Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 14 – L132D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The use of "over there" in the legal system in Java is discussed, with a focus on protecting from storm damage and "over there" being used in a "over there" concept. The transmission of information from culture to reality is also discussed, including the importance of the holy eye and providing food and water to people living in the planet. The speaker emphasizes the need for everyone to provide for the creation of all people.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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founder 132 so we'll begin from number 16. One aka Gianna, origin, and manifest within the heaven. Growth styles

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was a you know, and we have adorned it adorned what many we have in the sky.

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For those who look for the observers, nobody has a Florida no one who looks. So those who look at the sky, the sky has been made beautiful for them.

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The region

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of birch trees, bear or D.

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and the bench literally means

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to be a parent to be visible.

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What does it mean, literally, to be a Ferrant to be visible.

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When something is visible, and particularly when something is visible from a distance,

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you can see it from a distance.

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And the workbench is also used for a castle for a fort.

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Now tell me a fort for a castle isn't visible, isn't it?

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They're huge, and they can be seen from a distance.

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Similarly, the workbench is also used for

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a destination, a possession

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instead of the Messiah, number 78. We learn whenever you come to

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Moshe Yoda, even if you are in force, that will still come and find you and overtake you. So they will just literally forts. And over here, a Lost Planet, Allah says that we have placed in the sky,

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the reach has been understood as stars, then that kind of stars, stars that are very big and very bright.

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Because generally in the sky, the stars during the night, you can see many, especially if it's a clear night, if the sky is very clear, however, there are some stars which are very bright, they attract your attention immediately, you'll notice them instantly. So, the range refers to not just ordinary styles, not just small styles, but which one's big and bright stars

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by which people are guided in the darkness of the sea, or the length.

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It is anticipated refers to them as the positions of the stars, the sun and the moon, where they are placed in the sky, where we see them. Even the stars you don't see them randomly random places every night. No, there are certain places where you see them like for example, the three stars that you see in a row. Similarly, the North Star stars have certain Bonanza.

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So a lot of times it says that we have placed in the sky

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and with these balloons was a you know her and we have beautified the sky, luminary for those who look. My room is a clone of NASA.

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One who sees

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and this has been interested in two ways that first of all, the person who looks at the sky. For him, there is a lot of beauty to see, there is a lot of beauty to look at.

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Whether he observed the sky with the naked eye, or you observe it with some sophisticated tools and telescopes, you will find a lot of beauty in the sky, the sun, the moon, especially in the night sky, the stars.

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And secondly, marathoning also applies to those who reflect and those who take a lesson.

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In the previous era, it was mentioned

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that if the days of the heavens were opened up, and the angels ascended in and the people saw, still they would not believe or if they themselves were able to ascend and they themselves could come down, they would still reject.

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This is the story of a person who is denying on the basis of stubbornness, on the basis of arrogance.

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On the other hand, there's people who look those people who can do those people who reflect they can take a lesson from the things that are around even from the night sky. Remember, look at the night sky they see so much beauty in it and they realize the power of Las panatela

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has no hair and we have guided it meaning we have guided the sky. Men coalition in every shape and that is a regime that is an outcast. That is a cursed

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last panel data has also preserved the sky. How? From what from every shapefile that is produced on the surface. Why do you mean and the origin is to stern, and the regime gives the meaning of more gene. Why, who has been stoned? However, it does not just mean one who has been stoned but it also means one who is reports to one who is chased away. One who was an outcast.

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So, shaytani r g, meaning shapefile that is always repelled, that is always pushed away.

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All the time we say our

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energy before reciting the Quran, we say out of below him in the SharePoint of it.

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In so many occurred, and so many derives those seeking refuge with a loss penalty against shape under this regime. So, a loss of parents Allah has preserved the sky from every shape liner regime as well. So we see over here, two things, that first of all, our last panel data has created the heavens and misplaced originate. Why, for the purpose of beautification for the purpose of adornment.

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And another reason for placing the balloons for placing the stars in the sky is in order to protect what is going on in the heavens from home from the sheltering.

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In Java, we will discuss in detail in the next tire, that we must go up to the heavens in order to listen to the conversations of the angels, that what happens the stars, they are shot on them. And with that they are chased away. So two reasons of placing the stars in the sky are mentioned in these verses. What are they first of all beautification, and secondly, to ward off the sheltering.

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Except this is exception from one show to analogy, meaning the styles are placed over there in order to repel the Sharpie. However, sometimes the sheltering do manage to steal something some information, they do manage to hear something so except for minister are the one who steals a semi the hearing aesthetical newsletters seen Rothkopf and what does that mean? To steal was Scirocco ascetical to English rock soccer, the soccer so in my mind, hysterical and hysterical, is to try to steal it is to be able to steal. And over here instead of a sundial, whoever stole a summer a hearing, what does it mean by that? Whoever manages to listen secretly?

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Because if you think about it, theft is committed

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secretly when nobody's looking,

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similarly, external customer is to listen to something secretly when the other does not know that you are listening to them. What does that called

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to eavesdrop?

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So, Mr. Customer, so altova, who so it is made to follow him, she has a burning flame that is moving that is clear.

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So ensure

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that manages to eavesdrop and marriages to hear something that the angels were speaking about, and what happens, as she has been a clear burning flame follows the chairperson, and burns and killed him. She had so many surgeries she had.

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And she had is basically a shooting star.

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And no been clear.

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So a bright burning shooting star

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follows a shirt on and bones.

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So we see that Allah subhanaw taala has made the shooting stars, why in order to guide the sky against the evil devils who eavesdrop.

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We sit at the gym, and they share it. They have always ascended up to the heavens, in order to eavesdrop in order to listen to the conversation of the angels. Because the angels, obviously where they're going to be talking about whatever commands are most proud Allah has given. So when the duties are being assigned, or the matters are being discussed to share it, they go up, and they try to listen, in order to know what's going to happen in the future. So they steal this information.

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And when you manage to hear something, what do they do? They come to the earth and they go to soothsayers and the terrible fortune tellers of awareness to happen in the future, which is why many times if people go to fortune tellers, and they tell them about something that's going to happen in the future, if it's true, where do they get this information from? From this area. But many times these fortune tellers will also add their own information to it and tell you that they impress people.

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We see that this used to happen before the Prophet Solomon

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Selim came and continued afterwards as well.

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According to some, this used to happen only before the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gammon once he came once a Quran was being revealed, then this process was stopped. However, we learn from a hadith in Sahih Muslim, which shows that this has always been happening before he came, and also afterwards.

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For example, we learn from this hadith in Sahih, Muslim Abdullah bin or does he reported, there are persons in the unsaved, who is amongst the companions of Allah's Messenger sallallahu wasallam, the treasure to me, but as we were sitting during the night, which allows messenger, a shooting star give a dazzling light. So basically, they sell a shooting star in the sky. So the Prophet said Ellison himself, what did you say, in the previous Sonic days, when there was such a shooting star in the sky? What do you use to say about it? What did you think? What did you believe about it?

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So they replied, Allah and His Messenger know best. But we, however, used to say that, that very night, a great man had been born and a great man had died.

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So this is what their belief was, every time they saw a shooting star. People also have different beliefs. So this is what the machine used to believe.

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So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, these shooting stars are neither at the death of me when more on the birth of anyone,

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allow the Exalted and glorious issues commands, when he decides to do something. So when Allah decides to do something, what does he do? He gives a command. So the angels, the Hamlet, the angels that are carrying the throne, what do they do, they begin to clarify almost a penalty.

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And then this glorification, it continues, and the dwellers of the heaven who are near to them, until this glory of God reaches them who are in the heaven of this world. So basically, when a less paradise gives a command, what happens? The angels that are carrying the throne, they begin to notice of Allah, and the angels of all of the heavens, the seven heavens, they begin to disappear until the Frisbee reaches the heavens.

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So then, then those who are new the supporters of the throne they asked the supporters of the throne the angels that carry the throne, that what has your Lord said, and they accordingly inform them what he says, then the dwellers of heaven, they seek information from them until this information reaches the heaven of the world. And in this process of transmission, what happens the gene base match what they manage to overhear the genuine this process of transmission from one level to the other. The angels as you're transferring the command have a loss of data, what happens or do they overhear they steal some information, and then they carry it to their friends. And when the agency

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the gym, they attack them with the shooting stars. And if they're married only with the manage to * That is correct, but they allied with lies and make additions to it. So what do we see that this used to happen?

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Always before the

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game and till today, every time there is a shooting star? What does that show that a shepherd has managed to overhear a command that almost panatela has given.

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However, we learn that when the Quran was being revealed, this is very important. When the Quran was being revealed during revelation of the Quran. It was not possible for the thing to even be able to hear anything

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to even go there or listen to anything. As we learned in Serato gin, I remember nine that the gym said that will Mr. Kumar Necro demon Hare mocker Ada Lovelace decembrie. Familiar scenario, Anna, you didn't know who she had been Rosada and we used to sit there in in positions for hearing we used to go out to the skies. And we used to sit in certain positions in order to hear something but whoever listens now will find a burning flame lying in wait for him before what used to happen. If we managed to hear something and the angel saw then we would get shot at. But now what happened before we when we get there, there was a shooting star waiting for us. So when the Quran was being

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revealed, the skies were protected from work from the shelter into the shaping cannot even manage to interfere. They could have managed at all.

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So this shows to us. Again, the explanation of the era that we're in motherhood, a half years old that we're going to go to court and we're going to preserve the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala took it upon himself to preserve the Quran. And through this way jabril when he brought the Quran to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he brought it in food security fencing

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purity without the intervention of any gym initiator.

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So what do you see in this ayah, that the stars, they are a means of adornment. And they are also a means of guarding, protecting, preserving.

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I number 210 to 212. But American

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woman is totally your own. In the home on the summary, Lamar is alone. And they have not brought the revelation down. Because the people of Makkah used to say that this is something that just showed up in her data. So unless the parents either says no,

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it is not allowable for them, nor would they be able to, they're not allowed, nor would they ever be able to if they even attempted, because indeed their families hearing are removed. They are removed from even hearing the revelation as it is being brought down. Why, because of the skies being well protected against all of them.

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Well, although MDF, now after mentioning the sky are less apparent Allah mentions the earth. But as for the earth, mother dinner have we have spread it Madonna from the author's name their their mother, which is to striped sample lengthwise.

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So we have stretched it, meaning we have made it vast, we have smoothened it, it's spread out, it's laid out before you you keep walking, you keep running, you keep driving, it never ends before you will elbow Madonna.

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And this also gives the meaning of if you think of it, if the earth was just like a piece of square for instance, then it would not give the sense of that the Earth has been expanded, it has been laid out the fact that the earth is round, what does that show that it's laid out, it just never ends for you. Constantly, you can go around it, you can go about it without ever coming to an entry.

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we're an arena and we have cast fee her in it

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firmly set mountains overseas

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for our Seattle and Alaska is that which is firmly fixed

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which is deeply rooted. And Alessi is used for mountains that are firmly anchored. There are like pegs

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and why the controversy because they hold the earth together.

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we're unbuttoned there and we have to go see her in it. Meaning in the earth, medical missionary in from everything that is most well balanced.

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And we have cause to go in the earth something of every well balanced thing

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Mozu is renewing citrus was a mood wasn't what is was a mean weight.

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and misery is that which is weighed

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that which is weighed. But nausea is also bad, which is well balanced.

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Because really wasn't me Then what is it scale? What do you do with that balance?

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So mozal is first of all weighed and secondly, well balanced well proportioned.

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So in in coalition Moser What does it mean that everything that our last panel Tyler has created every single thing that almost panda has grass to grow in the earth and Bednar

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it is well proportioned, it is well balanced.

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And its weight is also appropriate.

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So first of all, its weight is appropriate. And secondly, it is also well balanced, it is well proportioned in its size.

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For example, if you look at the weight

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of everything that is made to go in the earth, imagine if grains were extremely heavy. Or imagine if rice grains were extremely heavy. Imagine if flowers were very heavy, how difficult it would be to harvest or to transport food or to even carry food on your spoon or your plate, it would be extremely difficult. The weight of everything that a las panatela has class to grow it is the most perfect weight, it's the most appropriate one.

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Similarly, if you look at it, the filter grows on the trees.

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Its weight is appropriate. It's just right. The weight of the leaves, the weight of the flowers of the branches. Everything is perfect. Certainly Galicia Muslim, that Muslim. It's well balanced. It's well proportioned in its size.

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Just imagine if ordinary grass

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was taller than us, how difficult it would be to live, how difficult it would be to go about the size is well proportioned.

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Similarly, men coalition, Amazon also means that in the quantities, they are measured,

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in their quantities are measured.

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destination for less powder occurs the crops to grow everywhere without limiting their growth, there will be crops everywhere, it would be extremely difficult to go about to build something to construct something.

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So, there is perfect balance and proportion in what unless apologia has caused to go. And all of this is based on his wisdom.

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And we have made for you see her in it we're

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in the earth. So, we have made for you in the earth my means of livelihood. Now is the plural of Maria. Maria shortened from the Rosetta's I am Yoshi

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and Malaysia is means of living means of livelihood, sustenance, subsistence.

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So we have placed for you many things in the earth, on the basis of which you survive on the basis of which you live, from your food, to clothing, everything you find in the earth,

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on the basis of which you live, you eat your drink you where you build your houses with it

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is just imagine if we were to get our foot from some other planet

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or there is no water on the surface of the earth, it would be impossible to do. So everything that is necessary for people to live where is placed.

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Main economical wolfy Henry

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Allen major auto key factor.

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So whether you're a man or

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woman, less stone, and when you are not liable for it, because you're clean at all providers, women,

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what is mean by this woman less than 18 First of all, who are men is understood as well layman, that in the earth we have placed for your marriage. And we have also placed in the earth, my Irish for who bears creatures, whom you do not provide.

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We have placed provision for you in the earth and also for those creatures and we will now provide

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like for example, the provision of all birds, all insects, all creatures, all animals, Where is it?

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Where is it? In Ruth? Right? who provides for them also penetrator who has provided their food in the earth along the perimeter?

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Like for example, if you have a cat

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or if you have fish, what do you have to do? You have to go buy their food, and you have to feed them on time. If you don't, they could, there could be serious problems. Right? However, we see that the fish that are in the seas that are in the rivers that are in lakes, similarly, the cats are out there in the wild, which human beings go and provide food for them.

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No one does, but Allah subhanaw taala has provided their food.

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So, Allah has provided us with food in this dunya and he has also provided the rest of the creation whom we do not feed.

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the Rosa clean woman, this is connected with ledger under the

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local First of all, we have placed for you in the earth my ish and secondly, we have also placed for you in the earth men less than low velocity

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we have placed for you in the earth your means of livelihood. And we have also placed for you in the earth. Those creatures whom you do not provide. However, they have been created for your service.

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They have been created for your service. Like for example, so many creatures, so many animals, human beings benefit from them, but who provides them a

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woman less than unity providers.

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Even if you go and fetch their food for them, you did not create it yourself. You did not make it yourself. So Allah subhanaw taala He has created us He has created the rest of the creation and he has placed the provision for all of the creation where in the earth and are there the rest of the creation has been made for the benefit of human beings. Human beings have not been burdened with the responsibility to provide for the rest of the creation.

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Isn't that a huge failure?

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that human beings have not been

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burdened with the responsibility to provide for the rest of the creation. Just imagine if we were responsible for providing food to the fish that are in the sea that are in the oceans. It would be impossible for us.

00:25:13 --> 00:25:19

We can barely feed all of humanity. How could we ever feed the rest of the creatures?

00:25:20 --> 00:25:22

Women less than men with a recipe?

00:25:24 --> 00:25:28

And what does this show the power of Allah, the ability of a law the perfection of a loss of parameter,

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that he does not just provide us but he also provides every single creation

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