Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 13 – L130A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses struggles with alcoholism and a woman named Mooney. They also mention a woman named Kairos and a one impover, bad kashia rotten game where players play random characters. The game is described as a one impover, bad kashia rotten game where players play random characters.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem another

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machine, Ivanova Jean Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Frobisher Rashmi solidi were silly Emrys Washington. Eye of Melissa Lee

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lesson number 130 students Abraham, I am number 18 to 34

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and loveliness of those who care for all day disbelieved below him with their armored home their deeds got all mad, like ashes is that it severely to be with it. A vehicle, the wind sea in Yeoman a day are safe one storm is less not Yokozuna. They are able. They have power mingma, from what guessable, they earn Allah upon Shay in anything, there liquor that for it is a burner, the misguidance the error, the loss, and very, the one for

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Adam did not settle, you see, and that Indeed, Allah, Allah, Allah, He created, a semi was the heavens and the earth. Then help with the truth. In a Yeshua He wills us here because he will remove you were and he will come behind him with a creation, God then one new, warmer and not zelicah that Allah upon Allah He Allah bear Aziz at all difficult

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weather a zoo and they appeared

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they came to view lilla he for Allah, Jimmy are all together four corners so he said abrasca the weak ones de la Vina to those who is stuck baru they were arrogant in indeed we could never we were lucky for you survive followers for her so our until you all move noona wanzhou availe are not from us. Main from our there been a punishment of Allah, min che in front anything.

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Although they said low head earner he guided us Allahu Allah. Let her Dana come. Surely we guided you. So we're on st Alena upon us.

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Whether jersey or not, we show impatience,

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or soberness, we endured with patience, man not learner for us, men from

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any any place of refuge

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or color and he said a shavon shavon Lemma when

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it was concluded.

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It was concluded

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the matter in Indeed Allah Allah, what are the codes he promised you where the promise and health of the truth

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was and for us to come? I promised you to have left to come. So I betrayed you

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have left to come. I betrayed you. Warmer and not Ghana was leave for me or they come upon you men from support in any authority in excess and that the out of whom I call you faster job to so you all responded, leave for me. Fellas so do not tell you Mooney y'all blame me while you move and your name and force a comb yourselves. Man not Anna I be Muslim, a comb at all one rule response to your crime. Woman and not until you all the most recent years at all ones who respond to my crime

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at all ones who respond to my crime

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in me, indeed, is careful to identify Bhima with a shock to Mooney you are associated with men from a blue before in the indeed avoiding mean the wrong doors, the home for them either when a punishment at the moon one painful

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auto healer and he was admitted he was entered. And levena those who are Manu they believed were our middle and they did have solid healthy the righteous deeds. Generating gardens naturally flows main from underneath it, and how the rivers Cali Deena once abiding eternally see her in the evening with permission for behalf of the here to home their greetings. See her in it fella

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Adam did not sell UC gay for health, brother. He cited his struggle.

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Allahu Allah, Motherland example. Kenny Martin of a word by Gibson one good one pure. Tasha rockin like a tree for you within one pure one good. US will have its roots Surbiton firms will photo her and its branches in a summer the sky to see it gives her its fruit cola every chain in time the evening with permission on behalf of its Rob willfully boo and he strikes Allahu Allah, Allah himself as the example the nasty for the people lie in the home so that they

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they take heed.

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Were merciless, and example Kadima. Think of a word, Kirby's as a one impure, bad kashia rotten like a tree hobby 13 impure that

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it was uprooted main from salty above the earth. Man not let her for eight main from karate in any stability. You said basis he makes firm, Allahu Allah and levena those who are Manu they believe will only with the word of service the firm's see in a hierarchy the life of dunya of the world will see and in an era, the hereafter where you will lose any leads astray Allahu Allah have really mean the wrongdoers wherever I do and he does Allahu Allah Mau whichever you share he will

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and um did not WC either to work and Medina those but there was a change near a matter of blessing Allah He of Allah goes into disbelief into in gratitude for a handle and they settled and they descended home or home, their people their own home Alboher of the destruction Johanna helped us loner her, they will enter to burn in it will be and how bad Alcaraz the place to

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watch. And they may delay for Allah and then equals rivals. Leah will lose so they mislead on from sabini he his way to say tomato you all enjoy for English and indeed Muslim comb your destination either to announce the fires

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all say everybody to my servants to my slave and levena those who are new they believe up move they establish a facility where young people and they spend mimma from what prisoner whom we provided them Sivan secretly where I learned them and openly main from probably before and that yet the young woman a day learned not by on any trade fee in it. Whether and nor cheated on any friendship.

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Allahu Allah. And that is the one who caught up. He created smls the heavens will have and the earth will Angela and he sent down Main from a summary this guy Martin waters for US Virgin so he brought out he produced BP with its main from a summarize the foods respond as provision lecan for you, or sohara any subjective level for you. And for Qatar ships, later juries so it flows

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in especially with the Emory he's at his command was the huddle and he suggested Luckily for you unhealth the reverse was up for any subjective locum for you a sham sir The sun will come over the moon there urbane both constant both continues. What's the hora any subjective? Luckily for you and later the night when the * and the day will come and he gave you men from Cali every man wants to move. You all asked him

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we're in and if there are do you all count your number near Mata Lessing Allahu Allah. Let's not just sue her, you all enumerated you all calculate it. In the indeed an insert the human being lavado would show the most unjust

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extremely ungrateful.

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That's the sense of recitation

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method lady in

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the in

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the initiative just be here de

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e bi z is

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Be Muslim.

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kashia Jonathan Kabhi

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dounia walk in.

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Ladies and

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booboo carry.

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machinery. Emery was

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eBay me what's up

Ibrahim 18-34 Translation 18-34

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