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Ibrahim 35-52 Word Analysis and Tafsir 52

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Hi, I'm Anna Khalid nurse, this is a notification for the people. What is this Quran is this message is what message what is a ballot for the people a notification for the people

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that this dunya is given to us for some time for us to work in, and there is just that that is going to be given in the hereafter. If a person does good there is reward and if a person does bad there is punishment and that punishment is very serious. It's real, Hannah Bella horn, this is a balau for who the nasty for the people below us from the route setters bad lamb lane and Bella is to reach and balau is a message that is made to reach the other that is conveyed to the other. So Below is a notification and announcement information Proclamation. This is a notification for all people, not just Muslims. This is a notification for all people. All people must be informed about this must be

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told about this because this is something serious.

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Secondly, the word Bala also gives a meaning of when something is enough when something is complete, when something is sufficient. Like for example in sort of an MBA i a 106. Allah subhanaw taala says interview Heather labella one likoma narrabeen indeed, in this is surely a Bella for the people who worship. Meaning This is enough of a reminder, this is enough of a message. This is sufficient as a message.

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So Heather Bella one, this is enough as admonition as a warning. As a reminder, Lin se for the people

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will use Ruby, and so that they are warned by it. Meaning they must be warned by this message, they must be warned about the coming of the day of judgement about the punishment that awaits the oppressors. So the question is, has this message reached all people? Do people have any idea about what is to happen in the hereafter?

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When we think about the Hereafter, we think about gender and jahannam. And that's it. And we think that eventually people will get used to it. But we learned in sort of Ebrahim that a person in Hellfire, where the hidden modem in Colima, cannon woman who will be by yet he's not going to die. And he's going to experience death every moment. It's an extremely painful punishment.

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Over here, what do we learn? The punishment is real Sara being a woman of Iran, and what OSHA would you own? Now? This is real punishment, but have the people been informed about it? Have the people been told about it? If our own families don't know, if our own children don't know, if our own spouses don't know, then who are we to go and tell other people about how they're benevolent nurse Williams or Obi Wan Yama, and so that they can know. Meaning after being warned, they can come to know they can come to realize that unima indeed, not who he is meaning Allah is Illa. Anwar had one God, they should come to know that Allah is one God, there is no one else who is worthy of worship,

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but Allah

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when he had that karma, and so that he should take here who should take heat from this, Alba, those people who have intellect

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those people who don't know, they should come to know. And those people who know who believe they should take a lesson, they should improve, they should change their ways. They should reform themselves, they should work to better themselves to improve themselves. Because everyone can benefit from the warning that is in the

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A person who does not know and a person who knows there is benefit for every person.

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We listen to the recitation of these

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Yo, yo moto.

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Sometimes we think that our desire they're not about us, they're about what you mean and hamdullah we're not what you mean, we're Muslim mean. But the fact is that a lost pounds Allah has said that this has been our holiness. If you're not a Muslim, your responsibility is to convey to the people because if you don't convey, if you don't tell them, then you will also become a magician. This is also a crime, to hide the Quran, to hide the message that are lost Pandora has sent for all people. We learn in total Baqarah, that those people who hide what Allah subhanaw taala has revealed, and don't tell people about it, then such people are cursed by Allah and the angels. They're cursed. So

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it's our responsibility that once we have come to know about this, then we must make a plan as to how we're going to tell other people how we are going to convey

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because think about it, if you don't want it for yourself, how can you like it for someone else? If you cannot think about wearing something as uncomfortable, as painful, as ugly, as a garment made of bitch, how can you imagine that somebody else be made to wear that? How? How can you not tell other people? And if you look at it, the prophets are allowed to sell them. This is what motivated him. This is why he continued to tell people despite the opposition that he was suffering from. And if he suffered, then how can we prefer something else for ourselves. We don't want to suffer. We don't want to suffer any hardship. We don't want to face any trouble. We don't consider that though. But

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that it is not Buffett believers, that they sit at home, and they prefer themselves over the profits.

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While he is suffering in the way of Allah, we sit at home comfortably not doing anything. He spent his entire life telling people once he got the message, it's our responsibility as well that once we have received this message, we make a plan as to how we're going to tell people

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and this is also motivation to forgive people who have wronged you. Because if you don't want to do this, if you yourself, don't want to experience this, then you don't want to want somebody else to experience this.

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And it's a big motivation to change yourself to improve yourself. Because we say we're not a magician. We don't do these wrong things. We're Muslims but

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That means you need to improve yourself, need to continue to grow yourself. Because we're leanza Corrado Alba. And we have to help one another, we have to assist one another. Now with this sort of Ibrahim comes to an end, this is the end of Abraham, continuing the theme that we learned in SelectUSA, that life is full of things that are opposites that contradict that life is constantly a struggle, that where there is good, there's also bad. In Surah erhard, we saw the contrast again, between the good and the bad. And then again and sort of Abraham this contrast has been displayed to us from the beginning. On the one side is a little math on the other side is a new on the one side

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or the messengers on the other side or who the people who oppose the messengers instead of obeying instead of following the opposed

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on one side is, is sugar on the other side is good,

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which is why so many blessings have been mentioned in the solar for interra dunya metalla e letter suha. There is sugar on one side, and on the other side there is coffee

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in the insana, lava Roman Kapha very ungrateful.

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So on one side, lots of panatela has presented the various blessings that he has bestowed us with, he has told us about them, he has made us realize those blessings and on the other hand, he has also mentioned in gratitude on the one side where there was sheduled at anti Eva, Kalamata Yaba. On the other hand, there was also shadow that is Habiba Karima Doris kabisa.

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At the beginning of the surah What did we learn that keekaboo Angela who alayka literally janessa minako nomatic in a new be in Nairobi, him a la serata, Aziza, I made this book has been sent to that you take people out of glommed into a node.

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And at the end, Allah subhanaw taala reminds us of the same message that had been our holiness. This is a message for all people, while you're in the Ruby there should be warned by it when the airline will, should come to know when he had the car, and he should take it.

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So in this order, the purpose of sending the Koran sending the messenger has also been clarified. Why there's a constant struggle between good and evil. There is a stark contrast between the two and a Lost Planet Allah has sent guidance from the beginning to show people the way to his obedience the way to light. And on the other hand, is shaped on who was calling people towards Zulu, Matt. And that shaitan on the Day of Judgment, what is he going to do? I never forced to, I never made you do it, it was your choice. So we were made to realize that yes, this contrast is there. These opposite things are there, these two pathways are there. But we have to make our own decision. We have to

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make our own decision because at the end, we are responsible for it. It's up to us, whether we choose to say Kalamata and Paiva or we choose to say, Kalimantan kabisa. It's up to us whether we choose New, or we choose a voodoo map. Whether we follow the messengers or we follow the way of the tyrants, it's up to us. Whether we do sugar, or we are ungrateful, it's up to us, Allah subhanaw taala has presented both sides to us. And depending on the decision that we make, the author is going to be like that.

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And the obligation of a diary, the obligation that is upon him has been emphasized, as we learn from the example of Ibrahim is

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that how he spent his life how he spent so many years he put in so much effort, he sacrificed so much to establish the heat to tell people about a Lost Planet Allah so that people can worship only.

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If you look at the last day, in which our last point it says Heather Bella wilderness, this is a notification for the people. In the same aisle, we have also been told as to how to notify people

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that first of all, warning, warn them. And secondly, when they are the mood they should also come to learn. What should they learn what's the main thing that they should learn about the oneness of loss, they should be warned about the Day of Judgment. And secondly, they should be taught about the oneness of Allah sprinter. Many times when people are doing garwa, they focus on the random the most random things. But what needs to be focused on is the warning about the hereafter and belief in the last panel data alone. These are the two main things that we must emphasize on we must focus on. And we must start with

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anything you'd like to share with the rest of the class.

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Someone mentioned before that we think that because we're not doing the crime ourselves, that we won't be accountable for it either. But if you think about it on the day of judgment when people will turn around and they'll say these were our neighbors or these

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are our friends and colleagues, they'll witness against us. And for that, we'll be punished. So part of wishing all for them is also giving them

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the things that every person really believes in the hereafter. He really thinks it'd be real. If he really imagined it, that he will definitely warn people, he will definitely stop them, He will definitely show them that he cannot think that, oh, it's their decision. It's their choice, let them do whatever they want to do. No, he will do something to save them.

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It's funny, we were talking about time, because every day I say, you know, I don't have enough time. I don't know where my time goes. And hamdulillah today, I got my answer. If I do more, they care if you remember a lot more than the time will come every day, like, especially as mothers, I was thinking, you know, I don't have time I wake up, I go to sleep, and I don't know where my time goes, I can't pinpoint. But I finally realized what I'm doing wrong and what I need to do to fix it, if you increase in your vigorous panela, that solves all your problems. And once you have the time, then you have the time to learn and everything else falls into place. And once you have the

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knowledge, then you can convey Yes, but it starts with going back again to the victim.

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Because if you think about it, ultimately, why are we studying the Quran? Why are we doing all of this? To come closer to Allah? subhanaw taala?

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But if this is making us distant from Allah, then is it fulfilling the purpose? Not at all. So if we are looking for time to do our lesson, but at the same time, we don't have time to improve hours other than what's the purpose doesn't fulfill the purpose. So get your bother, right, and everything will fall in place.

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I was just wondering, like when we delay, we should ask ourselves, what exactly are we the length for? What are we putting more important?

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If we think about it, that's a form of

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Santa Monica, when you're about to do something you make a lot of excuses in a session was sent to me like a few years back. And she said you make excuses. What if you don't read the Koran everyday today, five years from now 10 years from now you have a kid you think your kid will do it? Right? Those same traits will pass on? So start today before it's too late?

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And how do you think that if you plan that after five years, you'll start reading? How do you think you'll be reading the Quran,

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there are people who I've seen who say that, yes, I will study the Quran when I'm done with my high school, that I will study the Quran when I'm done with university. But it's one thing after the other after the other. If you don't take time out for this, you will never find that you have to make time for it. And now you have to give priority to it now. Because if you don't do it now, you might never be able to do it.

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As I was just thinking going back to the date palm tree, we have a tree in the backyard. And what happens is in the summertime when the dates come, if the gardener he doesn't put the net around it, the dates just fall. So if you think about your good deeds, you might have a lot of them. But if you don't preserve them with like a class or you know you don't do them for the right reason and you don't do the right things, to have them all together. Like you don't tell people then they'll just fall to the ground and

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there won't be any benefit. Because once they fall in there

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we listen to the recitation of these as

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I want

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to be

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Santa Monica