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Juz’ 12: Hud 1-123 – Yusuf 1-52

Hud 25-49

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One or the other Salah new Han Allah Kami in Nila community Ramu bien. And we had certainly sent new to his people saying, indeed, I am to you a clear Warner, that you do not worship except Allah. Indeed, I fear for you the punishment of a painful day. So the eminent among those who disbelieve from his people said, we do not see you, but as a man like ourselves, and we do not see you followed, except by those who are the lowest of us. And at first suggestion, meaning we see that the people who follow you, they're not that great. What do we see over here? Those who are refusing to believe in new hire a salon, you can sense pride and arrogance, in their words, how they ridicule

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new hire a salon, and how they are ridiculing those who believe in him. And we do not see in you over us any merit, meaning we don't see that you have any special status over us. What makes you special, why should you be a prophet? Again, it shows the pride of these people. And we see that the mushrikeen of Makkah, also those who rejected the Prophet salallahu, salam, they had the same problem. It wasn't that they didn't recognize the truth of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, they recognized it really well. But what prevented them was their pride. And even today, many you refuse the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what is the reason? Oh, 1400 years ago, and Arab and unlettered man,

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a person who could not read and write? How is it that we could believe in him as a prophet? So it's the pride that prevents people? And even today those who believe in Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, what is it that prevents us from following the prophets of Allah? is Allah following his Sunnah, that he ate with his hand, or he drank while sitting or he drank while taking three sips? What is it that prevents people it is pride. So we see that this pride is very dangerous. This pride is what destroys worship. Because when a person doesn't worship Allah with humility, then that rebel is rejected. And when a person his ego comes in, then he's not even able to accept the truth that Allah

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has sent. Rather we think that you are liars, they accused Newhart, a Salaam of lying. He said, Oh, my people, have you considered if I should be upon clear evidence from your Lord, while he has given me mercy from himself, but it has been made and apparent to you, meaning, this is a mercy of Allah. It's just that you cannot see it. Should we force it upon you while you are averse to it? We are Camila leukomalacia. Humana, in Nigeria, Illa Allah law and all my people, I do not ask of you for any wealth, all of the profits, you will notice in the Quran, all of the profits said this, that I do not expect from you any wealth in return. Why? Because in Nigeria, Illa, Allah Allah, my reward

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is only from Allah. Why? Because I am serving him, I am doing what I'm doing for his sake, I am working for him, I am striving for him. So you cannot even repay me, only Allah can repay me, you know, and the prophets of Allah sound migrated to Medina. And there was a piece of land that he wished to purchase in order to build the masjid on that land. So when he asked the people about the price, the owners, they said, No, we will only take its price from Allah, we will only take its price from Allah. Why? Because only alkyne can truly repay us for what we do. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he insisted, and he did not take that land for free. And what did he do? He paid

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them for that land. But what we see over here is the sincerity of those Sahaba, that they wanted the reward from Allah alone. And this is in footsteps of the prophets of Allah, that when they do something, they expect reward only from Allah. So when we also do something for Allah, whether we are fasting, or we are praying in the night, or we are reciting the Quran, or we are giving charity, or we're helping somebody, we're feeding somebody, let us expect your award only from Allah. Because when we expect reward from Allah, only then can we continue to perform that good deed. If we begin expecting reward from people, their encouragement, and their pat on the shoulder, then what will

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happen the day they forget that our deeds will also stop. And the fact is that the praise or the reward from people it can never ever be equal to the effort that you're putting in. Don't you ever feel that the work that you do, and the paycheck that you receive? They don't match? They don't match at all, even for worldly work? They don't match. Then how about working for gentlemen, working to please Allah? Can anything in this world make up for that? Can anything in this world be equal to that it can never be? So the prophets of Allah they made it clear to the people that I'm not expecting any worldly benefit from you. Mind.

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Ajit is for Allah. But we see that when a person is sincerely working for a lost cause, and then he receives some worldly benefit, he doesn't set it as a condition that if you don't give me I'm not doing anything. Like for example, if you don't give me this much money, I am not going to teach you even a word of the Quran. No, this should not be the way of those who are who are working for the sake of Allah. But if a person does receive some compensation, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as his intention is mainly for his sake, for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, we learned that Urban hataoka anhu once he appointed it massarotti as a collector of soda, so he sent him for some

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work. And when this man basically did his work, and he came back to or modal de la Marinho, he had done his task or modal dilemma on who he said to his worker that assigned for him have a meaning give him something, because he has worked for the dean, so give him something. So this man if Masada he said, in number, I'm into the law, he will actually add a law. I did this work for Allah and my reward is with Allah. So our motto and who said, that take what has been given to you, for I also once did something during the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he assigned me the task of a collector. And I said exactly as you have said, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to me, when

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you are given anything, without you're asking for it, then accept it, eat it, and give it in charity. Meaning when Allah gives you something, when it has come your way, for doing some service for the deen, then accept it, use it, enjoy it, and also give to others from it. Because the one who gives is better than the one who receives so when you will receive something for the sake of Allah because you'd work for Allah, then you will be able to give also, so then you'll be able to do both the good deeds? No, hello, Sam said and I am not one to drive away those who have believed. Because the wealthy people in society they demanded the poor people who had believed people who didn't have

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much social status, who would sit with him. The rich demanded that these poor people be removed from his gathering so that they could come and sit with nor have a solemn and listen to him. They said, it doesn't affect us to sit with these poor people. So send them away. So we can come and listen to what you have to say, No, listen, I made it clear to them that no, there's no way I am going to drive these believers away. Why? Because indeed, they will meet their Lord. You think that they have no status? Well, their status is that one day they will meet the Lord of the worlds. You know, if a person says I've met the president, forget about meeting I've seen the president not on TV, but

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life, you know, actually seeing him seeing him, not meeting him seeing him that in itself is a great honor. Imagine meeting the President, that is also a huge honor. So for a believer what is the greatest honor, that he will meet his Lord? No, Hallo Salaam says this is their worth, they will meet their Lord, and when they will meet their Lord, then their true worth will be revealed. I see that you are a people who are behaving ignorantly. So this bias against people of different social status, right, someone is lesser or someone who is greater and then treating people differently, having bias against them. This is something that is from ignorance. This is something that does not

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benefit a person who is knowledgeable, especially knowledgeable of Allah, and all my people who will protect me from Allah, if I drove them away, then will you not be reminded, and I do not tell you that I have the depositories containing the provision of Allah, or that I know the unseen. Nor do I tell you that I am an angel. Nor do I say of those upon whom your eyes looked down, that Allah will never grant them any good. You don't see any good in them, but I see good in them. And I never claimed to have the knowledge of the unseen. I'm not here to pass judgment on people. I am here to just convey the message to you. Allah is most knowing of what is within their souls. Indeed, I would

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then be among the wrongdoers. They said Oh, no, you have disputed us and been frequent in dispute with us. Because when they were speechless, when they didn't have anything left to say, when they didn't know what other objection to raise against New Harley salon because he had refuted every objection of theirs. What happened? They said, Oh, you're so argumentative. You have argued with us so much. And we don't want to argue with you anymore. You've been threatening us if we don't believe there'll be a punishment. So Fine. Bring us what you threaten us if you should be of the truthful. He said Allah will only bring it to you if you will, and you will not cause him any failure, meaning

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it's not within my control. It's within Allah's control. So we see that no

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The Center has an answer over here also, and my advice will not benefit you. Although I wish to advise you, if Allah should intend to put you in error, he is your Lord and to Him you will be returned. And this is true that no matter how much a person wishes that another be guided, if that person himself does not want guidance, if he himself does not seek guidance, then Allah will not give it to him. Um, Yoko Luna, Tara, or do they say about the Prophet that he has invented it, say, if I haven't rented it, then upon me is the consequence of my crime. But I am innocent of the crimes that you commit, meaning each person should be concerned about the sense that he is making, let's

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stop pointing fingers at one another. And think about what we are doing. We're here in our New Haven. And it was revealed to me that no one will believe from your people now, except those who have already believed 950 years had passed, and only a few people had believed, so knew how they said, I was told, now nobody from your people is going to believe so do not be distressed by what they have been doing. No harness, Allah was the first messenger he was a first of a soul. Meaning he was a first messenger to be sent to a non believing people, because before him, people had been upon guidance, children of Adam, they were all about guidance, they were all on the right path. But over

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time, they started worshipping idols. So Allah subhanaw taala, sent New Horizon as a first messenger. And look at the long time that Novartis and I'm spent trying to call people to Allah 950 years, 950 years, what does it show that if people will not listen after 950 years, then what does it mean? Then 50 years is enough to show if they're going to believe or not 60 years is enough to show if they're going to believe or not. 100 years is enough to show up, they're going to believe or not. This is why we see that if a person has lived for 60 years, then he has no argument before Allah on the Day of Judgment, no proof against a law on the day of judgment that Oh Allah, I didn't

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know. Because 60 years is good enough time to realize what a person is, what his worth is, what this life is about.

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Recently, I had to go to the hospital to see some people who are unwell. And I was looking in the emerge, there are so many people with so many different conditions. And this is something that should make you realize how fragile life is. And when life is so fragile. What are we? What are we doing here? Don't we need to think why we came where we are going? Don't we need to think that there is someone who can take these problems away from us. I mean, these are questions that should come to a person when he lives through a decent amount of time on this earth. And if he doesn't, that means that he does not wish guidance. And if he does not wish guidance, he's not seeking it, then Allah is

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not going to force it down on him. The people of New Holland center were given a chance of 950 years and they did not benefit. So construct the ship under our eyes. Allah said, construct the ship under our eyes, meaning we will watch you under our eyes, we are looking at you make the ship and our inspiration and do not address me concerning those who have wronged indeed they are to be drowned. What do we see over here? Allah says wassenaar polka be are you Nina, build the ship under our eyes. Allah has eyes. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in Naropa calm tala laser, br Well, the journal, he will be one eyed and he will say that I am God. He will claim to be Allah when the gel will come

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the Antichrist when he will come, and he will do things that we know only Allah can do. Like for example, giving life to the dead alone will grant him disability, this power, so the job will do it and he will claim to be a law and the prophets a lot of them said in Arabic Allah Allah is a borrower. You should recognize that john when he comes, he is one eyed and your Lord is not one eyed. Allah has eyes Wilson are l full Kirby. Are you Nina? Well, we're Hina we will teach you how to build the ship when Otto Hartley benyfit Latina wala Mo, and do not addressed me concerning those who have wronged meaning don't request that I should pardon them. They had a good enough chance if

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they did not avail it. Now they don't deserve any more chances. Indeed, they are to be drowned, and he constructed the ship. And whenever an assembly of the eminent of his people passed by him, they ridiculed him. They made fun of him. He said, If you ridicule us, then we will ridicule you just as you ridicule us today, meaning very soon

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The tables will turn, and you are going to know who will get a punishment that will disgrace him on earth, and upon whom will descend an enduring punishment in the hereafter. So it was until when our command came, and the oven overflowed, because the water started gushing forth from an oven. And that is the sign that new harness Alam was given that once water begins to overflow from there, then you must board the ship. So we said, Lord, upon the ship of each creature, to mates, and your family, except those about whom the word has proceeded, meaning from your family, everyone cannot board the ship, who will board the ship? Only those who believe and those who have disbelieved? They

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cannot board the ship, and who was that? It was the wife of No, Elisa Lam, and his son. These two people from his family did not believe can you imagine the pain of new hairdresser knowing that his wife is not a believer, or that his son is not a believer, imagine the pain.

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Imagine the pain, the grief, his son and his wife did not believe and include whoever that has believed meaning every other believer he must aboard the ship, but none had believed with him. except a few 950 years, only 80 people believed his efforts were sincere. His efforts were continuous. He strove for 950 years, he didn't give up. He did his best. But people were trapped in the fitna of this world. They thought that this life is everything. And for them, the worldly benefits were of utmost important. What color Kabuki hair Bismillah himadri ha ha ha. In Nabila, fudo Rahim. And new said, embark, they're in embark on the ship, In the name of Allah is its course.

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And it's Anchorage, meaning the ship will now sail and it will come to a staff how, whenever Allah wills, indeed, my lord is Forgiving and Merciful. And we should also say this, when we ride a ship, we're here to gdb him Fimo gene called g Bal, and it sailed with them through waves like mountains, can you imagine the amount of water that gushed out of the earth, and the amount of water that was falling down from the sky, such that there wasn't just a flood, there were huge waves, waves like mountains. And these waves you only see them in the middle of an ocean where there's a huge storm. Waves like mountains, huge. You know what this reminds me offer images of the tsunami, right? That

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how huge waves are just rolling, forthcoming. Fourth, huge, massive. So what he attended, he beat him the ship was sailing with these believers were between waves that were like mountains, imagine the amount of water and imagine the storm the intensity of that storm, and new called out to his son who was apart from them. The son of New Orleans Salaam, he was not on the ship. He was still not on the ship. He didn't board on the ship, new Harley Silla making the last attempt. All my son come aboard with us and been out of the disbelievers. But the son said, he said, I will take refuge on a mountain to protect me from the water. It's okay, I can avoid this water. I can just go up on them

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on the mountain I'll be fine. He still didn't trust his father. He still didn't believe in Him, knew her and a Salaam said, there is no protector today from the decree of Allah, except for whom Allah shows mercy to and the waves came between them. And he was among the drowned, no had a son and son before his very eyes was drowned the son of the Prophet, he is drowning, he is drowning with the disbelievers. Why? Because he himself did not believe when the son of the Prophet did not believe. When he did not obey the Prophet, he was not spared. He was not spared. This is why no one should ever think that since I am from such and such family. You know, for example, I'ma say youth, right?

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Or I am such and such, from the descendants of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Or in my family. There were people who were great worshipers who were great scholars, or in my family, there are professionals. There were people who were Shahada, I will be fine. No, each person is individually accountable before Allah. We see that till this last moment. No, Elisa is trying. He's trying to guide his son. And what does it show to us that we should also not give up that when we are trying to advise people, especially those who are closest to us. Don't get

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After a day or two, keep trying until the last moment. You know, sometimes you go visit an old person, and you think, oh, if they haven't done good all their life, why would they do it now? No, it's quite possible. They take a lesson now and and they begin to do it. Now perhaps they become serious about their faith. Now, perhaps they will engage in the remembrance of Allah. There was this old lady, and I sense that her memory was very sharp, very old lady. And I suggested to her, why don't you memorize the translation of the Quran I just suggested. And the next day when I went to see her, she had actually memorize the word tour translation of sutra, fathia, she is not able to

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read, but just by listening, listening over and over and over again, she memorized it. And then eventually, she said that it's heavy for her to memorize. But Alhamdulillah she listened to the entirety of the Quran. You know, somebody might say, an old person, what good could there be left in them? If they didn't do it all their life? Why would they do it now? No, as long as a person is living, as long as they're living, show compassion to them, do something to help them. The prophets are a lot of sudden went to see that Jewish boy who used to work for him. And that Jewish boy was dying. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him believe believe. And the boy looked at his father,

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because he was afraid of his father. And his father said out there, I will ask him obey, I will ask him. And so the boy said the Shahada, he said, the kalama and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came out and saying, 100 Allah, that Allah saved a person through me from the fire. Allah saved him through me, what a great achievement.

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So sometimes it happens that we come across people who are literally at the end of their lives. Or maybe they have been told for such a long time, but they haven't changed. But still don't give up say something to them. It doesn't mean keep lecturing them all the time. So they put their fingers in the ears and they don't want to listen to you anymore. But keep advising them keep saying things here and there. Don't give up this is the lesson that we learned from no harness and don't give up so that we are not responsible before we can say that yes, we did our best to help a lot creation. What do you layer or do blurry murky, why are some O'Leary wilhelma and it was said on Earth,

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swallow your water and all sky, withhold your rain, and the water subsided and the matter was accomplished. And the ship came to rest on the mountain off duty. And it was said away with the wrongdoing people whenever new hullabaloo and new call to his Lord and said, My Lord, indeed My son is off my family. And indeed your promises true and you are the most just of all the judges of all those who decide your judgment is most fair. So he is making dua to Allah Oh Allah, my son died, my son was destroyed with the wrongdoing people. So in a way he's requesting for his son that Oh Allah, even though he has been destroyed, you pardon him. He's making the offer his son. And you can see

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over here, how sensitive knew her they said on was, how caring he was, how much he wanted good for people. And this quality we see in all the prophets of Allah, even at the Battle of burger when 70 of the machine were killed, and their bodies had been abandoned by their people, right, because the machine they fled in order to save their lives. And they abandoned the body of Abu Jamal, even their leaders. So the Muslims, they put away all the bodies, they basically buried them to throw them in a well that was in that area in order to dispose of those bodies. And when they did that, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went up to them. And he said that I advised you, but you did not like my advice.

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And you can see the regret in those words, that I wish you had believed, I wish you had not reached this end. And this is something that we need to remember because unfortunately, we have developed a very harsh attitude towards those who disbelieve or towards those who are not very religious, that we have become very stern and harsh with them. We don't want guidance for them. And we want to sentence everybody to hellfire. This is something that was not the character of the prophets of Allah. The prophets of Allah were the most sincere people. Even in sort of the scene we learned about a man who called his people to believe in the prophets of Allah, but they killed him. And when

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he was killed, he was told, enter Jannah and he said, I wish my people knew. So the Sahaba said about him, that he was sincere to his people when he was alive and when he died, he wanted good for his people when he was alive. And also when he died. We need to see Do I have the same kind of sincerity for the people that I am amongst, whether they are those who believe or there are those who don't believe do I want the best for them?

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Do I want to dam everyone to the fire of hell? What do I want for the creation of Allah? Because remember that the love and concern that we show for Allah is creation. That is the kind of treatment that we will receive from Allah also. The prophets of blossom said, Show mercy and you will be treated with mercy, forgive and you too will be forgiven. So we need to develop this kind of No, sir, for Allah's creation, and ultimately we see the prophets of Allah, they were men, they were people, you know, no honey sinner, he was a loving man. He was a sensitive man. He was someone who was emotional. And we think that when a person becomes religious, then he needs to put away all of

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his emotions, his heart to become like a rock. He doesn't need to feel anything. No, they were not angels, nor were they rocks. They were human beings, sensitive colliano. Allah said, Oh, no, indeed, he is not of your family, your son that was destroyed. No, he was not of your family, even though the blood bond existed. Now this blood bond has been terminated, it has been finished, he is no longer your blood, he is no longer related to you. Because on the Day of Judgment, we learn that when the Trumpet will be blown funner and suburbia home, then there will be no relationship remaining between people. And this is why a father will run from his son, a husband will run from

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his wife, people, the closest friends will run from each other, except for those who believe their relationships, of marriage of friendship, of love, of brotherhood, they will endure they will remain. So motto that in general, if one person is in one level of gender of Paradise, and another person from the same families, another level, they will be joined together, they will be joined together. So we see that if we love our our close ones, our family members, then we have to choose hidayah. For them also, we have to desire guidance for them also, we should want that they should also be worshippers of Allah, believers in Allah, we should want the best for their faith. Because

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we enjoy this company these bonds these relationships for a few years in this world. But then what will happen Don't be want to enjoy these relationships forever and ever. We want that and that is only possible when both are upon a man. So new Harrison is told in Nicola salmon Alec, indeed he is not of your family, in the who are among lado sila. Indeed, he is one whose work was other than righteous, meaning he didn't do good deeds. So ask me not for that about which you have no knowledge, meaning you don't know what his reality was. So don't request for him don't make any draw for him. Indeed, I advise you, lest you be among the ignorant, so that the law of the Prophet is not

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accepted for his own son, when that son died with disbelief, so how is it that the intercession of the prophets of Allah or of the angels could be accepted? For those who are associated partners with Allah? How is it possible for those who knowingly disobey their Lord? Man, the Lady ashfur in the whole, elaborate me, who can intercede near alikes up with His permission, call or be in the

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new la Salaam, immediately he repented to his Lord, he said, Oh, my Lord, I seek refuge in You from asking that of which I have no knowledge. And unless you forgive me, and have mercy upon me, what a lot of family What are How many? a communal ha serene, I will be among the losers. So I need your forgiveness. I need your pardon, immediately knew her lesson. I'm just worried about himself. I think this is the Prophet of Allah, Who strove for 950 years. And after that, when he makes a request that is not proper. What is he doing? begging Allah for forgiveness? So what does it teach us? That no matter what good we have accomplished in our lives, no matter how much we have done in

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our lives, can we ever say that I am now perfect? No. Can we ever say that we are in no need of worshipping Allah anymore? No. Regardless of what we have done, we are forever Allah servants and if we make a mistake, which we are prone to, when we do make a mistake, if no halation I made a mistake, then we can also make these mistakes. And when we do, then we need to beg Allah for forgiveness. It was said, oh no disembark insecurity from us and blessings upon you and upon nations descending from those with you, but other nations of them we will grant enjoyment then there will

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Touchdown from us a painful punishment. New Alison I was informed that soon people will again be divided into two groups. Right now, the only survivors are believers very soon, there will be people who believe, who will remain firm upon this guidance and there will be people who will go astray, that is from the news of the unseen which we reveal to you or profit. You did not know neither you nor your people before this, so be patient. Indeed, the best outcome is for the righteous, false bear in aloka. Bottle Mata Ki 950 years new highness landed Saba the Prophet sallallahu and was being advised you also be patient. And the same is for us, be patient. The ultimate outcome is for

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who those who fear Allah, because this life is short. Any test any trial that a person goes through in this life is temporary. Ultimately if a person has feared Allah, then inshallah he will be fine.