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With an ad tomorrow, wrap up the

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I tend not to like to take too much time on one theme.

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I hope that what I've talked about so far has been helpful and maybe reminding ourselves of the Central's

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the centralism of massage massage are central parts of our society, there's no way for Muslims to actually function or exist or even call themselves a community without having them without treating them for what they actually are.

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Here's what the rafati assault was, and this is an issue of kind of

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a respect. I'm out of respect that they showed that he thinks we should be showing massages So the Buddha said the following color so me I wouldn't be here so Allah Allah Who early you send me whatever the profile is also and say, Alright, Allah Tala. Yeah, I'm Mati has to her was to her. The deeds of my nation were shown to me once I saw the good and the bad. And just the list, basically, you saw the different types of deeds that are things that are considered good deeds and things that are considered bad deeds, you just saw the money you saw twisted up.

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So as we said earlier, you saw those two, Team Hasini.

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And your Mapa annual trick I found amongst the good deeds is when someone picks up a branch or, or some solid

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thing that they found on the on the ground that can disrupt people's transportation or movement. So it just moves it away. So people aren't aren't harmed aren't harmed on their way. So you might have thought he found that to be one of the good deeds

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to FEMA, so we have an Ohama to the cool, famous message you need to defend. Even amongst the bad deeds is something in Oklahoma was people they didn't have carpus back then. So sometimes, especially if you're living in in horrible, horribly hot and humid climates, then it's very difficult so people would spit.

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And it's really interesting to actually go and study the number of Hadith the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam has, he talks about spinning in massage and really interesting talking north of 35

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north of 35 Hadith, so Hey, Dr. Ali associate and tells them top spitting in the masjid. Now they do come, yes, I do. Camera, boom, throw my episode. As long as he you stand with your face towards your lawn, and you spit who does this. But it also can Nephi Ogallala towards HCA, and I'm Yemeni, co located in Masaka, Jalla, minchie, Malika with that data Dumaguete, we're gonna spit, at least not in front of yourself or to the right, at least put it right under your foot and step one, so it's not in the masjid. Because people need the values on hand, people coming to the masjid from backgrounds are very simple. Some of them didn't really have great hygiene or great habits. And

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above all, as I said, we're trying to teach them so. And amongst the things he talks about, if you're going to leave, make sure you don't leave any filth in the masjid. And he's pointing it aside to say that this plays a space is the responsibility of everyone who comes to it to keep it clean.

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It's not the responsibility of one person or one group. Yes, there has to be someone who owns it, and champions it. But it's a responsibility of everyone who comes to it to make sure that it stays clean. And one of the one of the bad deeds that are actually considered a bad deed is a scary thing. Because deeds, a lot of these aren't considered anything, they just move on. And just just kind of slide through important, you need a lot of those because you don't want to be standing in answering for everything on the judgments impossible. But one of the bad deeds is maybe something that is

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some filth, or some remnant or some residue, that you leave in a message behind you something that you didn't pick up something that you spill something that you were to be very careful when you come to a message that you leave it cleaner than it was And this doesn't just apply to the Harlem it applies to every aspect of the masjid needs, the bathrooms and the hallways and any when you walk in is be careful because this is not any.

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If you enter your own house, how do you how do we how do we behave when we enter our homes? And what are we willing to put up with in terms of cleanliness and filth, when it comes to the message this level of sensitivity should be higher. Like the level of sensitivity, sensitivity you have towards it shouldn't be higher because this is not your home or mine. This is that was of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So when we come here and we leave, you know garbage or we or we don't do any we leave a mess or we leave mud or we step on things and we believe this is a problem. There's a problem of mentality it's not a problem of behaviors around the way this is the house of Allah you if you walk

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in, you walk out, you keep it, you make sure it was cleaner after you left from when you walked in, just based on the way you view it and the state the sanctity of the space that you're actually coming to. That's a very important aspect. And I find that we don't do this very well. I don't know exactly why. Okay, maybe I do. But I'm not going to tell you today because it can offend you. But honestly, it's important that you take time and think about what is the reason that we don't seem to respect these spaces that are public. What's the problem? There's something wrong, there's something there's something heavily problematic that we don't treat public spaces that are safe

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Read nature because the the house of Allah is a part of the way we should treat them. Because if if I if I if I argue with this argue this with you theoretically, then your answer is very simple. If I said the house of Allah, how are you going to treat it? Think about this house of God, how are you going to? You're like, Oh, I must be like Angelica. Excellent. So we agreed to that. So then why isn't that the case? And how are we entering? And why is it that we become for general algorithm for saliva? It's a little bit different. But the broad valley has also pointed out that one of the bad deeds is something something simple that wasn't in domestic that was not removed and was not

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properly taken care of. A bad deed on the day judgment does a scary thing. Yesterday almost infused with the failure of the local same attributes of Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah Yama, lumati has to have a say to Africa to men, Maha Sinha and uma call other authority or a to mean Messiah we have a newcomer to the Quran of MSG Dida to defend So doc Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Subhanallah you have the channel Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah wa Salam o Baraka, maybe the Mohammed has always been based on