Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 07 – L080A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the origin of the word "has" and its use in various foods, including flying and the use of "has" label. The speakers discuss the use of "has" label and the importance of avoiding hot areas during a nighttime show. They also mention a book about Europe and the use of leafy greens.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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naturomedica Leanna Salim Karim I'm about to Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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o beshara Li Wei silly Andrey Washington Dr. Mindy Sally yokocho Cody, open and Cigna in my lesson number 80 Surah Al anon is number 40 to 59.

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at to comb you saw you considered in his other comb it came to you I variable punishment, Allah He of Allah O or effort comb it came to you a sir to the hour

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do provider besides Allah He Allah, the owner you all invoke in his content you were saw the team ones who are truthful

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but rather Yahoo only him further una you all invoke

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Shifu so he removes ma wat the owner you all call lie to him. In his share, He willed

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what and Sona and you all forget mal what tertiary cone you all associate?

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what occurred and certainly our center we sent ILA to former main nations,

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men from kundalika before you

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for a hardener home so he sees them build that sir, with the disaster with the hardship work the VA and the beam

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learn the home so that they get elbow room they become humble

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fanola so why not? is when j a home it came to them that sooner our minds or our hardship difficulty today will they became humble.

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When I came but ourselves it became hard to know for whom their hearts will end Xena he adorned la home for them a shape on the shape on mass that which or what care no they were your methadone they do.

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fellow man so when nurses they forgot ma what woke you they were reminded be with it for darshana we opened our many him upon them of whatever doors coldly every shake in thing

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had until either when sorry who they rejoiced. Beamer with what we'll do they were given a hardener home We seized them both the turn unexpectedly suddenly. So either so then home de mobile is zone one to despair

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for kathira so it was cut bamboo route Academy of the people and Medina those who wanna move they did wrong. will handle and the praise or all praise Larry for Allah Ravi rub Allah Allah mean of the worlds

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I'll say a date for a drone user you considered in his or her other he took away Allahu Allah, some are comb your hearing will absorb a comb and your sites will end cotterman he sealed Allah upon kulu become your hearts. Man who Illa who is God value besides Allah He Allah the T come he comes to you be he with it. When you look data how new surgery for we present diversity is the versus summer then home day yesterday phone data in a way

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to say Earth date for a to comb you also you all considered in if at a comb, it came to you or variable punishment. Allahu Allah Beltre done suddenly

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or just written openly. Her shall not use local he is destroyed in law except a coma the people of the moon those who do wrong

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warmer and not know cielo we send and most Selena those who are sent or the messengers in there except

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mobis shooting ones who are bears of good news, woman's routine and ones who are warriors for men, so whoever, our manner he believed, will slow her and he reformed further so not how often a fear or lay him upon them whether and nor home they are known the Shangri

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La Vina and those who get the coup de belied by dinner with our verses. You assume it will touch them or their will the punishment Bhima because of what Colonel they were so old, they disobey the class limits

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don't say learn not a Hulu I say local to you are indie with me kezar no treasures Allahu of Allah.

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Whenever and nor are there more I know Elijah the unseen winner and nor appunto I say local to you in me indeed I melaku an angel

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in not a terbaru ifollow in LA except ma what you heard it is inspired. It is revealed in a year to me

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Don't say hello or yesterday. He is equal

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an aroma the blind well, bursaries and the seeing a fella do the not that effect karoon you always liked

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well under you won't be with it. And Latina those who are half older they fear and that your show they will be gathered

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enough to be him there rub laser It was not the home for them men from dooney besides Him will he use any clothes protecting friend Wiener and Nora Shafi or any intercessor Lauren the home in order that they get to school this year Allah for the adopted

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one do not to pollute you drive away you rebel and levina those Zoo yeah the owner they call of the home they're up below her dirty at the morning while our she and at the evening.

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Ud doula they want they wish watch her who history's may not alayka upon you men from serving him their reckoning their accounting King men from Shay in anything

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warmer and nor men from reserve because your reckoning are they him upon them men from shame anything further through the home. So you drive away then or so you repel them

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further corner. So you will become or consequently you will become

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so or consequently

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you will become

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men from a volley mean those who do wrong

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and gather liquor likewise for 10 we tested we put to trial

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powder home some of them be bargain with some of others live to lose so that they say oh are her Lula EDS mana key favorite. Allahu Allah? Are they him upon them? men from benina between us? Elisa is he not? Allahu Allah the number definitely most knowing Michelle clean with those who are grateful.

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Whatever and when Jirka he came to you and levena knows who you are, they believe the IRS dinner with our verses for call. So you say Solomon, these are les come upon you.

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cassava he wrote a book on Europe Allah upon nuptse himself of the mercy

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and the who indeed he man whoever Urmila he did men come from you soon any evil beija hurled at him because of ignorance or with ignorance sooner than the other he repented men from by the he asked

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for US law and he reformed for under who then indeed he have a full on most forgiving or a shaman or Rizal merciful

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worker their liquor and likewise, new Fasano we explained in detail

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is the vs. Well and lead us to Benin so that it becomes clear subido way and Mooji remain of the criminals

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all say in the indeed I knew he to I was forbidden on that.

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Buddha I worship alladhina dazu. So the owner, you all invoke men from dooney besides Allahu Allah, don't say La not a terbaru I follow a comb your desires

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are in fact, when do I strayed even then? winner and not either, I mean from almost studying those who obtain guidance

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don't say any indeed I Allah upon the unit in a clear proof

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men from the Arab worker victim and you all belied believe with it. Or with him. Man not in the with me, man. What the strategy Luna you will seek to hasten behind with it in not a hook move the judgment in there except Linda he for a law

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yokoso he relates and help us the truth. We're who and he hires his best and first we mean those who judge those who decide

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can't say low is an indeed indeed with me. Mel Watt, the star de Luna you will seek to hasten be with it. Laconia surely it was decided and the matter they need between me webinar calm and between you.

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Allahu Allah. Allah who is most knowing the Radha name with those who do wrong

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we're in the who and with him. Masato keys, Albee of the unseen land not your aloha he knows it in there except where he went and he knows what fee in the land well, and the seat

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warmer and not just go to it falls men from water putting any leaf in there except your alemu her he knows it. Winner and nor have Putin any green see in Willa Murthy darknesses an RB of the land of the earth. Winner and nor Robin any fresh any wet weather and nor missing any dry Illa except fee in keytab in a book will be in one clear

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presentation of this ayah

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he had

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Bula Bula

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ladies and

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todo de lado

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de una vida

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of the

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Al-Anam 40-59 Translation 40-59

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