Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P27 277A Translation Al-Hadid 16

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of protecting one's image and reputation is emphasized in Islam, with emphasis on protecting one's image and reputation and avoiding false pride in actions. The use of light in war, the importance of acceptance and obeying spiritual guidance, and the potential for dangerous actions can lead to heart failure and hardiness. The heart is hard and inactive, and actions can lead to arrogance and fear of failure.
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So in these verses of Surah Hadith at the beginning, we are reminded of who our Lord is. That he is the one who is worthy of being glorified, at all times by all creatures. And the fact is that there is no creature except that it is glorifying the perfection of Allah subhanaw taala it is screaming out, it is shouting out the glory and the perfection of Allah by its very existence. And in this is a reminder for us that what is wrong with you or people? Why don't you recognize who Allah is, when Allah has favored you the most with intelligence, with reason, with a heart that is full of emotion. So why don't you do this be of Allah. And then we are invited to believe even though we may already

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believe we are invited to strengthen and to renew our faith in Allah in His Messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we are reminded of the Meetha the pledge that we have made with Allah, whether this pledge is the one that was made before we came into this world, or it is the pledge of la ilaha illa Allah, because when we say La Ilaha illa Allah, what does it mean? That I don't believe in any god except to, except Allah. I don't believe that there is anything worthy of being ILA except to accept Allah because La Ilaha is a negation. So you made this commitment already, that the center of your life will be who? Allah subhanaw taala. So now what is wrong with you? Why are you lagging in

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your actions? So renew your faith, refresh your faith, strengthen your faith and come forward in the way of Allah. And especially, we are invited to spend in the way of Allah spend, give him to give allah God Hassan, Allah subhanaw taala is asking us to give a loan to him. I was listening to a lecture biostat normally Han Solo to Hadith and I encourage all of you to listen to it. And when he explained this ayah Munda levy you could Abdullah called and Hasina, he gave an example. He said, Just imagine if your mother comes to you. And she says to you, that can I borrow $100 from you, and I promise I will return them to you. Your mother asks to borrow $100 from you on the condition that

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she will give it back to you. Now for us, maybe it's not that big of a deal. But for a man. This is humiliating? Where was he? What kind of a selfish, arrogant child is he? That his mother is the one who looked after him. And now look at him, he's got the money, and his mother is in need. And she has to come and ask him. Can you lend me $100? Can you imagine just put yourself in a situation like that? Why would a mother do that because she knows that her son would not loves his money too much. And Allah subhanaw taala also knows that we love our things too much the things that He has given us the things that we don't truly own. We just have them temporarily for some time. But we love them

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too much what they're hipbone and mela Hogben Genma. With an immense love, we're too attached to these things. So Allah subhanaw taala is making an offer over here. Would you like to give something and look at the question, man, the lovey Is there anybody? Is there anybody who would give Allah alone. And when you're thinking about giving Allah alone, this is not just financial.

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This is not just financial. It's giving your time and your energy and yourself, your soul, your reputation, your honor, because many times more than our wealth, what is important to us is our reputation and honor. And so we will sacrifice many things, but we will do anything to protect our image in front of others. But the thing is that when you're serving the religion of Allah, when you're doing something for the sake of Allah, one of the first things that you have to sacrifice is actually your Eagle. One of the first things that is attacked is actually your honor.

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One of the first things that people attack when you're doing something for the sake of Allah is what they question your sincerity, they question your integrity.

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They question your intentions. And then they say things about you that are inaccurate. So manda lady, who is that person who would give Allah alone, but don't worry, if you will give Allah alone He will not leave you empty handed. He will give you more for you bar if a hula who Allah will give him even more because yes, while they are

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are people who are humiliated in this world for the sake of Allah, near Allah, we hope that in sha Allah, they have a very high status. And this real status will come forth on the Day of Judgment, as we see in the following verses that how there's a distinction made between the believers, the sincere believers who strove in the way of Allah, and the other group of people, the moon African who appeared to be Muslim, who were supposedly with the rest of the crowd. But on the day of judgment, what will happen at that time when they will be crossing the bridge, a wall will be placed separating the hypocrites from the believers. On the other side of the wall where the believers are,

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there will be Allah's mercy and reward. Because that is how a person can enter into Jannah once he's crossed the bridge,

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and then on the side of the hypocrites, there will be other and notice how in the wall Allah subhanaw taala says there will be a door suit in law who, Bab there is a door, what is a door for to go through from one side to the other? If there is a wall with a door in it, what does that door mean? It's it's supposed to be a way a means of access to the other side of the wall. Correct. So this wall what is the purpose of that? Remember that there are levels of hypocrisy, right? There are levels of hypocrisy, there is hypocrisy that is in Arpita. In one's faith, like for example, we learn of the Laban obey at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. He was a hypocrite in

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his belief. In his heart, he was a hypocrite, a real hypocrite, in the sense that on the outside, he demonstrated Islam, but on the inside, he hated Islam. And that hate Yes, it did become visible every now and then. Anyone who studies the zero will come to know of that. Right? So this is NIF out in Arcada.

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And for such people, Allah subhanaw taala says that in NL mon fu Cana fifth don't kill us Philomena now they will be in the lowest level of hellfire, even lower than the disbelievers. Can you imagine, there is a person who rejects the existence of Allah, he's lived his life like that. He has a certain level in hellfire. But even lower than that is the level of the hypocrite. The one who apparently shows belief he conforms. Why? Because otherwise you'll be ostracized or he will not get the benefits that the Muslims get. Right? So he's outwardly a Muslim, just for the sake of getting Muslim benefits. That's it. You might wonder what are those benefits that a Muslim could get right

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these days? Especially but remember in Medina, right, if you were a Muslim than what happened, I mean, Ma sha, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala was giving the Muslims victory upon victory upon victory, right? And every person of reason and high status was converting to Islam. So it wasn't reasonable to stay back. So this is why are the Levin obey accepted Islam anyway, this will be the state of who the hypocrites who have hypocrisy in their belief. All right. So such people will be in Hellfire for how long eternally never to come out of there. There is another level of neufeldt which is in Arma, inactions. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam informed us of the actions of hypocrisy, what are

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they lying?

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Alright, one example is lying. Likewise, bad o'clock, lack of understanding the religion,

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such actions or characteristics, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he described hypocrites as such who possess these characteristics. So anyway, there could be a person who is sincere in his faith, meaning he actually does believe in Allah, they actually do believe in the Day of Judgment with their heart, but yes, there are times when they will lie. Yes, there are times when they will demonstrate extremely poor o'clock, extremely bad o'clock. And of course, the other characteristics also the other actions also such as breaking promises and etcetera, etcetera. So, these actions are also punishable. Right. So, why is there a door in this wall? Because some people who do possess

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hypocrisy in their actions, yes, they will be punished in the fire but eventually, because of the sincere faith that they have, even if it is the amount of how much a mustard seed, they will eventually be brought out of hellfire. So they'll go through that door

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into Allah's Mercy into paradise.

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And here in these verses, we also see that the believers will be given their light and how that light will be in front of them and also on their

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And we learned that the munafo Clean, they will not have any light. And they will request the believers, they will urge them that wait for us, let us share some of your light and you see borrowing this light, it doesn't cause light to reduce it only causes light to increase, right? Because remember if device what is it to light fire? Right on a piece of wood? How? By burning it another fire. So when you take fire like that you're not reducing the original fire.

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If it was liquid, if it was D, yes, that original amount would reduce. But when it comes to light and fire, they don't reduce. So knock the disminuir they come as if they're saying, What harm would it do to you if we borrowed some of your light? Let us have some of your light we're desperately in need of it. And then de la it will be said it will be set by who?

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By who could be the angels or could be the believers but the hypocrites will be told go back to where you came from meaning the world and get light from there. Do something there so that you can have light right now. And this is of course sarcasm.

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I shall do Lahore on her she asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that when the earth will be changed into another Earth, as Allah says Yama, Tibet The rule or the ladle out when this will happen? Where will people be and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said homefield, Wilma, they will be in darkness. Because as we learn in the Quran, either Shamu Kuvira,

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the sun will be wrapped up, it will lose its light, the moon also will lose its light. So then what will happen, each person will be granted their own light, especially at the time off, crossing the bridge. In Hadith, we learned one of the companions, he said that Allah will gather the people on the Day of Resurrection, some of them will be given light like a mountain.

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So huge, like a mountain in front of them. And right next to them, can you imagine a light like that, could there be any fear on a person who has this much light,

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some of them will be given more light than that, nothing Mountain is huge, sum will be given even more than that. Some will be given their light like a palm tree, tall, but not as wide because Mountain is wide and tall.

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And some will be given less than that. So some people will be given life like a mountain, others like a palm tree on the right side, and some people will be given less than that on the right side. The last one to be given light will be given light on his door on his big door.

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That's all the light he will have in front of him. That's it. And this light on his stall will also flicker it will go on and off. When it will shine, he will move forward on the bridge. And when it will extinguish he will stand still.

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This is how this person is going to cross the slit off and the slit off the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that how is it it is sharper than a sword and thinner than a hair

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from which it is very easy to slip. So people will come on the bridge with their own light. And then they will cross the bridge. Some of them will cross it like a falling star, meaning very quickly. Others will cross it like the wind or like the blinking of an eye. Blink your eyes. That's it.

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That's it.

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Or like a man running or jogging

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according to the level of his deeds,

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than the one whose light is on his big toe. He will also attempt to cross the bridge.

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But as he will cross it

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with one hand slipping and the other holding on and one foot slipping and the other hanging on with the fire hitting his sights. Until when he will eventually pass the bridge. He will cross the bridge he will say Alhamdulillah he ledee Alhamdulillah all Praise to Allah who has saved us from you or fire after we have seen you. So He will glorify and praise Allah at that time.

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In another Hadith we learned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said each person, believer or hypocrite will be given his light.

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They will follow it on the bridge

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And on this bridge are hooks and thorns, seizing whoever they wish, and then the light of the hypocrite will be extinguished.

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As they will be going, the light of the hypocrites will be extinguished, because you hold your own Allah who will Lavina Amanu in this life they deceived Allah. So, on the bridge, they will be deceived. Initially they will be given light and then that light will go off

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of the hacky said that everyone will be given a light on the Day of Judgment, when they will arrive at the slit off at the bridge, the light of the hypocrites will be extinguished. And when the believers will see that, they will be concerned that their light also will be extinguished. Some believers will worry

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and this is when they will make the odd they will ask Allah insalata Hareem eight we learn. Allah says yo Mala yo Zilla Hoonah Baga will Lavina Amman humara who new room Yes Albania add him will be Emani him your coluna burner at MYM Lana new Rana they will say Oh our Lord at me Milena no Rana perfect for us, our light welfare learner and forgive us. So when they will see the light of the hypocrites die out.

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They will ask Allah to perfect their light for us.

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And then, in the next aisle, what does Allah say? That as the believers and the hypocrites are separated with that wall, the believers make it safely they crossed the bridge safely. What is it that the hypocrites will say? Were we not with you? Were we not together?

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Weren't we family?

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We related?

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Weren't we from the same group?

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Did we do such and such together? We were best buddies. What happened? How come you're there and I'm here. And the believers will respond. Bella, of course you were well, I cannot come fatten them and forsaken. You put yourself in sin.

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You put yourself in danger. You see, we can blame anybody we want. For the sins that we commit. For how we fall short in our duty to Allah, we can blame others, we can blame the society we can blame our family, but nobody can make a sin except ourselves. Even shaitan cannot make us commit sin. Unless and until we say yes, we comply.

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Our knifes also can suggest something, but it cannot make us do something until we agree.

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Isn't it so?

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I mean, even when it comes to emotion, you know how emotion is understood. One of the ways is that you have an emotion, right? But before your action, there is a cognitive appraisal, meaning you interpret that situation. And based on that interpretation, you react, you display an emotion. So for example, if we are showing anger, it's because we understood that situation to be such that we must display anger. If we are afraid it's because we understood that situation to be frightening. That's why we're showing fear.

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So the point is that we choose to do what we do. So let's not blame others. Let's not blame the society and let's not blame our parents and let's not blame our husbands and let's not blame our children. And let's not blame the world.

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Well I can comfort unto and Fusa Can you put yourself in fitna you put yourself in sin, you put yourself in situations where you ended up committing sin, it's your fault, in other words, and then secondly, what are bustin you waited, you just kept delaying and delaying and delaying in the previous verses we learned. Allah subhanaw taala says to us that there is a difference between those who strive and given the way of Allah earlier, compared to those who do the same thing later on. Those who do it first, then their level is higher. Those who do it right away, their level is higher compared to those who do it later on. And the thing is that when we keep delaying and deferring many

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times, we end up losing that opportunity completely.

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We end up losing that opportunity completely without a bust from you waited, worth up to them and you doubted this is the real problem. You didn't have your cane in your heart, because if you really believed with conviction, you wouldn't delay

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will hurt Komal Amani false hopes deluded you false hopes that a person is committing sin and at the same time he's saying Allah for Rahim Allah is Allah foodora He we must have hope in His mercy. Definitely this is not a fault. So this is a real hope genuine hope. Very good hope that Allah is merciful.

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and forgiving, but we cannot have this attitude that on the one hand, we are committing sin knowingly, deliberately, and we're laughing and saying, Allah foto Rahim This is making a mockery of the deen. Well what Kamal Amani false hopes deluded you. Hatha Jaya Amarula you lived your life like this until the Command of Allah came. Will Allah Camilla Hill, Rue, and shaitan. Yes, he deceived you. He deceived you. He won. Because in this life, we're basically battling who shaitan one of our enemies in this life is O Shavon. Shavon. He uses deception. He doesn't come in front of us. Like people come in front of us.

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He uses deception. Just like they use deception in marketing and other things. Shaitan is king of this. He knows exactly how to deceive people. So he deceived you have a roof.

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There is a hotel biostat normally Han on this idea. And your homework is that you must listen to that Hopa even if you've already heard it. Okay. I know most of you may have already heard it, but I want you to listen to it. Again, this is part of your homework and don't do it the day before the assignment is due. Okay? I want you to listen to it either today, or within the next few days. It's only about 30 minutes long. It's not very long. It's just a HIPAA. So please do listen to it. And I want you to take notes.

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I want you to take notes,

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write down examples that he gives and the way he explains all of these deceptions. How is it that a person while having a man or supposedly having a man supposedly a Muslim, because this is who these women after cleaner, right? They were supposedly with the rest of the crowd alumna Kumarakom we were with you. But then why did they end up behind the wall?

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Why? What happened? What went wrong? Because every single one of us could be there. Could be there. What are ya the biller? So we have to know about these things in order that we can become careful.

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Let's continue

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LM yet Nealon Lavina Amano has the time not come for those people who have believed

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is it not about time oh you believers LM yet knee yet knee from the root letters hums unknown yet unknown or inner which is used for time a moment and I yet knee is when the time of something is near? Or it has already come? It has said and Allah heal

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it's time to go now. Right now is the moment when we leave this very moment is the time of departure. NL Hemi the water is boiling. Now it has reached a boiling point right now at this moment. So alum yet nee has the time not already come? Is it not already time? We're almost getting late. Isn't a time already. For those who believe an Tushar Kulu boom that their hearts, the Shara that their hearts become humbly submissive, who sure

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there hearts should lower and bend with humility, overwhelmed by fear and humility for Allah so that they can become soft and accept what Allah is commanding them.

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Meaning if it is not time now, then when is it going to be

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after having heard so much after having read so much after having learned so much? When will be the time to change? Isn't it now isn't it at this moment? Aren't we late already? alum yet nearly Lavina Manu and Tushar Kulu boom. Lyrically, Allah, that their hearts humble. They become humbly submissive, for the vicar of Allah LiveChat Allah for the vicar of Allah,

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meaning the hearts of the believers should humble and become soft, and they should bend for Allah's victory. When you bend for something, what does it mean? What does it mean you submit and you surrender? What is Allah's Vic? It's the Quran, woman as the liminal help and for that which Allah has revealed of the truth, and what is that

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that which Allah subhanaw taala sent the Prophet sallallahu earlier send them with. So one way of understanding this is that the vicar of Allah refers to the Quran. And man as a criminal hacker refers to the Sunnah, that the Quran and Sunnah. Isn't it about time that the hearts of the believers, they submit humbly, they submit humbly. So they accept and they change.

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They accept and they comply. And Tasha Kulu boom, Libby Killa levy Killa. Lamb over here can also be understood as lamb of Darlene, because of Allah's victory.

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Isn't it about time that the believers realize that they haven't been as humble and as submissive when it comes to the Quran and Sunnah as they should have been? Shouldn't this fear and this gilts create a sense of urgency,

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isn't it about time? What are they going to change? And the Shara Calobra, home levy grilla? Well, Iacono and that they should not become can Lavina otol keytab. I'm in Kabul, like those people who were given the book before, who was given the book before the Muslims, it was the Yehudah NESARA Allah subhanaw taala give them books also. And to us, Allah has given a book also

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what happened to the past nations? Allah says Fatah Allah I lay him will Ahmed Fatah Allah, so it prolonged or lay him on them? What became very long al Ahmed the time Bala is from the word tool. And tool is the length of something.

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And Ahmed is a long span of time.

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So for Tala Ali he will Ahmed a long time past,

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meaning a long time of heedlessness and negligence towards the vicar of Allah best.

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And so with time, as they continued to be heedless about the Scripture, about the law that Allah gave them, meaning they didn't act upon it the way they should have. What happened fucka set Kulu boom for cassette, so it hardened, it became hard, what became hard Konoba home their hearts

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with the passage of time, when they continued to be heedless to the Scripture, to the law. Gradually, their hearts became hard. And when their hearts became hard, Allah says waka theobromine home Facetune and most of them were who they became defiantly disobedient, immoral, crossing the limits set by Allah. So all believers, isn't a time for you to become humble already. Isn't a time for you to comply and obey. When are you going to obey? When are you going to follow the commands that Allah has given you? What is that ideal, perfect time going to be? Isn't the time right now? Because the time to obey Allah is the time when you learn Allah's commands. It's not tomorrow. It's

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not after 2030 years. When is it? It is now? Remember, the companions? What was their way? How did they become the Sabbath goon because when they learned something, they did it. They didn't delay

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when they learned about the importance of spending in the way of Allah and is such as this mandala the Euclid Allah codon Hassan is such as this was revealed. One of the companions, he said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah asks us for a loan, Allah is asking us for a loan, I am ready to give such and such property of mine in the way of Allah. And this property was in the prime location, very close to the masjid and perfect land, orchards. So it was fertile land, it had a source of water, and his family actually lived on that land. And he gave that in the way of Allah. When, after five days,

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after five years, know immediately,

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the time to obey Allah is when when you learn what Allah wants you to do.

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And if we delay, what are we doing then? We are being heedless. It's like, Yeah, I know what Allah wants me to do. But you know, I'll do it later. I'll do it later. And when we remain heedless,

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inactive for a long time, then what happens? fucka Satguru boom, then the heart becomes hard. And when the heart becomes hard, then what happens?

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then a person learns and he hears, but nothing moves him. Nothing changes him. His heart does not become humble. So Allah is warning us over here. Why are you delaying? When are you going to change? When are you going to obey? Haven't you seen what happened to the people of the past the past nations? Allah gave them Scripture. He showed them miracles. He gave them amazing blessings. They witnessed amazing events. But the same people when they remained in heedlessness, eventually their hearts became hard. And when their hearts became hard, look at what they did. I mean, you wonder sometimes what happened to the Bani Israel that here just a couple days ago what happened? That

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Allah subhanaw taala split the sea for them and drowned in our own for them?

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And what happened when they crossed the sea? Very soon when they came across the people who are worshipping idols, what did they do? They made an idol.

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I mean, it doesn't make sense what happened what happened to their hearts and when How old are listen I'm stopped them. They threatened to kill him. So much so that he had to stop advising them he have to become quiet. Musa listen, I'm brings the tablets, and what is their reaction? We're never going to believe until we see Allah. Didn't you see the power of Allah when you the see open up? Do you really need to see Allah.

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This is the hardness of heart that nothing affects a person then nothing changes a person. See, the heart is something very amazing. It's very amazing.

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When the heart is soft, it accepts and it takes in the advice that is offered.

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It is moved, and when it is moved, it leads the body to action.

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But when the heart is hard, then it rejects the advice that is given to it. It remains unmoved. And it doesn't lead the body to action, it remains inactive. The hardness of the heart is something extremely dangerous, because it leads to Fisk such Fisk that it's so blatant. It's so obvious, but a person doesn't feel shy doing it. He doesn't even feel bad doing it. He doesn't even see the wrong in the sin that he is committing what cathedral minimum Facetune. And this is something so horrible that a person is doing something wrong. But he doesn't even see the wrong IPs.

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Have you ever got someone lying?

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Have you ever had that experience where you know that someone is lying to you on your face?

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Does that fill your heart with disgust for them? Even if their child

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it's horrible.

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That what is wrong with this person? They know this as wrong yet they're doing it? Still they're doing it? What cathedral minimum Facetune? Why? Why would a person do something like that? Because the heart has become insensitive. It doesn't even feel anymore. It doesn't.

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So over here, we are warned. A sense of urgency is created over here that don't delay.

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Don't procrastinate. What you know you're supposed to do. When us do it. You don't know how long you have. And then a warning is given through the example of the previous nations. You see the earlier generations of a nation of a prophet. They were always more righteous compared to the generations that came later on as we learned in sort of the rock era. So little mineral a welline Waka Li lumenal Akriti when it comes to the Saba comb, this is the reality that there are many amongst the earlier generations and feel from the later generations. Why? Because the earlier generations and the reason why they are more superior in the sight of Allah is because their hearts are softer.

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Their hearts are softer, in the sense that as they learn, they implement because they value the deen they have struggled for the name they've sacrificed for the deen. They have invested their blood and their sweat and their money and their life savings and everything into it. I will back up all day long where I know when he went for the Hijra. What did he take with them his life savings? All that he had.

00:34:22 --> 00:34:27

When the Muslims immigrated from Makkah, what were the sacrificing their homes.

00:34:28 --> 00:34:59

I mean, house is something that you can't buy and you can't build and just today, your whole life's effort goes into it. So the believers, the earlier generations, they invest a lot in the deed, and that's why they value the deed and when they value it. Their hearts are softer. So when they learn something, they do it, but the later generations what happens with them? Yeah, we know it's there. They have more access to knowledge, much more access compared to

00:35:01 --> 00:35:29

What the earlier generations had. But despite that knowledge, their hearts are harder. Why? It's not because you just happened to be unlucky that you came into later generation. It's because some people take the deen for granted many people take the deen for granted. Yeah, yeah, of course. It's a part of where the yes, it's written in the books. Yeah, there are many lectures out there. And there is a huge discrepancy between knowledge and action, huge discrepancy.

00:35:30 --> 00:35:42

And there's also a lot of delay in terms of learning about something and then finally doing it. So over here warning is being given that look at what happened to the previous nations.

00:35:43 --> 00:36:15

Look at what happened to them, that as time went on, their hearts became hard. Why? Because they remained heedless. The yes, they gained a lot of knowledge. But they acted very little remember the statement of intermodal dilemma and one that I mentioned to you earlier, he said that we were given Amen. And then we were given Quran. So when we learned the Quran, we implemented it. And he said that now I see people, one of whom reads the whole Quran from Fatiha to the end of the Quran. But he doesn't change even a little bit.

00:36:16 --> 00:36:26

Why? Because action is being delayed. Quran is being learned for the sake of being learned. And here, we need to ask ourselves, why am I learning this?

00:36:27 --> 00:37:14

Why am I doing this? Is it just because it's become a little fashionable amongst certain religious crowds, just to have a sense of belonging, or just so that I can also use big words, and then attack scholars and things like that. This is hardness of the heart. The Sahaba their way was that they would learn 10 verses of the Quran, and they would not move on until they had perfected them in terms of their actions. This was their methodology that every 10 verses, they would focus on the armor, not just the understanding in the memorization, we think memorization if I've memorized the Quran, I have given the Quran it's how I have done what I'm supposed to do. You see there are levels

00:37:14 --> 00:37:18

of learning the Quran. The first level is of recitation.

00:37:19 --> 00:37:32

All right, it is still our actually before the Tilawat is some is listening, listening to the Quran, then there is the reading of the Quran, then there is the memorization of the Quran.

00:37:34 --> 00:37:37

Then there is the understanding the Quran

00:37:38 --> 00:38:03

maximum that people go is up to here, understanding learning, it's the fsid, learning the rulings of the Quran, what is this fancy term? And what is that fancy word? And what is that term in Arabic grammar, and that, that's it understanding. But it doesn't stop there. All of this is supposed to lead us to what to be able to action, action.

00:38:04 --> 00:38:07

And if it's not leading to action,

00:38:08 --> 00:38:48

all of this is going to harden the heart. Yes, it can harden the heart. Because if a person is just reading and reading and reading, and memorizing and memorizing and memorizing, without acting upon anything that he's reading, or memorizing, or learning, or reflecting upon, or understanding, and there's no action than this kind of knowledge is not going to create humility, this kind of knowledge is going to create arrogance in a person. I'm a big shot. Because I know this term, and I have learned this book and I have studied that course. This produces arrogance, what produces humility in a person is action.

00:38:49 --> 00:38:59

So Allah asks us, Allah Mia Neely Lavina Amanu and Tasha are Kulu boom livecareer Allah. Allah is asking us, what are you going to say?

00:39:00 --> 00:39:06

Allah is asking us isn't a time. What are you going to say? Yeah, maybe? I'll think about it.

00:39:07 --> 00:39:28

Yes, it is time. What are your Cuca Ladino Otto Kitab, Amin cabello Fatah, Allah Allah he will Emma do focus at kuruva home worker Theatre on main home, Fassi Khun, when a person distances himself from action, then what happens? He begins to even forget what he has learned.

00:39:29 --> 00:40:00

And when he forgets what he has learned, and how, how and when is he going to do our lead? When is he going to act upon it? And with this forgetfulness, eventually what happens the heart becomes hard in total memory, that is number 13. One so how the mimma the key Ruby, and they forgot a huge portion of that which they were reminded off, they forgot it. They left it they abandoned it, meaning they didn't act upon it. All right, let's listen to the rest of it.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00

Should these verses

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nearly Lavina?

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A ball

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