Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 14 – L136E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of burying babies in the wild is discussed, including the use of animals as carriers and the potential for embarrassment and shame. The lack of human experience in the past and the negative consequences of it on future generations are also discussed. The segment concludes with a call for everyone to accept the decree of Islam and not take matters in their hands. The transcript describes a person who believes in the Hereafter and is described as evil, while also being evil for their children and wanting a boy. The segment also discusses the negative consequences of women being kept in a pregnancy for too long and the importance of finding one's own opinion and highlighting others. The segment also touches on the difference between different cultures and the importance of finding one's own opinion and highlighting others.
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Yet a llama minako he hides from the people who the person who has been told that he just had a baby girl

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yet oh yeah the water from the roof as well. Oh yeah. And the water yet Oh ALLAH is to hide something to conceal something. Remember we learned early and sorted out off liuba de Allahumma mal warrior and who I mean so ottima warrior, what was hidden what was concealed.

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So yet Allah, He hides mineral cone from his people from his tribesmen.

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He does not want anyone to see him.

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He does not want to face anyone.

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Why? out of the distress out of the sad news, out of the fear of embarrassment, out of the fear of being mocked that he doesn't want to go in front of anyone.

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He doesn't want anyone to see him. He's embarrassed to face people.

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Men, so he, because of the evil Mabu sharabi of the news that he was given.

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What good news was he given the birth of a daughter? And because of that he doesn't want to face anyone because he's afraid people are going to market him.

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He's afraid they're going to embarrass him. And he's wondering, he's in a dilemma. A UMC Kahala? huning? Should he retain that child with disgrace? Should he keep that child alive while being humiliated for the rest of his life? I'm here to serve it to rob or should he bury that child in the earth?

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He's wondering, what should I do?

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If I keep this child alive, this is going to be a source of embarrassment and shame for the rest of my life.

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It's a disgrace for me.

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And if I bury it,

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that's not nice either.

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What should I do?

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Human psycho, from the root letters meme seen calf m sack, which is to hold on to something, to retain something to not let go of it.

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And hone in from the root of his hair, well known how humiliation, degradation disgrace, because for the Arabs, having a daughter was something very shameful. Why? Because first of all, if you have a daughter, you have to look after

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your daughter cannot hold the sword. She cannot go to the battle with you. Whereas a son, he will come with you,

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your daughter, you feed her all your life, and eventually she goes to somebody else's house.

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And this was also a source of great embarrassment for them, that their daughter was going to somebody else's house. This was very embarrassing for them.

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So they did not like to have daughters.

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A UMC koala Hoon? Should I hold on to this child with humiliation for the rest of my life? I'm here to say who you are the soul from the electric dance scene scene thus, and thus is a fair shake fishy. It is to hide something in another thing.

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a fair shake fish shake. To hide something in another thing.

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Do I insert something in another in order to conceal it?

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Like for example, you have a pencil, you put it in a pencil case and you zip it up. It's hidden inside, right? Similarly, you have shoes, you put it in a box and you close the box if that was shade, fishy.

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And over here, um, yeah, this, this is that should I bury the child in the earth in the earth?

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Why would they do that?

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They would sometimes bury their daughters alive,

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out of extreme embarrassment.

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And sometimes the daughter will be breeding the child will be breeding. Sometimes the child will be a newborn. A few hours old, a few minutes old, sometimes a few days old and sometimes even a few years old.

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As soon as it would realize that's it. I can't handle these doctors anymore. This is too much of a disgrace for me. They will just go dig a hole in the ground, put the doctor in and bury the doctor life.

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And there is an incident in which we learned that once this person he took his daughter in order to bury her life.

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And she was walking and talking at that point. And when he took her as he was digging the hole she was digging the hole with him

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helping her father. Little did she know that he was going to bury her in that hole

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and he buried her life.

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I am sick of war Allah huning Amir de su Fedorov, Allah says Allah ser muy comun. Evil is what they do.

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Judge evil is what they decide. Finally, what is it that they decide Finally, that they're going to bury the daughter alive?

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how evil is that? How terrible is that? burying a child, a baby, an infant, a little girl, alive in the ground, sir My cocoon.

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And set on my own also, that how even is what they judge with regards to Allah subhanaw taala.

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That for themselves they prefer sons, and for Allah subhanaw taala. They prefer daughters.

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Now remember, this was not a practice that was common amongst all of the Arabs. Remember,

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just as the beliefs were not, same seminary practices were also not the same.

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This was common in certain tribes. And it was not common in other tribes, where there were people who were burying their daughters are live, there were also such people who were saving such girls.

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For example, we come to know of a man he was a famous board. And his name was fellas duck. His grandfather, he used to give camels and he would ransom such baby girls. And he would give them to other families to look after.

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So he would literally go and take such girls from their families that their families would not kill them. And then he would give them to other families to take care of them.

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And this was a practice at the time of ignorance. At the time of Jamelia, when people did not know the value of human life when they did not realize the value of human life.

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However, we see that it's still very, very common today.

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That when people find out the gender of their child, and that's not the gender they want, what will they do, they will abort the child in the most evil ways. We think burying the child alive is evil.

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The kind of ways that are adopted to abort children in the womb, there are more evil than that.

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more evil than that,

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when the babies are covered in acid when they're injected with acid, with high levels of sodium.

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And when they're cut up into pieces, when they're booked again, and again, they're cut up into pieces and they're thrown into garbage bags. This is also very evil. We think this was only at that time, this is rampant today. Very, very common today.

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It is said that in the years 1985 to 2005. According to the World Health Organization, 10 million fetuses were aborted in India alone

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10 million were aborted in India alone. Think about all over the world where there's so many abortions happening day in and day out, which are also not reported

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that many people don't consider abortion to be murder. But if they feel that a girl is being buried alive, that is murder. But if a murder has been performed in a hospital, by someone who has a license, that's not considered a murder, where's that also is a murder, because that is a human being. He's still breathing. If you try to touch the child, if you poke him with a knife with something to kill the child, the child will move. He has life in himself. She has life in herself. How can you kill a human being like that?

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So we see this was not just common at that time, but even today, this is extremely common.

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Similarly, this is not just because of gender, but also because of some physical disabilities. That if a person finds out that the child they're carrying in their stomach has a physical disability, then everyone will tell them abort this child abort this child.

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Somebody once told me about how when they were expecting their child, it was discovered that the child had a serious problem. And everybody was saying just abort the child abort the child because sooner or later it's going to die anyway, why should you go through all that pregnancy.

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And they even showed her fatawa from different scholars and said, Look, you can abort the child, go ahead, abort the child. But she said I didn't have the heart to I felt the child is alive who am I to take his life away. And it's Allah who is making the child like this. It's not my choice, Ally's making the child like this, who am I to kill the child or to keep the child alive, I'm going to leave the child as the child is.

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And she did not abort the child. She refused. Where's everybody was against her.

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And a few days before the child was to be born, the child died himself in the womb.

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So the fact is that we should accept the honor of Allah, we should accept the decree of Allah. If you ever look at that person's face, you will see so much calmness and satisfaction and rest on that woman's face. Such peace that you do not find an ordinary faces. It's because she did not murder a child.

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She did not take a life away.

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She did not take matters in her hand. She left it to Allah and Allah took care of her.

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Unfortunately, we think that if the child is in our stomach, we are the owners and we can do whatever we want. We're not the owners were human beings, were also creation.

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So am I, evil as what they judge

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Allah subhanaw taala says, Let in Allah you mean honorable afra. For those people who do not believe in the Hereafter, for them is Matthew, so is an evil description.

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Again, you see, what's the root problem? not believing in the hereafter. Because when a person does not believe in the Hereafter, he is not serious, he does not care about his actions. So Latina ly amenable Afro matheno. So for them is an evil description. What is that evil description, their treatment with women, their treatment with their children,

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that they have double standards, they want something else for themselves, and they want something else for a loss of parental data.

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Exactly, we see that sometimes even when people have children, if they have a boy, and they really wanted a boy, they will go all out spending lavishly, having a big replica or giving out sweets, you know really celebrating the birth of their son. But at the same time, if they have a daughter, they will not spend as much or they will not celebrate that event as much, they will not be as happy.

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Unfortunately, so we see that this difference can be seen during pregnancy it can be seen after the child has been born as well.

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And when does this happen when a person does not have fear of

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when a person does not have fear of a loss of penalty.

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When he does not realize that this child has been given to me by Allah He chose this child for me regardless of gender, regardless of their physical ability. This is a child that Allah gave me.

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So a person who does not believe in the hereafter for him his method also an evil description.

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Well Allah He and for Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, the highest description. And what is that highest description La ilaha illallah wa who will or Caesar Hakeem and he's the Exalted in Might, the Wise.

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So in the previous I add, those people who don't believe in the hereafter they have been described, that how they have double standards, how they're evil in the way they treat their children, in the way they treat their women. How they fear poverty and embarrassment if they have a daughter and Allah subhanaw taala he has a massage parlor that he is super Hannah who glorified as he he does not need children. And he is just

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well who NRZ is when he came and he is the mighty and he's also the wise.

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One Oh, you are hit Allahu Allah where to seize an asset the people below me him because of their wrongdoing.

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If Allah began punishing people, for every crime, that they're committed, for every murder, that they commit, for every child, they abort, for every injustice they do, when it comes to dealing with their children, then what would happen madaraka lay him and then he would not leave upon this earth, any crawling creature, not a single living moving creature would be alive on this earth today.

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The amount of sins, the amount of crimes that people commit, if they were to be punished for them, no one would be alive today. No human no and no daba would be alive

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when you go home, but he delays them either agilely masama to a fixed term, for either judge alone, then when their term will come later stuck around a certain they will not be able to delay for a moment for an hour when I stopped the moon nor can they seek to advance

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meaning for every person. Allah has fixed his time of death. And when that will come, a person will not be able to live a moment longer, nor will he be able to live a moment less. Every person is going to die at the time that has been set. And then he will be questioned by a loss penalty.

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coo Bhima

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okay we'll continue Where's your aluna de la heemeyer krahula What does the fu Elsener to whom will kariba another human Hausner and they attribute to Allah that which they dislike, who

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the machine they attribute to a ledger aluna they assign remember that the word journal has several meanings sometimes it gives a meaning of halaqa to create. Sometimes it gives a meaning of appointing assigning over here it gives meaning of assigning so you had your aluna they assign the attribute lillahi for Allah macro who know what they dislike. And what is it females daughters, they would hate to have daughters themselves. But when it comes to associating daughters to Allah, they have no problem.

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What does evil elsina To whom? And their tongues assert deceitful from the reflectors? Well sought fat and wasp is a description.

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So deceitful, it describes it says, It asserts what their tongues What do they assert AlkaViva lie? What does that lie that they assert? Another woman, her Sunnah, that indeed, they will have an excellent reward

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from who, from Allah,

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that they will have the best from him. In other words, they have no evidence for the wrongs they're doing.

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They have double standards, they prefer one thing for themselves. And another thing for a loss of data.

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And at the same time, they claim that what they're doing is very good. What they are doing this excellent. What they're doing is something that Allah likes. Just as we learned earlier, this machine would say lauscha Allahu mehrabad nemen chain, if Allah will, we will not have done any of this

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while our heroine and we will not have prohibited anything.

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So they would blame a loss of penalty for everything they did. And over here also they will claim that whatever we are doing is good, it is justified, Allah wants us to do it and therefore we are going to get the best reward for it. Allah says ledger Rama, there is no doubt assuredly definitely another human now that indeed for them is the fire.

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They will not have a person and the year after what will they have announced

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because of the crimes that they're committing against a law against humanity.

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We're under homophone, and indeed, they will be neglected they're in

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or they will be rushed in

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the word muffler tone is the plural of muffler and mfat is from the reflectors fell off.

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And if rot the free is to go to extremes to either overdo something or under do something. And more fraud is in particular from a fraud, which is to increase, to overdo something

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to go ahead

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to excessively do something to rush into doing something

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and more fluff is an object itself. So what does that mean? One who is going to be sent ahead quickly.

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One who is going to be sent ahead quickly. This has one meaning of the word. Another meaning of the word muffler is one who is neglected.

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Because a fraud when you're excessively doing one thing or you're not neglecting something else, you are whenever a person goes into an extreme, he is neglecting something. So under homophone meaning they will be neglected in the hellfire.

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So what are the two meanings that first of all, they'll be sent into the hellfire.

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They'll be rushed into it, they'll be thrown into it quickly. As soon as they die, they will be in Hellfire muffler tone rushed into it. And secondly, that they will be moot raccoon, they will be forgotten, they will be neglected. Once they'll be thrown into the Hellfire, no one is going to care for them.

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No one is going to be concerned for them.

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to LA he by Allah luck either our sellner illa oma may mean carbonica we did certainly send messengers donations before you. If you're a messenger to these people, this is not something new. We have certainly sent messengers before you as well. But what happened, physician at a homeless shelter on Carmela home, but shaitan had adorn their deeds for them.

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Just as with the people of Makkah, their crimes, their injustices have been beautified. Similarly for the previous people, their crimes had been made very beautiful for them, by who? By shaitaan. And this is one of the tactics of shape, one that he beautifies the same for us. He beautifies evil actions for us. He makes them very attractive. They're in reality, they're so evil, but they appear to be very beautiful.

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For who I will lead you humble young and because in this dunya they follow the footsteps of shaitan therefore, today, he is there wondering as well.

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What does he mean by this for who are William William What does it mean by this day? First of all, this has been understood as this day refers to the time of the Prophet sort of artisan,

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that just as previously when the messengers game shaitaan beautified sins for the people

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and instead of following the messenger, who did the people follow chatline, similarly, today shaitan has also beautified many crimes for the people for the machine.

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So instead of following you who are the following

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who are the following shadow, so for whoever will lead you home them It refers them which take enough Arabia at the time of the Prophet sort of of the center.

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So just as the previous people follow chatline, today, even these people are following shavon why because our sins have been made very beautiful for them.

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Secondly, for who are really human To this day, it refers to the hereafter the Day of Judgment, that in this dunya they follow Chetan and in the Hereafter, he will be their companion.

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Welcome humara Devon Elliot, and for all of them in the Hereafter is a painful punishment for shavon. And also for all those people who follow Chiba,

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Juana and Zelda, and we have not sent down or like upon you al Qaeda but the book The only reason why we sent down the book to you is what in their little Reina home, except for you to make clear to them. What Allah tala foofy that we're in, they have different. So all those matters in which people have been differing in?

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Is there only one God? Are there multiple gods?

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Should we kill our children? Should we not kill our children? differences? even amongst the Arabs, as I mentioned to you, their beliefs, their practices, they were diverse. One tribe had a certain belief and other tribe another belief, one tribe had a certain practice and other tribes had another practice. So these differences they existed, and it wasn't just in that society, these differences have existed at all times in all places. So where do you get these

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Answer From where do you get the solution from? From the Quran. And from the Sunnah of the Prophet sort of

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the reason why the prophets are a lot of them was sent was to solve all of these differences.

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Well, who then, and also a guy, meaning this book is a guide, what a hammer and a mercy, the homie, you may know, for those people who believe

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this book has been sent for everyone, but who will take guidance from it. The believers who will be benefited by this book, the believers, they are the ones who will receive mercy because of this book.

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And we see that this if that appears in the context, it does refer to the differences that people had in their beliefs in their practices. But even today, if you look at it in the Muslim Ummah,

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people have many differences, isn't it?

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So many differences? Are you supposed to pray with it this way? Are you supposed to pray with her that way? Are you supposed to do this way are you supposed to do will do that way? Right? Many, many differences. Now remember, that when a person focuses on what Allah has said, and how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam explained it, then many of these differences are resolved.

00:26:14 --> 00:26:29

Many of them are resolved how when you focus on how Allah has commanded, and how the profits or losses explained, because many times people focus on what, what a particular Imam said.

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And they will just take that imams opinion, or they will take his verdict.

00:26:37 --> 00:26:48

And the reality is that all of the IMA, what did they say that if you find a hadith that contradicts my statement, throw my statement away. Take the Hadith of the Prophet said a lot, isn't it?

00:26:49 --> 00:27:24

Because we see that all of the scholars, there were human beings, and their knowledge was not complete, right. And especially at the time, when Phil was still being evolved, when Hadees was still being collected. At that time, they did not have knowledge of all of the hobbyists today, all you have to do is go on the internet search for how do you find it? At that time, there were no such search tools. You knew the Hadees which you had memorized? which are these Did you memorize those which you learned from your teachers? And if there was a hadith that you had never heard you never knew about it? Simple as that.

00:27:26 --> 00:27:50

This is why if any man gave an opinion, which contradicts the Hadees it's perhaps because they never knew about that Hadees which is why we see that many of the scholars at the beginning they had one opinion, but later on, they change their opinion. Why did they change their opinion, because they came to know about something else as well. And if they had this open mindedness, then we should also have this open mindedness.

00:27:51 --> 00:28:01

That if we hear that a particular Imam said one thing, but we hear that the Hadith says something completely different than what do we have to accept the Hadith of the prophets?

00:28:03 --> 00:28:06

Because the prophets are sent to solve these differences.

00:28:07 --> 00:28:12

Isabella como la de la foofy, wa who don't attend the Camino

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I was just thinking of two points when I was listening to the citation. And the first one being that they would say things with their tongue and describe things, not realizing and thinking that it's correct. And even today, we see that even among Muslims, when we're learning about them, and the things people invent, and we think we're getting rewarded for it, but in reality, we're just damning ourselves. And this comes from lack of knowledge. That's the one thing then the second thing I was thinking how Allah says, with all the sins that we're doing, if you were to destroy creation, there would be nothing left.

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Look at the mercy of Allah, he still gives us risk by still gives us time to correct our mistakes. But yet we're so arrogant, we still have the audacity to disobey.

00:30:13 --> 00:30:42

You know that Allah says that if he was to destroy everybody that, you know, there would be nobody left. And if we go ahead thinking just because, you know, it's a girl, and she's not important, or you know, the child that we have is like ill if we go and start destroying and killing, nothing will be left. Because sometimes out of bad comes good, right? We think that if somebody is evil, they don't deserve to live, but from something bad comes something.

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If you look at it, if all girls are killed, or no girl turned outward, and how will people continue? I will human beings continued, they won't be able to continue. So whatever Allah has allowed, or whatever Allah has created, we should let it be. If Allah does not destroy us for our sins, who are we do kill people, just because they are the ones whom we don't like? If ally is so tolerant, then why can't we be so tolerant? If Allah tolerate our sins day in and day out, why can we not tolerate other people's differences?

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So Veronica locomobi home deaconess, Chateau La Ilaha Illa and the sofinnova wanted to blue lake

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