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Ar-Rad 18-43 Word Analysis and Tafsir 23-25

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And what is his ultimate end that they will get? Allah subhanaw taala says Jenna to urban gardens of eternity.

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And you remember the meaning of Arden, either it is an Islam the proper name of gender, or it is our the meaning eternity.

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So gender or the name gardens of eternity, what happens in dunya? You live in your house and eventually, you move, you have to leave, you sell it, or you have to move locations.

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So Janet are then in the gardens of eternity, they will never be evicted from their Yeah, the Haruna they themselves will enter it and along with them, who else will enter woman saw her and whoever was good mean him from their father's will as well to him and their spouses will react to him and their children. What does it mean by this, that they will not be alone in gender, they will be reunited with their families. But what's the condition that all of them must have been must have done good themselves, must have believed themselves. And there's something so beautiful, because Antonia, when a person respond to the call of a las panatela, many times he has to park from his family, isn't it

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he has to spend hours away from his children, from his wife, from his parents, he has to do that sometimes hours, sometimes days.

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But eventually, what is the loss of prioritizing that in the year after in general, they will be together, even if there is a difference in the ranks and loss of data will unite them.

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Like for example, imagine one person from a particular family, let's say one of the parents or one of the children very righteous in the hereafter Allah subhanaw taala gives that person a very high rank.

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Now he's up there, and his parents are down there or his children are down there, what's gonna happen is a lot going to keep that difference. No, whoever's at the highest level, Allah subhanaw taala is going to raise them up.

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So the family is going to be united engine.

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Because the thing is that no matter what you have, you can never be fully happy until you have your loved ones around you. And amongst the loved ones, especially who your family members.

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This is the condition over here, woman saleha whoever was good from among their fathers and their spouses and their children, meaning they themselves are worthy of entering gender.

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And a lot of the loss of parents, it will definitely take the grief away from the people when they're in general. So even if they do have some relatives who are in Hellfire because they were not so Allah, Allah knows how to deal with that.

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So one thought, I mean, he was wondering whether Yeah, to him, when men are equal to any angels yet, they will enter or lay him upon them and kaliba from every door, the angels will enter upon them from every door. What does it mean by every door, meaning every door agenda, every gate of Paradise, the angels will enter upon them, welcoming them, congratulating them, greeting them.

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It's also said that mean coliban back over here first to the gates, the doors of their mansions of their houses engine.

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For example, sometimes you go to a very, like a seven star or five star hotel. And at every door, somebody opens the door for you and they greet you, every corner you go to every place you go to somebody, they're waiting for you with a smiling face, you know, greeting you welcoming you talking to you with very nice words, how do you feel very happy, very special, very honored, very respected. So, similarly, the angels in the doors of their mansions from every door angels will be entering welcoming them, congratulating them greeting them, making them feel very special.

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And Babb has also been understood as the gates of each individual gender because every person will be given his gender right. Some will be given one some will be given multiple. So, every person's gender, every person's garden, every person's area, in Paradise, angels will be entering upon them and the angels will be greeting them welcoming them.

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It is said that the angels will be coming upon the morning and evening. Not all the time. Because if it happens all the time, it gets annoying, right? So morning and evening

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and according to others three times a day. Sometimes really it happens you go to such a place and that okay, you know, let me be How many times do I have to greet you? How many times do I have to say hi to you?

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So what Malaika lunarlon human kaliba

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so what do we say in this ayah

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The reward for those people who endured separation from their family members in the dunya for the sake of of loss.

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And what is that reward that Allah will unite them in.

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And if you look at it, the Sahaba, who they migrated from Mecca to Medina, and in that process, they had to leave behind some of their family members just to mention profits or losses. And when he did, he left, his daughter was still in mocha. Correct. She was telling mocha. Similarly, every time that the Sahaba went for some jihad, it wasn't just for a day or two. Sometimes it would be four weeks, sometimes four months. Remember, when they went all the way to the book, and in that you have to leave behind your families, your wife, your children, sometimes couples are so close to one another, that one cannot live without the other for even a weekend for even a week for even a month. It's not

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even imaginable they cannot even think about it.

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But when a person has to go through the separation for the sake of a Lost Planet, Allah, Allah will reward them how that he will unite them in general.

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Although their levels are different, but a loss of parental data will elevate their level to that they're together in general in paradise.

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Similarly, the Sahaba once they were in Medina, once Islam was established, they didn't stay there with their families know, the left media, they went outside spreading the message on abroad. So they had to undergo a lot of separation.

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In the previous era, what did we learn about use of Edison, he was separate from his father for a very long time, eventually they were joined together, but in general, also Allah subhanaw taala will join them together.

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So the angels they will come upon them, welcoming them, greeting them. Salman Alaykum Peace be upon you by Mr. savato. Because you were patient PSP upon you because of your patience. You did suffer.

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You endured, you underwent so many trials so many hardships, you resist the temptations you continue to obey. Sara Lee can be more supportive, you made it funnier, merkabah dog, so how good is the end? How good is the final home? How good is the outcome of this home?

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If you think about it, in this dunya no matter how good your home is, eventually what happens. You get bored of it. You want to change or it begins to become a burden on you. No matter how much you like it. Even if you put everything according to your choice. You hand picked everything you put everything yourself eventually what's going to happen it's going to become a burden on you. But the home of gentlemen, that is near merkabah an excellent home it is and what is the key to entering that house. What is the key sub

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because without sober a person cannot obey Allah cannot respond to the call of Allah cannot bear separation from his family. Many times what prevents women from studying the Quran.

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I cannot leave my child. I can't leave my child.

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This is varying separation for the sake of

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Allah subhanaw taala This is Saba. Without Saba a person can not obey Allah cannot establish the salah cannot maintain relations.

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In the previous ayat, we learned about the example of the houchen Belton and that whatever is beneficial for the people it lasts. That is what has permanent and whatever is not beneficial. It goes away, it's forgotten.

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Now the qualities that are mentioned over here are of who,

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a person who respond to the call of Allah subhanaw taala, who is obedient to Allah and when a person does that he becomes very beneficial to the people. If you look, all of these characteristics that are mentioned over here, they're very beneficial for the people, keeping relationships maintaining friendship, not breaking promises, bearing separation from your family members. Why, for the greater good, preferring the good of the society over your own personal enjoyment.

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This is what being beneficial as a result of what obeying a muscle panel data and how can a person do that when he does something. So for them, this is the reward.

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On the contrary, those people who don't respond to the carnival, when Lillian Kaduna de la, he, and those people who break the covenant of Allah, who do not believe, who do not respond who disobey mimbar, the Misaki after its binding, after swearing an oath,

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ballot after swearing or not, what did they do? They broke that covenant. They didn't believe in Allah. Moreover, Waikato una and they cut my Amara. La would be a useless what Allah has commanded

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Did that it be joined, they cut it off. People cut relations, they cut friendship, because of the slightest hurt they received from them. Forgetting the liver person has hurt them. He has also benefited them in some way. If you look at it use of SLM, although his brothers had hurt him so much did he cut off from them eventually? No, he didn't. He joined relationships with them. So if you think about it, many people, they cut off relations with others, they cut off their friendships with others. Why? Just because they have hurt them.

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And they forget that if they have hurt me today, yesterday, they benefited me so much. And it's not that they're evil. But people become impatient. And in this impatience, they cut off relationships.

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While you've seen a fill up, and as a result, they make facade in the earth. You see Luna fill up? Why is this been mentioned over here? Because this is a result of breaking promises, and breaking dies. This is the result of breaking promises with Allah with people. And this is also the result of breaking ties, family ties, friendships, because then there can be no peace in the society, no peace at all. Well, you've seen a film up. And when a person does not respond to the call of Allah, when a person is disobedient. When a person commits acts of disobedience, in reality, what is the facade? When a person does not care about what Allah has commanded? What is he going to do disobey? And what

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does disobedience lead to facade in the society?

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by for example, we are supposed to speak the truth. If a person does not obey that command, he goes online, what is he doing? facade? We're supposed to respect human life if a person does not do that, and he goes on hurting people physically abusing them, killing them, what is that going to lead to? facade? We are taught to respect each other's property. If we don't do that, then what is that going to lead to facade? Well, you've seen a fill up. So facade fill out is a result of what is the result of disobeying Allah subhanaw taala.

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So for such people who their economic learner, for those there is the learner of the curse of Allah?

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And what does it mean by that, that their distance from the mercy of Allah, one of whom Sudan, and for them is the evil? And for them is the evil outcome of the home?

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Meaning, the home of the hereafter? What will they get over there? That which is evil? In other words, Hellfire,

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because a person who ruins someone else's dunya by spreading corruption, in reality, what is he doing? He's ruining his hereafter,

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a person who ruins other people's dunya by spreading corruption, what is he doing, he's ruining his own hereafter.

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And their outcome is completely opposite to the outcome of those who obey Allah. Because one is productive, one is beneficial for him is going to be her center, and the other is not beneficial. Instead, he harms people, for him is the worst hole, the worst? And

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so we see that in these comparison has been made between those who follow the Quran, who believe in the Quran, and those who don't.

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And we need to analyze ourselves in the light of this is

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that after knowing that the Quran is the truth, have I developed these characteristics? Or am I still stuck up on my old ways? There must be improvement because if there is an improvement, then what does that mean? That the Quran has not really entered my heart yet.

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My, my wife at my Valley is still full with other things. It's too narrow to contain the Quran. I need to expand it more so that I can contain more Quran within myself because when a person can contain more, only then this change will happen.

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We'll listen to the recitation and then we'll end

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to feel that you've had very less time to spend with your family. Since you started the course. Do you feel like that especially the mothers amongst you, and the wives amongst you?

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It happens, right? It's only natural. But for that you need to submit. Why? Because your goal is higher. Your goal is not to spend just a few hours in this dunya. But to spend an eternity with your family in general. And for that you have to sacrifice a little bit.

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Children say sometimes, Mom, you're always studying, you hardly get to spend any time with us. Give us some time as well. It doesn't mean that you should completely ignore them. No, give them time as well. You have to give them but at the same time when you want to spend more and more time with them. Remind yourself that this is my investment so that I can spend more time with them for eternity in the hero.

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Rest, comfort, peace. enjoyment isn't then not in the dunya dunya is for work, just as many people they will sacrifice their family, their time their youth to work so that they can get more money so that they can have a house and then eventually what happens with the house. Nothing. But you're preparing your house

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with a sense of recitation.

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