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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who ala alihi wa sahbihi Morain Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

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Shala. Continuing with our series titled illuminated, where we look at many of the verses in the Quran dimension, the concept of a new light in illumination.

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Today we're going to be looking at the very first is the beginning of Surat Ibrahim Surah, number 14.

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Now, the surah in and of itself is obviously quite remarkable. But

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I'm going to take this opportunity here because we're talking about the very first if suited to Brahim. It. It features something very unique, something that occurs in the Quran in a number of places 29 different places that occurs in the Quran. And that is what we refer to as a hurtful MacArthur heart, the disjointed letters, right. And so normally naturally in the Arabic language, whenever letters are written next to one another, you merge them and read them together. You see a leaf lamb ha mean dial written together, and you read it Al hamdu. But there are 29 places in the Quran, where you don't read the letters. But rather what you do is you say the names of the letters.

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And particularly the way the prophets alabi some demonstrated it for us the way he practiced it was that while saying the names of the letters, he would elongate the names of the letters, right. very famously, of course, we've heard a leaflet

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meme. Right. So there are 29 such places in the Quran. And there are all kinds of combinations. There are one letter off noon sod. There are two letter combinations, I guess seen. Hi, meme ball scene. And then you have three letter combinations like Alif Lam, Meem, ball scene meme. And then you have four letter combinations. I leave la meme raw, and even five letter combinations like you see in suits, medium golf, hyah Iein sod. So you have all these different variations. And there's about 14 letters of the Arabic language that are used in these different combinations in 29 Different places spread out throughout the Quran. And this is one of those places, where in the

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beginning of Solatube, Rahim, Allah subhanaw taala says Alif Lam Ra. Now I wanted to take just a moment to highlight exactly what this signifies and what it means and what it represents. So first and foremost, what does it mean?

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And the reality of that is, as you know, from the very first generation of Muslims from the Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhu. Till today, everyone has read, reiterated and reaffirmed the fact that we do not know necessarily what it means. Meaning there is no particular translation of it that we are aware of. We don't have the translation of it will Lakota Allah Allah movie Murad, He, God knows best what he intended by this expression.

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Okay, so then what does it represent? What does it symbolize? What does it signify? So when we talk about that, there's a few things. First and foremost is that this was a sign of eloquence, that Allah issued a challenge within the Quran, to the Arabs of that time, who were doubting the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, they were casting aspersions upon the prophets, Allah the serum, they were skeptical of this being of revelation and a message from God. Mountains, Allah Rama Hanuman Shaitan in unto Milotic the wound, they said, God didn't reveal anything, y'all are just making this up. So Allah subhanaw taala took their language, the most basic form of their language think about in our

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like Muslim culture. A child is what, three four years old, saying I leave but

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a non Arab born in a non Arab society, four year old knows these letters. So to the Arabs This is a beyond basic, beyond some

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Bull it's what children No. And Allah subhanaw taala took that and presented in this presented it in this powerful, eloquent captivating form

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that the very that the second revelation to the prophets Allah the salam according to the mama so ut Rahim Allahu taala. I stayed in Alicante alumina Quran that the second revelation to the prophets a lot he said and was known

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when the prophets Allah these hymns recited that noon.

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This is what happened.

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Pits sigh silence.

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Everyone got quiet.

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So that's interesting. I've never heard anyone express something like that.

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And then when you have them hooked like that, they're quiet. They're listening. Well Calum, You're my guest room.

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Then God swore by the pen that wrote the fate of the creation

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and what the angels continue to write from their deeds, my intervening material because imagine you were not insane like they like they would like to paint you as you are not crazy. Like they claim by the blessing of your Lord you are you have not lost your mind.

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My intervene and material because we're in a law we're in a law journal I've known you have an endless reward and an opportunity before you were in a color isla. Hello Can housing and you have the most remarkable character ever witnessed by humanity?

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The prophets Allah the sun in the days of Mecca when they're torturing and persecuting Muslims. He stands there in the midst of that society, says Ya seeing

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everyone gets quiet, captivated?

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Well Quran Al Hakim, this Quran contains more wisdom than you can fathom.

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In Natella, middle mousseline you O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are indeed a messenger of God.

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In Allah in in, yes, he will put under him in Nicola Minella, mousseline Allah Serato, Mr. King, upon the straight path, dan de la la Cesar Rahim and this is a revelation from the Almighty and the Most Merciful. So, this is a very powerful, so first and foremost, it represents the eloquence, the power, the majesty, the magnificence of the Quran.

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Secondly, and this is something really interesting and thought provoking that the scholars mentioned. And that is that we read these letters in the beginning of the Surah, some of the most well known to us to us, sort of Bukhara Alif la me, Ali Imran Alif Lam Meem, ya seen,

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right? A half a dozen suit us began with hammering

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off sod noon, all these remarkable spa all these tools suits use of

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and we don't necessarily know what it means. And so Allah subhanaw taala trains us that whenever you sit in front of the Quran, whenever you open the book of Allah, you sit as a, as an open book as a blank slate. You sit there and the first thing you acknowledge is I don't know anything and Allah knows everything.

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And you admit and you acknowledge your lack of knowledge?

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By saying I live lamb raw, Allahu taala, Allah movie Marathi, he and Allah knows best what that means. So the very first thing you admit is I don't know anything.

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And that's something that Quran describes that anyone defoaming yalla moon, they owe me a tougher karoun lipo mean a smile on the people who are willing to listen to people who are willing to think the people who are willing to learn.

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Right? But when people approach the Quran with arrogance, and with righteous indignation, when people approach the Quran with a sense of, you know, a false confidence

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then the Quran Allah subhanaw taala tells us you will be healthier on way it because the same Quran becomes a source of their misguidance.

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And I'm trying very hard not to completely go off the rails here. Right? So I'm trying to resist the temptation of a tangent. All right, but I feel compelled to say one thing because people have so much access to so much information. Notice I didn't say knowledge. People have so much access to so much information today.

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that a lot of times we come across all kinds of things, right as the scholars of Hadith would call it, how to lay, collecting firewood at night, that you don't really know what is good and what is not, you're just gathering and collecting, gathering and collecting, right reading and looking and reading and clicking and browsing, and you just don't know what's good or what's not.

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That some of the most extensive analysis of the Quran that has been done in the last, you know, couple of 100 years

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was actually done by people who number one, were not Muslim. Number two, they explicitly stated that they did not believe in Allah. Number three, they explicitly stated that they did not believe in the Quran, they did not accept the divinity of the Quran. And number four, they were actually dedicated to opposing the Quran and Islam.

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And they've done so much analysis of the Quran, which again, Li lens back to the point that I just made. And that is you. I had one particular experience and I try not to share too much kind of personal experiences, to keep the conversation more objective.

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The I had the opportunity, one time to sit with and have a conversation and discussion with a professor of the Arabic language.

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I was blessed to study with remarkable scholars abroad overseas. This professor that I sat with,

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he may be was the greatest master of the Arabic language that I've ever met.

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He had such a grasp of the most deepest nuances and the most extensive understanding of the Arabic language that I've ever come across in my life.

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And while that is the case, he sat across from me, and looked me in the eyes,

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playing just straight faced, and told me he doesn't believe in any of this.

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And he says, where I find the Quran fascinating,

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linguistically, as a piece of literature, as a piece of history as a historical document.

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And the man didn't believe in it.

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And yet we come across simple people all the time in the Ummah

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who can probably trap translate to words in the Quran,

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but they believe with all their heart

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and the difference there in as Allah tells us in the Quran is well yeah, de la Hinman an app where the Illa human unique, Allah guides to people who come with an open heart to Allah. When people will come to the Quran with an open mind and an open heart willing to be enlightened,

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then a little bit of knowledge will go a long way. But if people come with arrogance, and stubbornness,

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then they could read through the whole Quran they could study and analyze every letter of the Quran and we will only deepen them in their ignorance facade, the hula hoop MANOVA there disease the disease of the darkness of their heart will only increase. So with that being said the idea here in Surah tube Rahim Allah says keytab When Angela who la caja, Allah says to the prophets Allah be some that this book we have revealed to you. Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is something very important to remember. Allah subhanaw taala said that he revealed the Quran to and through the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam any attempts to go to the Quran while not acknowledging well not

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accepting well not respecting while not, you know, appreciating the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam will be in vain. It's pointless. It's misguidance because Allah said, We sent it to you, O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, it comes through you.

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Secondly, Allah says you need to create an asset minutolo Mattila nude, what is the role of the Quran that you own Muhammad salah the son will use this Quran to remove people from the layers of darkness that they are buried under and you will bring them into the singular light of iman.

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The Quran has always been the greatest tool for reformation and for correction and there's nothing better.

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Allah says be isn't it'll be him by the permission of your Lord,

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that You will only be able to guide those whom Allah allows you to guide and this is another powerful reminder. We're one of the most beloved people to the prophets, Allah the son was I will tell you

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his uncle.

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And there was no One the prophets Allah didn't wanted to share this Eman this light with more than I will tell him

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but with olive on his deathbed refused to accept the message. And the prophets of salaam was really saddened by this.

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He was very upset by this.

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And Allah told the prophets Allah, He said, I'm in Nicoletta demon.

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Well, I can Allah He had a shadow, beloved, you cannot guide whom you love. God guides whom ever whomsoever He wills, that this is in the hands of Allah.

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And then Allah says de la surat al Aziz al Hamid,

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that you will bring us this Quran to bring people from the darkness into the light by the permission of Allah to the straight path. And this is a reminder, like we just talked about information, changes to knowledge when it is compounded when it is complemented with the light.

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Otherwise, if you have all the This is why even in the Islamic sciences in Islamic studies, we have a field that we call FIP. Also will in fear, right, which is Islamic legal theory, Islamic jurisprudence, the do's and don'ts, the technicalities, the how tos, that in and of itself does not guarantee that somebody will have a quality spiritual experience. But it needs to be complemented by spirituality

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Teskey IntelliBeam, and thus fear

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that it needs to be complemented by spirituality. The combination of both those things is what ensures the proper practice of Islam. So there can be the path laid out, just like if you go out onto a road somewhere, and there's no lights, you don't know where you're driving, you're going to drive off the road, you need the road, but you also need light to be able to drive on the road properly. So that's where Allah subhanaw taala is reminding us that we need this light of Imam, this nude from the Quran.

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And then Allah tells us that this is the path of Allah. And Allah describes himself as Allah Aziz al Hamid, Allah Aziz means the Almighty, the powerful,

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the dominant, and Hamid means the praiseworthy that you see beauty in everything he does, but the scholars explain something and I'll conclude with this, something very interesting and fascinating.

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They say that

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Allah subhanaw taala first mentioned as ease, you first have to accept that Allah is in charge. You first have to humble yourself and submit yourself before Allah. We all want to see the beauty. We want to see the wisdom we want to see the the wisdom and understand the beauty and everything.

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But you have to submit before you can appreciate the beauty and Allah's decree. We keep saying, show me the beauty and then I'll decide whether this is worth submitting to or not right.

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Why should I pray?

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And it's an interesting conundrum. Because if you pray, then you'll know why you should pray.

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And I know that that sounds like kind of a, you know, kind of a riddle. It sounds like a bit of a catch 22 or, you know, a bit of a cop out even. But it's the truth Imaan faith, a relationship with Allah, a conversation with Allah is experiential.

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It's not something that you can sit from afar and just analyze, but you have to experience it.

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That's what Allah told the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam to tell the believers, that's what the early Muslims experienced as well.

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They put their biases aside, they put their stubbornness aside, they put their ignorance aside, and they sat down. And they said, let me hear the words of Allah.

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And then they experienced the beauty and the power.

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So this is how the relationship with Allah works. These are the terms of our relationship with Allah, submit. Just Humble yourself for a moment. And instance, not much Allah doesn't ask much from us. If I just am willing to go and wash my face in my arms and wipe my head, and wash my feet, and come here and just stand in for two minutes, and do to institute

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my life will be changed. But if I keep standing there at the door, arguing, I need to understand I need to see how this makes sense. Why this makes sense.

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Then the problem is that we'll still be standing at the door.

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But we have to be willing to humble ourselves. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all the ability to practice everything we've said and heard Subhan Allah he will be humble he Subhanak along become big. Nisha do en la ilaha illa Anta, the software governor to Willick Zachman Lachlan shall

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uh you know as we've been announcing, Inshallah, we have of course, at this point everyone's used to it the nightly prayers that are we the hotter ah after slotland Fajr we have lesson on Hadith which Myka eel and then tomorrow inshallah being young will Juma on the day of Friday, we'll also be having the Friday prayers, I could put them Juma here inshallah Mufti Hussein company will be giving the Friday hookbait in sha Allah. So we have the football start at 2pm. So we invite everyone to come and join us in sha Allah when Allah and then tomorrow night after salata, taraweeh is over, around 1130 11:45pm We have a late night Tafseer session with Chef Miguel Smith, where he'll be

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covering the Ayat of iman, the verses of faith and Yvonne in sha Allah. So please do come and join us and I've you know, kind of held back from this up until now at the behest of you know everyone else here, but very humbly, very respectfully. What I request from everyone online here in person is inshallah contribute, support the masjid support alum support the institution to Sokhna located on Baraka, Luffy como Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.