Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 014C Tafsir Al-Baqarah 84-86

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Bani Israel promised to do things, but did not do them. The history of the conflict between Muslims and Catholics, the loss of culture and human life, and the use of deadly drugs are discussed. The speakers emphasize the importance of respect for one another and avoiding negative behavior. The speakers also stress the need for acceptance of one's own beliefs and not allowing anyone to claim victory.
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In the previous verse And in these verses also we will learn about the different covenants the different promises that were taken from the Bani Israel eel. What does it mean by a promise a covenant? What does it require a person to do?

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Okay, so you have to do something and the other has to do something in return as well. So in other words, a covenant a promise, it binds you to some actions, meaning you have to perform those actions. You have to do those things. You are responsible for doing that. And if you don't do them, then you will be held accountable, then you will be punishable. So we see that the Bani Israel eel they have promised Allah subhanaw taala that they will do certain things how are these promises taken through their Messengers through the prophets of Allah who were sent to them. So when they believed they were made to promise that they would do certain things and they would refrain from

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certain things. And we see that even at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam person would accept Islam he would do obey, obey or with the Prophet salallahu Salam making a pledge of allegiance, which required them to believe in Allah to do certain things and to refrain from certain things, because being a believer does not just mean that a person claims that he is a Muslim. We know that Eman belief in our religion does not just include affirmation, meaning that yes, I affirm the truthfulness of such and such I accept this No. It means that a person affirms he accepts and he also submits submission is also necessary. So this is why I found the Bani Israel many different

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covenants were taken, meaning they were made responsible for doing certain things and from staying away from certain things because that is what Eman demands from us. So in this verse, we learn about another covenant that was taken from the Bani Israel. Allah subhanaw taala says we're in a herd Nam etha cocoon and recall when We took your covenant what's the root of the word we felt? Well, sir, off so what is his name etha Akaka when We took your covenant what was it that led us free Kona Dima calm that do not shed your blood let us we gonna we have done the word way us we could Dima South Africa, what does Africa mean to spill to share to cause something to spill? So soft good damn

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spilling blood is used for cattle it means to kill like the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that layer Hello Lymbery in Umino Billa he will Yeoman and yes we could be a demon meaning it is not permissible for a believing man for believing person that he should kill another. So let us speak on a demon account you will not kill yourselves. What does it mean by this you will not kill yourselves were forbidden from committing suicide obviously, but what it means by this is that you will not kill one another. Let us be gonna demand accom you will not spill the blood of yourselves meaning of your own people of each other. Because an aura of people they are like a single body dislike the

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Muslim ummah, what do we learn from the Hadees that we are like a single body if a part hurts, then the other part also feels the pain if one part gets injured than the other also feels the pain. So let us speak on a demand account meaning do not kill your own people do not kill one another. This is just like as Muslims we are forbidden from killing each other. We are supposed to respect the life and property of one another that had Jitan WADA at the Farewell Pilgrimage the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He was addressing the people and there were 1000s of people before him and he asked them that which day is this? Which month is this? Which place is this you make them realize

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the importance of what he was going to say that look this day is yo na the day of sacrifice right after the Hajj. It is a month of the hedger the sacred month when killing one another is absolutely forbidden when disobeying Allah subhanaw taala is absolutely unacceptable. And this is the sacred cities city of Makkah, which is a sacred place and then he reminded them that just as this time and just as this place is sacred. Likewise the blood of each other is also sacred. Just as you do not disobey Allah in this place in this time likewise you can not even think about killing one another. The lives of one another, the properties the honor of each other are all forbidden upon you. So the

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Bani Israel also were made to take the same covenant that led us we gonna Dima accom you will not at all kill yourselves. You will not kill yourself this is not permissible for you to kill your own Muslim brothers and sisters. And secondly, the second clause of that covenant was well add to Regina and full circle and you will not expel yourself

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I'm still going to Jonah is Raj ha Raji encourages to go out so to curry Jonah to expel so you will not expel who and fossa Calm yourselves and fossa calm and forces Florida naps you will not expel yourselves from where min daddy come from your homes the air is the plural of the word Dow and what is dow mean home it's from the root letters then well raw data you do is to go around. And if you think about it the house the Dow is the place where you go around in and for the sake of which you go around about when you're in your house constantly you're going around your house or upstairs or downstairs to the basement and up again. And similarly when you step out of the house. You go

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elsewhere you work you buy, you sell whatever you do, why so that you can maintain your house so that all you do to revolve to go around and Dow the home is a place where you go around in and around about. So the Bani Israel we're told we're led to Kaduna and full circle Mindy Ericom. You will not expel yourselves from your houses. What does it mean by this the same thing that you will not expel one another your own people your own believing brothers and sisters from their houses. You will not evict them you will not expel them you will not drive them out of their houses. When are people made to leave their houses when in what situations in what circumstances

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at times of war, like for example, a particular city is overtaken and that's it. People want to save their lives, they will leave or they're told leave otherwise any person who is seen will be finished lead to Kaduna and Fusa Coleman dare calm you are not allowed to expel each other from your houses. Because expelling someone from his house from his country, it is a great crime. You know why? Because a person has to start his life he has to begin his life all over again. He has to begin from scratch. And in the process, he undergoes so many difficulties as well. I'm sure you have heard of many stories in which people have had to leave their houses a day's notice or half a day's notice

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and hours notice, and they leave to save their lives. I remember somebody was once telling us about how their grandmother, they used to live in a particular part of Kashmir that is above Pakistan. And there is war over there since a very long time. Their village was being attacked. And they knew that that said if we stay here, we're going to be killed. Now this lady, their grandmother, she was lame, she could not walk properly. And her husband had died already. And she had a few sons who were young one was 11 years old, and other was 13 years old. Probably. And imagine Kashmir is all mountains, and they walked on foot, carrying their mother mountain upon mountain imagine going through the

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mountains without much at all. They had to walk all the way.

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And when they reached another city, they have to begin their life all over again. This is something that affects people so much that even their children, their grandchildren, even they feel the pain. I mean, this lady is granddaughters, the one who was telling me she's never been to that place. She's never experienced such difficulty. But the way she was telling me that story, it was as though she had gone through that difficulty. So the one he is trying were told you are not going to expel one another from your houses. And some scholars they have said that expelling someone from their house is more difficult for them than killing them. Meaning if you kill a person, you're finishing

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their life, but if you expel a person from their hometown from their home country, then it is torture for them every single day. They're constantly in pain. So the Bani Israel we're told you have to respect the life of each other and the property of one another promise that you will not kill one another and you will not evict one another from your houses. Allah says some occur to them. And then you acknowledged Accra Tonka Ferrara, it is from the Word of God and Accra is to acknowledge something to accept something and to become firm on it. So I cannot do you acknowledge you said that you were going to do this you were going to live by this covenant. We're under the

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shadows and you bore witness the shadows sheen, her dal shahada what does that mean? To bear witness? Sama curato anthem Tasha, don't you confessed? you affirm you acknowledge you accepted the promise and you are a witness to this fact? Meaning this promise this covenant was not something that you forgot was not something that was not in effect anymore? No, it was effective. You had not forgotten it. You were supposed to observe it you were supposed to live by it. But what did you do some until then, until you all are How old are these people? What are you doing? Dakota Luna and fossa calm you are killing yourselves? Dr. Luna cattle pasture lamb, which is to kill someone the

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To Luna Infocomm you're killing yourselves how that you're killing each other your own brothers and sisters what Ducati Juna and you are expelling her regime who are you expelling for econ a group for you because from the root letters fell all of you are expelling a group men calm of yourselves min daddy him from their homes. The app Laura love.

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So here you are, look at you. What are you doing? You made that promise that promise you're supposed to live by it, you remember it, but still look at you. You are killing one another and you're expelling one another from their homes. What are you doing? The law Haruna you are assisting one another? The LA Haruna La Habra Lucha, Lucha means back and de la hora is to backup one another, meaning to assist one another to help one another. So you were helping each other I lay him against them against you, against your own people, meaning you joined together against your very own people how bill is me with sin whether or Duan and transgression

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ism are the one what's the difference between the two? ism is a sin an act of disobedience. And this is like a sin against Allah subhanaw taala. So for example, if a person drinks alcohol, what is this isn't or dwelling is remind Anwar from the same route as or do are those who enemy? What does an enemy do? He transgresses against you he crosses the bounds against you in causing harm to you. Third one is transgression. It is like injustice that is committed against people. So ism is disobedience to Allah, or the one is injustice, transgression, a sin that is committed against who? against other people.

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An example of Erwan is for instance, killing someone killing someone, is it a sin? Yes, it is. But at the same time, it is also injustice, it is also transgression. Similarly, expelling someone from their house, is that a sin? Of course it's a sin because Allah has forbidden us from doing that. But secondly, it is also or Duan it is also transgression. So Tesla Haruna, Elena and Bill is me, well are the one you're disobeying Allah in the process and you are also committing transgression against your own people. What is this referring to? You see the Bani Israel? Allah subhanaw taala took this covenant from them. And this meant that the people present at that time as well as the following

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generations. They were supposed to live by that covenant. For example, the Quran was revealed at the time of who the prophets are a lot. Is that the sahaba? Were they required to follow the Quran? Yes. Are we required to follow the Quran? Yes, even 1400 years after still because we are Muslim we are supposed to live by the Quran. Similarly, the Bani Israel Yes, their ancestors had made that covenant however, it was a part of the religion. So the later generations were also required to observe it. Now, three tribes of the Bani Israel, they resided in Medina, originally were the Bani Israel from a sham from Palestine. But what happened was that many times they were attacked by

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others. And they faced a lot of injustice from people they were fought against. They were killed. So basically, throughout time they scattered all over the world. Why in order to save themselves, so three Jewish tribes, they came and they resided were in Medina. Why did they choose Medina, because when they came into the area of hijas, and they saw Medina, it met the description that was given in their books of the place where the last messenger their Savior was supposed to come.

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So from the entire area of hijas, the selected Medina and they went and established themselves over there, because they knew that this is the very place where our last messenger where the Savior is supposed to come, and He is going to come and then we're going to be victorious at his hands, we're going to follow him he is going to lead us and we are going to be victorious. So the three Jewish tribes they came and they resided in Medina, Arabia, Medina, the city of Medina, which people live there, Arabs and Arabs, what was their religion? It was a ship. So originally, Medina was the home of who? Arab tribes. Now in Medina, two Arab tribes used to live.

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I want you to take notes of this. So two Arab tribes used to live over there. One of them was OHSs, and the other was Huzzah. Raj

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And the Jewish tribes that had come to Medina, but do not lead by no kureta as well as Banu Taino car, three Jewish tribes used to live in Medina, in Arabia, there was a tribal system to survive, you have to make alliances with other tribes. First of all, you have to be a member of the tribe, you have to stick to your tribe, if you left your tribe, if you abandon them, you're on your own, nobody would protect you, nobody would care for you. So people had to stick to their tribes, but tribes also in order to be stronger, what would they do? They would establish alliances with other tribes. These days, what do we have a government system, a main political system, if a person

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doesn't help, they will go to the police, it will go to the court and whatever has to be done will be done. Similarly, if there's a battle or anything like that the entire country participants, but if it's on a larger scale, then what happens one country has alliances with another. So you can look at it this way that in Arabia, you have to stick to your tribe. And at the same time, tribes would make alliances with other tribes in order to be stronger, in order to have more manpower, more strength when fighting against other people or when protecting themselves. These Jewish tribes, when they came to Medina, obviously they had to make alliances with others with the Arab tribes. So what

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happened was that these Jewish tribes, yes, on the apparent they had the same religion, they were the same people, but in reality, they were divided from within themselves. You can look at it this way. In Toronto, there are many Muslims. However, Muslims are also divided. Within one city.

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If one person goes to one masjid, he sticks to that masjid, he wouldn't even go to another.

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If a person goes to a particular institute, they will not even ever go to another.

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So on the apparent same people, Muslims, however, from within, caught up divided, the same was the case of the Bani Israel in Medina on the apparent Jewish people, but from within devoted. So what did the Jews do? They established their alliances with these Arab tribes. So balloon ulead, and blucora. These two they establish their allies with the Oh stripe, but an elite and blucora they had alliances with us. And on the other hand, when we're playing a car, they had alliances with Hassan. What does that mean? That if OHS went to war, then banana lead and Balu colada would go to war with them. You were like the same people.

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Now owe us and huzzah, Raj. They were great enemies of one another. They lived in the same city, but they were great enemies of one another. And they would have many, many wars, many fights amongst themselves. Five years before the Prophet salallahu Salam came, there was a major battle between us and cartilage a major battle. When Ozan hazard went to war, guess who went to war along with them, the Jewish tribes as well their alliances as well. If OSE was fighting her Suraj then what did that mean? That balloon laden bunu Corrado are also fighting along with them? If OSE was fighting against verrucae new car, then what did that mean? That banana, lead and bonobo data were also fighting

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against BlueKai new car. So you understand what's happening, because of their friendship with other people, they were now going to war against their own people. It's like, if a person is in an army of a particular country, and if they go to war to another place to another people, then he has to go. Why? Because he's a soldier. He has to go for that battle. So when he's going for that battle, he doesn't care who is fighting against what the other person is, or the same religion as his is of the same background as his why, because he's a soldier. He's supposed to fight whoever he has been commanded to fight. So in this way, the Buddy is ill what were they doing, fighting against each

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other? In that process, what happened? They killed one another. And they also expelled one another from their houses. They destroyed the property of one another as well, that this was clearly clearly breach of the covenant that they had made with Allah. This was clearly going against the covenant that they had made with Allah subhanaw taala so Allah is reminding them that look, what are you doing? So man to how Allah II Takata Luna and for second look at you here you are, what are you doing killing your own people? What do you Jonah for your con men come in the area and you're expelling your people from their houses? And what are you doing the law? Oh, no, I lay him. You are

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assisting other people against your own brothers and sisters. You are assisting Oh

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Some cars rage against your own people. And in this process bill is me you're committing sin against Allah, Allah or Diwan and injustice against people. What are you doing? Look at yourselves. And then what did the buddy Israel do? Allah says we're eager to come Busara and if they come to you as prisoners, yet Tuco Hamza Yeah. If they come to you, meaning your own people your own buddy Israeli brothers and sisters when they come to you as Busara Busara is the plural of a seed. And see Hamza Sinha is used for a prisoner. If they come to you as prisoners, meaning as prisoners of war.

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You ransom them to fire do fire them. Yeah, Vidya What does failure mean to give a fine and release someone. So for example, if someone is in jail, if someone has been caught by another, and they say, You give us this much money, and we will let them go. So a prisoner of war, Bane is in a way temporary, until the case is still going on. Many times it happens that when countries go to war, you know, they have prisoners of war from other people. And what they do is that you're supposed to give them a certain amount of money and as a result, they will free your people. So when they come to you as prisoners of war, then what do you do you ransom them? Because when the Bani Israel when

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the Jews were brought to them as prisoners of war, obviously their own brothers and sisters, their leaders came and they said, Look, you are supposed to free your own people. They are your Jewish brothers and sisters, just like you do. People will say, through your Muslim brothers and sisters, okay, they are from a different country, however, they are your own Muslim brothers and sisters. Same thing happened then. So they said we have to give ransom for them and we have to free them. So they said collect money. Let's go give the money in order to free our own people. Allah says what are you doing? Why did you fight them in the first place? Why did you evict them from their houses

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in the first place? Why did you have them as prisoners of war in the first place? You weren't supposed to do that. Well, hold on we'll help them on while it was forbidden haram. One that is haram how to I mean, it was forbidden. Or they come upon you in Karachi home their expulsion, a garage Hall. Rajiv, you were forbidden in the first place to evict them. Why did you evict them in the first place? He shouldn't have done that. You evicted them? They became prisoners of war. And now you go to freedom. Well, who am I how Ramana alaykum Raja home? So what were the Bani Israel doing in reality? Allah says, if I took me No, no, then do you all believe, be barbil Kitabi was

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part of the book, what the corona and your disbelief be burdened with another part? Meaning you do whatever you want, and you leave out whatever you don't want to do. Because in reality, what were the Bani Israel doing? They were following parts of the covenant, and they were disregarding other parts. They were commanded that first of all, you will not kill each other. Secondly, you will not evict each other. And that if your people are ever taken as prisoners of war, then you have to release them. So what did they do? They didn't follow the first two clauses, and they followed the third. Why? Because the first two are killing each other, and evicting each other from their houses.

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This was what a means of strength for them, a means of success for them, because they were helping their allies or helping their alliances. And as a result, they were being victorious. So they followed the third one, the third one was to ransom their own people. Why were they struggling to ransom their own people, because when they freed their own people, when they were collecting money, they seem to be like people who are very generous people who are very kind hearted people who really care for others, you know, they will collect money, and they will go and help free people. So any action that brought them fame and glory, they did it, whatever suited their desires, whatever

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benefited them in the worldly sense. They did it. But whatever did not suit their desires, whatever was hard upon them. Whatever, did not bring them benefit in this world. They left it out. This is why Allah says EFA took me know and I'll be vulnerable. Kitabi will talk for Runa Baba, you believe in a part of the book and you disbelieve in the other part, you follow some commandments and you leave out others. In reality, what is he doing? He's actually following his desires. He's not actually following the deen. He does whatever he wants, he leaves or whatever he wants. What is he doing in reality following his desires? Because if he was following the deen, then he would follow

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all of the deen. But when a person picks and chooses, selects portions and rejects others, then he's just taking whatever suits him and he leaves out whatever he doesn't like. So such a person is in reality following his desires. Allah

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says from urges, then what is the recommended Jezza James A Hamza, what is a recommends my ye Fern, whoever does their Lika that men come from among you in law except his Yun humiliation, Phil higher the dunya. In the life of this world, there is no recompense, no recompense for a person who does this except for disgrace, humiliation in this world, please, you and Jose. Yeah, when a person is made small, he is humiliated, distressed before others. So if you pick and choose from the book, you take whatever you like, and you leave whatever you dislike, then this will bring you humiliation in this world disgrace in this world that a person is humiliated in the eyes of others, no one has any

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respect for them. Because if you are fighting your own people, then you think other people will have respect for you. Not at all. This is just like, if a person does not have respect for his wife does not have respect for his parents does not have respect for his own children for his own siblings, and other people see him doing that. You think other people would have any respect for him? No, the moment you see somebody shouting, yelling at someone who is older than them, then what happens you lose respect for them, you lose all respect for them. When a person is respectful towards others, then he gains respect. But when a person becomes disrespectful, then he loses all respect.

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So people who do this who fight their own people who commit transgression against their own people who pick parts of the book leave parts of the book Allah says there's no recommend for such people Accept Humiliation disgrace in this life. And in the Hereafter, well, yo wealthy empathy and on the day of standing meaning on the Day of Judgment, what's going to happen, you will aduna they will be returned your aduna rod the rod to return to send back, all of us have to go back. So they will be returned. They will be sent back to what ILA towards a shutdown or the the most intense punishment or Shut, shut de Chien the most intense punishment. Meaning in this world, yes, the punishment is

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severe, but in the hereafter the punishment will be much more worse either a shutdown or the and Allah says, Will Allah who will often and Allah is not at all unaware of often laying for lamb? He is not at all unaware. I'm Tara maroon, of what you do. Meaning, anything you do whatever you do, Allah is fully aware of it. You cannot hide any of your deeds from him. When Mala will be lawfully in our mother meadow, Allah says about such people that Allah Iike it is those people who is Tara who they have purchased I'll hire the dunya, will FIRA in exchange for the hereafter. Meaning they have given up the alcohol and what have they taken in return? I'll hire the dunya I'll hire this

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life. So they have sold their Astra to gain what this dunya they don't want the reward of the Hereafter. But what do they want the benefits of this world? Because what is the reason that the Bani Israel were following parts of the book and were disregarding others? What was the reason behind that to gain worldly benefits? So they were preferring worldly benefits worldly life over what success in the hereafter. So hola Iike AlLadhina shutaura will hire the dunya Bill Fira. Allah says fella you have for for Ivan will either to the punishment will not be reduced for them you have for for it will not be lightened for them you have for for his from half for it is too late and to

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reduce something. So the punishment is not at all to be reduced for them it will not be lightened for them. How that they will not even be given a break for a day. For an hour for a moment no, from one punishment they will be taken to another and the punishment only increase in the Quran we learned fallenness either Camilla or the Oba that we will not increase for you nothing by punishment, meaning only punishment will be increased for you. The time will not be reduced of the punishment. The intensity of the punishment will not be reduced. No it will only only increase in the Hellfire fella you have for for unhuman either whatever homeand saloon and they will not be

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helped. Nobody's going to come and rescue them. Nobody's going to come and help them all the benefits they gained in this dunya left in the dunya they will not come and save them in the hereafter. All the people for whose sake they disobeyed Allah they ignored parts of the book they will not come and rescue them. When our commune saloon they will not at all be helped. Instead of profit

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I have 49 to 50 We learned that we'll call and Lavina Finnair really husband it Johanna that the people of hellfire they will say to the keepers of helming the angels that older are back home you have if a young woman and I Call upon your Lord that the punishment we reduced for us just for one day, we want a break of just one day. It's like if you've been working the entire week What do you want just a break for one day so in hellfire people will request that the punishment be reduced first just for one day. You have fifth ani yo mominul either Carlo The angels will reply I want them Takata Deacon row Sudoku compelled by Hina did your messengers not come to you with clear signs?

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Carlo they will say Bella Of course. So Carlo The angels will say further than go and make dua yourself go ask Allah yourself that oh Allah we rejected your messengers but still Please reduce the punishment for us it will not happen fella you HOFA for unknown or that will yield for all

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the punishment will not be reduced and they will not at all be helped let's listen to these verses

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what are

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we gonna do you

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want to free Jonah full circle

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to touch her

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auto loan

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123 Jonah 30 on

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wall Hello now,

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we need this new one or the one you want

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do more one will help

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for mergers

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come in

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One a long will be long

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these verses we see that the Bani Israel, they were commanded to not kill one another, to respect the lives of each other. The same command has also been given to us. We are to respect the life, the property, the honor of one another. We cannot abuse each other. But the money is fine. We see that for the sake of worldly benefits for the sake of worldly success. For the sake of fame for the sake of worldly glory. What did they do? They killed each other. They kill their own believing brothers and sisters, their own cousins, their own relatives, just for the sake of worldly glory for the dunya. We have to look at ourselves as well that as Muslims, we are not allowed to kill each other.

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No matter what the benefit is, no matter what the gain is we have to respect each other. We cannot insult abuse one another. Just imagine if Backbiting is forbidden, you think killing other believers allowed? How can that be permissible? As Muslims, we are not allowed to kill each other? Why do you think so? Why is it necessary that people do not kill their own people? What's the reason? What's the benefit? When you kill your own people, you're reducing your own numbers. So you're weakening yourselves. This is a result and it causes further division amongst people. hearts are broken up. Sometimes it happens that for the sake of money or out of anger just to take revenge. People will go

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and kill their own relatives, their own cousin their own in laws or their own people. But what happens forever, the entire family is cut off forever that entire family is injured. So it creates this unity amongst people and we as believers are supposed to be united just like one body. Would you ever do this that you would cut off your hand? Just because you don't like it just because you have a disagreement with it just because you don't like the way it looks? You will just cut it off and get rid of it. No. What do you do? Even if a part of your body hurts even

00:35:00 --> 00:35:26

If you don't like it, you bury it, you tolerate it. Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean you go and kill them. Just so that you can get some worldly benefit doesn't mean you go and kill someone. This is the hands of who? Allah subhanaw taala he is the one who gives life and He is the one who whenever he wants, he will give that we are not allowed to take our own lives or the lives of other people. Why else do you think is it forbidden?

00:35:27 --> 00:35:57

That when people kill each other, then they lose respect in the sight of others. Other people have no respect for them anymore. So this is why the Bani Israel we're told, Do not kill each other. You all are one OMA one nation, one body, you have to respect one another. Secondly, they were also commanded that do not expel one another. Do not destroy the property of one another, do not harm one another. Likewise, we are altered to respect each other.

00:35:59 --> 00:36:38

These verses also show to us that an OMA is like one body because they were told and forsaken. So it's as though if you killed someone, you're killing yourself. If you harm someone, you're harming yourself, if you're destroying the property of another, it's as though you are destroying the property of yourself. So just as you like yourself, you care for yourself, you should also care for one another. This is why the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that lie you know, a honeycomb Hatter, you have bully Aliy humor, you have bully Neff, see, none of you can truly believe until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself, because in OMA is like one body.

00:36:39 --> 00:37:20

Then we also learned from these verses that we are not allowed to assist other people against our own believing brothers and sisters. Just as the Bani Israel we're not allowed to help other people against their own business treachery. So likewise, we should also not do the same thing. Then we also see the contradiction in the religion of the Bani Israel, that how they contradicted themselves, how they accepted parts and how they rejected parts of the book. You know, if a person accepts a religion, he's supposed to accept all of it. But if he takes some and leaves out the rest, he's contradicting himself. He's saying, I'm a believer, but at the same time, he's proving that

00:37:20 --> 00:37:33

he's not a believer. When we accept Eman, when we accept Islam as our religion, then we are to take all of it, we are to accept and follow all of it in its entirety.

00:37:34 --> 00:38:14

We cannot pick and choose, we cannot say, since it's convenient for me, I like to do this particular action, I will do it for this one. I don't like to do it. So I will not do it. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran, oh, the Holo facility calf, enter into Islam completely. Because if you don't enter completely, then you're neither here, nor are you there and you're making a fool of yourself. It's like a person is trying to get into the car, but he wants to go and he doesn't want to go, he wants to sit in the car and he doesn't want to sit in the car. So it's as though he has one foot in and one foot out. And the car is moving, what's going to happen. Eventually, either he's going to

00:38:14 --> 00:38:55

fall into the car or he's going to fall outside of the car. Chances are that he will fall outside of the car. And he will not just fall but he will also get badly hurt. Whatever we like we take whatever we don't like we leave, then we are going to end up harming ourselves we're going to end up harming our religion. We're going to end up harming ourselves in this world and also in the hereafter. If adult may no longer be vulnerability Tavi buttock for Runa Bebout. This should not be the way of the believers, the way of the believers is what Samina what authority now we hear and we accept. And when a person follows his desires, if a person worships his desire that what will he do

00:38:55 --> 00:39:33

whatever suits him, he will take it whatever he finds difficult, he will leave it, how will he leave it by making a list of excuses, or by coming up with loopholes to get away. And you think of ways in which sometimes we do the same thing, we believe in parts and we don't believe in parts, we accept some and we leave some of the D because we have to relate it to our lives, otherwise, we won't be able to follow this. For example, a person prays some salawat and he leaves out others. I find Fajr too difficult. So I'm not going to pray. I find it too difficult to pray for her I'm at school. So forget it, I'm not going to praise her at least I pray for it. When you believe you're supposed to

00:39:33 --> 00:40:00

pray all five Salawat that we pick and choose when we're going to support one another. If somebody's doing something that we really like we will go and you know, support them and praise them. But if somebody is doing something that we don't necessarily like or something wrong that the other person is doing, then we will go and criticize them instead of advising them in the proper way. For example, a person is buying something on haram in a haram way whether it's a business or it's a house or whatever. And at the same time you

00:40:00 --> 00:40:01

Coming to the masjid and giving charity.

00:40:02 --> 00:40:39

This is like if your mother tells you can you do the dishes for me? You're like no. And if she says come shopping with me like yes, this is like playing with the other. This is not pure love. This is not sincerity, this is selfishness. So there are many different ways in which people will follow parts of the book which suit them it will leave out other parts of the religion that do not suit them. And they will come up with excuses they will come up with loopholes just to get their way and this way has been severely discouraged has been forbidden because Allah subhanaw taala is reprimanding the Bani Israel effort don't mean on a vibrato kita what the phone of Iraq? How dare

00:40:39 --> 00:40:50

you do this? Why do you do this? Why do you play with the religion? Because when a person is like this, he's using the deen in reality because he's using the deen for his own worldly benefits.

00:40:51 --> 00:41:28

Then we also learn these verses that if a person denies part of the religion, then it's as though he has denied all of it. Because such behavior is not acceptable at all. When it comes to for example, believing in the messengers we cannot say Yeah, well you only believe in Mohamed Salah ism but we disbelieve in others No. You have to believe in all of the messengers, the Bani Israel. Their problem was that they believed in many messengers, but the disbelieved in many this way was not acceptable from them. EFA taught me noona Viva la Kitab with a Corona Baba, no, you're supposed to believe in all of the religion in its entirety. And the people who do this, who don't follow the

00:41:28 --> 00:42:12

deen entirely, but they follow their desires, then what is their result in this dunya that for such people is disgrace in this world, and a severe punishment that will never be lightened in the hereafter. So we should be very careful. We need to ask ourselves, that what do I do in the deen? Just what I like just what I find convenient. And do I leave deliberately knowing that I should be doing them but I leave them out just because I don't like them, just because they're inconvenient for me. This should not be the way of believers. The way of the believers is Samina what authority now we hear and we obey not that we will hear and we will think and we will study and then we will

00:42:12 --> 00:42:14

see if we want to do it or not. No.

00:42:15 --> 00:42:50

When you hear then you have to obey then you cannot choose anymore. It's not a matter of choice. It's a necessity. It's an obligation. And we see the Prophet sallallaahu Salam he said letter kabuna sunnah naman Kana Kabila calm that surely you will follow the ways of the people before you that just as a Bani Israel committed certain crimes you will do the exact same things. And we see this amongst the Muslims, perhaps in our own lives as well. That what the Bani Israel did, we were doing the exact same thing and we should become very careful because of punishment they suffered. We don't want that

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