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What is the scar musala comi. For Khulna, prepare our circle head off. And recall when Musa alayhis salaam asked for water for his people, and we said to him strike with your staff, the stolen, what is the spa, we learned earlier that the bunny is surreal when they left Egypt, they ended up were in the desert, and they were there for 40 years. After 40 years they were told to enter the city. They were told that make sure you say helper and make sure that when you enter you enter How frustrating However, they initially refused to enter the city. We learned elsewhere in the Quran that when musala salam told them that enter the city they said, We're not going in Moosa you and your Lord go

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and fight the people and then inshallah we will enter once the city is opened up to us. Once the gates are opened up to us, we're not entering like that. They refuse to enter. And when they did enter, after musala salaam passed away, how did they enter, as we learned earlier, that the change the word from Hitler to Himba, and instead of prostrating, they went dragging on their backs. It was, you know, out of extreme defiance, extreme arrogance that they behaved in this way. First, we had a quick overview in the verses of what happened, how they were freed, how they ended up in the desert, they were given money and sunhwa. And then eventually, they entered the city, but how they

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entered terribly. Now unless apparently God is mentioning a few more favors that were bestowed upon them while they were still in the desert. One of the favors was that they were in the desert, and they had no water, no water at all. So what it is that's our Moosa likoma he recall this remember this when Musa alayhis salaam asked for water for who for his people, is that Scott is from the letter seem off? Yeah. You may have heard of the word Sophia, Sophia, Zamzam, Sophia, it is to water to give water to someone is the spa is to ask for water. What does it mean to ask for water? Just as we learned, necessary, what is necessary mean to ask for help is thus you see the letter seen enter,

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they give the meaning of asking, seeking, so he sought water, meaning he asked Allah subhanaw taala for water for who likoma he for his people, who are his people, the Bani Israel, because in the desert, they had absolutely no water. And you can imagine 12 tribes of the Bani Israel, not just one or two people, but many, many people imagine if there's no water, what's gonna happen, people are gonna end up in many, many fights, people might end up killing one another fighting for water. So they had no water and whatever little they had, obviously, there could have been great fights over that. So musar listen and pray to Allah, that Oh Allah bless these people with water. So what

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So we said, Allah subhanaw taala commanded Masada Salaam that it bleep strike it read from the letters blog, bat, Baba, yo boo boo is to strike to hit something on the other to hit one thing with the other. So Allah subhanaw taala told him every strike beer or soccer with your stuff, be our soccer be with also stuff yours hit with your stuff. What should you hit, and hedgerow, the rock, the staff of yours, take it and strike the rock with it also is from the letters inside or inside well, and it's used for a staff which is thick, meaning it's not really a thin stick, but rather it is thick, and it's also long so you can say it's like the staff of a shepherd. And such a staff is a

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multipurpose one. You can use it for many, many things. musasa we learned in the Quran in Surah Taha number 18 that when the loss of peloton I asked him on Mount do that, what is this in your hand? Masada said and replied, Allah here I saw Yeah, this is my I saw, I thought what are they I recline on it. What uh, who should be here? I love anime, and I bring down leaves on my sheep with the help of this stuff. Well, he, he has Oprah and I have many other usages in this stuff. So what kind of a staff is also it's a multi purpose when you can do many things with it. You know, for example, older people, they have a cane, but you can do a lot of things with it because it's very delicate,

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however, and also you can do many things with it. So musasa was told take your stuff and strike the rock with it. Why? Because when he would strike the rock with it as a result, what would happen? Fun federal mean whose data are shereena 12 Springs would gush out of it. 12 Springs gushed out of that rock when musala slam struck that rock with history.

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The staff of Mossad Islam was a very special stuff. It was a very special stick. Allah subhanaw taala last who signed Islam with many miracles through the staff. When he threw it, it turned into a snake. When he threw the staff into the ocean into the sea, what happened? It parted into do Just imagine the land under the sea that was all wet, it became dry. The 12 springs that came out that's mentioned over here to third miracle. Fourth miracle. One foot our own had all of his magicians come in and stand against Masada, Santa, and they threw their sticks and their ropes and all of them turned into snakes because of their magic. entire place, entire arena filled with tiny tiny snakes

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and musalla salami through staff and it turned into a huge serpent, a huge snake and it swallowed every single one of the snakes or who are the magicians. miracles that were performed through the staff. One of them is mentioned over here, that in the desert when the people had no water Allah subhanaw taala told him take your stuff and strike the rock with it. The word Elijah rock is from the letters hygiene raw hedger, hedger is used for a huge rock literally means to prevent to be hard and that is how rocks are. So what happened fun, fraudulent fun photos, it gushed out in federal fair, jeem law, federal law is to split something apart to break something and to cause it to burst

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at a large scale. Can you think of any other word from the same root fejn raw footage of what happens at budget what happens at dawn, the entire sky that is black and dark, there is a huge split in it and it's across the horizon. If you ever wake up at that time when you should look at the sky outside how the morning light bursts through that this is why they said crack of dawn crack because it so cracks the entire horizon and then the light comes in. So fun federal law in federal law when it gushes out at a large scale, fine federal men who from it from what from that huddle what gushed out of that rock is Nether Asha 12 Arina springs 12. springs came out of that rock gushing forth

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with water. One rock he hits it with his stick and 12 Springs and often waters just gushing out. The word rain is from the root letters idea noon and rain is used for a spring. Do you know of any other words that it's used for? eyes? Can you think of any similarity between them? That just as water flows out of a spring comes out of the spring similarly water gushes out of our eyes as well sometimes uncontrollably so fun federal admin has Natasha Arina 12 Springs gushed out of that rock. Why 12 because the bunny is so ill or how many there were 12 tribes remember the 12 sons of your Cooper Elisa, their descendants were who 12 tribes. So each son, his descendants were who they were

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known as his descendants, and they were known as a separate tribe. And these 12 tribes, a lot of Paradise has other alima. In fact, he knew, but the word God gives a meaning of In fact, indeed, and it's basically used to give energy to the verb that is mentioned afterwards to show the certainty of it. So other alima alima from the root letters Rhineland meme in him to know so he knew who knew. colonna sin, every people, every single group of people knew what did they know mush raba whom they're drinking place and drinking time as well. The word illness What does it mean? People? Any other word that we have read for people and nurse and nurse begins with an analysis actually l onus.

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What is it? l oo nurse, but when you combine them together, then you just say a nurse. And over here people when asked refers to what each of those 12 tribes, other animals could know owners in every single tribe, every single person then you must

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measure up from the letter seen alaba Can you think of a word that comes from the same root? Shut up drink? mush rub is a place of drinking and also the time of drinking. There are certain nouns in the Arabic language which are known as Islam slough and there are such nouns that tell us about the place and the time where something happened or may happen. So Mashallah is some love. You have to become very comfortable with this word with this term because it's going to come many, many times. To understand the beauty of the Quranic words, we have to become familiar with these terms. So Mashallah this place of drinking and the time of drinking

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Meaning, where are you supposed to go and drink from? And when are you supposed to go and drink? every tribe knew about their spring and also about the time when they were allowed to go and take water from their spring. Isn't it amazing? It's like in an institute in a school, every class knows where they can go and have their lunch and when they can go and have their lunch Is that necessary when you have a huge crowd of people, of course, if we gave break to every single class in the Institute at the same time, imagine if all 600 were allowed to come into the cafeteria at once, what would happen? chaos, the cafeteria people wouldn't be able to manage all the people who are coming

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in one person is screaming may have a sandwich may have a samosa may have a drink may have a cup of tea. So for the purpose of organization and loss upon the data did that this was a huge blessing on Bani Israel. Because a it made it very convenient for them to drink water to have access to water and be it avoided any chances of any fights that could break up in the Bani Israel. So it kept them united as well as the early macoun lunasin masaba, whom Allah subhanaw taala told them kulu all of you eat kulu What's the root? Hamza calf lamb, we have done the word Kula earlier kulu all of you eat, washable and all of you drink what's the root of what Shinobu Shinola? So from the root letter

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scene of Alba, you got the word is shabu and you also get the word Mashallah so coonawarra will eat and drink maristella he from the provision of Allah, meaning from the provision that our last panel data has given you. What were they to eat? What food were they given? Man and Salwa, what drink were they given this fresh water? So Kula washerwoman is biLlahi. But they were also told when Arthur so Phil only move Sabine and do not commit abuse on the earth as Mischief Makers. There are so it's from the letters I'd say, yeah, or I answer well, and this word or through or is he is to be very quick in spreading corruption in destroying things. In other words, to be very quick in making

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facade so that our thought do not commit abuse. Fill early in the earth as well as move city moves in Florida move, sit and was mostly the one who does facade. If you will be committing abuse on the earth, what would you be doing facade? So for example, for the Bani Israel in this context, what abuse Could they be doing? For example, they were given water to drink they were given money until what they were told eat and drink, but don't commit abuse. How they were supposed to go to a particular place to drink each tribe and also at a particular time, if you don't follow the rules. Are you committing abuse? Yes. How else? By wasting? Oh, it's free. Take whatever you want. Drink

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whatever you want, whichever you want, use whatever, leave whatever. You know, modern sound bites food that's coming for free. Yeah, I don't feel like finishing it. I'll just take two bites and throw this one. Let me try that one. Let me try that one. And then that process wasting so much. Does it happen that when people are given food for free, they end up wasting a lot. Like for example, when you go to a wedding, what happens? You see plates that are almost full that are being thrown away? Because it's free. Just because it's free, doesn't mean you can waste it. So they were told eat and drink of the blessings. You are allowed Allah subhanaw taala is giving them to you. But

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don't commit abuse because if you do so you will be moved city.

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What lessons do we learn in this verse? First of all, we learned that at the time of need of water when people need water, what should they do? Should they search for water? Of course they should, should they go by water? Of course they should. But at the same time, they should also ask Allah subhanaw taala for water musante salami is the spa. And in the center of the profits on a lot of cinema also we learned that he also prayed solitude is this.

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He prayed for that will his discord when people would need water. He would make the offer water by performing collateral is this call and also without dishonor. We learned for example, once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was giving a hookah in the masjid and people had not had rain for a very, very long time. So this man walked into the machine the prophets Allah Lannister was addressing the people on the pulpit and interrupted him and he said, our animals are dying. We have no water, our livelihood is destroyed. We're in great trouble. ask Allah for water please pray to Allah subhanaw taala for water Prophet sallallahu Sallam he started making dua to Allah subhanaw taala for water

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and he hadn't even descended from the pulpit. But all of a sudden clouds came into the horizon that were nowhere in scene and it started pouring and pouring and when the profits on a lot of them descended from the pulpit, his beard was dripping with water.

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So much water came and it rained and rained until the next Friday.

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Next Friday, that same man he walked in and he said, too much rain. pray to Allah because our animals are dying because of too much rain our houses are getting destroyed because of too much rain. So the Prophet satellites enemy Dora Allahumma Howard Elena Weller, Elena that all the sun rain around us and not on us. Because when Allah sends a blessing we shouldn't say we don't want it. So then the rain it stopped. We learned in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well that whenever people needed water, what would he do? He would make the ATO and loss of panel data for water with Sunnah and also without solder. So we should also do the same and for the basic needs,

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even Who should we turn to? Allah subhanaw taala. For the basic needs, even we must make God to Allah because that is what Riba is, that is what worship is. I shall learn her. She said, ask Allah for everything, even if it is a shoelace. ask Allah for everything, even if it's a shoelace. Because if Allah does not make it easy, then it will not be possible for you. We think I need to make doll for money. I'm 20. I don't need to make the arm for my exam I've studied, I don't need to make the law for such and such thing I have enough. But the thing is that we do experience times when, for example, there is food in the refrigerator, but we don't find the time to cook it. We don't find the

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time to prepare it. We don't find the time to heat it up and eat it. We have money in our pockets. But we don't get the time to go and buy the groceries. You have a book that you want to read but you cannot find the ability to read it. You do not find the time to read it. Many things we see we can do but we're unable to do we think it's within our power. But then we seem powerless. We need to make the ATO and lots of panel data for every little thing. When something small we need and we don't get it what do we do? Generally we start complaining. And we start using bad words we start cursing or we start saying words that are inappropriate. But at that time, what should we be doing?

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praying to Allah, ask Allah for every little thing. This is what it means by remembering Allah. We learned that we should remember Allah. This is what it means to remember Allah, that at the time of every single need, yeah, Allah, Allah, Ya Allah. Good we turn to other people, or ourselves, or we start complaining we start getting furious. The thing is, if you start turning to Allah, you will be a happier person, you will complain less, you will be less frustrated. Believe me, you will be less stressed out. The number one problem people suffer from today is what stress. The one who makes the article not the one who turns to Allah will not suffer from stress. He will be relaxed, even in the

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most difficult situations. And that's only possible if we turn to Allah. We also learned in this verse that Allah subhanaw taala he sends water, he blesses us with blessings from above us and also from below us. Musa Salaam prayed for water, the water could have been sent down from the sky in the form of rain that could have happened. We learned earlier that a hamam a cloud covered them that same cloud water could have descended from there. But Allah subhanaw taala Tomas and Islam strike the staff on what on the rock so that the water will gush out? What's the difference between rainwater and water gushing out of the earth, that rainwater you have to store and if you store it,

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it gets stale very quickly. However, water that's gushing out of the earth, it's constantly fresh. So Allah subhanaw taala provides to us from above us and from below us, the Bani Israel they were given the best source of water at the time that was most suitable for them. We also learned in this ayah, that after making the wrong one should also strive he should also put an effort. So after making the wrong What should a person do? He should also put in some effort musar nslm his stuff, he prayed to Allah for water, but then Allah subhanaw taala told him take the stuff and hit it on the rock. You also have to do something, what do we do? Some things that aren't working out? We say,

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Yeah, I am making draw, however, nothing's really happening. Well, you also have to strive, you also have to get up and do something a person might say, then what's the point of making the if you have to do it anyway? Well, because when you do it, Allah subhanaw taala will make it possible for you. He will make it easy for you, he will facilitate it for you. The same thing can be easy. And it can also be difficult. It's possible that you go home and you start cooking, and you're done within half an hour, 45 minutes, but there's another time you go you start cooking and it takes you over an hour. Why? Because of so many interruptions because of so many, you know confusions you're not sure

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what's happening.

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The same thing could be easy. The same thing could be difficult. This is why make Dora and follow it up by some effort as well.

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And we also learned in this verse that the messengers of Allah subhanaw taala, just like other human beings, they are also in need of Allah, the messengers of Allah, the prophets of Allah. They are not there Cody like Allah subhanaw taala they are not able to do whatever they want, like Allah soprano, Darla can, they're also human beings. Where do we learn that from? Masada said I had to ask Allah for water. If he was indeed all able, like Allah subhanaw taala What do you need to ask Allah? No, he wouldn't. Because unfortunately, within Muslims, also, there are some incorrect beliefs about the prophets of Allah, that they're able to do everything. They're able to do anything. The power lies

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with them, as though they are also divine beings. No other human beings. They're also in need of a law, just like other human beings are.

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Then we also learn in this verse about the ability, the great ability of a loss of penalty and the generosity of Allah, that Allah is an Eve and he's also joab. He's capable, fully capable. And he's also very, very generous. Because someone who is capable can give can bestow Allah soprano data because he is God. He blessed the Bani Israel with water. And someone who is generous, can give the one who is stingy Can he give, he cannot give Allah subhanaw taala is generous. This is why you bestowed the Bani Israel with water. So we learned that Allah is padeen as well as Jawad.

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Then we also learn about the perfect ability of Allah subhanaw taala that a rock musanze slam struck it with his staff and their game water bursting out of a 12 Springs who caused that to happen. Allah subhanaw taala and this was in fact a miracle that was given to musasa do you think it was a great miracle? Yes, it was because it would help the Bani Israel believe in Masada Salam obey Him remain obedient to Him. But you know what the prophet sallallahu Sallam was given a greater miracle. Once the Sahaba they were traveling with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they had no water they had only a little bit in a bowl. The profits are a lot of suddenly asked that bowl be brought to him

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that bowl of water was brought to him the Prophet sallallahu Sallam put his hand into it. And through his fingers, the water started gushing out. It kept gushing out to the point that everybody had enough to drink and use and bathe and wash themselves with. Just imagine that bowl of water. He put his hand in it. Allah subhanaw taala bestowed in that miracle, and as a result, what happened waters kept gushing out of it. It was a greater miracle. You know why? Because it's normal, that springs gush out through rocks. But is it normal? that water is gushing out of a bowl? Similarly, if water is gushing out of a spring, okay, normal because it's coming from some underground source.

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However, the bowl is it attached to some tap? Is it attached to some pipeline is it attached to the ground that there's some kind of source, it was a greater miracle that was given to the prophets of the Lord. And this shows how Allah subhanaw taala is so kind with his people, with the prophet and with the believers, Allah subhanaw taala so kind with the believers that when they are in need of water, Allah subhanaw taala bestows it to them. Then we also learn in this verse about the special rank of musala. So now that he prayed to Allah and Allah answered his door, ah,

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isn't that amazing? He made girl and Allah answered that door. If someone's door is answered, they're a lucky person. There's someone who are very, very special. We learned about Masada Sena, Allah says, well, kinda in the law, he would Jihad and he is in the sight of Allah, one who is distinguished, leading one who is very honorable. So Allah responded to his dharma. And then we also learn in this verse that whatever blessings are Lost Planet Allah has given us whether it is a food or water, should we use it? Yes, because Allah has given them to us not so that we stay away from them, but to that we use them. Allah said to them, kulu washable, not that stay thirsty and hungry?

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No, Allah told him eat and drink from the provision of Allah. However, what's the condition? When we use the blessings we are to be thankful and we should not commit abuse. For example, this earth Allah subhanaw taala has given many blessings to us through this earth, food, water, you name it, what should we do? Use it, but be careful, don't waste use the earth but don't abuse it. Use the blessings but don't abuse them. Don't throw them away. Don't waste them because if we abuse them, if we waste them, then you know what that is.

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in gratitude, and when a person becomes like that Allah can take away those blessings from them.

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Another very important lesson that we learned in this verse is that Allah subhanaw taala gave the Bani Israel 12 Springs, 12 Springs and not 10 not five. If you think about it, he could have given them just one source of water. Wouldn't it be possible for them to drink water from there? Yes, it would be. But would it be convenient? No. for their convenience, Allah subhanaw taala bless them with 12 Springs. What does it show to us that if you can afford there's no harm in making your life convenient. Like for example, if a person is able to afford a better car, a bigger car, a person is able to afford a bigger house a bigger space to live? Is there any harm if he gets it? Is he being

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non righteous? No. Because it is okay to make your life convenient with the blessings that are most apparent Allah has bestowed on us. What do we say? Be patient? Look at those people who don't have anything at least you have something? Yeah. But Allah subhanaw taala has given us more and if he has given us more than we should use it. Because when the things of this world when they're convenient for us, aren't we more relaxed? Of course we are. For example, if you tell somebody you don't need a bed, you can sleep on the floor. Can you sleep on the floor? Yes, you can. Isn't it inconvenient? It isn't convenient? What's easier sleeping on the bed or sleeping on the floor? Sleeping on the bed?

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But if you said no, you're going to spend all that money on buying a bed, you know, don't waste the money. This is not wasting the money. Allah has given you the money. It's okay, if you make your life a little convenient.

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Similarly, person says, You know what, that phone that came out like five years ago, stick to that phone? Can't you make calls from it? Yes, you can count you receive calls on it? Yes, you can count you send text messages. Yes, you can. But if you have a phone that's a little bit newer, you can perhaps also check your email on it. Perhaps you can also set reminders on it, perhaps you can also sync it with your Google calendar or something, and that will make your life a little easier. So is there any harm in doing that? There is no harm in doing that. But what's the condition? Don't do a slough and don't commit abuse. What is Islam, overspending beyond need, that a person has something

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that functions perfectly fine, but it says no, I want more. I want this I want that wasting is rough beyond means. And secondly, do not commit abuse, that just because you can afford a new phone doesn't mean you don't take care of the phone that you have you throw it it doesn't matter or doesn't matter, I'll just buy another one. No, don't be wasteful. We see that a lot. peloton was very kind to the buddy Israel in that he made their life convenient for them. And secondly, by giving 12 Springs, what happened, every single tribe had their own space, had their freedom had their own time. And this is very important. When it comes to personal matters, we should give other

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people their space. For example, if a person wants to study somewhere, give them their space. If a person wants to eat somewhere, give them their space. Similarly, living accommodations, a person should be given their space. Why? Because if space is not given to people, then what will happen? fights. It's my turn. No, it's my turn. No, it's my turn. You go away. You're always here. No. What's the solution? give people their space. Especially when there are a lot of people living together. It's necessary that we give space to other people, because otherwise it will lead to fights that continue. We're equal. And recall when you said Tom, you all said to who? to musasa and

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who does you all refer to the Bani Israel you recall when you said yeah Musa almost Lana Spira, we will never ever be patient. Nice little sidebar. You said oh Musa, we're never going to be patient on what Allah upon foreign food were hidden one foreign Bahrain meme. The word Thuram is used for food. So it includes liquids as well as solids. So they said that we will never ever be patient on one food, meaning on one type of food, what are they referring to the man and Selma that was being given to them. So they set up $1 in well diet to call upon. So you pray, Lana for us, meaning for our sake, you pray to who? Becca your Lord, go medora to your Lord, that You frigiliana he should

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bring out for us your courage jeem courage for you to come out, to bring out so he should bring that

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Lehner for us mimma from that which don't be too are the earth girls, to me to noon better. The word about is used for plants and I'm better you may do is to cause something to grow. So what the earth grows, what the earth brings out, we can never ever be patient over one food. We want more we want a variety. So OSA, you go and make the art your Lord that he should bring out for us from the earth. What metal metal or what the earth grows. What does the earth grow? They gave a whole list. member kelly her book he said he had worked for me her Why does he have wobba salia we want all of this stuff. Men, Buckley her the word buckle back off plan. It is used for all kinds of leafy greens,

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such vegetables that are mainly leaf and you eat them entirely. Like for example salad leaves. Have you ever seen them how to grow? How do they grow on a big plant? They grow on the branches? No. Have you ever seen a tomato plant? How does that grow? That the tomatoes are on the branches hanging but vocal refers to you can say pot herbs or leaf greens, green vegetables that are eaten as they are. For example what is included in this is spinach, lettuce. No mint grows on the stem. This is stem and leaf together that you eat. Similarly kale repine Herbes so those that grow as a leaf, not parsley. Parsley also grows on twigs on tiny tiny branches. Coriander same thing like parsley, it

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grows on like branches. It's the leaf that you eat and the leaf it grows on the stem meaning the stem and the leaf are together. bucho refers to leafy greens, leafy greens. What does it mean by that? It means that it is such leaves that grow out of the earth as they are and the leaf part as well as the stem part. Both are eaten together. They're big leaves like spinach or like lettuce or like repine cabbage. I want you to go and research about this. Look for pot herbs, leafy greens. Anyway, they said we want buckle what they said

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they said he had looks like you guys don't do any kind of vegetable gardening or anything like that. Boring. Be active. Enjoy the stuff that was apparent our growth.

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Summer is coming. Make sure you grow something in your backyard now just to learn just to understand the Quran better. So in broccoli hear what he said he had this literally this to choose something such that is very juicy. And as you chew it as you bite it makes like a crunching sound bissa is used for cucumbers. If you buy cucumbers, what kind of sounds do they think crunching sound right? Are the juicy? Yes. Similarly melons. However the word is that is used for what cucumber is in particular, some in broccoli what they say here what for me have foam. Foam means soon. What is that? Garlic. So they said we want green leafy vegetables, we want cucumbers and we want garlic and

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we want to our other car or this or this lentils? What bizarrely have basil, onions. We want a whole lot of these things. We want a variety. Look at their words. They said no spoiler alert, I'm in Washington, we will never ever be patient on one kind of food. Tell me something where they're being given one food only. No, they were being given mn and salwaar. But the thing is that when a person is negative, then he sees more as less. He has a lot yet he thinks he has nothing. He may have the best, but he will still dislike it and he will want other things. He doesn't go for the quality. What does he go for? quantity. If you think about it, MN and Salawat was like a complete meal. There

00:34:22--> 00:35:00

was dessert as well as the main course. It was coming down on them free of any charge. No service charges, nothing at all. They don't even have to ask for it. Allah subhanaw taala gave it to them out of his own mercy. It came to them pre prepared, everything was prepared for them from before. They didn't have to, you know, heat it up in the oven, cook it a little bit. Nothing. No, it was ready from before ready to eat. And it was also the most nutritious food the one that they needed, because you can imagine they were living as slaves definitely their bodies must have been malnutrition. So unless the parents are given the most nutritious

00:35:00--> 00:35:50

Food, free of any charge. It came to them very, very easily. And it was the best for them. It was out of this world out of this world unique, but they said, We don't want it. We'll never be patient on it. We want what the earth grows. We don't want heavenly food, we want earthly food, and they give a whole list husana salam, he got upset with them. Allah He said hasta de Luna de esta de Luna, where the lamb bada bada is to change remember, we read the word but dollar earlier and escaped out to completely change or to seek to change. So at esta de Luna Do you all wish to change take an exchange, what a lady who are at dinner, that which is inferior at dinner is from the root letters

00:35:50--> 00:36:41

than noon while dinner and the know is to be lower or closer as an inferior, what is other inferior lesser lower. So do you want that which is lower below D instead of that which height which is much better? You want to give up what was much better. And you want to take an exchange for that something that is lesser, something that is inferior? What was better man and Salwa. What was inferior what they were asking for? How was it inferior and how was manansala better? in many ways. First of all, because Mannan Silva is heavenly food came down from the skies came down from above, and metal metal out it comes from any

00:36:42--> 00:37:22

secondly, that whatever came of the mundane Salwa to them, it was pre prepared. But what comes from the earth, you have to grow it yourself. You have to look after yourself, then you have to cut it up yourself and you have to prepare yourself. Another reason it was more nutritious, what was coming from the sky was much better for them much more nutritious for their bodies. It was complete. Allah chose that for them. Allah gave it to them. And whatever Allah gives to you, it is best for you. You know, are you burning Sam, he was sick for many, many years. And he had so much wealth that he lost completely get children who died he had family who left him, everything was changed for him, but he

00:37:22--> 00:38:02

still remained patient. And after that Allah subhanaw taala gave him his health back and gave him more family members. And also when he lost pounds or gave him more Well, a loss of pounds or caused gold locusts to fall from the sky on him. locust of gold. So you know what he started doing? He started collecting. Just imagine a gold is falling down on you, what will you do? no matter who's watching it, you're gonna start grabbing it, how much ever you can get. So he started grabbing all of it. So it was a panel data set to a YouTuber. He said, I'm having not made you rich enough. He said, Yeah, Allah, how can I ever have enough of your mercy? What comes from you? I can never have

00:38:02--> 00:38:32

enough of that. He had so much Well, he had no desire for wealth, no desire at all. But still, when that gold was falling on him, he was collecting it. Why? Because he knew it was coming from Allah. When Allah gives grab it, because it's the best for you. A lot. Give the man and someone it was the best for them. This is how it was more superior. And if you think about it, what grows from the earth? Everybody has it? Who has one until everybody? No way.

00:38:34--> 00:39:18

It's a special thing, special blessing. This is how it was much better for them. So musar Islam reprimanded me said what are you doing? You want to give up what Allah has given you which is much better and you want to take in exchange for it. What is lesser what is inferior, what is cheaper? What is a poor quality? He said if your home is one go to any city Why are you telling me to pray to Allah for it? If you want this food and go to any city and go get it from there? Meaning I don't need to make the offer this Allah has already given these foods to us a better Muslim able to have a thought we have done this word earlier. Missile when miss one does not mean Egypt Miss run. This is

00:39:18--> 00:40:00

any city the word missile is from the letters meme sodre and muscle is to inhabit a city and the word missile is used for any city and then later on Egypt was known as missiles it became a property however over here doesn't mean Egypt so a little miss will go to any city for intelecom So indeed for you is Massa alto whatever you have asked for cell phone from through letters seen Hamza lamb, seldom any other word from the same route. So what is your question? So go to any city and you will find over there whatever you have asked for. In other words, mozzarella salon got upset with them and he did not make the offer them. He refused

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

To pray for them, a little mishaan for inilah comesa Alto. Go and get what you want from there, go get it yourself. I'm not going to ask a lot to take this blessing of manansala away from us. I have a question for you. Is it wrong to ask for more blessings to ask for a variety of blessings? No. Why was it wrong for the money Israeli? Why did masam get upset with them? Because of the way that they demanded Lana's berala time as if they're saying we're fed up. We're fed up. We've had enough. We'll never be patient on this. We're not satisfied with this. We want more. It was because of the way that the demanded wild was it wrong for them. They were being greedy. It showed greed on their part.

00:40:43--> 00:41:21

They weren't being grateful for what a loss panda had given them. Because if they were grateful for it, they would have been happy with it. Just imagine they were living their lives as slaves. What does a slave have? Nothing. Allah subhanaw taala blessed them with man and Salwa and look at how arrogant they became they said, We want more. We can't be satisfied with this. I remember, I was watching this documentary in which they were showing what how certain restaurants, they donate their food to food banks, not all of them, but particular chain, they donate their food to restaurants and food banks. And add those food banks to soup kitchens. Basically, they have free food for people who

00:41:21--> 00:41:57

can come and eat there. And they were showing about how so many families come and eat there regularly. One of the families are interviewing, and that couple with their children. They said that last year, the year before they started coming to that food bank to that soup kitchen, they were down to their last $130 because they lost their job and they had absolutely no money. And they realized we need food. So this is why they started going to the soup kitchen and they regularly eat from there. The person was making documentary they asked her Do you like the food would rather have something else? She said no. I'm very happy with this. Even though she knows these are leftovers.

00:41:57--> 00:42:37

This is coming from a restaurant. It's not that fresh. But she said I'm happy with this. And she started to cry. And then she said before I was very, very picky, but not anymore. I was very picky. Now if I have food in front of me, I am grateful. And whatever it is, I'll eat it. When a person is grateful he values every little thing that Pantone has given him. And when people become full of themselves, and even when they have nothing they think highly of themselves and they say we want more. We're sick of this. We've had enough of this. We want more stuff. What does it show the greed of Bani Israel, their arrogance, their pride, their ingratitude. How unthankful they were that they

00:42:37--> 00:43:13

never learned from anything. This is why masayoshi son got upset with them. It shows how ignorant they were of the blessings that they were given. First they wanted a God just because other people were worshipping idols. And then they wanted all of this food just because everybody's eating it. We want this as well. They never realized their Lord Allah subhanaw taala the real Lord, the actual God, they knew him but yet they were ungrateful towards him. Allah Subhana Allah gave manansala to them. They were ungrateful for it. They were in the desert, a loss of panel data out of his blessing sent food upon them, not that they had to grow everything themselves. There was a huge blessing.

00:43:14--> 00:43:52

take somebody who's giving you something and you're like, you know what, I don't want any of this. I want something else. Give me something else. Beggars can't be choosers. They were beggars. And yet they were being choosers, able to mishaan for indelicato. Massa altum. What was the responsibility of Bani Israel? Why were they the chosen people? Just so that they could enjoy the blessings of this world? Is this why Allah subhanaw taala chose them? was their focus supposed to be the dunya? No, their focus was supposed to be the deen they benefit from it. They follow it and they also tell other people about it. But if people start chasing the dunya, can they fulfill their responsibility?

00:43:53--> 00:44:18

If they became farmers and peasants? Would they be able to learn the deen and convey the deen they wouldn't be able to. This is why it was incorrect for them. So a widow mishaan for indelicato masal to Busan got very upset with them he said Go Go get it yourself. I'm not making Dora will do it but I lay him with Villa to Elon Musk and Allah says Villa and musk was struck upon them glory but what

00:44:19--> 00:44:30

what does that mean to strike one thing on the other to put one thing on the other booty but their name it was truck on them. It hit them badly. what hit them badly? Villa

00:44:31--> 00:44:59

Villa, then lamb lamb Villa is humiliation and disgrace that a person brings on himself. How can a person bring humiliation disgrace upon himself by doing something by saying something that disgraces that humiliates him in front of others. So they learn humiliation because of their own actions, their own sense, while must come to what is my scanner, poverty dependence must come from the ruler

00:45:00--> 00:45:45

St. Catherine. And sukoon means to become still must Ghana is poverty because when a person is suffering from poverty, he becomes still, he's not able to travel. He's not able to go here and there, he's not able to enjoy. Rather he's stuck. He's trended, he's dependent on other people do rebirth I lay him with the latter, well my scanner, disgrace, humiliation and poverty dependence has been struck on them. So they are humiliated, disgraced in the sight of people, no matter what they do. People look down on them, no matter what they achieve. People don't have respect for them. And secondly, dependents that no matter how much they have, still, they are dependent on others.

00:45:46--> 00:46:25

ludie but our lay him would lilla to Alaska. And if you look at the history of Bani Israel, this is what you will see that no matter what they gained, people did not have any respect for them. No matter what they achieved, no matter how much power they had, yet they were dependent on others to support them. This has been happening throughout the history of the B'nai Israel from the time of musasa. Even before that, and even afterwards, whenever they were disobedient whenever they were rebellious. This is what happened. Booty bizarre lane with the lotto Wilma scanner. And you see this poverty. Poverty is not just about not having enough money. Real poverty is the poverty of the heart

00:46:26--> 00:47:15

that a person has enough, yet he feels poor in his art, which is why he cannot be generous at all. He cannot even give a little he cannot even share a little he becomes extremely selfish. This person is what poor hearted he has a very poor heart of aku most poorest in their arts. Booty better Allah he would deliver to Alaska. Why? Because of their chasing the dunya they went after the dunya they chase the dunya they wanted Buckley have a have a formula where the CFO bizarrely had to give up money and Salwa, what happened then booty but Elon Musk, moreover, will bear will be hopping Minna la Bow Bow Hamza, but it's to come back with something to return with something. It is to bring

00:47:15--> 00:48:02

something upon oneself, meaning they incurred they brought upon themselves. What did they bring upon themselves with other women Allah the anger of Allah. We learned earlier laden lluvia I named him went to Bali, there will be a lot of women Allah, what is the holdup of Allah? His punishment? So they brought upon themselves the punishment of Allah meaning Allah punish them. Why for no reason? No, of course it was for a reason. Allah says velyka that is what is this punishment that was sent upon them one after the other? Why be unknown because indeed they can do they used to Yuk furuno vi Attila they used to disbelieve in the Ayat of Allah Yeah, Quran cafaro and I add chlorella. I

00:48:03--> 00:48:43

remember that the Ayat of Allah subhanaw taala are of two types. First of all, I add sugary meaning the I out of the religion. So for example, the verses that Allah subhana wa tada has revealed the verses of the Quran for example, what are they I add sugary. The other type of either I add Kony meaning the signs that Allah subhanaw taala has placed in the creation. You may have heard that the word it also means sign miracle evidence. So they used to disbelieve in the ayatollah Ayatollah can be understood in both ways. If you take it as is Sheree they disbelieve them they rejected them. When musar listened and brought them to Torah. What did they say we're never going to believe unless

00:48:43--> 00:49:25

we see Allah openly. Now we will inshallah learn about the story of the cow where they were told to slaughter a cow. They made so many excuses. One question after the other, the furuta VIII Attila. Secondly, they were ungrateful for the blessings that are most proud of your ungrateful for the Coney Island. So for example, the one in San Juan that Allah gave them were the grateful for it. Very ungrateful. Yuck funa VIII Attila, this was their crime, and other crime that they committed was that way up to Luna Nabeel belaid and how they used to kill the profits without any right yocto una parte de la Patil. Patil is to kill they used to kill intervene and to begin as a plural of

00:49:25--> 00:50:00

Nabhi the prophets of Allah who were sent to guide them to save them. What did they do? They killed them. Imagine killing prophets of Allah, and they killed many prophets of Allah. They killed Zachary, la Santa, they kill the hare la sala. They try to kill irizar the Salah, and they tried to kill Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam as well. in Medina, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went to one of the Jewish tribes once in order to ask them for some blood money that had to be paid by the entire

00:50:00--> 00:50:34

Community of Medina. So he went to them to negotiate that with them and they said, Okay, yeah, why don't you sit here, we'll discuss it amongst ourselves and we'll let you know. They had him sit down, and they sent one of the persons at the top of that building. And they said, throw this rock onto him so that he can die. They attempted to kill him, but Allah subhanaw taala centerview do del the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he got up and left before that rock would be thrown at him. Similarly, at another time, a Jewish woman, she had a feast for the prophets of Allah sentiment, the companions, and you know what she did? She poisoned that food. And so having he ate of that food and

00:50:34--> 00:51:18

he died, the prophet said a loaded term also it, but it was just in his mouth. However, at the time of his death, he said, the effects of that poison were still there. Jaco toluna been a viral Hawk, they killed the profits without any right belated help, it was unjustified. Tell me, is it ever justified to kill a prophet of Allah? But when Allah says belated help without any right, it shows what a great crime they committed behind it. How can newletters how cough cough? So these are the crimes that they committed goofer of the ayatollah Cottle of the prophets of Allah. This is why Allah sent us punishment upon them. And why is it that the dare to disbelieve in the Ayat of Allah,

00:51:18--> 00:51:50

they dare to kill the prophets of Allah. Allah says, they're Lika that is Bhima because of what also they disobeyed also from their letters I installed the or installed well, recently on disobedience, that whatever command has been given a person refuses to obey, he doesn't obey, that he could be mad. So they were given many commands. But did they obey? They didn't? What can we do and they used to cross limits. yarden are in that well, are they are do is to have enmity against someone to be an enemy to someone

00:51:52--> 00:52:38

who is an enemy, and erahthi that is to transgress to cross the limits in enmity, in hatred, out of hatred. So what can we are to do they used to cross limits, they used to transgress, what does it mean by this, that they disobey? And they transgressed? they disobeyed, meaning whatever commands, they were given what they were supposed to do, they didn't do. And whatever they were told, don't do it. yada, don't they did it? So in other words, every ama, they did not follow. And every night, they performed, every command they were given, they disobey every prohibition, they didn't stay away. What can we do? This was their habit. And this is why a las panatela punish them. He

00:52:38--> 00:52:40

humiliated them in dystonia even.

00:52:41--> 00:53:24

There are many, many lessons to be learned in this verse, many lessons. First of all, we see but the foolishness of money, Islam, Allah subhanaw, taala blessed them with man and Salwa, and they were asking for something that was inferior, something that was cheaper. They were preferring quantity over quality. And this is done by who a person who is ungrateful and negative. We should analyze ourselves as well. Many times we feel very bad about ourselves. I don't have that iPhone, you know, the iPhone for the new one. don't have it. I still have that first 3g, one for me. My husband doesn't have any mercy on me Look at me is buying new things. And me that old phone. Similarly

00:53:24--> 00:54:06

person says, I've been wearing these shoes for the past two years have said, can't afford to buy new shoes. Look at my purse, so old. It's not a brand name purse. Look at my hijab, so ordinary garden only for $5, negative, ungrateful and a person doesn't think that at least I have so many blessings in gratitude is what foolishness. A person doesn't realize and hamdulillah I have an iPhone, at least even if it's three years old, five years old gear is functioning perfectly fine. So what if I can't afford a new one? No problem. I have this one 100 Allah. Allah says Allah insha Allah as a Donna comb. If you're grateful, I will give you more. But when we're ungrateful, we count what we

00:54:06--> 00:54:25

don't have, instead of counting what we do have. This is being foolish. Similarly, we learned this verse about the rudeness of Bani Israel, how rude they were towards their messenger. Look at the way they addressed him. yamasa lameness berala time and why? further Roland Arabic.

00:54:26--> 00:55:00

How rude. Or Moosa will never be patient over this, go and make the art your Lord, as if they were instructing him commanding him as if he was their servant. And look at the way they asked him, you make the law for us. Why don't you make for yourself as if you have no relation with your Lord, no connection with him, as if you have disowned him. You know many times it happens that people keep asking others make dua for me. Make dua for me Make dua for me. Please make yourself the way you will ask Allah others

00:55:00--> 00:55:26

People cannot ask in the same way for you. When you want something, how do you ask? And when somebody is making to offer somebody else, how do they ask? There's a huge difference. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Koran that we'll call her a Buddha Rooney, a statue will occur. Allah has commanded order only call upon me and I will respond to your doors. And those people who are arrogant, meaning who refuse to make drama, they will be entered into Hellfire, hidden, humiliated.

00:55:27--> 00:55:49

So this was the rudeness. This was their ignorance the way that they addressed Musab Islam and the way that they told him to make whenever we need something, what should we do? Ask Allah ourselves? Does that mean you cannot ask other people you can. However, don't forget to make yourself then. Because sometimes we just ask other people and don't do it ourselves. This is incorrect.

00:55:50--> 00:56:30

Another very important lesson that we learned this versus that if a Lost Planet, Allah has given us a blessing, then what should we do? We should use it for ourselves. And if Allah subhanaw taala has given us something that is higher, that is better than we should go for that instead of going for what is at dinner, instead of going for that, which is cheaper, inferior, Bani, Israel were being given hive, what did they want at dinner, it should be the other way around. When Allah subhanaw taala has given us something superior, we should go for that. meaning there's no harm in choosing the best for ourselves as long as it is within our limits within our budget. And it is not it's

00:56:30--> 00:57:13

rough. There's no harm in doing that at all. Because people think being religious is, you know, wearing the cheapest things. No, that's not necessary. If you can afford a better watch a better phone, better clothing you can afford, then go ahead. It is quite go ahead. Don't go for the cheaper things. If you can afford the better ones. Then we also don't have this verse that when people chase the dunya, when people go after the dunya, when their desire when their worry becomes the dunya then they're disgraced in this world. Allah subhanaw taala has created us not so that we chase this world but rather we fulfill rule Elon law that we should run to Allah. Not that we should be running to

00:57:13--> 00:57:55

the stores. That's because your sales over there and buying one thing after the other even if we don't need it. No, we haven't all fulfilled rule of law. And if we don't run towards Allah, instead, we start chasing this dunya then there will be humiliation and disgrace. There is a hadith in which we learn that a Lost Planet Allah says that all son of Adam, the father of liberty, that become free, make yourself available for my worship. And if you do that, I will make your heart filled up with Lena with richness, meaning make time for Reba run to worship Allah, that should be your priority. And if you do that Allah subhanaw taala will fill your heart with richness with

00:57:55--> 00:58:41

satisfaction with happiness. But if you don't make time for Allah, then what will happen? A person's heart will be filled with misery and sadness and discontent and the sense of loss and a sense of poverty and a sense that I have nothing. What makes us satisfied the worship of Allah, what makes us feel for chasing this dunya that is Muskaan that is poverty. Then we also learn in this verse that those people who disobey Allah disobey what a loss penalty has commanded them and do what Allah subhanaw taala has forbidden them. Such people incur what the Wrath of Allah and such people commit more and more sins, one thing leads to the other. If you look at the verse, there Lika be unknown.

00:58:41--> 00:59:27

Can we look for una vida de la jolla to Luna been available? Huck, they used to disbelieve in the signs of Allah and they used to kill the prophets of Allah without any right. Why did they do that? Because there could be morale. So what can we are doing? One sin leads to the other. One crime leads to the other. On the other hand, one good deed leads to the other. Whatever a person strives to do, that is what is facilitated for him. That is what is made easy for him. If we strive to obey Allah, obedience will be made easy for us. If we strive in disobedience, disobedience will be made easy for us. It happens when you do one good deed. Don't you feel happy? And you want to do more? And if a

00:59:27--> 00:59:57

person commits a sin once, does it become easier for him to commit that sin again? Of course, remember, every action of yours leads to another action. The actions that we do, they're not independent. They affect the other aspects of our lives. They have like a ripple effect. Like domino effect. It doesn't stop anywhere. Good will lead to more good bad will lead to more bad the click of a mouse So what can you do