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Al-Hijr 1-50 Translation 1-50


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So my

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name Kareem and my bad for odo Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Frobisher. Ashley Swati way, silly emri. Washington, certainly listening

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lesson number 132 Susan hedges is number one.

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I would have been laying the ship on the virgin Bismillah

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and Islam

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and Islam

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tilka that I have two verses. I'll keep Abby of the book, workload earning and equal earn been one clear

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Obama perhaps

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Yeah What do he will wish? And Medina those who cafaro they disbelieved low if only guy knew they were Muslim mean Muslims. Ones who submit

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their home leave them yet kulu they eat where tomato and they enjoy. What and you'll eat him. It preoccupies them

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up him it preoccupies them. It diverts them. Emily the whole for Salford so soon here on the moon they will no

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warmer and not luck now we destroyed men from Korea in any city in LA except one of her but for it will end let her for it kita won a decree martlew We're known

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magnet test vehicle it proceeds. It goes ahead

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men from omata in any nation agenda its appointed term warmer and not yesterday.

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They seek to delay

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What are new and they said Yeah. Are you hurt? Are you under the the one who knows the law it was revealed or lay upon him as the crew the reminder in NACA indeed, you never junoon surely one man Loma Why not? That Dena, you come to us when Mullah ekati with the angels in his contest. You were men from a cyber green those who are truthful

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man not noona Zilla we sent down al-mulla the angels in that except been happy with the truth. Warmer and not gonna know they were even then moons worrying once given respect.

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In indeed we national week, less than that we sent down a vicar the reminder, we're in there and indeed we level for it to have your own show the ones who guard

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one of us and certainly our center we sent men from oberliga before you see in cieariy groups sec. A welline of the former ones.

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Warmer and not yet to him. He comes to them men from or sulan any messenger in that except can who they were busy with him yesterday he owned them off

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gallica likewise let's look who we insert a fee in Gulu part allegedly mean of the criminals learn not human owner they believe in it workers while in fact colored it sooner do we actually have the former people's

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well and even if

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we opened our lay him upon them bourbon adore Maine from a summer the sky flower Lou so they continued flower Lu so they continued fee in it yahoo June they ascend

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la kalu surely they said in number indeed not but Sukira it was intoxicated. Our sadhana our site, but rather national we've been one of people must hurdle once affected by magic.

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One of us and certainly Gianna we made see in a summer the sky, Guru john, great stars.

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Guru john great stars. Well and they you know her we adore and

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Linda worryin for the observers. For those who look

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what and happier winner her we have guarded it. Men from Cali every shape on

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shape on regime one occurs

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in law except a man who is that he stole

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a summer the hearing

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at the bar who so it is made to follow him or so it pursues him.

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She has a burning flame will be one clear

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well over and the Earth Mother the near her we have spread it will Elena and we have put her in it for a while sia firmly anchored mountains what am Bednar and we cause to grow?

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We had in it men from Cali every Shay in thing mo zone well balanced

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what you're under, and we made Luckily for you, be her in it. My Irish means of livelihood woman and who loves them, you are not liable for it because you've been at all providers.

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We're in and not Maine from Shay in anything in law except in dinner with us. closer in who is depositories?

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It's treasuries.

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One wama and not noona Zulu, we send it down in there except because we're in in a measure module one known

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we'll also learn and we sent as the headwinds lowercase once fertilizing for unzila so we sent down men from a summer the sky underwater for us cleaner crew so we give you to drink it

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and not unto you all low for it because they need at all treasures at all retainers

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were in there and indeed with the National surely we know she we give life when we need to and we will give that one national and we are unwary soon the inheritors

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one of us and certainly are them no we know and must demand those who go forward men come from you while our cars and certainly our them now we know almost in the later ones those who lag behind

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we're in and indeed Rob Berger Europe who are he? Yes sure whom he will gather them in the who indeed Hakeem on wise or the moon knowing

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what occurred and certainly Hakuna we created an incense the human being main from Salt soil and dry sound in clay.

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Men from hammer in black mud. Must known molded, altered

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well Jen and the jeans color color who we created eight men from color blue before men from Noreen fire a symbol of the scorching heat.

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What is and when Allah He said rabuka euro linvilla aka to the angels in me indeed a Harlequin one who creates bash on mn men from so fallen dry sounding clay men from hammer in blackmud must known altar

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for either so when so way too. I have proportioned him one of two and I have known he he in him. Men from Ruchi might

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suffer so you all fall down level for him. So God wants frustrating.

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First agenda so he frustrated al-mulla Ico to the angels could lose all of them Ahjumma own altogether in there except he believes he believes about he refused and that he akuna he is he becomes mark with a surgeon those who prostrate

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Allah He said yeah, oh, he believes he believes mouthwash lacquer for you. And now that not the corner, you be Morrow with a Saturday those who prostrate Barla? He said, lamb not a con ib lieske Judah that I prostrate labor Sharon for Amen. Hello Kota who you created him Maine from South soil and dry sounding clay Maine from hammer in black mud must noon one altered

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color he said * Raj so get out min her from it for inika for indeed you regime on one expelled

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we're in an indeed or later upon you a learner the curse Illa to young day a beam represents

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Allah He said Rob de Myra for unwittingly, then you give me rest bite Illa to Joan de yuvaraj. Soon they will be resurrected. Carla he said for in naked and indeed you male from a woman's Marine, those who are given respect in our two young day and walk the time and marylu the one known

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On a he said, Robbie Oh my Rob Bhima because of what have ya Danny, you have put me in error.

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No Zenon. Surely I will definitely beautify the home for them be in an up the earth while we're in the home and surely I will definitely mislead them, a Jew marine all together,

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except Rebecca Your servants men whom from them and more closely the chosen ones. Father, he said, has this slit often effect or lay upon me was the theme one straight? In the indeed everybody My servants laser it is not lucker for you, are they you upon them so far known any authority in that except man who is Baraka? He followed you, main from Allah when those who are deviated

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or those who are astray.

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We're in and indeed jahannam Hellfire lamorinda whom surely their promise place edge marine altogether

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Lucha for several to seven abueva indoors nikoline for every Bab indoor main home from them just on abortion mukou one designated one assigned

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in the indeed Alberta pain the righteous ones fee in Jenna gardens or Yun and springs

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or the Hulu Have you all enter it be Solomon with these I mean in one safe and secure one is our net and we removed Mao whichever fee is in saluting him their chests. Men from Relman any rancor any grudge. If one as brothers Allah upon sudo ln couches with our belief in one's facing one another.

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Learn not em assume it will touch them. Be her in it NASA burn any fatigue, any oil warmer and not home they may have from it be more protein at all once removed, at all once taken out.

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Never be informed anybody My servants unneeded that indeed I honor I am of a food the most forgiving of Rahim the Most Merciful well under and that indeed are there the my punishment for it is an honor that the punishment Aleem.

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Let's listen to the recitation from the beacon

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mushy bonobo gene. This mill man walking

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Low man

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one I

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can oh

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my god me

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mean hammer in

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a way to

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God gd.

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GD on Allen

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born in

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Minami mukajee

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