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So don't want to eat for more Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while early he was so happy to have you on no other dear viewers welcome back again to our last and final episode. Unfortunately this is it this is our last episode as we enjoyed I have enjoyed our chef with us for the last episodes and this season over here. And hamdulillah he's joined with us for our final episode here just looking like a chef now for spending the time and being here with us today and the previous episode does up in Lafayette and welcome once again. Oh yak May Allah bless you. Baraka Luffy come she's not coming round full circle. We've spoken about

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almost every portion of Hajj now and the obligation, the pillars, the Sunnah, and

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can you you know, and we've stated that the month of hedge or from Shell word to the Crowder and the first 10 days of the hedge, but if you can take us now very quickly as a summary when how do we start the hedge now you know A to Z we have our viewers who are have been with us from the beginning, and some have missed maybe an episode or two or didn't know about this episode until today. What can we tell them? What advice can we give them from the first of Hajj weird Western show Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah never bad or praise belongs to Allah me the peace of blessings of Allah be upon His final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So we have spoken about all the individual parts of the Hajj. Now it's it's like we want to build a house. Now we purchased all the bricks and the cement. We spoke about what we want to build it out and put it all together.

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So to start with, as you mentioned, we're quite rightly so that Eliza Genesis Alhaji Assura model met that the months of hajj are known Chawan are located there and the first 10 days of oral hygiene. We mentioned there are three types of hedge

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tamatar which is Ramallah on its own, and then hedge on its own. Then there is Chiron, which is hedge with the reward of Aurora and then there is a fraud, which is the performing of hedge alone. A note

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obviously a person who performs diameter camera separately, before the Hajj we'll discuss this first inshallah Tada. So the person will assume the Haram from whatever you're caught, they're going to pass by.

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So let's assume the person is coming from Medina

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or they're flying into jet. They will assume that haram while on the plane, or while they're in the middle of Al Khalifa or br rally. So they assume the Haram and they say love Baker, oh, Lubbock, Allahumma Umrah the baker Umbra live bake Allahumma umbra, so they're entering the State of Iran for Ramallah, this has to be out loud or would they say this verbally, but their intention is of course it is in their heart. So now they are in the clothes of haram which we have explained earlier. And they now make their way by the formula at the airport or by whatever means they're traveling from Makkah, or from Medina to Mecca.

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When they arrive in Mecca, they will now perform their Amara Amara has three pillars. It is tawaf, or haram Tov and say. That's it. Haram, tawaf and say, so as they enter the masjid, the first thing that they're going to do shadow to Allah is for them to perform tawaf to go around seven times, saying Bismillah Allahu Akbar, placing their hand in the direction of the cabin if they can't kiss it, sometimes, some people say something as soon as they see the cabin, is that something that prescribed to us?

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Or is that something? There are some narrations

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of course when you enter the masjid Bismillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allahumma inni alarm after Holly Webb Allah hermetic, which had to do for you to say, while entering the masjid, as for the the first sighting of the cabin, some narrations concerning that however, the authenticity of some of them is questionable and Allah knows best concerning that.

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So the person makes the draft for entering the masjid and then they no need for you to perform to hit a masjid you go straight to perform Power of Starting at the Blackstone saying Bismillah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And then you go around making liquor being in a state of purity in the state of Bihar having Moodle going around making liquor, remembering Allah subhanaw taala, praising Allah subhanaw taala when you get

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I took an earlier Murni which is the corner before the Blackstone, touch it if you can, if you can't touch it, you don't touch it. Then you make the icing Robina attina for dunya Hassan arborfield FIRA de hacer una machina there Banagher and then you get to the Blackstone Bismillah Allahu Akbar and then you go on the second time, and you complete the seventh circuit's around the cabin.

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After you've done that you perform to the rocker behind the Maqam Ibrahim or anywhere in the masjid. If you do decide to pray behind McClellan, Abraham, and there's nobody there, that's fine. If there's lots of people there, then you should go to another place and pray that they're after you've performed the tour rocker and first Lucker you recite Korea you hold Kathy rune and the second daughter called hula hoop.

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Then you go to drink some zamzam and you pour some of the zamzam over your head. After you have done that, you can go back facing the Blackstone, and you say Bismillah, Allahu Akbar,

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then you go to the mountain of suffer as you're walking up the mountain, again for performing Gomorrah, you walk up the mountain, you say, the my brother, Allah who will be in nasaga, Walmart water mentioned it Allah, then you go into the mountain of suffer, you face the caliber, and you make dua in the description that we mentioned previously.

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Once you have done that, you come down the mountain, whether you're on the first floor, the second floor, or the first third floor, even on the roof, make sure you're in the side between the two mountains and outside between the two mountains only you start making your way down software, you will see a green light there, you start running until you see the second green light, you stop running. And then you make your way to Marwa. It's about half a kilometer 500 meters between the two mountains.

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It is not conditioned for you to be in a state of although it's not conditioned. Then you go to Ottawa, you got the mountain you face to cover you make do as you did on the first this is one circuit and then you go back to more and you go back to suffer. That's too and you do as I did, or you did the first time back tomorrow or three with the dua or without making dua each time each time as you did the first time you do again making dua with a complete pause and stop facing Yeah, if you can, if you can, if you can stop prays together make good long dura

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This is highly recommended.

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So you started on software, you will end up Marwa. So as you started a software, so that's one tomorrow to the software. So the even numbers are on software, the odd numbers are on Marwa we finished with seven you finish with seven. Once you have finished, you've ended up on the seventh, that's when there is no Doer at the end, then you trim or shave your head.

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What I would recommend is that if your camera is a good NSA performing show, well, you can shave your head because it gives time for some hair to grow back before the hatch. If however, your camera is very close to the hedge, it's very close to maybe just a few days. Some of the elements say trim your hair, I mean you can shave your head perfectly fine. But because maybe after two or three days, maybe there's not much hair there. Okay, so if you trim it right down, trim it right down. So on the day of head, you can shave it. Okay, some of those scholars, they mentioned this, once you have

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shaved or trim your hair for the brothers and the sisters, they trim the hair, you are now out of the State of Iraq, you've completed your Amara,

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you've now completed your Ermelo and you're staying in Mecca free to do whatever you want free to do whatever you like Alhamdulillah this is the person who is performing to metta now they're finished they're

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As for everybody else now they're waiting for the eighth day or the beginning of Hajj. This is the day now. This is where Hajj will start in Charlotte. The Eighth Day.

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The Eighth Day is called EO a TR we do material we tell remains to prepare and to bring water at the time of our sort of loss. And I love that the companions and the Muslims would bring their provisions all the way to Mina because there's really like a base for them. Because they there's like three or four days you're gonna spend literally setting up camp exactly setting up campus upon Allah. So they bring their water and things like that. This is a sunnah for you to spend the day in Mina. This is called the eighth day, the day of a tarbiyah

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it is done as well too. For those who are performing, how do you know everybody's gonna be performing such that you enter the State of Iran on this day? Where do you need to go to a halt? Now? You can do it from wherever you're wherever you are in Mecca. That's where you enter the State of Iran. When you enter the State of Iran, similarly, you say

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for the people saying the baker hedger or the person or if he was performing Quran, he's traveling he said, or she said, the baker Allahumma ombre were hija because they're joining or

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on Hajj.

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So they now enter the state of haram and they go to Mina

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in the state of haram were in the clothes of Mina. They stay there the whole day praying the Salawat not joined, but did you pray them shortened? So the Hadees to raka also to rocker, Margaret three, and fragile two of course ratio of Asia two and the fragile two during this time engaging vicar engage in recitation of Quran and making dua these are blessed days now this is you started the Hajj, don't waste your time. And this is mainly what happens on the eighth day of the Hedgehog, which is called The Day of tarbiyah.

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What were the virtues of this eighth day of the week?

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Yeah, so during the days of hajj, there are specific virtues, which the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said, that happens on this day. Like you know, let's say the day of alpha is a day in which Allah subhanaw taala frees more slaves or more servants on this day more than any other day so there's the virtue of the of alpha or likewise we say a person who,

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whose fasting has a specific reward don't have a specific word concerning the day after we are except that it is a sunnah for you to enter a haram and for you to begin your hajj on this particular day. Sycamore code I should know if we can ask if we can take a short break inshallah. The viewers, we're going to be taking a short break. Stay tuned as we continue summarizing the field of Hajj in this journey of Hajj. Stay tuned after the break, sit down with a goon or Rahmatullah he'll work at Salaam Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Dear guests, viewers, welcome back as we wrap up this episode with our last and final segment of the series shift now we left off the eighth

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day of the hedger yo matawa.

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We said we were in going, Oh, we mentioned the virtues of that day. Yeah. What's next? What do we do after the show? So what I would recommend the viewers is to read the hadith of jab Eric Nam dilla Radi Allahu Anhu he described the Hajj of the Prophet sallallahu, it was a very long Hadith. There was always exceptions if I did this, if I did that, but these are the issues. But I'll try my best to explain how in the order that the Prophet alayhi salam performed his husband was. So on the eighth day, they spent the time in Mina, praying the Salawat praying the prayers in their time and shortened then they spend the night this night actually, you can call it the night of alpha, you

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stay there and you take a good rest until fragile, then you pay us a little fragile. So we do not combine on a day when you do not come back to shore and you just shorten them and you pray the salaat in their own time, okay.

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Then you stay there you sleep in the tents of Mina on that night, and then on the morning of the night, that's the day of Arafa. Now, this is when everybody will be preparing to make their way to offer your buses your guides they may take you there are different times you can't expect everybody to be there at once. So whenever you arrive you arrive.

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So, when you arrive in alpha whatever time the time for the standing in alpha begins from Solatube dot onwards.

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What will happen is that in Masjid niemira, which is the masjid half of or partly part of the master inside

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our offer, and part of it is outside. So those who are in the masjid have to be aware that they're actually in the part of the masjid which is inside the standing area of offer. If you with your own group, you'll be allocated tents and places that you're going to stay and that doesn't really concern you so much. But a hotel will be given in this particular masjid and then they will pray Lord and Asajj they will pray Lahore to Raka and also to raka combined, shortened and combined.

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The people will be required it is allowed. It is permissible if they can't hear or didn't hear the hotbar it is allowed for each individual group for person to deliver a reminder for them. That's absolutely financial no Tyler and then they pray Lord NASA, by them in their own groups that don't follow the people from the restaurant because they're not part of that gym. But they make the announcer immediately. The announcer combined and shortened. What about if Otto falls on a Friday? Is there a hobo there too, as well for Jamar or is it just wonderful. Okay, so for those people who are performing hajj, there was no drama for them because they were in the area for the Hajj over the

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whole drama will be established in Masjid Al haram. But for those performing the hajj, there's no drama for them. They are performing the rites of Hajj and that takes priority on this particular day.

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In fact, the prophet Addison performed hajj on an other felony Duma, just as an aside point and there was no drama of it. So once the doc NASA is made, they make dua for the whole day they remain in alpha making to add to the for the whole day, until salata Maghrib

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Once they

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hit a den for solid Maghrib everybody then starts to leave out and make their way to must deliver

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this is the night of the 10th now the day before eight or the day before they have sacrifice everybody makes their way to must deliver must deliver there's nothing there. It's just there's nothing that you find a space and you sleep when you arrive there of course you pray Maghrib and Isha.

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Shorten the joint mother of three and Asha to you don't pray Maghrib and Isha and Arafa rather you pray it when you arrive in most deliver

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their you sleep after you prayed your market in Asia, and then you wake up prefer God prayer, Salat al Fajr. Then of course, you pray your sunnah for Fajr no problem for you to rock up for failure, and then you make dua facing the Qibla facing simply making dua until just before sunrise. If you can do that in journal time, if you're required to move before that, then you have to move we're in are still in a home at this point, right? That's correct.

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At night and was that if I were sleeping under the stars? Are we allowed to cover ourselves from the cold maybe the slight breeze or Sure. So at this time of the year, Hajj is in the summer, nobody's gonna feel cold, it's gonna be very, very warm. But if hypothetically, yours in the wintertime, it's allowed you to put a blanket over yourself, but don't cover your head from it. They're not allowed to cover their heads. Okay, if you use a blank, a sleeping bag, zipped up to the side. That's okay. Insha Allah as well. Okay. Okay. So they spent the night in was deliver, okay, then they prayed for God in the morning, they made some tour after fajr. And they're just before the sun was then they

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make their weight. And then we are now Monday, the 10th the 10th day of the ledger, this is the day read the day of sacrifice. On this day, they have many actions to do. So the everybody who makes their way to Mina, the first thing that they're going to do is find seven pebbles, very small pebbles. And they will throw these seven pebbles at the gym and it'll cover the last one, the first one on the second you ignore on this day, and you throw seven pebbles at this particular job. I'm not saying Allahu Akbar. Each time you throw people

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off that it is done, a sacrifice is made. Either you do it yourself, or it is done for you.

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Then you shave or trim your hair.

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Shaving is of course better the sisters will only trim their hair. And then you go to perform

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you go to the Haram after that and you perform your power for the fall, this is the throw off for Hajj now. And then after that, of course, you will then perform your your se, which is the other pillar of the Hajj.

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After you've done those on that date, you then return to, to me now, bearing in mind, you have exited, you've come out of the State of Iran. Now, firstly, both states after you have finished all four. So I make it clear that after you have thrown the stones, the sacrifice has been made, and you shave and trim your hair you get is the first stage out of the Haram, you can put your normal clothes on you can shower freshen up, and then you can go to the harem, in your normal clothes. Enjoy, enjoy, perform your tawaf perform your say, and do you are now fully out of the State of Iran.

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Meaning that the first State of Iran when you came out of everything is allowed for you except one thing, and that is relations with your wife or your husband, or your spouse, once you have performed off, then everything is permissible for you. So you perform your power off and you say on that day, you then return for the evening time, because this is the first night of the days of tertiary

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we're all required as Muslims to spend two nights in MENA. So we spend at least half of the night and we stay there in minute,

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the following day, which is the 11th you gather 21, small little pebbles and on this day, only after the hook not before. Once you pray to her, motherhood comes in. You go towards the Jamaat, you throw seven stones at the first one, seven stones at the Second and seven of the third, you make dua after the first Jamaat and the second Jamaat and not preferred. And then you go back to your place in Vienna and you stay there making zikr don't waste your time reading Quran making dua until the 12th night. You stay there until the following day, which you have the 12th day and as you did the previous day, throwing the stones, Seven Stones that's 21 Seven each Jamaat as you did yesterday,

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you do the same on the 12

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if you decide that you want to leave now, you can leave Minar but you have to leave before slaughter Margaret, if you decide to stay, as the Prophet says, um, did you stay that night again for the 13th night and you make the days of tissue deep for you three. So you have the option you can stay two days or you can stay three days. It's up to you

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if you decide to stay for the third

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Do you do as you did for the previous two days throw stones each of them and then you leave minute and your hedge is completed handling that lover. The last thing I want to mention shadow Tara, remember, the last thing you're going to do before you leave mark is your toe off on your farewell, your fellow will toe off. Once you've done that Alhamdulillah May Allah Subhana Allah accept from you whatever you did

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Subhan Allah, beautifully worded and mentioned and so easily coming right after each other these steps chronologically and smoothly.

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We ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless everyone who's gone to Hajj this year and those who intended but couldn't and to write for those who judge 100 mob rule that equals no less than paradise itself. Allahumma Amin

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ship in a sense, we do have some time left remaining in this episode.

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Can you share with us some mental notes we should all prepare ourselves before we undertake this big journey, this journey of a lifetime? As we mentioned before, how should we prepare ourselves mentally? I mean, might not have anything to do with the field of Hajj itself. But preparing oneself is I think of very, most important so over here because this will essentially lead to completing your hedge. Yes, properly. Yeah, so any words of advice without regard? pharmacologic? What I would say is that, like any activity

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is that the more you know about your Lord, the more you know about Allah subhanaw taala the more you will feel the value of that worship. When a person is praying if they understand what they're saying in their prayer. They understand the names and attributes of who Allah subhanaw taala is, they will have that much more fear and tranquility and peace in their prayer. Similarly with the Hajj, tried to understand what this hedge is about the reward of Hajj, the blessings of Hajj, imagine the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam traveling with more than 100,000 companions, performing the hajj performing matawa you will really live in the footsteps of the prophet at a social level. We live in

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the footsteps of the Prophet Ibrahim Alayhi Salam. This is an amazing honor that Allah subhanaw taala has given to you that many people want to go to the house of Allah, but not everybody is invited. There are millionaires, but Subhanallah for whatever reason, they've never made Hajj or they've never made a remark. But a person who doesn't have very much Allah azza wa jal gives them that they can perform the hajj and umrah and that they go and Allah azza wa jal honest them and that is true honoring on the ring a person is not by the riches that they have the clothes or the cars or the house that they have. But true honor, is a person whom Allah subhanaw taala honors with pure

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submission through submission sincerity to Allah azza wa jal. We don't seek fame. We don't seek placement in this world, but rather we exceed we seek acceptance from Allah subhanaw taala. So remain patient, know what you weren't doing and seek the maximum reward from a lot of adequate time. Aloha, Aloha, Chef, we learned from our scholars and our teachers that when we learn from our Messiah, who should thank them and make dua for them. So certainly we will do that behind your back and shalom make dua for you. But we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless you and your time and your health and your wealth and your family. Because, you know, you traveled all the way to Cairo to be

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here with us during these last set of episodes. So it is up in La Jolla, Ron for being here with us and taking the time out we ask Allah subhanaw taala to weigh heavily in your scales and raise your ranks. Aloha mai I mean, their viewers?

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This is it. You know, we've we've specifically went into details of the items of the pillars of the obligations of the Sunon of Hajj and we've just summed it up all in one episode, asking Allah subhanaw taala to make it sincerely for his sake subhanho wa Taala and to accept it from us, and to enjoin us and make us all stand on autrefois next year in sha Allah together better than that Isla until next time, As Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Warsaw solve the law, then there'd be no Mahamadou either early he also he Jemaine