Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 14 – L132E

Taimiyyah Zubair
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And there is nothing in there except in dinner with us has an interview. It's depositories. Jose is from Los Angeles has a new and has various singular forms often is presented and what is presented a storehouse a place where treasures are stored.

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So for everything we have it's depositories

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for everything we have it store houses.

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And these Row Houses either controller will have lost

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women as leader who and we do not send it down to you in the earth inlet except be accorded in in a measure in a quantity that is more than that is known. Now interval allows a printer

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and he sends it to the earth according to need. According to this wisdom.

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For example, the water we have gotten provided with all of the water in the sense that all the water that's there, it's in the rivers and the oceans in the lakes, no water is evaporated, it goes up to the sky

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and then it comes down again. Right. Now, just imagine if all the water was in the earth, what would we do? delete it, we have polluted so many rivers we have polluted so many lakes. Just imagine if all of the water was in the earth and was left to us it would get polluted it would not be safe for us to drink.

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But because Allah subhanaw taala has this water system through which the water gets purified and it comes back to us in this is great benefit for people.

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So Ellen Shea in in there in Vanessa in a row. Similarly, all the water is not just there on the surface of the earth, there is water that is stored in the form of glaciers since 1000s of years, similarly, there is water that is stored inside the earth, there is water that is stored on the top of mountains.

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So cars are in the storehouse of every kind of creation is with who are less Panther and he only gives it to us according to

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others, that is margin that is guarantee him

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that he knows is better for us is good for us.

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So this is a of a lesser penalty that everything is not sent at once.

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Similarly, if you look at people, the food that they eat, it's not just given to them the first day that they're born,

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right, that this is all the food you're going to eat for the rest of your life. Keep it guided, it's up to you however you use it. No, it's given to us from time to time.

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Similarly, many similarly, difficult people enjoy they're not given to them all at once, because if they were given to us all at once, what would we do?

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We would waste it we would abuse it. So there is great wisdom of a lesser penalty that he does not give us everything at once. But rather he sends it gradually bad after apart according to need.

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And this is not just with rain, but everything else.

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We're also met and recent every year has the winds or

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loss of Paradise is the one who sends winds and these winds are lower, they have fertilizing lower is the plural of lava

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and mocha is basically to carry weight.

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What does it mean to carry weight

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and famous, the word is also used for

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something that impregnates that pollinates. So for example, wind, that is lowercase means when there is laughter is when there is scary.

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So what's going to happen?

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There's going to be fertilization.

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Similarly a sub local hatin miracle that the she can live became pregnant. So a loss of Paradise ends winds that are fertilizing, fertilizing, in what way that first of all, they're burying pollen. And with that, they impregnate plants as well as trees. They fertilize plants as well as trees.

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Secondly, Lusaka has also been understood as ways that bear the cloud forming vapor waves they carry a lot in them. It might not be visible to us, but the winds were to take a vapor up to the sky.

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As their son with the vaporization, the vapor rises up to the sky forming clouds. So all of a sudden Maria Hello Raka what are the two news first of all, winds that bear pollen and secondly that bear cloud forming vapor.

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So they sent out many summer from the sky, mat and water.

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How the water that has been taken up into the sky

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that has formed into clouds, then what happens from those clouds? Allah subhanaw taala sends down water and this water for us.

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Then we make you all drink it. As a nurse, we get to drink to who came to you or what do we give to drink to you all it meaning the water.

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And notice the word Kunal has been used all of you, and all of you includes all people, animals, plants.

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And how does it most panatela give us to drink this water.

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That first of all in the form of water. Similarly, when the animals they drink of this water and they produce milk, who benefits from that milk people similarly, juice from the various plants.

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So for us cleaner cleaner, we cause you to drink it, we provide it to you to drink

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until a new level for eight because they need at all retainers at all treasures.

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You will not it's retainers, you cannot retain it. Housing is a form of housing, how they move. And housing is one who takes care of a treasure looks as

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a keeper.

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The word is also used for a person who looks after a reservoir.

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Similarly, it's also used for a person who manages stocks, a treasure, the word housing is used for that.

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So it will be hosting you meaning you are not at all retainers those who look after the water.

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In other words, you have no control over it.

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We store it for you, if you say that the water should not evaporate.

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Can you do that?

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Can you do that? No. Similarly, if you want a certain amount of water to fall down from the sky, can you have any control over that? No.

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And once the water does fall down, can you retain it in one place? No. It's forever. Right. So ultimately, because it says are in are not with you, you have no control over the storehouses of water of rain.

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And allows the parent to send this water down to us in the form of water that is fresh and sweet. Which is drinkable, which people can drink and benefit from.

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Now just imagine if the water that evaporates from the seas, which rains down. Imagine if that water was also salty.

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Because think about it from seas and oceans, the water is over there. Very salty. But as the water is evaporated, the water evaporates with the salt remains behind.

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And then allows Pantera seltzer water back down to us. How is it? It's sweet.

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It does not destroy your crop.

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If there is ever an acid rain, or the area's very polluted, and when there is rain, or when there's snow, what do they say, Don't drink that. Don't even eat that. Don't dare to do that. Why? Because we have polluted the air around us. Whereas the fact is that the water that allows parents Allison's down from the sky, it's pure

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evil because you're not at all ones who can manage it, who can guide it, who can retain it.

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And indeed, it is we will give life and also caused

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a loss of primary data is the one who gives life and he also causes death, where national where discern and It is we who are the inheritors.

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When we give life we give death and ultimately the entire creation will die. And Allah subhanaw taala is going to be the word is who is awareness, one who inherits meaning one who remains behind

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right. So Allah subhanaw taala is where the throne What does it mean by that that we will remain

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while everyone will go

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everyone will die. So alas paradise will inherit the earth and everyone in it. And it is to him that they will return

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as we learned in total record gain for the krona Billa he will continue

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for a haircut similar you meet

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You can submit your ego summary little germ

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similar in sort of summary of Iowa 40, we learned in the National Medical Arbor woman I lay her, what Elena after that indeed it is, we will who will inherit the earth and whoever is on it and to us, they will be returned.

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If you notice repeatedly,

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the plural form, the plural pronoun is being used for our last parameter, isn't it? We, constantly we is being used, why is we use for our last panatela when we know that Allah is aware ahead ahead. Why is we used

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because for the purpose of royalty for the purpose of grandeur, because if you look at it,

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they great qualities very great, powerful qualities are being mentioned over here that Allah is the one who sends the when he causes the water to rise up and come down and he causes the winds to blow all of these things are very good and will allow us to prioritize one was managing all of these waters that demonstrate His power, His authority, his high rank, therefore, the poor form is being used.

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One or the island and certainly we know and Mr. Koh demeanor in

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the preceding generations among you, when you acquire the island, and certainly we know and Mr. Karim, the nature wants to come.

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And Mr. academia and le Mr. Harry, Mr. Demand is a parallel. Mr. kadem.

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And Mr. Day is necessary from the letters of envy or the know what does God allow me

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to go ahead to move forward? And Mr. Day is one who goes in advance.

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One who goes ahead

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and Mr.

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Hamza Hall,

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who is Mr. Hit, one who comes afterwards late comer

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Mr. Xu,

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one who comes afterwards a late comer.

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Those who delay and Mr. octave those who come early.

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So, what does Allah Subhana Allah say Wanaka darlin, Al Mustafa, demean and include one other element, Mr. Clean winner, those who come early, and those who come late, Allah subhanaw taala knows very well

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was talking to you as well understood in several ways. And Mr. kurien has also been understood in several ways. First of all, it has been said and Mr. demean refers to

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the only generations, the people who came first to the dunya and who have passed away first, those who died first,

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And it refers to all people who have come and gone since the time of Adam Edison until today.

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So Mr. demeanor, who, the early generations

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and on the other hand, Mr. Kadena who,

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the later generations those who will come afterwards, those who are not born yet,

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who will be born sooner or later until the day of judgment.

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So in other words, all those people who have come until now, and all those people who will come later,

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the earlier generations and future generations from the first male to the last, a loss of power dialer knows about all of that.

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Secondly, Mr. A has been understood as those who come first meaning boys who accepted Islam first the subject of women.

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And Mr. Curry, those who accepted Islam later, because remember, there was Mr. Kissel and everyone did not become Muslim at the same day. Right. People accepted Islam at various stages. Some immediately accepted some later on in the murkier some later on in the modern era, and some finally the conquest of Makkah.

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So Allah subhanaw taala knows about every single person who is going to accept first and who is going to accept later.

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Thirdly, Mr. demean refers to those who are forward who are ahead in doing good deeds, those who are first ones to perform good deeds.

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Those who come early, those who come first, whether it is school, or for selected General, or who go to groups first, or who go to class first.

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Those who submit their homework first and Mr. Green on the other hand,

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Those who delay doing good, who come late,

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who do not do what they're supposed to do immediately.

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They delay. They go mitigator late, they go five minutes late, they were 10 minutes late.

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There was one period, in this one class.

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They delays submitting the assignment one day, two days, three days, a lot of times it says we'll look at the aloneness because sometimes people don't know, isn't it? Sometimes people have no idea if we walk in late sometimes it's possible. Nobody notices. Nobody realizes, but we'll know. And who else knows, of loss? Pandora knows.

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So at the end of the day, Who should we fear

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or more?

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That is watching me, and he is keeping a count of every single minute of mine.

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Every single second of my life, I'm doing this for him. I expect reward from him.

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And if I'm not doing my part, then what kind of reward Am I expecting?

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Mr. Harry

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burger nnd dear Lord, hula, he Yeshua he will gather them all. In level Hakeem and indeed he is wise and he is no

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less apparent I will get it all people, the Mr. demand and also Mr. Haney the former, and the latter, the early generations and the later generations, those who accepted Islam first and those who accepted Islam later, those who were early or those who delayed

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on the panel data will get it all of them and he will recompense all of them accordingly.

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will listen to the recitation of desire.

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You're watching

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Obi Wan

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up me?

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salted Rahim, we learnt the ayah were introduced with Allah He that

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you will never be able to enumerate the blessings that Allah has given you.

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And over here, such questions are mentioned which are indirect, which are indirectly bestowed upon us.

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Because generally we like addressing such as you know, when I'm given a plate of food, or when I'm given money in my pocket, in my bank account, or when I'm happy in my heart.

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But the fact is that all of these things that Allah has created, the sky, which is beautiful. Just imagine the sky was playing nothing to look at him there.

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The fact that the sky is beautiful is not a blessing in and of itself. Similarly, the winds is a blessing of course there. We are very short sighted sometimes and we only look at those blessings which are directly related to us which we are directly affected by.

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But even these blessings, which are also directly related to us, we don't notice them

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for a while

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plantar dimensions are one of them over here.

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We see that creation has been mentioned and it has been shown that everything is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Everything is doing what it's supposed to do properly at the right time cliche mo zone, well balanced wealth proportion, perfectly appropriate. And at the end finally, what has mentioned the human beings

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that human beings also have a purpose for what are we doing? are we coming on time? Are we doing? Are we fulfilling our purpose? Are we procrastinating?

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Exactly that everything else apparel data has its store has its and he gives it according to a corporate model.

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So this shows to us that for everything, there is a time for every race that you're going to receive. It's only going to come at a trade time.

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Like for example, someone used to say that if my wrist is written for me, if whatever I'm supposed to get is written for me Why should I try to acquire through Hara means

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whatever is written to me for whatever time that's what I'm going to get at? Why should I try to get it before time through helmets.

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And many times we just compare ourselves with other people thinking of what we don't have and what other people have not appreciating the blessings that Allah has given us. So if you look at all of these if they show certain lessons that are less apparent Allah has bestowed upon human beings, so we need to open up our eyes and look around and appreciate these blessings and benefit from them.

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