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Ash-Shuara 105-140 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 105-109

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Avila English Shivani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim lesson number 193 sort of the Sharla I am number 105 to 140.

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Canada but our mono Helen mursaleen the people of New they denied the messengers that feather, you can do that leap. What does it mean? To deny someone How? By calling them a liar by declaring them as false by saying that what they're saying is untrue. So how did the people of no Elisa Lam deny the messengers by calling them liars by saying that they weren't actually messengers? And the people have no hairless lamb? They were the first ones to be sent a messenger. Why? Because it was the first time ever the human beings had begun to commit shake.

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And in order to reform them, Allah subhanaw taala sent his first messenger No, they said unto them,

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we learnt earlier in the story of Adam or his Salah, that when other Monosodium was sent from Jana, to the earth, what was said, For in May at the end the company who then that when guidance comes to you from me from interviewer who they are for the whole from him, without whom he also known that whoever follows the guidance, then he will have no fear, and no regret. So at the time that Adam or Hassan was sent to this world, Allah subhanaw taala promised to send guidance as well, when, whenever the people needed it. This is why as soon as people started doing *, what happened? A lot of panel data sent his first messenger knew how to center and the people have no had Islam, how

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many messengers were sent? Only one, but still a loss of panel data says that they denied Who? The messengers Why? Because denying one is like denying all if a person denies even one messenger, then what is he denying the concept of prophethood

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if he refuses to believe even in one, then he is refusing to believe in the mission of all of the messengers. And also with his new Hello, Islam was the first messenger. This is why denying him was something very serious, because of the first one is being denied. And obviously, anyone who comes after him is also going to be denied. And also almost silly in the plural has been used to honor new Edison for Darlene, because he was the first messenger. And also because the time that he spent over there was how much almost a millennium.

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And if you consider that time, later on in that much time, Allah subhanaw taala sent many many messengers. Like for example, if you look at the Bani Israel, within 1000 years, many messengers were sent in. So nowhere they said, um, he did the work of several messengers.

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This is why the denial of his people was not an ordinary denial. It was a great denial. Got the homeowner, the people of New denied, who almost said in the messengers it all alone when he said to them, who said to them, who home their brother, who was their brother, no, Allison, what did he say to them? And out at the home? Do you not fear? Meaning? Do you not fear Allah? How was no harness and I'm their brother, because he belonged to the same people. He belong to the same nation. He was one of them. And this is how Allah subhanaw taala sent His messengers, that first of all, they were human beings. And secondly, they were known to the people whom they were sent to. They were one of

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them. So what if no harness and I'm saying to the people out there that do not fear meaning? Do you not have fear of Allah? What are you doing? You're associating partners with him. You're doing schicke So do you have no fear of Allah? He can hold you accountable, he can send his punishment on you. And do you not fear the harmful consequences of your ship in the hereafter?

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If you look at it, no Heather ceram he was the first messenger and his teachings were very similar to the teachings that Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam brought the essence of his teachings was what Allah

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Do you not have fear of Allah?

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And we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well gave the same message to the people. We learned through the Lakota eye number 21 that Yeah, a Uranus or Buddha

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or people worship your Lord. Why? Because he is the one who led Hala haka when Lavina macabre come He is the one who created you and also those people who came before you, and why should you worship Him? Now, I love them Hoon so that you can develop the core. So we see that all of the messengers, they brought the same message they came with the same mission and what

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Was that mission to instill the fear of Allah in the hearts of people? What was the mission of all of the messengers to instill the taqwa of Allah, the fear of Allah in the hearts of people, every single messenger brought the same message. Why is it so important to develop the fear of Allah in the hearts of people,

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when a person has the fear of a lion, his heart, then only Can he reform himself, then only Can he obey Allah, if he has fear of Allah, then automatically, he will follow all of the commands, whether they are about lowering the gaze or working properly, or not wearing something or wearing something, doing something or not doing something, eating something or not eating something, this will come how, by the fear of Allah. And once a person has the fear of Allah, then he will obey Allah, no matter where he is, no matter who he is surrounded with, no matter what the pressures may be. And if the motivation to do good, the foundation of good deeds is anything else other than the fear of

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Allah, then that good deed will not last for very long.

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Like, for example, if a person does something good to gain the praise of people, this is what the motivation behind doing good, okay, what's going to happen, he will do something good, he will be praised, he will do more. But as soon as he will be criticized, then what's going to happen, he will stop right away. Similarly, if a person is doing something good, to earn some worldly benefit, as long as he's getting the worldly benefit, his good deeds will continue. However, as soon as the worldly benefit, it reduces, or it stops, then his good deeds are also going to stop. This is why we see that people who obey Allah out of fear of Allah, their obedience is constant. Their obedience is

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everywhere, whether they are in a Muslim country, or a non Muslim country, whether they are in front of their parents, or in front of their friends. But if a person obeys Allah, out of some other benefits, or out of the desire for some other benefit, then his obedience is not going to be long lasting. It's not going to be everywhere, it's going to be limited. So we see that the greatest motivational force is what, it's the fear of Allah.

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And when a person recognizes a loss of Karnataka, and he fears Allah, then every good deed becomes easy for him. Every good deed becomes easy for him because who is he doing it for? Allah soprano. And if he's doing it for some other purpose, for some other objective for some other goal, then the smallest of good deeds will also seem to be a huge challenge for him. So what do we learn this ayah that new highlights around? What was his mission? to develop the fear of Allah in the hearts of people? And the same mission? The profits are the loudest Adam also came with

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in Neela, calm indeed I am. Do you know how they said I'm sad to the people that indeed I am to you. But I'll soon amin a trustworthy messenger, meaning I have been sent to you by Allah as a messenger who is trustworthy. This is why you should believe in me, this is why you should accept what I'm telling you. I'm not doubtful, my reputation is not bad. You know me as a trustworthy person, therefore accept whatever I'm telling you.

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I mean, it's from the roof veterus Hamza mean noon, and we can derive this word from the word Omen or this amendment piece. And literally ama means the satisfaction of the knifes when a person is free of any fear in his heart, he is at peace, he is at safety, he is at security. So I mean, is one who brings the message of peace,

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one from whom others are at beats. So in Nila camarasaurus amin, what does it mean by that, that I have brought to you the message of peace, I have brought to you something by which you will become safe and secure where

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were in this dunya and also in the alpha. So what do we learn from this, that messengers? What do they bring to people, they bring benefit to the people, they bring security to the people, they bring Islam to the people, that they reform them, so that people are saved from dangers in this world and also in the hereafter. And if you look at it, all the teachings of all of the messengers, what do they lead to safety and security in the society. Like for example, the prophets of Allah data people that when they buy and sell they should not cheat one another. They should

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Be honest in their transactions. So what does that lead to? peace and security in the society? the messengers of Allah, they told the people that do not attack the passers by the people of Luther they said I'm what do they do? They attack the people, they looted the caravans, the travelers. So whatever message the prophets of Allah abroad, that was a means of obtaining peace and security in this world and the hereafter. Secondly, we can also derive the word Ameen from the word Amana and what is Amana? Me? trustworthiness that when a person is faithful, when a person is reliable, he's loyal. He's honest. You don't doubt him? You can trust him. So I am to you Rasulullah I mean,

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a moon from the same root letters is used for a reliable Shi camel. What is it used for? A reliable she can. How can she cannot be reliable?

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Okay, think about it this way are reliable car. How can your car be reliable? When it survives a long journey. It doesn't break down on you for no reason. So a reliable she camel is a camel that the rider he does not fear that the camel will become tired or become lazy, or will become disobedient. Because if camels become disobedient, who cannot change their mind they become very stubborn. And if you force them in some way, then what's going to happen they will actually take revenge. You know the camels they are known for keeping grudges, if you harm them in some way. And even if years go by, and they see you in a state that is vulnerable in which they can attack you,

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they will actually do that.

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So a moon is a reliable she camel, those style, humble, obedient, and you know that she's strong, and you know that she won't disobey you, you know that you won't get tired or lazy, such as she camela Zoo, a moon. So you can imagine who isn't a mean person, someone who you can rely upon 100% you don't fear any danger from him. You don't fear any threats from him.

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You know that everything he will do is going to be good.

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You know that you can count on him. So I am a trustworthy messenger. What does it mean by that? This can be understood in two ways, that trustworthy in worldly terms, that if you look at it my previous life, before I became a messenger, I have been known for my Amana. I have never been accused of lying, I have never been accused of cheating.

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And the prophets or allies that have had the same characteristic as well, that before he became a prophet, he was known as a sidekick. Well, I mean,

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and I mean, also in delivering this message to you, that I am trustworthy in delivering this message to you What does it mean by that, that whatever Allah has told me to deliver to you, I deliver it to you as is without any additions or any deletions. I deliver it to you as it is. And this is an extremely important quality that the diary must have in himself.

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The sense of America, that whatever I am telling the people is what an Amana on me.

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It's a trust on me. Therefore, I have to deliver it as it is not more, not less, without watering down anything without over exaggerating something. My responsibility is to convey it as it is. In total, neither is 67. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam was also told that Yeah, you have a soul, Bellemare on Zilla, economic, that all messenger deliver all that has been revealed to you everything that has been revealed to you, what are you supposed to do with it delivered to the people tell the people about it, what a lambda Fall Festival lottery salad and if you do not do so, then you have not conveyed his message. So this is an extremely important quality and important

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characteristic that the messengers had. And in the footsteps of the messengers. Anyone who wishes to deliver the message of Islam to others should also have the same characteristic, this characteristic of a man

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because sometimes what happens, we feel that if we tell something to someone, they will not like it. And we leave out a major portion. We ignore it. Or for example, we will water it down. Or for example, we really want to frighten people. We want them to obey us. We want them to do what we're telling them to do. So what happens we over exaggerate things. Like so many things have been fabricated to frighten people so that they obey our laws.

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Like for instance, can you think

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Have something

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that you discourage children from wasting food? What are they told that if you waste even a little bit of salt, we'll have to pick it up with your eyelashes on the Day of Judgment. This will be your punishment on the Day of Judgment. Whereas there is no evidence behind that. And there's so many things that are fabricated like this, is this Amana? Is this a mean? No, this is adding something to the religion. And we are not allowed to add anything to the religion. Similarly, sometimes people reduce people take out the stuff from the religion, just in order to make it acceptable to the people. So this is something that does not suit a dye.

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So who is the dairy? Who are the messengers or sulan? I mean,

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and if you look at it, the messenger the diary, he has a reputation of being trustworthy, from before.

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And because he has a reputation of being trustworthy in worldly matters, when he tells people about the religion, then the people accept as well. And if he was not trustworthy in worldly matters, and would people believe in Him when people accept him? No. So for example, our responsibility as Muslims is to spread this message to the people.

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So in order to do that, do we not need to develop a good reputation of ourselves? Do we not need to do that? Of course. So if we do not fulfill our net, that, for example, that there is an appointment and we show up late or we don't show up at all, then what kind of impression Are we leaving on people? That we borrow things and we don't return them? What kind of impression Are we leaving to the people? If we cheat people with regards to books with regards to appointments with regards to meetings, then you think people are going to trust us with regards to religion? No way. So we see over here that no halozyme specifically mentioned that in Nila comb or Sunil Ameen, therefore, if I

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am so trustworthy, if I am so reliable, therefore you should accept the message that I'm telling you. You understand? If I am trustworthy and reliable, you should accept the message.

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We see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam even he was so reliable, that when he was calling his family to Islam, what did he do? He stood up on the mountain. And he started calling everybody by name. And when they came, he asked them that if I were to tell you that an enemy was to attack you, would you believe in me? They said, of course. Why? Because he had a reputation of being trustworthy, of being truthful or being reliable.

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Because the diary is truthful and reliable. This makes it easier for the people to accept and this is a very important quality.

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Because who cheats, who lies who breaks promises? Who does that? The MANOVA the hypocrite. So it is not suited to dairy to be a hypocrite, it's not possible.

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So this is a very important quality that a dairy must develop in himself. Factor Hola, hola, upper your oni saphir Allah and obey me.

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If you look at it, first of all, no, hello Islam as the people at the top Who will you not fear? First of all, he asked them, and now he commands them. Now he orders them.

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That fat duckula have fear of Allah will alter your Rooney and obey me. That if I fear Allah, and if I convey to you the messages of my Lord, as they are, without adding anything without taking anything out. So it is your responsibility, to fear Allah as well. And accept whatever I am telling you, that if I am conveying it to you, then you must also accept. If I convey to you out of the fear of Allah, then you should accept out of the fear of Allah until you only obey me. And the question is, we understand why it's important to fear of loss presented as we discussed earlier, that is the greatest most important motivational force. But why is it important to follow the messenger? Because

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you see, two things are being mentioned over here, but the law What are your own effect the law we understand, but why would your own Why is that important? Why is that necessary? Because the messengers, they're the ones who set the best example for the people. Why else? Everything that the messenger teaches is actually from Allah. What else?

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If you look at it, we learned earlier that Arnold solid

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a deed that is acceptable to Allah subhanaw taala has two conditions. What are those two conditions? That first of all, it should be done for the sake of Allah soprano.

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And this is why a person must have that the court of law factor

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The law

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and secondly, it must be in conformity to the way of the messenger, the way that has been taught by the messenger. This is why we're Rooney as well. So both are necessary the fear of Allah and obedience to the messenger as well. intellect Muhammad is 33 we learn Yeah, you had Latina Amano up to your Lucha, we're up to your of a Sula, we're led to believe you are Morocco,

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that all you who have believed, obey Allah and it will be the messenger and do not invalidate your deeds. Because of a person does not obey Allah does not obey the messenger, that are his deeds going to be acceptable, no matter how beautiful they may be on the outward, no, they do not carry any weight in the sight of Allah and a messenger has been sent to be obeyed. Because if you look at it, a loss of data could also have sent a book only the book would have been sufficient, however, along with the message, who else did he send? The Messenger, the carrier of the message. So it shows that he has been sent for a reason. And what is that reason that he has to be obeyed and followed in

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certain NASA is 64 we learn why men are selling them it was stolen in Lally, utara Bismillah. And we did not send any messenger except that he should be obeyed by the permission of Allah. So a messenger whenever he said, he must be obeyed, because otherwise Allah could have sent a message even without the messenger.

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New Hello, sir, I'm also said to the people, women who come early human, Nigerian, and I do not ask you for it any, any reward any payment. Why? Because in Nigeria, Illa, Allah Allah, Allah Allah me, my payment is only from the Lord of the worlds Massa lucam la human edge, what does it mean? wage as it is basically wage that you work for someone, and then they give you some money, some kind of compensation for the work that you've done, depending on the type of the work and the length of the work. And the effort that you put in.

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As it is also used for Bill, that after a month, you have to pay your phone bill, depending on how much you've used, how many services you have used. Similarly, it's also used for fees, payback.

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So when my local la human agent, that whatever message I am delivering to you,

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whatever services I'm offering over here of delivering the message of Allah to you, I do not expect any kind of material benefit, any kind of return from you at all.

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This is not why I am telling you. Because many times what happens. People say we have the solution to all your problems. Come and take this course, come and take this five day program, and you will become the most successful person in the world.

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And when you look at the fees, when you look at the charges, you wonder, Is this a money making thing? Or is it really something to help you. Similarly, people will send emails that long, long emails, sometimes you come across a website, this is the solution to all your problems. This is how you become successful. And then you keep reading, you keep reading, and then they make you buy something, they make you pay for something. And unless and until you buy or pay for it, you can't get the solution. So many times when people come up with this new idea of success.

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They have this motive of making money as well at the same time.

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Many times this is the case.

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And many times what happens if somebody tells you something for free, what do you think,

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do good to be true, right? So people do charge you. But over here we see that new Hannah's center. He's telling them the solution. He's telling them the correct way, he's delivering the message of a lot to them. And at the same time, he assures them this is not a money making thing. I'm not telling you all of this to make some money from you. In Nigeria, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah me, my reward is only on who on the Lord of the worlds because I am working for him.

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And if I'm working for him, he is going to be and the fact is that the work that I'm doing, no matter how much you give me it will not be sufficient.

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You understand the work that the messenger does, the work that he does, no matter how much people of the world give him, that is not his reward. Only Allah can give the reward that the messenger deserves to him.

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Like we learn about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that in our planer can go

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And closer. Could people ever give that to the Prophet Sullivan is a good day, no way impossible. So this work is so noble, it is so prestigious that people cannot even pay you for it only alecan. So why expect any reward from the people? Why expect any game from the people when they cannot even give you anything?

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So, what do we learn from this, that new hires me to all the people that because I do not ask you for any reward, in return, this is a sign of my sincerity. This is a sign of my Amana of my loyalty,

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that when I am giving this to you for free, when I am offering the service to you for free, then why should you not accept it?

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If somebody gives us something for free, then what happens? Even if we don't need it, we feel obliged to take it.

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For example, sometimes people might be walking by a store and there might be, you know, some samples outside that are for free. And even if people don't need them, they feel obliged, and they will go and take those samples for free.

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So if I am conveying this message to you for free, you do not have to spend any money on it. And why shouldn't you be accepted

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into the truth I am number 29. We learn we are Camila as a locum la Humana in Nigeria Illa Allah and oh my people, I asked not of you for it any wealth,

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the service that I'm offering you, I don't ask you for it any wealth in return, because my reward is only from Allah.

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So what do we learn from this?

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That when a person works for the sake of Allah, then he should not expect any gain from the people.

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He should not expect any gain from the people.

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And when does this quality come in a person

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when he relies completely on Allah,

00:27:07--> 00:27:14

when he relies completely on Allah soprano, that whatever I am doing is for the sake of Allah and Allah will reward me.

00:27:15--> 00:27:22

Now, scholars have set certain conditions like for example, if a person is doing something for the deen

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by, for example, at the time of modal the learn who there were people who were sent to teach the Quran, because many, many people had become Muslim. There were people who were serving at the Muslim borders. This is all one service for the deen.

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Now constantly in the Quran, what do we learn that a person should not expect any material game. But if you think about it, realistically, a person is spending four months, seven months constantly doing the work of the team, he has a family to support as well. They, for example, abubaker, they learn who until he became a can if he was a merchant, and the day he became a cabinet, he went towards the marketplace to buy and sell in order to make some money and are motivated on who saw him and he stopped him because he said that now your work is more important as the Calif but he said I have to support my family. So, we see that realistically, a person does need some kind of material

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income in order to survive. So, how do you understand that

00:28:23--> 00:28:42

the first thing is that when a person does something for the if he does receive any material benefit in return, you should not set it as a condition that only if you give me such and such, then only I will offer my services.

00:28:43--> 00:28:47

And if you give me any less, I will not work for you.

00:28:48--> 00:28:54

Why? Because if he sets a condition then this is like as though a person is working for a business.

00:28:55--> 00:29:19

And he is really demanding something in return for his services. And the thing is that when it comes to working for the dean, many times what happens the organization or the Muslim government, it has a lot to give and other times it does not have a lot to give. There were times for example, assignment or modal did I know there were times when a big portion of the oma was suffering from a famine.

00:29:20--> 00:29:28

Now, if at that time people demanded that no we should be given our wage exactly as it is nothing less nothing more, then it would be unfair.

00:29:29--> 00:29:41

So firstly, a person should not set it as a condition that only if you give me this much, then I will do it. And if you don't give me this much, I will not do it. This is a very important condition.

00:29:43--> 00:29:49

And secondly, whatever he does get, he should not make it his aim and goal

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that I am going to study this and I am going to teach this so that I can make this much money.

00:29:57--> 00:30:00

Like for example people go to college people go to university

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study a particular field, why, so that they can get a particular job which will bring them you know, six figure salary, or five figure salary or so on and so forth. This should not be the intention of the student of knowledge when he's learning or of the teacher, when he is teaching, that if I teach this much, if I learned this much, then I will make this much money, it should not be his goal. Because whatever work he is doing, who can only pay him for it, unless the panel data can only pay him for it? Whatever people offer, it is not sufficient. It is not enough only Allah can pay for it. Therefore, if a person makes is near that my goal is to make this much money, then will Allah give

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him reward then? No, because his goal was to make money in the world and he got that reward.

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Just like on the Day of Judgment of three people will be brought the Shaheed the recited the Quran, and also the person who used to spend in the way of Allah. And each and every one of them will say that I used to do it for you or love it, Allah will say, No, you did it for fame, and you got it.

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So it should not become the person's objective the person's go.

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So over here, we see that new horizon, he says that women lucam Allah, human agent in Nigeria, Illa, Allah will me. Like, for example, if you're working at a company or like a business or something, then they pay you hourly, for instance, if you come in on the weekend, if you work overtime, then you charge them for it. You tell them I came on the weekend, I'm going to get this much more money. But if a person sets this condition for the dean, then what's going to happen?

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It's going to become very difficult, because many times what happens is a person has to work overtime, a person has to come in on the weekends, a person has to work from home. So the thing is that when you really take ownership of this work, when you really treat this work as your own work, then you don't become selfish about it.

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Then you don't become greedy about it that I should only be making money from it.

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By For example, when you clean your own house, you ask your husband give me this much money.

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If you were to call a maid, you would have to pay her this much. So give me this much money. No. He's telling you stop cleaning Come and sit down. And what happens? You keep on cleaning. They tell you Okay, this much food is enough. We don't want more, come and spend some time with us. But what do we do we keep cooking one thing after the other. Why? Because we love cooking. We love our kitchens, we love our houses. So this is a fact that when you love something dearly, when you accept it as yours, then you don't think that people should have to pay you for it. People should have to acknowledge your efforts. You love what you do. Therefore you do it unconditionally.

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And a person should always consider himself to be the employee of Allah. That he is working for the sake of Allah soprano.