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Alcohol, Hijab, & the Slander of Aisha (R)
Which of the Jewish scholars in Madinah accepted Islam, and how did the Jewish tribes treat him afterward? Who was the hypocrite who spread a false accusation against Aisha (R)? How did Allah (ﷻ) respond to the accusation? In this session, we talk about the prohibition of drinking alcohol, the importance of hijab, and what we can learn from Aisha’s (R) experience about trusting Allah’s wisdom during difficult times.


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of Islam, including the confusion surrounding its title and the lack of evidence for its true existence. They stress the importance of faith and avoiding drugs and alcohol, as well as the need to be cautious and avoid touching one's body. The speakers also address rumors of illness and the need for guidance on what to say when speaking, including showing the need for brother of the same age to help them.
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Bismillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah We begin by mentioning the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to send his peace and his blessings upon our beloved upon our role model upon the man we give up our family for upon the man whom we should love more than anyone in the world, including our own selves. We ask a lot descend upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his peace and his blessings. Amira bellami when we talk about Medina brothers and sisters in the community of Medina, there were not just all Muslims, there were some non Muslims from amongst the non Muslims were Jewish tribes, among them where they have heard of many another year, and another

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group which has been provided. These are two examples of some of the who would that were at Medina at that time. Now, do you think they are who knew the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was actually a prophet?

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And the answer is absolutely yes. How much? Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Yeah, the fool no can it funa

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a love best described it as the who, at that time, Benny, Nadia paraiba, especially the older man, the scholars, they knew Muhammad is the Messenger of God, the same way they knew whom their children were. You see how amazing a lot of described their knowing of the Prophet. They knew the Prophet the way they knew their own children. Also, for sure they believed right? This is like it's no brainer. Brothers and sisters, even though they were passionately waiting for him, even though they were firmly believing in Him, even though they were publicly talking about him before he came. But when he came brothers and sisters, they rejected him. Complete rejection, may Allah protect us and grant

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us wisdom. I mean, there are a lot I mean, all of them rejected to the most part, yes. However, some actually believed amongst the ones from the Yahoo believed was a man by the name of Abdullah bin Salaam. He was one of the scholars of the hood. Look what he says. He says, I went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to confirm a few pieces of information. So when he went through the process, as I asked him the questions the Prophet answered, then Abdullah bin Salaam was completely comfortable to declare Islam. So he said, Allah so Allah, I bear witness, there's no deity worthy of worship but Allah and you or Mohammed is God's Messenger Allah Akbar, Abdullah bin Salaam, who used

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to be a scholar of the hood has now accepted Islam. May Allah make you all have that statement as your last state, when you go return back to Allah, may Allah make us die upon like Allah and Allah say, I mean, this is a great Nima from Allah. But then Abdullah bin Salaam, who was a scholar of the hood, he describes his people at that time. He says, when the hood Coleman bought the thing about my Yahoo that time, he says, they mixed truth with falsehoods, that's their thing. Many of them do that. So he tells the Prophet jasola I am worried that if you go and you ask him about me after they know I became Muslim, they will accuse me that I am a loser that I am a nobody that I am a traitor.

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They will say stuff like that and say I'm ignorant. I don't know what I'm talking about. So the prophet SAW Selim, he does not tell the hood that Abdullah bin Salaam accepted what Islam he brings the hood to talk to them and try to invite them to Islam. So they are who do not know that Abdullah accepted Islam. So the Prophet asks them, what do you guys think? How do you guys view Abdullah bin Salaam? They said or say you do not say Dena wahana Irina, he is our leader and the son of our leader. He is the best amongst us and the son of the best amongst us. He The Prophet said our son said what if I tell you that's what you are told. Abdullah Eben Salam accepted Islam. They said that

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oh, my God, protect him. May God protect him.

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Then who comes in Abdullah Eben Salam. And he tells you that your hood and I bear witness Allah is the only one worthy of worship and this man Mohamed is God's Messenger. They all said Sharona shereena He is the worst amongst us the son of the worse they crushed him and his father who was not even present. May Allah protect us. Abdullah and Salaam said to the Prophet see that what I was worried about. So some believed and some did not believe some believed and some did not believe. Then brothers and sisters, with all of that being said they were peace

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between them, and the Muslims no fighting. The process never harmed them the process and never betrayed them. They settled and everything Alhamdulillah was fine. However, brothers and sisters after some years, after a few battles, the Muslims have fought. What happened to Bengal and Benny another started to plot against the prophets asylum. Really? Why would they do something like that? Remember jealousy and envy, and the breach the peace, how they try to kill and assassinate the prophets, I send them and one narration they came and they were hiding knives. So when the Prophet would approach they would stab him and kill him. So then Allah revealed this to the Prophet

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salallahu alayhi wasallam. And with Allah's mercy, the prophet was able to escape and his life was saved by the will of Allah subhana wa Tada. And it's only common sense when you have a peace treaty was someone and you commit treason is a big, big, big, big problem that you just cause and there's a big penalty that follows the Prophet sallallahu Sallam What does he do brothers and sisters, after Allah saved him, he the believers besieged another year, and they had to evacuate their fort. And the progress was kind enough. The prophets are settling, he said, in their case, he will not kill them. If you go up and look at the country that we live in today, when there is treason, you see

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some of the optional penalties. But the prophet SAW Selim in this situation, he chose to spare their lives and told them to leave and take whatever assets they can take that will fit within one camel, may Allah protect us and grant us wisdom.

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Oh, the duck Prophet, fight, venue, arrival. Remember the other day who he tried? Remember, there are two that I mentioned, the President did not why the Prophet teaches you and i a lesson. If one person from that tribe of that person's from that religion, or whatever the case, these are your hood, and these are your hoods, when they breached, the prophet didn't fight both a lot of luck. But you can see that and this is the Prophet showing the world what faithfulness means. And the leader of Venezuela, he affirmed that and he says, We never spoke to Mohammed except that we saw faithfulness, what was it called truthfulness? May Allah make you have these two traits say I mean,

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I can handle everything is great Muslim settled, things happened. And one of the rulings around the third year around this period of time, when Daniel benenati left, a law revealed an obligation, the prohibition of alcohol.

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The Muslims, were not used to that. Muslims used to drink Yes, it was not prohibited yet, but Allah subhana wa Taala revealed in the Quran and now the Prophet is preaching it to the believers. Allah says yeah, you have Levin M and O you who believe you know what are you who believe means, or you who trust Allah that Allah will not tell you to do something, except that as good for you or you will believe what does it mean? Or you who will hear and obey Allah or you who believe or you who trust the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that what he tells you is from God, the one who manufactured you, the one who knows what's best for you, or you who believe so are you all gonna

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hear and obey inshallah? inshallah? Yeah, you Hello. Edina mn O you who believe? Yes, yeah, Allah in Alhambra. Allah says indeed, alcohol and its similarities of intoxicants. What about them? A law says rageous what? Evil, it's filthy

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bridges mean I managed a pot. It's one of the tools that devil uses one of the devil's ultimate tool, one of the top of the top things he has in his, you know, case to use against us and destroy us from young men, woman, Muslim, non Muslim, intoxicants, drugs, alcohol and things of that sort. Allah says, This is religious from the tools of the devil. So what should we do? Such tenable, Allah says, So shine it and be away from it. Such tenable, don't even don't even say go drink it be away from it. Be away. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says sobre la sala. I know to some of us it might be difficult to leave the drinking and leave the drugs. I understand. May Allah make it

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easy for all of us say I mean, you need to strive. A law will never make something haram on you except that you can leave it Do you trust Allah? I don't see myself quitting this and quitting that one law you can because Allah will never tell you to do something which you cannot do alone. And if you cannot do you always find a loss of Hannah with Allah giving you giving you a way out. For example. I cannot pray

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While I'm standing by Allah said to pray, but in this case if you have issues with your leg and so on you pray while sitting Allahu Akbar, in this situation, avoid drugs, avoid alcohol, you know to what extent the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? He said Nana Allahu Allah has cursed the alcohol that drug itself. These intoxicants are cursed by Allah. Then unless it's the way right so the Prophet says, Allah curse the one who buys it.

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Allah curse the one who sells it brother. before you proceed, what is curse me? What is it like okay curse, like what does it mean? meaning no mercy will be shown lack of Rama, okay, make it simpler for me. A lot of mercy is that he makes you For example, be blessed with provisions. Allah to you, for example is that he forgives your sins and was Rama to you means he makes your life better. The quality of your life becomes better when Allah showers His mercy upon you. from Allah means forget dunya as Allah enters you into paradise, all of that is jeopardized. If you deal with this, you see how serious that is? So a lot cursed and toxic and the alcohol itself, the one who buys it, the one

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who sells it, the one who manufactures it, the one who serves it, and the one who carries it, all of them don't drink, it doesn't matter. May Allah protect the sea. I mean, first, any book, you know what Allah ends the verse with that I let him continue who knows that I like him to fly home and so perhaps you will attain success. Allah is telling you being away from this is a major step towards success. Allahu Akbar had been offended, authentic narration. He said, be aware of this, all this from the life of the prophets I sent him that we learn, he says be away from this in our own life. These drugs and alcohol and intoxicants that makes you your mind absent are the mother of all evils.

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Then he gives you an authentic narration an example of a man, that man was cornered in such an ugly way that he was told he was a devout Muslim, a good person, but he was forced into what to doing one of three things. He was told you either killed that child, or you commit to dinner with this woman, or you drink alcohol. So the example a lot provided for us here to this authentic narration of a stabbing offend. The man said, I will just drink what alcohol so in authentic narration it said the man drank alcohol until he got drunk so he committed Zina and killed the boy.

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May Allah protect us. Just today, just today, I got news of a whole family that died from a drunk driver. May Allah forgive us and protect us. I know I'm emphasizing very much on this. This will lie it is targeting us from east west, north and south front and back Yes or no? especially to the brothers. Yes or no. You go watch all these entertainment that taking place from football, to basketball to the Champions League to all these leagues, who is one of the main sponsors of alcohol companies. They want to go give your scholarship over what will lie at the expense of our lives. May Allah grant us wisdom and May Allah allow us to have insight and not just say it I mean, me hon.

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Allah me so my advice is what Allah advise us be away from it. You have to go get your chips. You have an aisle that has alcohol an aisle that has chocolate or whatever the case is. Go the other aisle I'm not gonna drink, bro. Come on. Come on, bro. I know this festival. Just do your best. Stay away from it. The commercial comes up to watch it. Don't watch brother. I don't watch it. You think the ones who do drugs today? They thought they will do drugs today. Do you think the ones who drank alcohol today they thought they will drink alcohol? Well, why many of them did not? And if you think otherwise, did you need to learn more about the people around you? Many people never thought I dealt

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with people on a personal level. One guy said he was one bad day and they just got into it. Well, I one time I went to a funeral of a brother. And he was sitting and he was out, took some drugs and he was out. I sat spoke to him What's the matter? He was just down. So if you're down you have difficulties I pray to Allah to ease things for you. But there are other avenues that can recover you from that difficulty than using drugs and alcohol. May Allah grant us wisdom say I mean, especially our brothers, you have to be very cautious both but especially brothers May Allah grant us wisdom Amira, but I mean, what else was revealed? What also that Allah reveal? Here if you notice

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something Allah does not want you to cover your heart. Yes. unlocked.

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does not want you to cover your mind. Yes, Allah does not want to cover your soul Yes, but much of society What does that want to do? It wants you to cover your mind, your heart and your soul. in society today it's very opposite to what Allah once Allah wants you to uncover your soul, but cover your body. society today says no, we want you to uncover your body but cover your mind. May Allah grant us wisdom say I mean. So Allah reveals a verse and this is customized and then here Allah says yeah you heard Nabi Oh prophet of Allah. Yes. Say Say to whom? The as logic What does that mean? wives? Also specific to the wives only to the Prophet No, continue.

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What dynastic What does that mean? Your daughters also only wives and daughters? Nah. When he says Isa, in meaning, and all believing woman, yes. See Allah What do you want us to do? You Dineen, Allah Hindi min Jalla. BBA in the command has come sisters, we're not wearing anything close to that in terms of complete covering like that. But now the ruling comes Min gela the behind a cover from head that will drop and cover you head to toe. And one of the mistakes that we have May Allah make it easy on all of us say I mean, is that we think and some of us may feel like Oh, the one here is not worth covering here here. And that's incorrect, very incorrect statement to make. Why? Because

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many times the hijab was limited to the hair correct. And that's often what we show. And that's all what we enforce or advise or suggest. And that's completely wrong. They say as long as my hair is covered, and I covered my behind, that's what matters. No, no, absolutely not. When one of the sisters, she went to the Prophet Solomon, and he was sitting in the theater of the Prophet, he said, and there's difference of opinion about what he said was an exception. There's a difference of opinion of what he said was an exception. So he told one of the sisters, a woman is to cover herself completely in luchador, except her face for Heather and he pointed the hand

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and that's what we learn from Allah. Allah say, when he said in many in believing woman, the ones who trust Allah judgment, this is what Allah wants. And I know it can be very difficult on some of us, I know it can be very difficult. May Allah make it easy. And don't let chiffon talk to you out of it. Don't let a friend tell you all what matters is the heart as long as it's pure. That's what matters. But did you not know what the prophet sets Allah said? He said, a pure heart is translated into actions is a solo heart solo has just a dokolo doughnut shaped path upon whisper to you and say, You know what, you know what? I might lose my job? No, look what the prophet said, The Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam, he said, some people you have more risk will be taken away the provision from them, be them the new syllabi due to disrespect or this obedience to Allah. May Allah make it easy. You understand it can be difficult to shape on or others talk to you out of it. No is this problem and that problem? It doesn't make sense? Well, it's specific to the wives and daughters law nissa Mini Allah make us believing men and woman say I mean, all these things to appreciate, and I completely feel you to an extent now 100% of the difficulty this can happen. But as long as you obey Allah, Allah, Allah will not let you down. Did you get that sentence or once again, I shall repeat it,

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repeat it again. There is no way on Earth, you obey a law and you get humiliated. Never one why it will never happen. When you obey Allah, Allah dignifies you and the day we disrespect Allah or disobey Allah, we will be humiliated.

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And the struggle is real.

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And the talk is not just to the ones who don't wear it completely, but also the ones who wear it properly. You know what that means? It means it's loose, was here, Gil bad means it's long. tonewheel jilbab means it's not see through lace. Sasha faff. She has to be very watchful May Allah grant us wisdom. And the call, even the attack that is coming is against the ones who are actually wearing a towel. I shared that in the conference, I will share it again for those who are not attending. I went to one city, I give a lecture. And I saw a sister coming wearing the proper machine or whatever color dress coding of the sisters. May Allah make it easy for all the sisters. I

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mean, she came and she wants to talk and she starts to cry. She talks and she starts to cry, feel bad. So her friend comes helps her out. She tells me Can I tell you what my friend wants to say? I said if she approves, she approves Go ahead. Then she says Well, my friend here then our friend starts speaking. She says listen, listen, brother. Okay, I'm wearing this hijab and everything but I'm struggling to keep it on.

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Why she says I have friends of mine who don't wear hijab don't wear the proper jilbab and the look gorgeous and on campus, they look beautiful. And honestly yes they may grab attention of the opposite gender and just human nature you cannot in a way appreciate not that you're looking for or desperate for but just that you feel like you're valued in a way that your human being whatever the case is, and we do not disrespect what she's saying. May Allah grant us wisdom, say I mean, and she's crying she cannot barely finish the sentence. So what's your question? My question brother is this is it okay? If that is the only Command of Allah that I let go of?

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Can I just take care of that's the only one thing there's a lot that we spoke about of comfort and evening Lemmy Allah keeper steadfast say I mean, and all of us, but one of the things I tried to share with him to share with you all is that the moment you let go of one of our last commands intentionally is just a snowball effect the other commands will eventually let be let go of. So I warn you from the footsteps of Stefan Stefan is patience a fan is slick. May Allah grant us wisdom. She appreciated that we spoke up you think Alhamdulillah tears went away strong May Allah keep us steadfast that scheme. I want to add to the story and continue just to kind of prove my point right

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here. And you will like Well, I'm different I understand. But we'll give you some real life stories to appreciate. No other sister comes proper, Masha Allah, Allah proper hijab. Alright, remember, hijab is not just the covering of there, the way Allah revealed it was basically the way Allah revealed it was much more than that. She comes, she asked me a question. In the conference, I don't think I shared the question. I'll share it with you. She asked me a question. Can a Muslim woman marry a non Muslim man?

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And usually a question like that usually most people are aware of it correct. And Allah allowed the Muslim woman to be married to a Muslim man. That's the option that Allah has given anything besides that is against Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Okay, fine. As I spoke with the sister, I asked her a question. I said, I want to ask you a question. And if you don't mind, any, let me know the answer. It's up to you. Why am I asking the questions because that's what she said first. She said, Brother, by the way, I'm wearing this gin Bab just because of your lecture. And I appreciate that respect. Appreciate that. I just hope that that will be your case. Always right,

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when you go out in public and so on. So when she said that, that's my two questions game. I said.

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You took her off. She said about a month and a half ago. I said Feel free to be honest. I know the answer. I know that. But I said today, you don't feel any better than a month and a half ago. She looked down she said yes.

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It didn't make her feel any better. Rather, she felt worse. Even if she said yes, because Allah says Allah says woman out of the ambiguous Indonesia 10 banca will not handle Allah says whoever is away from the path of Allah. Their life won't be as successful or as great Mila gratis all greatness dunya and akhira life and afterlife. So I said, Can I ask you one more question is completely up to you. So we can this is for educational purposes to advisor with her question. You see, our question came about. So I said, The assumption is that once you let go of the hijab, a month and a half ago, I'm assuming some obligations eventually you had a hard time doing when you never had the hard time

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with in the past. And she shocked me with the answer.

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I knew the answer. Allah knows best in this situation. It might be yes. But she said yes. I'm struggling with my Salah. The pillar of Islam is on the verge of falling, since I'm struggling with Salah. So the point that she is emphasizing when this is all this to learn, is that like oh, this is no big deal. No. Don't you ever utter a word like dead from your mouth ever? It's no big deal to dedicate 510 minutes on this. No. Allah says what Desa buena hyena. Allah says you're taking the disobedience of Allah light. Woohoo, we're in the law of him. Allah said to me, it's serious. So we say we're struggling. We say we're gonna try. But we never say it's no big deal. May Allah grant us

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wisdom. May Allah protect us and Allah ease it on all of us brothers and sisters, the brothers and sisters when the alcohol came of the prohibition, many of them dumped their cases of alcohol and they let go of it some Sahaba they were holding the cup of alcohol holding it. But the narration came didn't even finish that sip and when this revelation came in

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About the hijab and the jilbab the sisters did not have some at home yet to go purchase or saw or whatever the case may be or adjusted. They took the seats they have at their homes, and from there the hurt and the obeyed. May Allah make it easy and all of us, me, not me. So these were just two things to share with you. However, brothers and sisters,

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Ayesha rhodiola, believing wonderful sister, phenomenal May Allah allow us to see her in Genesee me, heard and obeyed the commands of Allah and Allah so Allah says Allah, and one time brothers and sisters, as the prophet SAW, Selim was heading back to Medina. So this is an event after the revelation of a job and I'll call on someone, they were going back to Medina, the prophet typically would travel with his wife. That's his tradition. And the wife that joined the prophets I send them in this journey was I shall meet Allah be pleased by her fantastic when I saw the law on her, she was with a prophet going back to Medina What happened? They took rests like a rest area. And I he

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says, I used to sit in like a How would that how would that is like a small canopy, like a portable, tiny room that is placed on the camel, right? You have like four men carrying from one end, second, third, fourth, and then they carry her to the camel and drop her down like that. And that's how I actually used to sit and not. So I shadowed the law on her was in that canopy. And then when they went to rest, the brothers, the companions, they came and gently placed on the ground, and then I walked out to relax. I said, I had to go use the bathroom. And you have to appreciate something. It's not just simply I got to use the bathroom just like that. It's here and there. It was in the

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desert, open desert. So she had to work really far away from the sight of men and woman to be able to utilize the bathroom or the washroom and relieve herself. So she walked all the way there. She finished she did her thing. Then she came all the way back to the Muslim camp. But then she realized oh, I left my necklace. She was wearing a necklace she prayed perhaps change her clothing, or whatever the case was. And the necklace stayed there. So now she had to walk all the way back. And when she went all the way back, walked until no one can see here. She picked up the necklace. And then she came all the way back where to the Muslim camp. When she arrived to the camp, she was

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shocked. She never thought the Muslims would leave. Because the Prophet did say get ready. We're leaving. So she went and she thought she will come back in time to leave with them. But when the Prophet said get ready and she noticed that necklace was not with her she came back and all of them left. You may say thank you but no brothers carried the house edge the canopy the small tent or so? Did they not feel like she was not there is a sense in authentic narration used to be very skinny.

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She said and the woman at that time were very skinny. They usually barely had any food especially early Medina, the Muslims were not having all the luxury and so on. May Allah keep us humble say I mean, they are lawmakers grateful say I mean, so I said I was so skinny why that means when they carry that thing, they would not tell if I was in it or not. That's how skinny she used to be. So if she was left behind, she said I will stay at my place. And eventually the Prophet Assalam will know his wife was not with him.

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So she stayed the night came. She said then I fell asleep. All of a sudden, a man by the name of software, may Allah be pleased by him. He comes home at night. What was he doing? Some said perhaps he was someone responsible to be at the end of the army. And some said he actually slept in and then he woke up and now he's walking towards joining the Muslims. As he was walking he notices

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and he says that sentence in the law he were in LA he Rajon to Allah we belong unto Allah, we shall return. That was his reaction. He's shocked. I just said and he knew I'm the wife of the Prophet, then hammers to YG then I covered my face, side point side point, I was like, should I say or not, but no will say it inshallah will lie because of how our sisters aware the niqab suffer from the Muslims suffer from within the Muslim community. I says preference. I know Isaiah was the wife of the Prophet lamp, and she were to cover her face and that's what she did. That's what the prophet SAW Selim wanted off of her. So if someone prefers that don't be their enemy. Fair enough. It is so

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hurting to us that you go around and whatever the case is, and the first ones to fight it are Muslim themselves.

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And we have to be firm. And you know me, I wish nothing but the best for all of you. And I am optimistic that you trust me that when things about Islam is spoken about, you need to stay in your lane. So for you to start saying, well, this is not part of Islam, you need to watch what you're saying, because you would not open your mouth. If it was something about medicine. It is something about engineering, or if even something to do with a sub, do a sandwich, you won't even get into it. So why in Islam? Do you dare and have the audacity to speak about it? May Allah protect us? Yeah, I mean, you don't know what to say, I don't know. Fair enough, I will look more into it. So the point

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being for the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim, they had the higher level of obligation to do that, and that was specific to them. And that's why I told you, there was a difference of opinion about the other sisters, which we respect both opinions, fair enough. So number three, soft one or the other. And he leads back to Medina. He brings down his camel. Then he comes, she rides on the camel, and then soft one walks. So far, so good. May Allah be pleased by both of them. As they're walking and walking and walking. And I as I was driving on the camel,

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the camp of the Muslims rested again, here with me rested again. And now I'm going to another narration where a guy by the name of Abdullah obey evening saloon, one of the leaders of the hypocrites at that time he saw one, he said, who's who's this lady?

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They said, this is the mother of who? The believers, the wives of the Prophet or the mother of the believers. He said, Who's this guy? So fun. Oh.

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So they spent the night together? I'm just saying. I'm just saying, you know, a young guy, a young girl that's wasting shriveled filth, look at the filth Niala not make us fall for it. Say I mean? melanoma stuff like that. Interesting. You say? I mean?

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He says, Look, a young girl young guy all alone, spending the whole night together. Well, I messaged him, I mean, how am I cinema? To me? There's no way nothing happened. And that's it. It didn't say they did this ship snake. So someone says How dare you say I didn't say anything. I said, you know, it's just an educated guess. It's just a fraud. Like I'm saying, right? I wasn't explicit. He said that. And the rumors spread. And I he did not know. I should then read the law. And then she arrived back to Medina. And see when she arrived she became sick. You know how many of us travel we come back home and you end up being sick? May Allah cure all those who are sick, they say I mean, may

00:32:49--> 00:33:26

Allah is anyone because we heard some people have operations and surgeries, may Allah make it a successful one. See? I mean, and May Allah make whatever hardship that you go through whether a headache or a prick of a phone or being hit by the door? Or is that the seat hand or whatever? May Allah make all of that means of your purification from any shortcomings that you've done, say, I mean, I shall become sick, she has no clue what's going on. Then I shall one time. She said after many weeks, I was very sick. Eventually, I started feeling better as a month was approaching. She said then I left to go use the bathroom. And I worked with one of the sisters who was the mother of

00:33:26--> 00:33:37

a man by the name of Mr. We work together work together. And then the mother of Mr. shift. she tripped. She said me Allah curse, mister.

00:33:38--> 00:33:52

He said, Why do you say that about the brother look at the sister defending the honor of the brother in our shader. He attended one of the battles of the product I sell, don't you speak about the brother May Allah allow us to defend each other like that? See? I mean, we I should

00:33:54--> 00:34:28

say if I say that about him, people will think I like him. Let them think whatever they think if you have to defend them rather than so be it allows the judge not that he who may Allah allow us to be wise of what words to say say I mean? She said don't say that about mistakes a good brother. He said what are you talking about? You know what he's been doing? Right? You know what's going around the whole city of Medina, the quarry talking about? I actually have no idea what's going on the rumors. Rumors in I've been sick for weeks, almost a month. Since I said people are saying like

00:34:29--> 00:34:48

you and stuff. One must have done something. What I say becomes aware of it. She gets so upset. She gets so angry. She goes back home. You guys noticed something throughout the whole month. I could not tell from the moment you walked into the house. He has noticed that now.

00:34:49--> 00:35:00

can just pass judgments like that. He can just say oh yeah, I heard that. How dare you. Yama protect us and grant us wisdom. So then I was very frustrated. She couldn't

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

What's happening? She said, I continue to cry and cry and cry and cry. Until she went home. She saw the problem. She felt the Prophet was not showing her the typical show high level of love that he typically does. He never, he never cursed her I would have loved, but it's not as usual. He said, Hey, vertical. So how are you guys over there doing? Usually he says, yeah. sweet words and things like that. Right? But she's now picking up a few things from the profit. Then she talks to her mom, mom, is it true? I should go to your mom. Mom. Is this true? She said, yeah.

00:35:36--> 00:35:40

This show of mothers I'm Alec Grantham gentlemen, elegant all our mothers, gentlemen.

00:35:41--> 00:36:26

When there is a beautiful woman like you marry Mohamed Salah Salem, it's only normal that the wives and will be jealous of her. Don't worry about this. So it's true. So the rumors are true. And you heard about it. So then she went and she said to cry and cry and cry. The prophets I send them deep in his heart. And he goes verbalize it to the people telling the people pretty much in summary, to stop saying stuff like that he gave a sermon. People amongst us are hurting me and my family. What do you guys think of that meaning stopping, but in the process goes home. And then Ayesha goes home. She sees the profit center. And she sees her mom and dad and the process and tells her something.

00:36:26--> 00:36:30

What is he saying? He said, Yeah, I want to tell you something.

00:36:32--> 00:36:41

After he praised a lot, everything is a dilations. If you were innocent, if you were innocent, a law will show the world that you're innocent, fair enough.

00:36:42--> 00:36:48

Then he said, We're in quinti mmtv demba. And if you did a sin,

00:36:49--> 00:37:36

then returned back to Allah with repentance and seek His forgiveness. For for Allah forgives the past when you repent. I got so offended that you actually given me the option like if I did this or did that. Then I said, I know for a fact, if I told you I'm innocent, I don't think you guys will believe me. But if I told you I'm guilty, I did do it. You will all believe me. Then she said, I will say what Jacob Yaqoob the father of us have said What did he say? For some grown Jamie in our have beautiful patience. What's beautiful patience. Beautiful. Patience is the type of patience where you do not complain to the creation but only complain to the Creator. She said I'm not

00:37:36--> 00:38:22

complaining to know. I'm gonna complain to Allah subhanho wa Taala because Allah knows I'm innocent. Look at the certainty that Allah will show your innocence. Then I showed her and she said, I went, I lied down. And she said, I knew for a fact Allah will show my innocence. May Allah grant a certainty, like I say, I mean, brother, sister, we learned from this wonderful lady. The night he said, while the Prophet was there in the room with a worker and the wife of a worker. The prophet SAW Selim started to sweat. What does that mean? What is that mean? Revelation is coming. She said, I said was a cold day, but that's how revelation happens. start sweating, and that's one of the

00:38:22--> 00:39:05

proofs of prophethood sweating, sweating so much so much. And we answered, he's getting something's getting revelation. And all of a sudden, after the revelation was done, the prophet SAW Sam said, Yeah, Isaiah, Allah has revealed your innocence. Allah said, You're innocent. And Allah said, This whole thing is a false accusation. There's a lot that happened. Then I said, Alhamdulillah she was grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Brothers and sisters, you know what Allah said? There's a lot. I'll show you what one thing is Allah. Allah says in the larina Jaya obelisk, Allah says the ones who spread the rumors, he said, If what does it mean? This whole thing is false accusation. Allah

00:39:05--> 00:39:22

says all Spartan men come there are people from within hypocrites, the ones who initiated this thing. Then he said, and I want you all your undivided attention. Were coming into the session. I got your undivided attention and top Thumbs up. Thumbs up. Are

00:39:23--> 00:39:33

you ready for Allah said Yatta Sabu sobre la con Allah Sterling Ayesha the Prophet and the believers do not think what happened is bad. What?

00:39:35--> 00:39:59

How? Yeah, ask with respect. You wonder with respect, Allah says it's not bad. It's not bad. Not because you are not using your intellect because you're using intellect and trusting the all wise when Allah says bamboo, rather, it is good for you. So let's double emphasized it when I lost it. It's not bad, nor does it mean. It's good. But in case you want more emphasis, it's not bad rather, it's good brothers and sisters.

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

If the only good thing that happened out of this whole accusation is to show the whole world that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does not write the Quran on his own, because this took over a month long. Isn't that enough of a benefit to the world? Yes or no? To show that the Quran is revelation because the prophets I said them, or someone who's faking to be a prophet could have made them something, the ones who said this, punish them with such and such lashes and put them in prison for like 35. He could have did something from day one know from the first second someone uttered that sentence Yes or no? over a month? Surely this man is a prophet received revelation. If the only

00:40:42--> 00:41:31

benefit that came from this is to show the whole world the status of our Isha Quran was revealed because of her. Isn't that enough of a benefit? Yes or no? Agreed. If the only benefit that came out of this accusation is to expose the hypocrites isn't that enough of a benefit. So many times in life, you may not see the good into something that may be so difficult, but I swear by the one who made you a swearing that Allah will hold the accountable for all my believing brothers and sisters, Allah wants nothing but greatness to you. Allah wants nothing but the best to every one of you. The Prophet said amazing is the state of the believer, everything that happens to the believer is good

00:41:31--> 00:42:07

for them. If they face a hardship, two options, you face a hardship and newer patient that is good for you. And if you face such a blessing and you're grateful, then that is good for you. It happens across the board. All of us saw hardships in our lives, yes or no? just by a show of hands, maybe one maybe two anybody here faced a hardship and then father wisdom of how it's good luck. Great hands were raised. Question. Any of you here saw a hardship but until today you don't know the wisdom.

00:42:09--> 00:42:09

Raise your hands okay.

00:42:12--> 00:42:23

I times Allah shows you the wisdom, strengthen your faith, and make you not question a login. And at times Allah will not show you the wisdom to test your faith.

00:42:24--> 00:43:10

A sister may have shared that you two years ago or so. emails me I'm gonna commit suicide that Allah Illallah What's the matter? And they I made a video a short video, email my granddaughter, Jenna say, I mean, she said, I loved this guy since I was a teenager. I pray to Allah every single day to get married to this man every day, brother. Y'all want me to be married this man? Six years later? 60 years every day make me marry this man. She said but guess what happened, brother? This guy ended up getting engaged to someone else. I will kill myself a lot hates me. Why would Allah do that to me? I prayed every day for this. Brothers and sisters, when you pray to Allah for something, what

00:43:10--> 00:43:54

does it mean? Oh Allah, I want this it means if it's good granted, and whatever drama that you make a lower reward you so if Allah did not gave you what you asked for? How does Allah respond, pushing away or harm that was coming your way? But what if he does not do one? Give me what they asked for? What if he does not push a hardship away? What would Allah give me third option, Allah will transform your good deeds or data into good deeds on the day of judgment on the scale when it measures your good than the bad deeds, and that da da was not responded in a way that it gave you what you asked for, did not protect you from a hardship alone now make it into a sunny day you want

00:43:54--> 00:44:00

to show that the best currency, the which of the three options are the best ones, which one?

00:44:02--> 00:44:04

It is whatever Allah sees best.

00:44:05--> 00:44:38

Maybe what make us go to Jenna is option one is Allah giving me what I asked for. Sometimes it's not one or three. It's me being protected from that hardship or calamity that was coming. So this sister She said, Well, I kid you not. She said Naima, Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah didn't work out panela while hamdulillah now seems like things made sense to you now. Do you have to wait for you to find the wisdom of something to accept it from a law law? She said that guy was exposed drinking alcohol and cheating on his fiance.

00:44:40--> 00:44:49

See didn't have to wait submit to Allah. May Allah grant us wisdom May Allah grant or irate your spouse See I mean brothers and sisters and Allah revealed the innocence of fire Isha.

00:44:51--> 00:44:58

With that being said, there's few things we'll talk about inshallah very important events, but we need brother of summer to come up and give us some