Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 13 – L129E

Taimiyyah Zubair
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was the the who and the requested victory, from who from Allah

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is that the whole from the root letters, fat, the fat, and the word fat has many meanings of them is victory nurserymen Allah with a term called the feather is victory. Similarly further also means decision decree, as in that there are benefits that have been and there will be nikolina if the meaning decide faster judgment, faster decree, and fat is also to open so it also gives the meaning of relief. So, what stuff they're who they prayed for victory, they requested victory, Who? The messengers

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when Allah subhanaw taala made this promise with them. That what a newskin and Nakamoto album embody him, the messengers, when the situation became extremely hostile, very intense. The people refuse to believe, then the messengers, prayed for victory from Allah subhanaw taala. And as a result, what happened, we'll have a coup de bear in need, and disappointed was every obstinate tyrant, every obstinate tyrant, every person who oppose the messenger, he was disappointed how

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that he was destroyed, he was punished. All of his efforts were spent in opposing the messenger. But at the end, all of those turned against him, because he was a failure. And the messenger was successful,

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was tough, the who has also been understood in another way, that the people, the nations, they sought their requested. They wanted a decision from who

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a lot in the sense that a decision should be made between us and between this messenger. They wanted a decision because they thought they were right. They were correct. So we're stuck there who will harbor and he was disappointed harbor is from the veterans Hall, from the word haber and Hiva is to be defeated. It is to fail to achieve one's purpose. So Harbor, he was frustrated, he was disappointed, he became unsuccessful. Who could know Jeb Bell every tyrant that is a need that is obstinate, that is stubborn.

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Jabbar is from the roof address Jean Baba and Java is to force to compel and when the word Jabbar is used for human being, it has a negative connotation. Someone who is very oppressive, someone who is a tyrant, but when the word bad is used for Allah subhanaw taala, then this is praiseworthy, because Allah soprano data is Jabbar in the sense that he is of overwhelming power, he cannot be defeated.

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And Java also means to fix something, to do a slice of something. So when Jabbar is used for Allah, what does it mean? The one who does Islam, the one who improves the one who rectifies.

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But for people generally the word about is not that praiseworthy.

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So every tyrant, every oppressor, every person who was arrogant, to obey Allah, to submit to Him to believe in the messenger to follow the messenger. And instead he oppressed the messenger. He oppressed the people, he oppressed the believers. And at the same time, he was also I need, I need this from the reflectors, I knew that and renewed is to resist stubbornly.

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Renewed means to resist something stubbornly. So it gives a sense of arrogance. It gives a sense of opposing the truth, turning away from the right way.

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And being very stubborn.

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So I need very stubborn, very obstinate, resisting. So every opponent of truth, he was defeated at the end.

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So we see that the nations they thought that they were on the right way. They were true. They were right. And they sought a last victory against you

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against themselves. They sought a loss of penalties decision against themselves in reality, but they were very sure very confident about the truthfulness. And when they saw a loss decision, it was against them. Allah subhanaw taala responded to the call of the messengers, and he gave them victory he assisted them.

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And we see that the qualities of the people that have mentioned over here are in particular, Java, and off route, because with their oppression and their resistance, what did they think that they could defeat the messenger, they could cause failure to him.

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But in reality, Allah soprano Dada caused failure to such that they were destroyed in the dunya. They were completely finished. Their arrogance was broken. Their stubbornness was broken, it was put to an end. And the hereafter awaits them. Or they haven't already a very severe, a very intense punishment.

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Meanwhile, he Johanna, before him is held. Yes, he has gone from dystonia. Jabbar and our need has gone from dystonia. But in the hereafter what awaits him?

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Help hellfire. The word wha issue Tetris? Well, raw Hamza. And it's used in different ways. Sometimes it gives the meaning of back behind. And sometimes it also gives the meaning of in front of because it's one of those words that gives completely opposite meanings, like the word love. depending on the context, it will give completely opposite meanings. Sometimes one means assumption. And sometimes it means certainty, depending on the context.

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So similarity water over here gives the meaning of before him in front of him ahead of him is Johanna Hellfire that he will enter and when he will enter Hellfire will use all and he will be made to drink mimar in studied water, a drink that is studied, that is festering, that is vile.

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The word study is from the real fetters saw that that

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and studied is used for anything that is repulsive. Anything that you look at, you're disgusted, you turn it away from yourself, and you turn away from it, you don't want to look at it, you don't want to smell it, you don't want to touch it. You don't want to have anything to do with it.

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Very repulsive.

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Basically, it's from the word salad, and what the sudden need to prevent, to stop. So studied is something that is so repulsive, that you are averted by it.

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You don't even want to look at it. You don't even want to smell it. And so deed is understood as according to human body, he says that's what it is, the bus that comes that appears between the skin and the flesh that is under the skin.

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When does that happen? When the skin gets wounded when it's injured.

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Generally, if the skin gets injured, if there's a cut, then there is a scab that develops over it.

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But under that scab is what

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sometimes it's past, if the wound gets infected, and in the initial stages, there is at least some kind of liquid over there. This is what studied is

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studied is secretion of the body, it's past its blood.

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In particular, which comes out of the body when a wound is not healing.

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When a wound goes back, when it continues to bleed, and then when it continues to cause pass to flow out of it.

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So we'll use army men in Saudi he will be given to drink water that is studied that is festering that is vile.

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According to some study is a mixture of vomit and blood.

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It's a mixture of vomit and blood, secretion of the body,

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secretion of the body. And what is this drink that will be given to the people of hellfire. The people of Hellfire as we have learned earlier, that their bodies will never burn and finish off every time that the skin is burnt out.

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But the loungey luden via their skins will be replaced. And the kind of punishment that is in Hellfire extreme heat and fire and boiling hot water that will only cause the wounds to bleed even more.

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And the size of the people of Hellfire will also be enormous. So from their bodies will constantly come out the sparse and this liquid which is going to be given to them to drink.

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mimic in studied, this is what they will be given to drink. And who is this a punishment for? For every obstinate tyrant. Every person who is oppressive who resists the truth, who opposes the truth, who opposes the people of the truth for him. This is the punishment that awaits him.

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A liquid that is made of pus and blood of the people of hellfire.

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It is said that this liquid that will come out of the bodies that will secrete from the bodies it will be so

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Much that literally valleys would flow with this substance with this vile liquid and then this will be given to drink.

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We learned in the Quran had a failure Dooku honeymoon was a hot woman shortly as well. This is so then let them taste it her meme and it was boiling hot water and herself. WhatsApp is studied as well and other dormans of similar kind altogether.

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Elsewhere we learned that it was so cool man and ham Eamon for Katara home and they will be given to drink boiling hot water so that it will cut up their bowels, their intestines

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into little calf will learn what he has to leave. So you'll also be met in Cal Moodley Yeshua would you

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they will be given such water that just by the water coming close to their mouth, it's going to burn their faces. This is the punishment of who the person who opposes the messenger.

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The person who denies the messenger who rejects the messenger who does not believe in the messenger does not follow the messenger he exceeds his limits and opposing the messenger

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and this water when it's offered to him, will he be able to drink it yet a juggler who he will gulp it he will try to separate one step after the other well Erica Do you see who but he will not be able to swallow it yet a Java who from the root letters gene ra I JIRA is to take a step little by little

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to not be able to swallow something at once, but rather to take it step by saying sometimes if you have to drink a tea which is extremely hot, then you drink it like this, one sip after the other one little sip tiny set followed by another one with a big gap in the middle perhaps.

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Similarly, if there is a drink, which does not taste that good, it's horrible in its taste and you have to drink it perhaps as a cure as a medication, then even that is drunk in the same manner sip by sip.

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So yet the gentleman who he will try to sip it, he will take it sip by sip, gulping it repeatedly.

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In other words, he will not be able to drink it all at once. Why? Because of the foul taste because of the foul smell. Even though he will be extremely thirsty, he will not be able to drink it.

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Sometimes, people do not eat someone's leftover food. Other times people do not drink from a cup from which other people have saved from people don't share glasses. People don't share straws, sometimes people are very particular. And this is not an ordinary drink, what kind of a drink is this?

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What kind of a drink is this pus and blood

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he will not be able to drink it while I accardo you see who and even if he takes it step by step he will barely be able to swallow it.

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You see all from the roof ever seen well they and so is to be able to swallow something easily.

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When something washes down when something goes down one's throat with ease. So like either you see who he will not be able to drink it he will not be able to swallow it. He will not be able to ingest it. Hardly he will be able to Why? Because of its foul smell because of its disgusting taste because of its awful color. Because of its unbearable heat. And with this drink because he's so thirsty, so desperate, he will drink it anyway. Because imagine if someone offers you a drink like this when you drink it, you will not but the state of this person is so desperate he is so thirsty that even this drink he will take it sip after sip because he's so desperate to drink anything. And with this drink

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what's going to happen were D Hill mode to mean Colima can and death will come to him from everywhere.

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He will be surrounded by death, but women who will be my year he is not going to die.

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Why a deal motoman Colima can from every place death will be approaching him overcoming him. Death will be experienced by every part of his body. Every hair, every inch is going to experience that his organs, his limbs, the entire body will suffer pain because of this drink. And if anyone would die, then this person would die. But at this point no

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One can die. Way D Hill motoman Colima can, as if he will constantly be experiencing the pangs of death, he will constantly be in soccer rot. When a person is dying, if you've ever seen a person who is experiencing that, what is happening, his entire body is hurting.

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Even the profits are a lot of sudden, he prayed for protection from the psychological moat.

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And when he was about to die, we learned that even he was experiencing a lot of pain, which is why you would say in an mot a soccer lot, that has suck a lot.

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So just imagine where the ultimate kolima can, death is approaching you from everywhere. Every part of his body is experiencing that. But the thing is that we're more who will be made it is not going to die. Nothing can cause him to die now.

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Woman worre II and before him is are there buenas alleys of punishment that is massive.

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You think this is a severe punishment

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after this punishment is a punishment that is much more severe, much more great.

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We see that the extreme heat, the beating of the angels, the horrible food and drink, all types of punishment will come to him carrying that if he were to die, but he will not die.

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In this dunya if a person has an infection, if a person is terribly ill, if a person is suffering from a lot of pain, if his body is burning, eventually he dies. Eventually, his body comes to an end his soul leaves but the person in Hellfire there will be no scene of that. That will be around him surrounding him from everywhere, but he will not die.

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And the most painful experience is that just imagine constantly in this painful punishment. But this is not the end of it. Woman Well, here are the urban hernias. Beyond this is a much more severe punishment, a massive punishment. And what is that massive punishment?

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The punishment of food, this is drink, and then he will be offered food instead of the Hon if 43 to 46 we learn in shadow. This is a cool time we'll see aseem can moodily Yoli fillable tone, gallium Tamim. Indeed the tree of the cool is food for the sinful

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food for the sinful like murky oil, it boils within the bellies like the boiling of hot water.

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Why is this severe punishment going to be given to such people? Because they tortured the believers in the dunya

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as we learned earlier, fit our own and his people, what did they do your sunako sooner that they inflicted upon you sooner that so for them away, it's a much more evil punishment,

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such an evil punishment, that they will not die,

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they will continue to experience it.

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In total, Allah is number 13, return some malaria movie her whether you're here, then he will not die. And he will not even live.

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He will not be able to die. He will not be able to live

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a person if he dies, once that enough, is a very severe experience. But imagine dying over and over again.

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experiencing that, thinking that this is over. But it's not going to get any better. It's only going to get worse. And what is his punishment for opposing the truth, opposing the messenger oppressing people.

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And this is the punishment that Allah is warning us about. This is the punishment that awaits people, if they deny their Lord, if they refuse to submit before him.

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So what is our responsibility?

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What is our responsibility now that we have come to know of this, that we have to convey this message to the people? Because the matter of the Hereafter is not that simple. It's not that light. It's not an insignificant, it's very, very serious.

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Generally when we think about the punishment of the Hereafter, we think eventually a person will get used to it or eventually a person will finish, but what do we learn, there is no end to that punishment. So it is our responsibility that once we have learned this, we must try to take the people out of the darkness into the light

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out of the darkness into the light and if we don't then allies have any

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He does not need us. He does not need other people to worship Him. And if we disobey if we don't share this we're only harming ourselves

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in tactful until moment Phil RBG Mirren for in a lot of money your homies, he does not need you

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for the

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So what did you learn?

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Just thinking that you've been learning so many stories about all the previous prophets and then the punishment that they went through. And then, like for all of us, we seen live examples like just what has happened in in Japan, and then the things that are happening in Pakistan. Like all these examples we see a bit slower than the most of time we need visual pictures to understand something because obviously imagination sometimes we don't want to put it into effort when we read the Quran. But for us, a lot of the students right now we see that even in the morning, we seen those pictures, and we seen those videos, yet we think, okay, just because it happened to them, we're safe here. Why

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do we always think that we're so safe, and just yesterday, she was sharing a story with me, there's a brother who passed away yesterday. And you know, he just got out of jail and everything. And yesterday, on Friday, he made the intention of coming to Islam, he's like, you know what, I'm gonna change everything, I'm gonna become a better person, make the law for me. And then you want to pray also, he wants to put your mother you want to impress it. And then the next night, he passed away. And just to show you that, like, people are only going to remember him for the effort that he put that he at the last moment he came to the recipe like to highlight the data as a as a person who was

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known for gangsterism and whatever that is, nobody would remember him. They were just think of him as a rebel. And they were just think of him as a bad person. But for all of us, it just shows you that every single day.

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And if you look at it, this description that has been given over here, it's so descriptive. It's so detailed, just thinking about it, just imagining it, listening to it reading, it makes us shiver.

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And we think it's for some other people.

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Yeah, just from these descriptive details, it just goes to show how important it is for us to convey the message of the Quran. And that just goes to show how seriously we need to take this class, we need to understand it ourselves first, in order to do that.

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Because it's a matter of eternity. It's not just a matter of a few days,

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a few months, a few years, this is eternity.

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And this is people suffering forever. If we keep the message to ourselves, the messengers they underwent so much difficulty. What enough spielen We will definitely be patient, we will continue.

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But our reality is that we don't even do suffer over learning. And how can we do suffer over conveying other previous messengers, we're saying that we're going to definitely do separate on what you're doing to us. And it shows that this is why they did suffer because they knew the result of the people if they don't believe and if they don't go on the right path and if they're not brought out of the darkness into the light.

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So just show that the die needs to have such well wishing for the people that he's telling because we know the punishment now. So if we tell someone and if they react badly to us, we shouldn't be offended, we should even more caring Exactly. Again remember that example of the doctor and the patient. The doctor knows how important the cure is for the patient, no matter how much the patient resists, no matter how much he argues, no matter how much he refuses, the doctor knows and he wants good for him.

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Similarly, once we have been told about this punishment, that how can we remain silent? How can we remain just sitting back and doing nothing?

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Nothing at all. people we love people we talk to people we share feelings with and we don't worry further after. This is something so serious

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shatta gemvara who want to use you were to motoman Colima cannon woman who will be my yet and we have the Quran but we don't tell other people about it. We came to love those people

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is this really love that we're not warning that we're not telling them? We're not even trying.

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Just like those three qualities of sugar

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telco and server meaning like this, the basic the whole recipe right there

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exactly, that sugar is your motivation

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and sub and debacle, they are your tools or they are the two main things that you rely upon where do you get your motivation from from sugar, that if I have this I have to convey this to others. So what keeps you going? And the vocal gives you the confidence. These three things are very, very important.

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And a person who is grateful for the Quran, he will not keep it to himself, he will be motivated to convey it.

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And if you look at it, the reason why all of this is mentioned is to tell us that we also need to convey the message to other people. We also need to put in effort just like the previous messengers did. That regardless of how the people treated them regardless of how they threaten them. They continue they didn't give up. We don't even try. We just assume things in our mind. We become afraid and we don't say anything.

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new muah

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Lima can

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be made

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Mr. Whitaker wanting to be like a Santa Monica.

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