at artists and I'm sad. No, I should be your caretaker. So there was a dispute among them. And they had to resolve that dispute by drawing lots. And how did they draw lots at the time, they would draw lots with their pens. Okay, so they would throw them they will throw their pens in the river. And the pen that remained afloat, and idle would not go away, would indicate that its owner would win. So this is how they drew lots and this is how is it good Eonni. Sam became the caretaker of mme. Now, why is this mentioned over here? Millennium, think about it. She was born according to what I mentioned to you earlier, the fact that Imran is not mentioned other than his name, any What

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did he say? What did he do? None of that is mentioned. It's possible that he had passed away. So Medea was born as an orphan. And Allah subhanaw taala ensured her protection. Right? And Allah subhanaw taala ensured her righteous upbringing and Allah subhanaw taala also arranged for a good caretaker for Maria. And the fact is that for Allah who laid on half Allah, Allah is the best Guardian well who are hamre human and He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. millenniums mother made the era we're in need or either have beaker with the reata Homina shaytaan the regime that Oh Allah, I give her in your protection. And I give her children and your protection also

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against a tyrannical regime. And he she made dua to Allah that Oh Allah, you take care of my child, you protect her. Now, if you think about it, there are so many children whose parents are alive, yet their upbringing is terrible. They're constantly being neglected by their parents. At times, they're like orphans or worse, because the parents are aloof, they're disinterested. They're not concerned for their children. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was an orphan, and he is the Sayed. The leader of the children of Adam Medina was a ye tema an orphan and she is the best of women use of it, his son was far from his father, and Allah subhanaw taala protected him, right? So we ask Allah

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to protect our children in our presence and in our absence, because the protected is the one who is protected by Allah. Imagine, everyone wanted to be the caretaker of Medea. Right? So you have the rabbi's of vital Noctus and you have the criada husana. And each is claiming that we have greater right over being the caretaker of Medea Subhanallah Why did they dispute over this? Because they knew the reward of taking care of an orphan, and especially the child of a righteous man, you see, being good to the orphan, taking care of the orphan is something virtuous, and something encouraged in our shed era and also in the previous Sharada. We learned in the Old Testament, there's so much

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emphasis on, you know, being just to the orphan, to feed the orphan, and otherwise also ended the rabbi's off by throwing up this they knew the family of Iran and they were eager to gain the address

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All right. So that's why they had to draw lots. And this shows us that whenever there is a dispute among people, that each person or each group is claiming that they have greater right over something, then the matter should be resolved, withdrawing lots. And we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also drew lots, for example, you know, when he would travel, then he would take one of his wives along with him, and he would draw lots for that. And he also said that the people knew the reward of making the then and the reward of standing in the first role. And they found no other way to get that except by drawing lots than they would draw lots. Any if people knew

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the reward, they would fight over it. And there would be no way of resolving that fight except by drawing lots. So drawing lots is permissible units on a cinema to do lots and we learn over here at that soccer yard Who said I'm also drew lots. And this is especially as mentioned over here, because it shows us that millennium was raised in the best place under the best caretaker, and it is Allah subhanaw taala who ensured her beautiful upbringing and Allah subhanaw taala protected her. You see, Miriam's mother, Hannah had made a vow, we learned earlier that she had made a vow that her child would, you know, be a servant, at Vital muck this and that her child would be mojarra. And in order

00:36:30--> 00:37:16

to fulfill her vow, she took her child to buy to mock this, or at least to speak to the rabbis over there, the elders over there. And when they realized what an excellent opportunity this was for them, because she was the daughter of Imran And she was from a righteous family. They wanted that privilege of raising her off caring for her. So how did the Qadiani SNAM become the Kafeel the caretaker of Medea, it happened by the permission of Allah, but there was also lots that had to be drawn. Okay, because there was a dispute, and this shows people were eager, any all of them wanted this privilege. And this only shows us how Allah subhanaw taala takes care of his slaves.

00:37:16--> 00:37:58

Subhanallah he, I don't know if you've seen this if you've witnessed this, but if ever a person has to take care of another child, you know, other than their own children, they take this as a burden. If ever there is, you know, some tragedy in the family where parents have died, and then their little children, it becomes a burden on the relatives. SubhanAllah. But here, people are fighting over this privilege. And this shows us how special Nadiem was to Allah and how Allah subhanaw taala took care of her. And when it comes to drawing lots, no, there is no draw. That needs to be said. There's different ways of drawing lots you could do it by, you know, for example, putting the name

00:37:58--> 00:38:19

of each person on a piece of paper and you close the paper, you put it in a basket and then just draw one out. That is a form of drawing lots. All right. Okay. Let's listen to the recitation and then we end here subclinical loan behenic I should do a La ilaha illa Anta Asahikawa Tobu lake was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah houbara cattle were a ball until

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Maria in law's father came up on

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duty you have to carry in our hearing that he came in

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he really

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knew me at

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day him Lea

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