Nadim Bashir – Tafseer of Surah Al Furqaan #13

Nadim Bashir
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said I want equal martial law here but I've got to be smarter man or Haman 100 likeable Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi hmri And so inshallah we continue our tafsir was sort of upon we are at item 235 And Allah subhanho wa Taala in the previous ayat in number 33 Allah says what I do when there could be method in in America but Huck well as an act of zero, then whenever the Quraysh would create and pose an argument, Allah subhanaw taala says it is inevitable that we wouldn't we would reveal something to you, we would reveal the hook in the truth to you, what asset of Sierra and we will provide the best explanation and the ultimate they say that

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one of the seals or one of the explanations of the best explanation is that we're asset of Sierra is that Allah subhana wa Tada would at times give examples, sometimes ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada we should share stories of their previous nations to sometimes send a very strong message to those who are opposing the message of the prophets and perhaps a times Allah subhanho wa Taala to warn people about what is coming forward if they reject the message. So having said that, now in these is from Imo 35 onwards, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada he goes exactly into that and he now he provides examples from the previous nations and so here we have an item 35 and 36, Allah subhana wa Tada talking about Musa

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alayhis salam and how to not have you sit down. Now, what's also very interesting is that when you look at the the sutras and how they are interconnected with one another, what's beautiful about this sutra is that Allah subhana wa Tada here he talks about few nations, he talks about new ideas. phenom, he talks about Mousavi Islam, how to not leave Islam. He talks about Mutata Islam, you talk about few others. And interestingly, Allah subhanaw taala talks about them very briefly, but they're elaboration would be made in the next Surah Inshallah, so if you know the sequence of Surahs after Soifer on comes to the Shuara, in a social era, Allah subhanho wa taala, he will explain all their

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stories in a greater detail, especially the story of Musa ASAM. And all these other prophets are mentioned. So this is why it's so beautiful, if you really know the surahs and what is the content of each surah and how they are connected with one another. So now, we talk about that what is the connection between Mousavi Assam and the Prophet SAW, so, there has to be some kind of similarities, so that Allah subhanaw taala is providing the example that is relevant to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So I just want to share a few similarities or connections between the Prophet alayhi salam and Musa his son. First of all is that we know that Musa Islam story has been mentioned

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the most perhaps in the Quran, out of all the prophets sent by Allah subhanho wa taala. And the reason why is because Musa Ali Hassan was sent to Bani Israel in Allah subhanho wa Taala is teaching us the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that there are many things that bunny saw, eel did, make sure you do not follow their footsteps. So so many stories that were mentioned regarding the Prophet and Prophet Musa Assam. And when he saw it, when we talk about giving Dawa Musa alayhis salam, he is giving Dawa to who Allah subhana wa Tada sent him again to Egypt to go and give Dawa to who to fit on and whose palace he grew up and to go to the his ministers who they saw Musa is some

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growing up. So is as if Musala ism is going back and giving Dawa to those same people around whom he grew up. And we find in the case of the Prophet sallallahu I have some a very similar situation where the Prophet alayhi salam is giving Dawa initially in Makkah to those who he was considered as an average citizen amongst them, and now he's a prophet of Allah. And they have a problem with that. But nonetheless, the prophet ism is giving Dawa to these people within whom he grew up. Allah subhanaw taala gave both of them a book in Revelation, Allah Subhan Allah gave Musa alayhis salam they told her that Allah subhanaw gave the Prophet sallallahu Sunday Quran, Allah subhanaw taala

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gave moosari Islam the support of Harun Ali Islam. And this is why as mentioned in item 35 Welaka Musa Kitab wotja Allah ma who a Ha hoo ha Runa was Ito. Indeed we gave musataha snom the book and we appointed his brother Harun Adi Islam to help him bear his burden. So this is a loss of a harlot telling the Prophet alayhi salam, that just like We gave Musa

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At some a support within his brother, likewise, you are also going to have support, and they are going to be your Sahaba, your companions, your followers, they're going to be your support. And not only that, but if you think about this concept of support, in a very broader perspective, we all are the supporters of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa salam, we all stand up and we defend Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whenever he is under attack, or whatever his character, or whatever his personality, or just the fact that when people say things, very derogatory and very negative about him, we as the amount of property some as his followers, we stand up always for the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, in this ayah, there's something very interesting that we learned about the word was Iran, the word was Elon, we always hear this word was Elon, especially when it comes to politicians, they always have someone to lean on whether ministers might be called a wizard. In many countries, you hear the word was either awesome, like, you know, like I was it, who is a very powerful wizard, or someone who is a minister. And so the idea is that one is a person who's in charge a leader, and then they have someone who they lean on as support. Now, as human beings, because we are weak, there's fallacies within us, we have to have some kind of support

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around us. We don't ever find the concept of Allah subhanaw taala associated with with zeal, why? Because that was sort of imply that Allah subhanho wa Taala is perhaps a week and Allah subhanho wa taala, some sometimes need to lean, he needs to lean on the support of his wuzzy we don't ever find that. And this is above and beyond Subhan Allah and this is Allah subhanaw is free and above, then then then all these kinds of things. But in the context of Mosaic Islam, we learn something very interesting about the word was it was either someone that is considered as a support, as I just said, however, what's interesting to note is that how not Islam is being brought on board by Allah

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subhanaw taala, to be to be a support to Musa alayhis salam. Now, first of all, is that is interesting that a person needs to know at times that in many cases, we're going to be a follower in life, sometimes we're going to be a leader in life. Whenever we are a follower, we need to learn how to be a follower in that kind of situation, we find in the case of an huddle, not as some never, never did Musala as I was talking to Phil own or anyone else, and how do I use some would interfere into Musa Musa as argument or in a, you know, he would interfere with Musala, he's some, you know, subhanAllah, when people are there supporting each other, we find it very often that if there was

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any lacking on the person who's speaking, the usually the person who is the second person, or the support, they usually begin to speak up and they try to fill in some of the gaps that are left behind how not Islam is being sent as a supporter. And he understands that in these kinds of situations, I need to serve as a support, not to sit there and critique Musashi Assam, not to sit there and fill up the gaps in his argument, or whenever he's talking to them. Rather, I need to be there as a support. So to understand when you need to be a support, and to understand when you need to be a follower. This is something very beautiful that we learn about how naughty Islam, we also

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learn about in you know, within this word was it under so many lessons of leadership here, because we also learned that, even though how to use some and this is mentioned across the books of the Pharisee and how not to use some was older than Musala Islam. And the fact that he is older, we know that in especially they are from the same family they are brothers. So we know that when it comes to families, especially those who are older, they don't like to be in a position where they're taking orders from younger from their younger siblings. They don't like to be in a position where the youngest sibling is in or has more authority than the older sibling. And this is something very

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culturally we really, really harp on this. We really, really push for this we you know, we see always parents telling the younger siblings to always respect and that is there, that's absolutely fine. And that should be there. However, in the case of Musa Musa and how naughty history now we find that how to not eat someone was older than him yet because Allah subhanaw taala told him that you are there as a wizard and you are there as a support to Musa alayhis salam. Therefore Musashi ism is superior, and you are going to take your orders from Moose Alehissalaam so this is Subhanallah very interesting, because we also find in the case of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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salam to very much that there were times when he had appointed younger Sahaba of the Allah on him to be in a position of leadership and the Sahaba of the Allah one whom they there were other Sahaba who were in that expedition who were much senior on the Sundays young Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhu. And yet, never do we find a situation where they objected to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, we also find situations where the prophets are some he would in turn

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or he wouldn't make a new Muslim a leader. And yet we find that there were many situations where you had when you had Sahaba Leola, on whom who were much senior, but they would never object and they would never cause a situation. And this is the Sahaba of the Allahu anhu, preparing, and really building and do the tarbiyah of the Sahaba, the Allahu Anhu. That isn't about the ego, but rather, it's about keeping the Muslims together, and making sure that you put aside any kind of situation that can create a commotion, or that can create a conflict amongst this habit of the Allah. I know, interestingly, so we find that here, this is the situation, but at the same time, even though how

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not exam is older, at the same time, while he's taking orders on Musala exam and so forth. We also learned from Musala his science point of view to that he never did anything to really put down how to not eat some he never said anything disrespectful or derogatory to put down the status or the position of how naughty he is some so How naughty Islam is older, he is to be a support he is to follow this and take instructions from Musala Islam. And so he respects that that position at the same time. Musala ism also respect that this is my older brother. And at the same time, even though yes, I am the Emelia in this situation, he may be the more and he's the one who's taking orders, but

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I still have to show him a certain level of respect. Now, we also find SubhanAllah. So we know that in the time of Mussolini, some there was an incident where Mussolini some he was going to Mountune to receive the revelation from Allah subhanho wa taala. And Mussolini Some had to leave someone behind to look after his own and his nation. So what did he do? He left behind his brother and we find this ensuited Aarav is number 142. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we'll call the Musa Leah He has ruined all of Ni fi call me while asleep while sitting there. Oh, my brother Harun that you are to stay behind in my absence. And what else Luckily, I was there while I'm asleep. And make sure you

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continuously do there is law, make sure you continuously guide them spiritually while at the same university in and do not follow the path of those who will be corrupt or who follow corruption or who promote corruption. And so Allah subhanho wa taala. This is something that has been highlighted. So in the Quran, we find a very similar situation. In the case of the province that Allahu Allah He was set up that whenever he was going forward to the expedition of the book, in the ninth year.

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Excuse me in the ninth year of hinging, this was an expedition where people were not exempt from this expedition. Everyone had to go however, when it came to Ali or the Allah on the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he says, I'm a tarball and takuna many women Zilla T ha Rumi Musa, that Aren't you pleased that you are in a position of Harun like he was to Musa alayhis salam meaning that I am now going for this expedition. But I want to keep you behind. I want to keep you behind in Medina, to look after the affairs in my absence, and you are the leader of Medina. And so I do the allong. And he says, to Holly to Holly funny Finisar, he was to be on the Sahaba rose on did not like the

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fact that all the Sahaba are gone, and only men and children, women, children, the elderly, the sick, those who are perhaps a physically handicapped, they are not able to go of course, the Sahaba would not they would feel it very uneasy, that they would be in that kind of situation, while all the Sahaba of the Allahu on whom are gone. So this is why

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I do the Allah when he said this, but he did not say this in a way to like perhaps object to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But this is exactly what the Prophet alayhi salam said to our lead or the Allah one. And this is by the way, mentioned in the books of Hadith, where it talks about the merits of it or the Allahu ion. And we also find in the WIA of Muslim, that he also added Alehissalaam later on, and who learned to be your body that except for the fact that difference between this situation and the situation Musa Allah Islam is that after me there'll be no prophet that will come. Whereas in the case of Musala, Assam there is a prophet that will come after him. So

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this is SubhanAllah. We learned that we see the difference we see the similarities between Musa Islam and the Prophet SAW Selim and since there are so many similarities, we also find that this is why Allah subhanaw taala will provide these type of examples now, in the next ayat, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, For una hubba Illa Camila vena cava will be Tina for the Myrna home that the MIRA that ALLAH SubhanA said and we said go you both to the people who denied our signs. And then we utterly destroyed these people. So Allah subhanaw taala here again, he's telling is telling the prophesy Salam that he told both of them Musashi ism and Harun Artesia to go and warn these people

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and Medina cada, those who have rejected our signs and our

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Message for the middle now under the middle and we utterly destroyed these people. And once again, the similarities is that once again Musala ism is facing a person who is extremely arrogant, and they feel that they are invincible. Whereas these, the oration also they felt that they were a very arrogant comb, and they felt that they are invincible, they are extremely powerful, they are extremely resourceful and people need to come to us, and they need to bow down to us if they want our favors, or we they want us to help them. So they are in a position of advantage. So they felt this way. So ALLAH SubhanA once again drawing that similarity. Also, we find that Musashi has some

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he faced a man who committed so much tyranny against his people. And so once again, we find the courage also they have committed so much oppression and tyranny against their own people. The Quran highlights this over and over again, that how they will treat people even though they were the wrong they were the ones in charge of the house of Allah subhanho wa taala. They are supposed to be the ones taking care of people, but yet we find that they will sometimes just neglect the orphans, the widows and so forth for that little lady. Yeah, the only thing we find is in the Quran that they would push, and they would shove the orphans. I mean, imagine a scene where you have an orphan child

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coming and asking for food, and you have an elderly grown up man just pushing this child onto the floor. Of course, it would hurt us but this was a very common situation. And this abuse that will take place once again, just like Musala is some was sent amongst abusers. I mean, amongst abusers to abusers. Likewise, the property some was also sent to people who used to abuse other people. And not only that, but the other similarities we find is that it own rejected the message, despite the fact that Musala ism has so many miracles. Likewise, you Oh Mohamed Salah Salem, you have the greatest miracle of Allah subhanho wa taala, or sent by Allah to any of the Prophet and that is the Quran, a

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very unique miracle, but yet they will also reject your miracles too. And also we find that Allah Subhan Allah says, For the Mona home to the Mila, that we will utterly destroy these people, just like for the own was someone who was destroyed, he comes and he's saying, you know, subhanAllah, think about the arrogance of unknown where you have him saying to the people that look at my powers, when the sea parted, he's telling these people look at my powers look at my abilities. And then when he came all the way in, and then the water began to merge, the two sides of water begin to merge. And then that is when he made his toe Baba histo was unaccepted at that time, but just like Finn own

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was destroyed, he and his army and Allah subhanho wa Taala showed the entire world that no matter how much power that he used to boast about when it came compared to the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala his power was impotent. And so therefore, Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet SAW Selim to that these people they feel that they are so powerful Allah subhanaw taala will destroy them too. So this is these are the similarities that we find between Musa alayhis salam and Harun Elisa Musa ism compared to the Prophet sallallahu or yourself, Inshallah, we'll go ahead and start right here we have covered a number 35 and 36 Inshallah, we'll continue from here on in our next segment I asked

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Allah subhanho wa taala. To give all of us ability to understand these ayat, we ask ALLAH SubhanA without to keep us steadfast upon the Quran. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the ability to reflect upon the Quran and apply his teachings and Middleboro Allah mean, does akmola had a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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meanie know what it means to be a while at MCC DESA Boo.

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