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Al-Hijr 51-99 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 70-77

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Follow they said the people of Luther escena they replied, I went and then haka. Have we not forbidden you? I mean, from protecting the people of the worlds have we not forbidden you from protecting the people of the world's LLM Nan haka? NACA from the roof letters?

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known her. Yeah, from the word Nayeon.

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What do they mean by this? Have we not forbidding you from the Armenian army? This has been understood in several ways. First of all, have we not forbidden you from taking the responsibility of the wool world?

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Like, for example, if someone wishes to do Dawa, sometimes, what do some people do that every second person they meet, they begin talking to them about something with the other,

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particularly about religion.

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And sometimes their family members, they feel embarrassed to say to them, that have we not already that you're not responsible for this entire world?

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Mind your own business, you don't have to go tell everybody. Similarly, the people of Lutheranism said that have we not told you to not take the responsibility of this whole world? Just mind your own business? Leave us, let us be? Why are you protecting these men?

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Secondly, LLM Nanda cannon aalameen, that have we not forbidden you from coming between us and the rest of the world. Meaning if we want to do something with someone, just let us be,

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stop coming in between do not stop us.

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And this shows that the people of Lutheran Islam did not even have this much higher, that they didn't even take care of strangers. I mean, any person who was passing by that city, who was visiting that city, they would just go and attack them, and use them to fulfill their sexual desire. And Lutheranism would go and protect touch people. So the word Allah I mean, what meaning does it convey that any person who came any person who passed by these people, they would go and attack them, and Lutheranism would come in the middle and stop?

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So they said to him, I will amend her cannon? I mean,

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certainly, this has also been understood as that have we not forbidden you from taking everyone as guests? Any person who comes you welcome him in your house? Why? Who are you?

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I want to know how can

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we say that there were two major evils that were prevalent in that society?

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First of all, as you know, was homosexuality and secondly, highway robbery as well.

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That passers by travelers, when they would travel by their city, they would go and attack their caravans, they would kidnap the people, they will do wrong with them. And whenever Lutheranism tried to stop his people, and he would try to protect the visitors, the strangers of passers by, what would they do? They would reject Him, or they would start yelling at him, like for example, over here, they just leave from here, go away from here.

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But Lutheranism Look at his well wishes.

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Look at his honesty, and look at the care that He has for people,

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that he goes and protects the innocent.

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Many times, if an innocent person is being harmed by the other,

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the general behavior of people is what? Let them do whatever they want. It's their business. I am not in that position to do anything. Besides, I'm only one person, we see that Lutheranism he was literally one person alone. But still, he would go and he would try to protect the innocence. And still he would stop his people from committing evil that they were doing.

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Because when a person sees Mancha, then he must stop it.

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Color he said Lutheranism said to them, how will I even it? These are my daughters in contemporary lien, if you are really wants to do?

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meaning. These are my daughter's and what does it mean? My daughter's First of all, literally his own daughters.

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And secondly, the women of that city.

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Because the messenger is like a father do the nation. Right? Like for example, the wife of the Prophet is like the mother of the nation, which is why the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what are they called? What title are they given?

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Omaha to many mothers of the believers. So similarly, the prophet, the messenger, his status is like that of a father. So when he says these are my daughters, what does he mean that these are the women of the city? in Canton Fair, I mean, if you were ones who do meaning if

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You really want to fulfill your desire, then do it the halaal way. And here are my daughter's, take them in lawful marriage, do nica with them and fulfill your desire in the correct way. In quantum filing, if you're really going to do it the lawful way, if you're going to take them in marriage, then go ahead. These are my daughters. These are the women of the city.

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Allah subhanaw taala addresses the profits or the loss of them over here, that law America by your life, in whom Luffy sokrati him Yama Hoon, indeed, these people were the people of Lutheranism. They were in their intoxication wandering blindly.

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It was as if they were intoxicated,

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they could not use your mind. They were overcome by their desires, they were intoxicated by them. No matter what Lutheranism said, no matter how he advised them, no matter how he tried to stop them, they refuse to listen.

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They just wanted their own way they wanted those men and they wanted to fulfill their desires with them.

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that America

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is familiar with actress Amy murrah LA

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and I'm a means life age Hyatt and there are three spellings of the word

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one is um,

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the other is aroma and the third is remove.

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aroma and aroma.

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You understand what the difference is?

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First is with a baton right? The second is with the spoon on the mean and the third is with the Mondavi.

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an aroma

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so if you find this strange that generally we hear the word aroma

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and here we're hearing um this is acceptable, okay. Remember that there are many words in the Arabic language that can be pronounced in various ways.

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They can be pronounced in various ways.

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So now I'm Luca by your life and we see that Allah subhanaw taala is swearing is taking an oath by the life of

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the Prophet sort of autism Can we do that as well?

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Give me evidence,

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okay. Only Allah can swear by whatever he wants. Like for example, we learned in 30 years, so many sutras in which it begins with custom

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was shamcey world to her was summer,

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one February, Allah subhanaw taala can swear by anything,

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he can swear by anything that he wants,

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and why does he swear by certain objects? There are various reasons behind that which inshallah we will study in detail, as we come across such a

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So remember the rule that Allah subhanaw taala can swear an oath by anything, but we however, can only swear by Allah subhanaw taala why, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us he said inside a Muslim, do not swear by idols, nor by your father's.

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Do not swear by idols and do not swear by your father. Similarly, a decent Buddha would we learned do not swear by your fathers, or by your mothers, or by rivals to Allah and swear by Allah only, and swear by Allah only when you are speaking the truth.

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Similarly, another Hadith in Bukhari, we learned even Armando dinardo he narrates that Allah's Messenger sallallahu Sallam he met up while the latter was going with a group of camel writers, and he was swearing by his father. He was swearing by his father to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah forbids you to swear by your father's. So whoever has to take an oath, he should swear by Allah, or he should keep quiet.

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You don't have to swear and if you really want to swear, if you really want to take an oath, it should be by a loss penalty on his name only. So now I'm going to walk by your life in the home indeed a Luffy sokrati him surely in their intoxication, Sakura, seen Kapha and Sacco is intoxication. mozscape What is

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one that intoxicated and intoxicant. kolomoisky in heaven, every musket is unlawful. So an intoxicant. So, Saqqara, the state of drunkenness, the state of intoxication, and from the soccer rot what is psychological moat?

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The agonies of death. Why? Because in that state also, it is as though a person is overcome by drunkenness by intoxication, not that he's not feeling any pain. No, he's overcome by pain. If you talk to him, he doesn't understand sometimes he's not able

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so in the home Luffy sokrati him in their intoxication there we are mahonia are Muslim from imeem. Hmm. Um, uh huh. We just drove blindly to wander about to go here and there without any purpose.

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So Luffy Sakura team, Yama hoon. In other words, they had been intoxicated with their desire. They were completely heedless of any advice that Lutheranism gave them.

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And they were so blind in their mind.

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What does it show to us that sometimes desires what do they do to a person they blind him

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that sometimes the love of something that he has, because of that, he cannot understand anything else. He cannot see anything else.

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For that to say hello to so the Sangha, the awful cry, it sees them say her is a loud trick, a piercing sound a thunderous blast. So a blast, it sees them, meaning it kills them all.

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Just one blast, one scream, and all of them were gone.

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We should have been as one entering morning at sunrise, which you think is the plural of which Shrek and mushnik is one who rises one who gets up in the morning. And basically, it's from Shahrukh and Shahrukh has a rising of the sun. So mostly 18 as they were entering the morning,

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as the sun was rising upon them,

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the Saheb shook them and they were killed by that sound only because people can actually die. Because of loud sounds.

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For Gianna, so we made Alia its highest, meaning the upper part of the city, or the from the root letters, or the number, the upper part of the city. We made it Sevilla, its lowest

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saphan from seeing Fairyland suffer to be low. So the topmost part of the city was made its lowermost part, what does it show that they were turned upside down.

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This is why the people who lose artists and they're also described as Daffy cat. Remember, macduffie got the cities that are turned upside down.

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It is at the gibreel Center is the one who made that say that loud scream that loud noise that killed them all. And he lifted up these people with his wing to the sky and he brought them down,

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upside down. He slammed them back. And once they were slammed back to the earth, upside down, well on top of that, and we rain, or lay him upon them, hey, Jonathan stones minoxidil of baked clay. On top of that, they were raised with stones. So just imagine allow blast, all of them die because of that sound. And then they're picked up and then they're thrown back upside down. And on top, there is a shower of stones. Hey, Jonathan Min Soo Ji. And remember the word to do we did this earlier as well. There are different opinions with regards to its meaning. Some say that it's a gene. It's actually an a Persian word, its Arab eyes from a Persian word, combination of sang and Gale. So sang

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is stone rock and Gill is mud.

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So stones that are made of mud clay that has been baked on fire.

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Secondly, it has said that it's from sejoon, cng, MLA and sejumlah is to flow. So SideReel they're called why because these stones are literally made to flow upon them. How

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that they were coming down upon them just as water flows. It shows the abundance in which they came and it shows the speed in which they came.

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And it's also set the TTL is at least a gene, the noon has been changed to lamb.

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Because the Arabs, they will change the spellings of a word based on ease of pronunciation. So C G is actually a gene and what is the gene, a section of Hellfire? So these stones were from there?

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So imagine just like bullets, they were being shot at they were being rained with C gene in the field. ellika. Indeed in that Allah subhanaw taala says there is surely signs signs for who little Mata was see me not for everyone. Everyone is not going to take a lesson from this incident, who is going to take a lesson. Those who are mutawa see me

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would always see me as a Florida Buddha was seen from the roof as well seen me

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while seeing me and wasn't is to brand to put a mark on something

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What does it mean to put a mark on something

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and Muto was sim

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with our sim is one who observes the marks the features of something the signs on something,

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he observes them, he looks at them very carefully. And this is why the word moto Wesson is also used for with the

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one who reflects. So those people who reflect those people who look carefully at the signs at the different features, those who observe carefully for them, there are many lessons

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as moto was seeming. So it is also said that Elmo was to me is, first of all, motiva kyren and secondly, more attributing those who take a lesson, because you can only take a lesson from something when you reflect on it when you think about it.

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So, infidelity color is in that meaning in the punishment that was sent upon these people. There are many signs for matassini.

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And we're in the heart indeed it What does it refer to

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the cities of the people of Luther Arizona? Indeed, it is, levees of Eden Surely, on a way on a road, that is McLean that is established eternal. Sabir, as you know, is used for a way a bath over here to give the meaning of road highway. And this highway is moving. Moving from newletters. cough. Well, me, McLean was used for a resident Why? Because he's always there. Even if you traveled, even if you go somewhere, eventually, he's going to come back. McCain is like a permanent resident. So we're in the lobby, Sabina and mukim. Indeed, these cities, they are situated on an established road. What does this road refer to? This refers to the highway of trade that ran from Yemen, to

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from Yemen, to Syria. So as you travel on this road, you can see

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the signs of these people who were destroyed.

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There, they're obvious they're right by this road. Anyone who was walking on this road, he can see these people who were destroyed.

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And it is that that this highway, this trade route has been there since always, I mean, it's been there from time immemorial.

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And remember that in her indeed it it doesn't just refer to one city because Lutheranism was sent to a group of cities that were side by side. And all of them they had this problem of homosexuality as well as highway robbery. Which is why it's not just the city of Sodom, but it is also saddam, as well as Come on.

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In the feed alika indeed, in that, in what, in the story that has been mentioned over here in the punishment of these people, there is that I am surely assigned for who meaning for those people who believe.

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So this shows to us that Elmo was mean, there may be many people who go and observe the signs. However, it's only the believers amongst them who will take a lesson.

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Because there are many people who look at the various features assigns the marks on something, perhaps even more than believers. But it's not necessary that they will take a lesson who will really take a lesson, a movement will take a lesson.

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As I mentioned to you earlier, the way these people were destroyed, that first of all, there was a Sangha, secondly, they were picked up. Thirdly, they were slammed back on the ground. And then on top of that, there was also a shower of stones. And it is also said that there was a severe earthquake. And the earth literally opened up and swallowed these people in

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they were literally swallowed in by the ear.

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And as they were swallowed in the water that emerged on the surface, which is known as the Dead Sea, that is still present till today.

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And it is said that this dead sea its water basically comes from somewhere from a source. But as it comes over here, it just stays in one place. There is no way out of it. And because the soil is such, the salt content is so high that nothing can live in this water. Because imagine what is beneath it. Imagine the hedgerows the Min Soo Ji that were thrown upon them.

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So it has made that entire land such that nothing can live as well as the water that is on nothing can live in that water. So in the finale color is a little mini and it is said that these people the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, there were at least 400,000 water

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Amongst them.

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So it wasn't just a few people, 100 people or 200 people, no 400,000 people, but all of them were finished. And who survived? Only three people.

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Why did they survive because of their email. So what's the lesson that ultimately, it's the person who has a man who will be saved, because nothing of this dunya can protect you from the punishment of Allah.

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Nothing at all. It cannot save you in this dunya it cannot save you in the hereafter. If it could save anyone, it would have saved these people. Because there were 400,000 warriors, not just ordinary people, there were warriors. And on top of that, they were very wealthy. Imagine how strong they must have been that anyone who's walking by anyone who's traveling by, they would go and catch them, they will go and attack their caravans, and imagine all the money that they must have accumulated by attacking so many caravans.

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So they were physically strong. They were financially very strong. There were also people of determination that no matter how much Lutheranism tried to stop them, they would refuse to give up, but nothing at all could help them. So what's the what's the lesson? That it's only a man that can benefit a person?

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It's not your numbers.

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It's not your physical strength.

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But what is it? It's even

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recitation presentation

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motion at

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see me.

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Just as the people root on Islam they were intoxicated by their sexual desire. And because of that, no matter what Luthor Islam told them, no matter how we advise them, no matter how much you want

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No matter how he tried to make them realize, don't embarrass me, don't humiliate me, don't cause me shame. They refuse to accept. They refuse to listen.

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And sometimes it happens that a person is overcome by his desires or his anger or his bias against someone, that no matter what is shown to him, he doesn't see it. He doesn't get it.

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Like, for example, shavonne, he was blinded by what his pride, his arrogance, his bias against other medicine and that he has been created from Solomon hammer in Missouri. And because he's made from that I'm never going to prostrate.

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So this is why we should pray to Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from such desires that completely blind us.

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And remember, there are two main diseases of the heart. One is desirous Shahada, and the other is Shibboleth.

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This is why they're a bit disease, because they completely cripple a person,

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the cripple his mind, his logic, his comprehension, his understanding.

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Now, sometimes a person is overcome by his desires. One way is that you stop them, you try to make them see what they're doing. And the other is that you encourage them in what they're doing.

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Like, for example, the wife of Lutheranism, what did she do? She is the one who went and told them.

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She knew they had this problem, but she went and told them anyway. So we have to see that if someone before someone around us is inclining towards something wrong, then what role are we playing? Are we trying to stop them? Are we trying to encourage them?

00:26:41--> 00:26:58

Like, for example, sometimes our own friends, were people, human beings, we all make mistakes. We all commit faults. So it's possible that a friend of ours decides to stay at home, not come to school for something that is completely useless. What is our responsibility?

00:26:59--> 00:27:00

What is our responsibility?

00:27:02--> 00:27:10

Let her do it. And ask her. So how was the match? What did you do? Did you have fun? Who else was over? What is our responsibility?

00:27:11--> 00:27:12

We should stop them.

00:27:14--> 00:27:15

We should not encourage them.

00:27:16--> 00:27:23

Like, for example, how the Sahaba, the three companions, who did not go for battle the rest of this habit? How do they deal with them.

00:27:25--> 00:27:39

There was a social boycott, to make them realize that what they had done was wrong. They stayed behind that didn't come, this was serious. Because if we don't stop one another, then what's going to happen? Today they're doing it tomorrow, we'll be doing it.

00:27:41--> 00:27:47

We see that Lutheranism despite all the effort that he put in, not even a single man believed in him.

00:27:48--> 00:28:03

Only his two daughters, or even his wife. Just imagine, if you evaluate this from a worldly perspective, this is a failure. Somebody is putting in so much effort, but their own family, their own spouse is also not with them.

00:28:04--> 00:28:12

However, we see that he was successful. Why? Because he did his part. he conveyed the message and Allah granted him success.

00:28:13--> 00:28:36

So at the end of the day, what is being observed? If we have fulfilled our duty or not? It wasn't in that okay, have you managed to convert 100 people or not out of those 400,000? warriors? You couldn't even convince 100? No. What was that? Did he fulfill his work? Did he fulfill his task? Did he fulfill his mission? If he did, he was granted success.

00:28:38--> 00:28:40

We see that the wife of Luther the center

00:28:41--> 00:28:42

or sympathy was towards

00:28:44--> 00:28:57

the people who are criminals. And we also learned that she actually left with Luther s&m, but she looked back and she was struck by the punishment as well. So her sympathy her feelings, her empathy was towards,

00:28:59--> 00:29:37

towards the Muslim people. But Lutheranism he had the same feeling towards towards the innocent visitors, which is why he tried to protect them, he tried to save them. So this shows that the feelings of sympathy the feelings of empathy, they are normal. And in fact, they are very important for people. You should feel bad when you see someone in a problem. But it should be channelized the proper way, that if somebody has done something wrong, and now they're being punished, you can't say, Oh, I feel so bad for you. No, you can't do that. But if there's an innocent person who has been treated unjustly, then you must feel bad for them.

00:29:39--> 00:29:53

Another very important rule that we learned from this is that Luther is Salaam. He was told that when you go, don't look back. And this is something that we need to apply in our daily life as well. That when we are walking, where should we look

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in front of us, because if we're looking sideways or if we're looking behind, then what's going to happen? We might bump in

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For someone, right? We might fall, or we might trip or we might drop what we are holding in our hands or something that's in our hands might, you know, fly away, for example, a piece of paper or something, we have no idea because we're not looking. Right? And when we are 10 steps ahead, then we realize, Oh, where did this angle? Similarly, when people are driving sometimes if there is an accident on the other road, what do they do? They stop by and they look. And you wonder, the accident is not on this road. So why is it that there's so much traffic over here? It's because people are stopping by to look. So where should we look and we're walking when we're driving in

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front of us.

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Another reason of not looking back is because we should accept the degree of a loss. When you have left something for the sake of Allah, then leave it don't look back. And there's something that we need to adopt in our life as well, that it's possible that we used to do certain things before.

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And now we have left them, don't look back, because if you look back, what's going to happen, you're going to desire, you're going to want to do it again. So don't even look back.

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I said I've already come. I was just thinking that when the angels were conveying to Lutheran Islam, in the Quran, you see that they told her when what why, how were everything about it. So when somebody asked you about Lutheran Islam, don't you say they were homosexual, that's why they were destroyed, say the full story, let them take a lesson how the punishment came to them, so they can act on it too. And another very important thing that we learned is that when the angels came in the door Lutheranism, how they were supposed to leave, they gave all of the instructions when when exactly for us see.

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And secondly, with who who are supposed to leave be ellika, with a 30 minute lady, how they were supposed to leave the method as well, and where they were supposed to go. So all of these details recommend similarity. When we give a task we must clearly mention what when, who, where, why all of these details.

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I was just thinking about there's two very similar items here. And one of them is in the feed Erica, I didn't mean and then two verses later, it says in the feed vatika. I mean, so there's many signs for those who look but then for the believers, like you see that some people, they spend their whole life just looking at these signs, but they don't get anything out of it. But then there's other people that see one sign, and that changes the way they believe. And that's what's really important. Exactly.

00:32:35--> 00:32:58

And I see that the wife of little tiny salon, she was destroyed by a single glance, that just shows us that alarm monitors even the most minute of our actions. And so like imagine, that was a glance and look at the punishment she got. So like everyday situations that we come across, like people are backbiting and we accidentally laugh, it like that's way more than a glance. So imagine the punishment for that.

00:33:01--> 00:33:34

Monica, I was just reflecting on Ludo Islam, and how he meaning his people, his followers, he tried to protect them by standing in the back of them. And also like the prophets alarm, they said that this was a sinner that sometimes he would go in the back sometimes he would go in the front to protect these people. And I've noticed that we do the same thing as well. Like, you know, after you guys come to class, you probably have noticed we make around to see okay, who's in the washroom was in the childcare room who's here who's there who's in the lunchroom? Why? Because we don't want you to even miss one second of the class. If you look at your notes, go back to your notes. If you are

00:33:34--> 00:33:56

missing even a page worth of notes. What are you going to do afterwards. So don't take it offensively actually take it as a well wishing that they don't want you to miss anything. So if somebody is telling you, you shouldn't be here at the time, you should be in class. They're making sure you're at the right place at the right time getting the most benefit out of your day. If somebody is doing that, don't mind. Take them as someone who's your wellwisher who wants Good for you.