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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of various characters and characteristics of the personality, including "any," "any words," and "any." They also touch on the importance of faith and security in achieving success, the concept of "over here," and the difficulty of recognizing individuals and behavior. The speakers stress the importance of belief in the unseen and the foundation of faith in the spiritual world, and emphasize the need for personal satisfaction and personal development. They also discuss the importance of spending money in the money and return on investment in the economy, and the importance of staying true to one's beliefs in achieving success.
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So let's move on to the lesson and we will do the sear off the following. Are you ready? Are we going to shave on Elysium Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem? Alif Lam mean?

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What are these letters?

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Hello? Hello Katara?

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Do they have a meaning? Whether you warn them or you don't warn them? They do not believe and Who are they? alladhina cafaro? And what's their ultimate end? What To whom? Either one? I lean for that Allah says no, they're not righteous at all. So who are they, those who are lost those who are astray, and what is there and we learned that such people are not writing from the root letters Hamza noon, seen, owns, owns means to love to have friendship to be sociable, and how are people people dress or Who? The people mankind? So Allah says, among mankind, of the people, there are some who mine yaku he said to me, we believe in Allah and the Last Day, what is the last day, the day of

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judgment? And why is the day of judgment called the last day? Because there is no day believers? Because when these people say that they are believers, they're only saying it with their tongue. It's just a verbal claim. This What is this? It's a lie on their part. They don't really mean it. They're just pretending. They're just saying it to be acceptable. They're just saying it thought it tells us in sort of the Messiah 143. That the hypocrites what's their state? Move over the Vina Bina dannic? La Ilaha?

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Illa whether science supports what's mentioned in the Quran or not, what are we to do? Believe it, accept it as 100% true and beneficial. so loudly Buffy, who then lil Mata Ki, a guidance for who? Those people who have Taqwa does the Quran only give information? Does the Quran only give knowledge? Know the Quran? Yes, it gives knowledge. But along with that, it's also a source of guidance for mankind, and especially who who is it that takes guidance from this book? Those people who have DACA now what's the literal meaning of the word DACA? To take a shield? Why would you take a shield to protect yourself to save yourself? Okay, so this is the literal meaning that Dakota is

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to take shield to protect yourself. And what's the technical meaning, the technical meaning of the word duck? Well, technically means you have written this definition down, I just want you to know the difference between the literal and the technical. Alright, because from now on, I'll be using these terms a lot. The literal meaning of this word is such and such and the technical meaning of this word is such and such. So the literal meaning of taqwa is to take shield to protect oneself, technical meaning to protect oneself. This is what makes a person careful in whatever he does, how he behaves, what he says what he listens to. So he's living a life of purpose. He's not listening to

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the key to action. So therefore the coins the way to success, and the coin is what makes a person live a meaningful, purposeful life Elmo token. It's a guide for those people who have Taqwa. In the following if we learn about the characteristics of the person who has the heart

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has gotten lost in this worldly life, meaning whatever they did, only made it up to this dunya meaning their actions did not make it to the hereafter. Well homea una unknown your sooner sooner good. Isn't reality good on what Allah said is bad, is in reality bad. So the hypocrite does not see that he does not see what Allah has commenced. Secondly, way up Muna salata and they established us Allah. Thirdly, when we merasakan at home, Yun fickle and out of what We have provided them, they spend fourth characteristic one Lavina you mean una Bhima owns de la la caja and those people who believe in what we have revealed to you. The fifth characteristic woman owns the lemon oberliga and

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they also believe in what was revealed before you and the sixth characteristic will irati homeo clone, they believe in the hereafter with conviction. So six characteristics of the Motoki are mentioned over here. As we study these characteristics, what are we to do analyze ourselves in the light of these traits, and also for bodies

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that we need food and he has provided that food for us in so many different ways.

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Water liquid in so many different foods quality of the Motrin is what that they believe in the unseen alladhina Muna. Yamuna is from the root letters Hamza meme loon, Hamza v. Moon. And you may notice from the word Eman What does the man mean? Faith belief

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I told you the root letters are Hamza meme nude from the same root is the word among. Amma means security, safety. Do you think there's a connection between faith and security, Eman and being safe? What's the connection? That if a person has a man he is safe, for example, from going astray what else save from Hellfire from punishment? That's the main connection between a man and a woman. And also you see a man it brings peace to a person. Why? How that when a person is going through some difficulties going through some trial. If he has a man, strong faith in Allah subhanaw taala then what's going to happen? He will think Allah knows what I'm going through. Whatever is happening is I

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think every time we breathe, think about it, the one who is so just Will he ever give a command? That is not good? Will he ever tell us to do something that's not good for us? And in this dunya and also in the hereafter? Allah subhanaw taala says over here alladhina umina belay v. Now literally, emin Eman means fate. What is the technical definition of Eman technically is just the mild COBOL. While is on what were these words, I'll explain them to you. Dust the dust leak is to affirm the truthfulness of something. When you affirm the truthfulness of something you believe that it is affect you believe that it's 100% true. So for example, the person says I believe in Allah, what

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does it mean? He affirms the existence of Allah subhanaw taala the truthfulness of his existence he affirms that Allah subhanaw taala. Is there a loss of panel data has the qualities that he describes himself with? Similarly, he believes that a loss of panel data is the love He is the medic, he is the harlot. All right, so does the whole arena ama No. One is the owner Illa and fusa. Home one is Sharon.

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In order to understand this IO property, we need to know the background of this verse. You may have come across many articles, many books even by authors who are not Muslim. But what do they acknowledge the greatness of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they acknowledge it, but do they accept it in the sense that they say, Yes, we believe in him as a messenger, do they? Not necessarily. There are many people who have written even books about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam but they don't accept him as a messenger. Eman is not just about saying yes, this is true. Eman is about Yes, this is true. And I accept it. And thirdly, Eman also includes his on his on his submission. What does it

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mean by the submission that whatever your faith requires you to do you also do that? For example, people will say, Yes, I know that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is the last messenger. Yes, I accept him as the last messenger. But his Sona, I cannot follow it. I'm not going to do it is that completely man. There's something deficient, complete a man is what that a person affirms the truthfulness. He accepts and he submits as well. This is what a man is. So Allah subhanaw taala says over here and Latina Yamuna beliee they believe in the unseen. What is I believe is from the root letters lane. Yeah.

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And labe literally is that which is hidden, that which is hidden that which is absent, meaning it's not in front of you. It's not within the reach of your senses. You cannot see it, you cannot hear it. You cannot smell it, you cannot touch it, you cannot feel it. It's beyond your senses. This is what life is for the same root is the word Libra. What does Libra mean? backbiting, right? What does it mean by backbiting that a person is absent, he is not there. And a person is talking bad about him. So you understand he is law if he is absent, he's not there. He's not there. And another person is talking bad about this is labor. So, labor is what that which is not in front of you that which

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is hidden from you.

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Now remember that there are two types of labor.

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There are two types of the two types of unseen. One is labor that is muslimeen absolute. There is no way that we as human beings can ever see it, touch it, feel it, it's not possible. Like for example of the should be meaning it's used to show resemblance. So believe, just as the rest of the people have believed, who does anass refer to the sleeping, but that also is based on what kind of his imagination, all right, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in his Hadees What do we learn about Jenna? What No. I have seen

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No ear has heard its description even. Right? So it's completely hidden from people. Gender is what part of the unseen. And that on the surface came to be believers when they're told believe, as the people have believed. And remember, he man is not just about saying I'm a believer, but it's about doing something to show that, you know, can we hear what's going on over there? No. So yes, that is unseen, hidden from us. But is it hidden from everybody? It's not hidden from everybody. For example, if you decide to go and check what's going on upstairs, can you go find out? Yes, you can. But if you decide to go and you say that I'm going to go find out if there really is Jenna, can you

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do that? You can't do that. So there's some parts of the unseen, which you can come across which you can prove which you can see her is the floor and up Sophie, and Sophie is from the root letter scene for her sofa is the Muslim the main word, the now sofa, and is this unseen? This unseen, is everything but Allah soprano data has informed us about and we cannot see it, we cannot hear it, our senses cannot perceive them. You understand? So lave includes, for example, the existence of a muscle peloton, for example, His angels, for example, the messengers that he sent in the past, that's also believing in bigness light in its balance, then what happens? It is described as Sophie.

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Now a person who is not strong has told us about the matters of the hereafter from what's going to happen in the grave to what's going to happen on the day of judgment to what's going to happen in Jenna, what's going to happen in hellfire. Anything that allows the panel data has told us about whether it's about himself, or about certain events, or about certain individuals or certain places, whatever that our senses cannot perceive, what is that light that is unseen? So look, the cleaner who alladhina Yamuna bill I so for her, those people who are very impressionable people who get convinced very easily, people who are not firm in what they're doing, so anyone can,

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why is it so important to believe in the unseen? If a person says, No, I'm going to use my intellect, if I don't see something, I'm not going to believe in it. If I cannot hear something, I'm not going to believe in it. You have to prove it to me. If I see because there are people who have said such things, we don't see God, I'm not going to believe in God. People say that. We don't see angels, prove that they're angels. How do you know there will be a day of judgment?

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So many people say that. So tell me, why is it important to believe in the unseen? If a person does not believe in the unseen then what is he doing? He's challenging the word of Allah Subhana time because what is my what Allah has informed us off? Allah says right at the beginning of the book now by Buffy, there's no doubt in this book. So if a person says, No, these angels, I cannot see them, I'm not going to believe in them. This is what challenging the word of Allah subhanaw taala. Why else is it necessary to believe in the unseen that gives your life a meaning didn't buy it, and they forgot that they bought it. And when they open the door themselves, they walk in and they get afraid

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by it, right? It happens many times.

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Similarly, it may happen that a person is doing something very different. Everybody's eating whatever they want, and they're you are looking like a fool asking about the ingredients and everything. Is there any alcohol in the ER just by our research? You need the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala so these questions are answered by what by you are here because all for one another? Why are you married? She literally thought we were foolish to be married at this age. Once I went for a haircut, and I got my hair all you know, nicely done.

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Any other reason why it's necessary to believe in the unseen wave is the foundation of faith. It's the foundation of EMA. That's the reason why would they do such a thing? While the line to why we're trying to deceive a learn the believers? What's the problem? Unless SP and up as a disease? Yes, similarity the blood pressure level is too high or too low. Is that a problem? Yes, it is. So if you think about it, the foundation of the belief in the unseen how, for example, Allah subhanaw taala tells us that whatever we do, whatever we are spiritual, it's not physical, but how is it spiritual? The question is, which disease is this? Remember that there are two diseases of the heart, they

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could believe that the angels are recording. Right? And this is what makes us careful, conscious about our actions about our words about our behavior desires.

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When a person just wants to fulfill his desires, so he doesn't care about the commands of Allah, he doesn't care. No. Has anybody seen the Day of Judgment here? No. We haven't seen it it will be in the future, but because a person believes in the Day of Judgment, does he become careful about his actions? Yes. Does he become a more responsible person? Yes. So the motorin How does the loss of penalty described them first of all, Allah Dena umina believe those who believe in the unseen secondly, when you pay Muna salata and establish the Sala UK Muna is from the real contrast of well being

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of well meaning and common yuku literally is to stand from the same root is the word PM, what does the M mean?

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Have you done pm Elaine? What is the AMA Lane? The salon that we pray when? In the night like for example, in the month of Ramadan in the masjid people go at night and what do they do? pm will lay they're going to pray Salah at night. So Salah, in other words is called pm as well, especially that which we perform in the night of the month of Ramadan. Why? Because what's the main thing that we're doing? We're standing in prayer. We're standing in prayer and we're reciting the Quran. So pm is to stand power Yakumo to stand in karma from which is the word up Muna karma is to make something stand to make something upright, to establish something.

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You understand your karma is to establish something to make something else than to make something up right. So what do they set? Right? What do they make upright? A falaqa de Sala, what does Allah mean? Are you familiar with the word Salah? What is a loving prayer? Which prayer just like you, you raise up your hand and you pray to God is that isn't it amazing? He thinks he's at the top, whereas in reality, he's at the bottom, and this reflects the foolishness of a hypocrite. Then we also learn from this ayah about the word sauna, it means prayer. So they just pray to God.

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No, that's not what the meaning is. So that is the ritual prayer like for example, the five daily prayers, or for example, their eight prayer, or for example, the janaza prayer, Jumeirah, sola, sola includes all of these different silhouettes, whether it's the five daily prayers the Juma one or the eat one de naza. Any prayer that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam his daughters, so we're here Allah says up Mona Fernanda, what does it mean by making the Salah upright? What do you think, establishing the Salah when you make something of pride when you make something stand? What does it mean by that? That you're fixing it? You're putting it as it should be. For example, if this stand

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is lying on the ground, is this a karma? No, but if I pick it up, and I put it up right, then I'm putting it as it should be. Isn't it so? So it karma to Salah is to establish the salah to give the view of the Salah to give the help of the Salah to pray Salah as it should be prayed to pray Salah as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught us to pray, what did he say so Luca them in what Morocco in their disease, they have a disease in their heart, and Allah causes that disease to grow. A Komodo Sala includes four things the karma to Salah includes four things. First of all, you come to Salah includes performing the Salah regularly with consistency, not one here, one there for a day, three a

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day, no regularly consistently five times a day. This is what you call masala is first of all. Secondly, a call to Salah includes performing the Salah in the prescribed times as well.

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In the prescribed time.

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We know that for every Salah there is a certain towards coefficient. This is why Allah allows the disease to grow. Because remember, as we learned earlier, Allah only facilitates for a person what he wants window, not delaying

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you understand. Thirdly, a karma to Salah is to perform the solder in the prescribed way as well in the prescribed manner as well. What does it mean by that?

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When you think about the way of Salah the particular manners of swala remember that there are certain prerequisites and then there are certain conditions and printers as well. Like for example if a person does not perform well do I'm too tired, too lazy

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can't be bothered performing will do, it's too cold anyway. And their prey is that Hamas wanna know, if a girl says, I can't be bothered wearing a proper hijab, and her hijab is see through her hair showing, or let's say, she's wearing sleeves that are short, so her arms are showing, or lens truly intelligent, then that person is truly smart. He is making the best choice, because those who don't believe like the Prophet and the companions believed if a person says yeah, the clip lies this way, but it's more convenient to pray this way.

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Can you do that? No. Fulfilling the conditions the prerequisites, as well as the pillars of solid what is mean by the pillars of solid that the major parts of solid must be performed if they're not performed? So as invalid. For example, when it comes to the recitation of Surah Fatiha insula? Is that mandatory? Yes, if a person does not recite to the Fatiha, his locker is not valid. Similarly, if a person says I can't bother doing the record, forget it. I'll just skip the record. I'll go down to such the headphone counter Salah, no way, is that valid No way.

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So if I were to select includes all of this, And fourthly, it also includes performing Salah in congregation in jamara. Now doesn't mean that for every select person has to pray in jamara is a part of the quad, who will do this? A person who has the core who will perform select properly, a person who wants to save himself from the

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isn't it so even if it means going through extremely painful treatment, that will cause their head to go balls literally, but they will not model them for the homerun Lahu model da. Allah says, Well a hammer either one alone and for them is a painful punishment. Aleem is from their letters Hamza lamb here and secondly, it's constant. Think about it, if somebody hits you once, but very severely.

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Does it hurt a lot? Is it gonna praise Allah at the proper time? No, he is going to give preference to his sleep, or he's going to give preference to whatever he's doing instead of Santa.

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So who gives importance to Santa? The person who has the core? Is it important to give importance to Salah?

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Yes, why? Because if a person does not give importance to Sunnah, that means he does not have Taqwa. If he doesn't have soccer, what does that mean? He's not going to benefit from the Quran. So if we want to benefit from the Quran, if we want to make this journey meaningful, then what do we have to pay attention to?

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Our prayer? Because prayer, what is it if you think about it, who are you talking to? Who are you borrowing herself before? Almost soprano Darla. It's the manifestation of once a man a person says Allah I believe in you Allah, I fear you Allah Yak and our Buddha monastery and when it comes to submitting before Allah, too tired,

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I'm too busy, can't be bothered. No, there's a discrepancy then. There's a huge discrepancy between what a person is saying and what he's doing. If you say you're gonna do a you're gonna study then you better show it How are you going to show it by giving importance to Salah, praying the Salah as it should be prayed when it should be prayed. So when you came in a salata third quality woman, Mara zakenna, home Yun filco. mimma is a combination of men and men. From what Rosa who we have provided them, Rosa Kona who is from the root letters are all they are from the word risk. And what's the translation of the word risk? How would you translate it provision?

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What is risk, what is provision, this is everything that is a source of man's spiritual or physical sustenance, everything that is a source of man's spiritual or physical sustenance.

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You understand? Like for example, can you think of an example of what comes in risk? Well, money, children, food, health, what else knowledge because knowledge is spiritual, sustenance, security, safety, peace of mind, if a person is living in a place where there's famine, or where there's war, is he missing something? Yes, he doesn't have that spiritual sustenance, right. So, this includes material things as well as non material blessings. All right, it includes material as well as non material blessings. So when we mouse up in our home, Allah says out of what We have provided them so everything that was planted Allah has given to a person what does this person do? What is the most

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okay do you and Phil cone Deshpande up who is from newsletters, noon fat off and in fact is to spend to give what does it mean to

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Spend so where my mouth is gonna hang up on who are the Motoki they spend out of what Allah soprano data has provided them. What does this show to us? First of all, that who is our provider, Allah, soprano,

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anything and everything we have, whether it's help or it's time or it is knowledge, or it is money, or it is a body that we use, friends, the opportunities that we have in our life, all of this is what provision and who has given it to us? Unless

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we have not acquired it ourselves. A person might say, I have this because I put an effort for it. Yes, Alhamdulillah you put an effort and Allah facilitated that for you, you put in the effort and the time and Allah subhanaw taala enabled you to have it so many people put in effort but do they actually get what they want? Not every time. So who is the provider? Allah subhana wa Tada. So, when we model the economy and focus on what is it that a lot of panel data has provided us anything and everything that we have, what is the Motoki do with what Allah subhanaw taala has given him? Does he just keep it to himself? Is he selfish? No. He is one who gives who shares he is not just concerned

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about himself, he is not selfish. Rather, he cares about other people. He doesn't hoard, but rather he gives he shares, woman models Akane homayoun feel cool. Now tell me something, what is it that we are to spend? What is it that we should spend? Should we spend everything we have? No. What does mean by a woman man was economical. This is understood in two ways. The word mean has been understood in two ways over here, first of all men gives meaning of some.

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So whatever unless a penalty has provided them, some of it, they spend in the wave of

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some of it, they spent, not everything but some of it.

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And how much is it depending on what they can afford, depending on what's easy for them, depending on what their budget allows what their time allows what their situation in life allows, right? This is one meaning. Another meaning of men is that it gives the meaning of all of it.

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Woman math and grammar, you call this min min of bi and those of you who would like to know. So then it means woman Moroccan alchemy, and that what We have provided them they spend what We have provided them they spent, like for example Abubakar of the line, who, at the time of the expedition to the book, does anyone know how much he spent at that time? How much he brought everything he had, that was a time when our model D learn who brought half of his entire possessions. And he thought today I'm going to beat a book. And he gets there and he finds a book that has brought everything he has a worker on the line who what he did at that time. Was that wrong? No. Why did he bring

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everything then why did he spend everything then? Because that is what the situation demanded? Like, for example, let's say a person's child becomes extremely ill. At that time, what do you think they're going to spend? Anything and everything if necessary?

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The mother will perhaps sell her gold jewelry. The father will take up all the money from his savings account in crisis situations, what do you take out anything and everything people will sell their house even they will sell their car, they will go down on their day to day expenses. Why? Because the situation demands them to spend a lot. Right? So when we model the economic return out of what We have provided them they spend. So for example, the person might say

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that, why are you studying you think this is mandatory? You think this is important? You could just go to a weekly? Why do you have to go twice a week on the weekends in the morning? So is it necessary? Yes. The situation demands this from us. It's about time we study the Quran. All our lives. We have been saying yes, I want to study the Quran. Yes, I want to study the Quran. But it's about time that we take this work seriously.

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So it's possible that for one person, what's easier is what their situation allows us that they go to weekly halaqaat. But a person wants to become serious like you, you have to come on your weekends. And there are other people who perhaps have to come during the week. So women models are now homey and feel cool because when we come here, the fees that we pay the money that we spend on the gas, the money that we spend on our lunches, the money that we spend on our books on our uniform, even that is what spending in the way of a law.

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You understand, even for the spending is reward and what they will give preference to spending in the way of a loss.

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So when we model the economy and feel good

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Remember there will be models for code. This includes three things in particular, out of what Allah subhanaw taala has provided us. We should spend this includes three things first of all, that it first must give the cat Why did you buy the cat? Why did you buy? Meaning the mandatory is a cat that's also part of spending. So many models

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they give the cat secondly, so the heart booster have been the preferred charity, meaning where a person is encouraged to give charity.

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For example, where are we encouraged to give charity for example of the poor and the needy who else on orphans who else where else mustard, helping a Masjid an institute for example, that is working to promote the knowledge of the deen that serving the community. This is all worth spending in the way of Allah. Right. And thirdly, this also includes the number of parts that are less human meaning the mandatory expenditures for example, as a father, a man is obligated to spend on who,

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on his family on his wife and his children.

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He should not think, oh, what a waste of money. I could have bought, you know, this car by now if I had been saving all that money, too bad I have to buy diapers for my children. All this money goes in diapers and all this money goes in their clothes. every other month, we're going shopping for their clothes, this is not right, I could have bought this and this and this by now. He should not feel bad. Why? Because it's an obligation on him to spend and for the spending also he gets reward remember that Hades, in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that a man if you put some morsel of food in the mouth of his wife, even that is written as charity for him. So when we Moroccan

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commune cocoon now connect this with taqwa.

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When will a person gives a cat when he

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is afraid of a loss of pregnant on when he is careful when he wants to save himself from the punishment of Allah. Because those who do not give the cat who hoard their wealth, who do not give the right of love from it, who do not give the right of for from it, there is a severe punishment for them on the Day of Judgment. Instead of the Toba, we learn about that, that on the day when the gold and the silver that they hoard it, it will be melted, and it will be branded on top of them. Just imagine molten, gold, silver, and it's put on the forehead of a person the back of a person. Just imagine how bad it would burn. This is the punishment for those who do not gives a cat. So a

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person who wants to save himself from this punishment. He has stuck what what will he do? He will give the cat? Because if you think about it, when it comes to paying taxes,

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can you avoid that in this country? You can't? How can you? But things are cats? can you avoid that in this country? Easily? Which amount of the message is gonna come after you whether you give us a cat sister, you give us a cat? Who's going to do that to you? No one. So what is it that's going to make a person gives a cat on time property, fear of Allah. Similarly, what is it that will make a person spend in the way of Allah spend on the poor and the needy spend on the massages spend on those people who are striving to learn or for example, sponsoring books somewhere, when will a person do this? When he has fear of Allah and when will he spend on his family on his children,

00:33:21--> 00:33:26

wherever he is required to spend when he has a fear of Allah. So women models are now one unit.

00:33:28--> 00:33:30

Now, if you look at the side from the beginning, what do you see?

00:33:32--> 00:34:03

three characteristics of motorcade, first of all, that they believe in the unseen. Secondly, they establish the soul and thirdly, they spend out of what Allah subhanaw taala has provided them, what does this ayah show to us the importance of First of all, belief in the unseen Secondly, the importance of salah and thirdly the importance of spending in the way of Allah subhanaw taala. Now, as far as the importance of performing Salah is concerned,

00:34:04--> 00:34:41

the importance of Salah as far as that is concerned, there is a hadith from which we learned that a man once came to the masjid, and he prayed Salah, and then he went to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he greeted him. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam responded to his greeting, and he said Egypt for Sunday for inoculum to Sunday, go and repeat your Salah because you did not pray properly and came and he said, teach me how to pray them. I don't know how to pray to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him that when you pray, make sure that you stand still in the sense that when you go into court, don't get up from ruku until you have become

00:34:42--> 00:34:59

stable there. Once you become stable there once you pause there, then move then stand up and then don't just quickly go down into such the until you have come to a stationary point and then again, don't lift up your head from such there until you have become stable.

00:35:00--> 00:35:10

Over there. So this shows to us that if a person does not perform the Salah properly, it's as though his Salah is not valid. Isn't that scary?

00:35:12--> 00:35:29

If a person does not perform Sadat properly, it says though his Salah is not valid. So we have to be very careful that when we're printing solar, we are focused, first of all our mind and heart should be present. We should have for sure we should be able to concentrate, have fear of Allah know what we're saying?

00:35:30--> 00:36:08

And then performing the solar property as well, the way the prophets are allowed to sit and prayed. And especially this, and then through solar running through solar, a person has barely touched the ground institute that they're up there barely set up that they're down. They're barely gone down record that they're standing up. So we had a home or there was a Lima, Lima can we actually won? If you think about it, a little pain? A little heat is unbearable? Can we bear that we'll leave that the spend out of what they have, given whatever a loss penalty has provided them, they spent in total 467 we learn one larina either answer from either one earlier when we met, can we actually

00:36:10--> 00:36:12

remember that there are two types of hypocrisy.

00:36:13--> 00:36:36

One is hypocrisy in Arpita. sparingly meaning being very stingy in the sense that, yeah, I have this much money, but I have to buy the jacket for myself. So I'm saving this money right now too. But I cannot give these $2 over here. Part. He believes in the day of judgment in his heart, he has all of that emotion in his heart. But when it comes to actions, he resembles a winner. How

00:36:37--> 00:36:46

and nevertheless, to come down, right? And then zeal in zeile. It's used for revelation because revelation also comes down.

00:36:47--> 00:36:52

We discussed this earlier as well. But when it comes to dunia, we want the best of the best everything.

00:36:53--> 00:37:17

Whereas the dounia doesn't really matter much when it comes to do foolish. Exactly. They think that they can deceive a mob but they're actually deceiving themselves. They say something, but they don't actually do it. So these are the characteristics of but it's a method of solid is it mentioned in the Quran? No. Who taught us how to pray. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam Where did he learn how to pray from Allah subhanaw taala taught him

00:37:19--> 00:37:30

so we met on Xena Anika includes everything that the messenger sallallahu Sallam told us about because when I am duquan in Hawaii, he would not speak out of his own desire.

00:37:31--> 00:38:12

He would not speak out of his own whims. So when Medina Luna be my own Zilla Allah, wa onzie Rahman kominek and they also believe in what was revealed before you, even the ultimate even the scriptures that were revealed before the Quran, like for example, the Torah there's a boo the NGO similar is the source of of Ibrahim right SLM we learn the Quran sutra people are Hema Moosa. So, the scriptures that Allah subhanaw taala revealed before the Quran, some Allah has informed us about their names, who they were given to, but it's quite possible that there are other scriptures that would reveal that Tell me, what does it mean by believing in the Quran? A believing in what it says

00:38:12--> 00:38:19

and also following it. Right? What does it mean by binita? In the midst of iluka? One or two?

00:38:21--> 00:38:35

Well, larina You mean una Bhima una de la la caja woman owns the lemon cabinet. And the final characteristic that is mentioned over here is what will a hero to whom you can own and they believe in the hereafter with here after? What does it mean by the hereafter? It includes

00:38:36--> 00:39:02

everything that Allah subhanaw taala has informed us about that will happen from the moment of death until eternity in Jannah, or hellfire. This is what Allah includes. So for example, it includes the test in the grave, we know that each and every single one of us will we will die when we are in our graves and what's going to happen, what's going to happen. The angels are going to appear and they're going to ask us Mondo book

00:39:04--> 00:39:45

manavi yoke, Maddy knock these questions they're going to ask us. So believing in the hereafter includes believing in the test that will happen in the grave, believing in the hereafter includes believing in the blowing of the trumpet, the day of judgment, the hisab the questioning the coin over the bridge that surrounds the scales on the Day of Judgment. It means that a person believes that there is gender that there is Hellfire, there is eternity in general, there is eternity in hellfire. So Bill, a karate who you can notice the word you can own. It's not just you know, this is different. You can own is from your past noon, from the word, your pain, and your key is the highest

00:39:45--> 00:39:51

level of faith, the highest level of faith, faith at the level of conviction, free of any doubts.

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

There's not even a little amount of doubt, absolute conviction. So notice where the hereafter

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

Las panatela says they have certainty. It hasn't been said wobble accurate, to whom you may know, what has been said, what will accurate to whom you can Why is your cane mentioned for the hereafter? Because only when a person has been in the hereafter conviction, he sees the events of the hereafter as real, he believes that it will happen. Only then can it change him. Only then, can a person change his ways, only then can a person be the key. Because if a person has weak faith in the hereafter in the Day of Judgment, then what will happen? He won't be as careful. If he thinks, yeah, we'll see when the day of judgment comes, let me just enjoy myself for now. Yeah, I'll see when the

00:40:44--> 00:41:21

day of judgment comes. I know that the first question is going to be about Salah. But yeah, you know, something might happen and you never know I might be saved, is he going to be careful about how he's performing a soda know what's going to fix the person Salah yaqeen in the Hereafter, certainty in the Hereafter, that I will be questioned about my prayer, I will be questioned about my money, I will question about my time What did I do with it? How did I live my life. So, when a person has been this is what drives him to change, this is what motivates him to do something, this is what keeps him afraid. This is what keeps him alert. This is what keeps him conscious, what will

00:41:21--> 00:41:22

occur to him You can own

00:41:24--> 00:42:11

the last panel dialysis Bula iica it is those people who like eeka is deplore enough there Lika earlier in this video What did we learn Valley Calcutta Delica that Allah aka those and just as Delica is used to point out to that which is far more high. Similarly, Ola, because those is used for those people who are far or or high elevated in their status in their position. So people who have these qualities who are McDuffie almost as those people, those who are the Allah they are upon who the middle of the hill guidance from their Lord, these are the people who are on guidance into the Fatiha What do I do we make a dinner sit off almost nothing unless as the person who has these

00:42:11--> 00:42:40

qualities he is upon guidance. Definitely he is rightly guided. Definitely he's received guidance from the Quran. Allah who the mirror be him. What are those whom they are mostly who those who are successful? Mostly Hoon is a Florida move. And it's from the route address fair lamb her fella, his success from the same route is a word that is far less and far less is used for a farmer, farmer.

00:42:41--> 00:42:45

They go to Farmer What does he do cultivator? Well,

00:42:46--> 00:43:32

first of all, he has to prepare the ground, then he has to put the seed in? Can he take a one month vacation? No, what does he have to do? Look after the plant look after his crop, and he has to make sure that they're growing properly. He has to make sure that there is nothing that's harming them. And he has to go outside in extreme heat. So this entire process of farming requires a lot from a person a lot of effort. And then eventually what does he find the fruit of his effort? Some of you who know who successful thing and when they've done something, then they reap the fruit. So will a homeowner What does it show to us that success cannot be attained just by chance. Success is

00:43:32--> 00:44:13

attained How? By hard work? And what is the work that we need to do in order to be successful in this world in the hereafter? The things that are mentioned in these Ayah What are they? The first of all taqwa. Secondly, imagine why. And the list you are familiar with Salah spending in the way of Allah correct belief, belief in the hereafter. All of this is what leads to success. And you see over here will Erica, Allah who the Mira beam Allah is to be on something upon something. So they're upon guidance, and when they're upon guidance, where will they get to? Wherever guidance leads them to? It's like a person who is on a ship, where will he end up? wherever that ship takes him. So when

00:44:13--> 00:44:55

a person is on who that? Where will he end up wherever that Huda takes him and what is that success in this dunya and the hereafter? And what is real success? real success is that a person is saved from the punishment and he is admitted into paradise. Lost Planet Allah says whoever is saved from the punishment of Hellfire and is admitted into paradise. That is a person who has truly been successful. Successful is not a person who has become a multimillionaire in this dunya who has a very happy family in this dunya who has a lot of free time. A lot of time to watch movies and enjoy eating popcorn. No, this is not a successful person. successful person is who

00:44:57--> 00:44:59

it's amazing how into the factory.

00:45:00--> 00:45:13

Allah subhanaw taala teaches as a beautiful girl in a salon was the game so rapa Latina and downtown LA. And in this surah Allah subhanaw taala tells us that who gets with a motorcade and in order to be that you have to follow these steps.

00:45:14--> 00:45:53

So, it's beautiful how Allah subhanaw taala gives guidance that he doesn't just tell us what success is. But he tells us how to get there as well. Every little thing from faith, to rituals to interaction with other people because if you think about it prayer, what does that show connection with Allah subhanaw taala spending What does that show your connection with the rest of the people? So Allah subhanaw taala guides us through every single step and remember, I told you the meaning of hedaya is to show to a point out the way and then make a person go on the way and make them reach the destination. This is how Allah subhanaw taala gives guidance. Your last panel data, give all of

00:45:53--> 00:46:03

us hate I hate IRL as well as he died of subclinical law who will be handicapped national law either in the anti nesta heruka one or two