Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 13 – L128D

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Are you in a Chateau Jean Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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That's number 128. So it's a rod

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what are the students who are below Solomon parabolica and already were other messengers ridiculed before you forego the profit sort of artisan. So if you are marked out by your people, this is not something strange and you

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are unlikely to so I extended from the newsletters meme langwell malvan which is to walk briskly and from this is to give rest bite. So I'm late to I gave us bite lilla you know, to those people who cafaro the disbelief I gave them time. I defer their judgment for a time. I did not catch them immediately. Sooner than a horse to whom I seize them. Then, in an instance what did I do? I gave him the punishment for a frickin or called then how was My penalty? How was my punishment which I inflicted upon them? Meaning look at the ruins and look at what happened to them. Whereas the kind of punishment that was sent on these people.

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So what's the lesson in this ayah that reflect on history. Take lesson from the destruction of the previous people, the previous nations, those people who made fun of their messengers, what happened to them? Allah gave them time Allah gave them respite. But when they persisted in their own ways, they were seized.

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If a man who then is the one who, who he is called a moon, a maintainer and a calling of sin on every soul, the one who is on him on every soul. What does it mean by this? Our aim is the only one who stands from pm comma como to Stan ism Farrell, who is called him one who stands and found this word Our aim is also used for one who watches over one who looks after one who manages and from the same word is the word called worm. A worm is rubella so far him and found that a worm

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just as Sabbath and from that suburb. Soccer is one who watches over one who manages one who looks after one who is a guardian over someone. So the one who is a guardian over every soul. Who is he? Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah, the One who watches every single soul and knows what every person is doing

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the maca socket with what it has earned, meaning the actions of every person are known to Allah subhanaw taala every single action be Mikasa. But whether it is something tangible that a person has earned, or is it a deed that a person has acquired, Allah subhanaw taala knows about it.

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So the ayah begins with the question, the comparison is being made if a man who will call him on Allah, Colin fcmb, maka Sabbath? What's the response to that? What's the conclusion of this? of this interrogation? It hasn't been mentioned. Why because it is understood by the context. It has been left the listener that the one who maintains every soul, can he be like the one who does not even maintain himself? How can you ascribe partners to Allah? How can you equate others with Allah when Allah watches over every single being? What every person is acquiring? And the idols whom you worship? They don't even know about themselves.

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What journal Allah He showed our cat and they have made for Allah partners. Allah subhanaw taala says, fool, tell them, ask them some mom named named Who? named these gods that you have ascribed to Allah? Meaning describe them. Who are they tell us about their suffered with some evidence? What have they done? Where are they? How are they? What can they do? What have they created? Some of them, name them, tell us about them. So we may also come to know after some

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time or when you cannot describe them? Or when you're unable to give any evidence for them, then to not be owner who or is it that you are informing him informing Who? Allah subhanaw taala Bhima of what layer Allah fill out what he does not know in the earth?

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Are you telling him about something that he does not know? It exists in the earth now doesn't mean that our laws knowledge is incomplete. No, a lot of knowledge is complete and perfect. So if he does not know for something to exist, what does it mean? It does not

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exist. So are you telling him about an idol? And Allah does not know that it exists in the heavens and the earth, in the earth, especially, iron ore below hidden mineral coal, outward of speech, apparent of speech, meaning, are you just naming describing these Shoraka law here, Middletown, what is

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that which is apparent, that which is overt outward.

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In other words, what you are saying about these false gods, it has no reality to it. It's just outward speech, which has no reality to it. It's just mere talk. It's just mere stories and descriptions, based on no evidence. It's all a fabrication. You have heard them from your ancestors passed on from one generation to the other. There is no evidence behind that. It's just an idea that you had in your mind, a thought that you had in your mind and from that whole story was made. I'm below him in a code. This is just outward of speech, there is no reality to it.

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By rather zucchini, Latina cafaro it has been adorned for the people who disbelieved what has been adorned for them monochrome their plot, what doesn't even look, their plot.

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This plot over here refers to their incorrect beliefs, their incorrect beliefs, especially check that it's a whole plot, if you think about where they have made so many gods and they have made so many stories. It's all a lie. It's a plot, in which so many people are caught, that if you try to explain to them, they will come up with one story and another story another description another description. So this entire plot which is baseless, which has no reality to it, it has been made so beautiful for them. And as a result will so severe and they have been prevented from the way from which way from the real way from the way of the heat, the way of guidance,

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warming up the level from the human head and the one who allow let's go astray. And for him there is no guide, known at all can guide him the word hadden is actually is what

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what kind of a noun is it? Isn't fine. hadden, is isn't feral? And the word is actually Heidi? Have you heard of the name Heidi? So had so the one who Allah allows us to go astray, there is no one who can guide him there is no one who can show him the way

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instead of the natural eye number 37. Allah Subhana Allah says in practice Allah houda one, four in the La halaya Dima Yulin, even if you should strive for their guidance, Indeed, Allah does not guide those whom he sends a straight woman, a woman nurseline and they will have no helpers, no one can guide them, no one can show them the way.

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So what is mentioned in this ayah that Firstly, the gods that you have invented, they cannot be compared with

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other beings that you worship, they can never be compared with Allah, never at all. Because Allah subhanaw taala is called him Allah Coleen Epson Bhima, cassava.

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And the other beings that you worship, they don't even know about themselves, then the fact is that they don't exist at all. And if you do try to inform a lot, if you do try to inform the prophets on a lot about these gods, the number denies it, because he does not know them as gods, since they have no powers. They do not possess the qualities of God. If you think about it, anything that is given a name, it must have those qualities like for example, if you call something fire, that it must have properties of fire,

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isn't it?

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It must be hot, it must have flames, it must have a certain color. But if you call a rock fire, is that going to make rock fire? Is it? No, you can say all you want that this is fire, but it's not going to be fire. Similarly, if there are many beings that are called gods, no matter how much you say their God, is that going to make them God? No, because they don't have the qualities of God. So Allah subhanaw taala says some room, go ahead, try to name them describe them. But the reality is that they don't exist. Are you trying to tell a lot that they exist? A lot of knowledge is complete.

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adonia for such people, is a punishment in the life of this world of punishment in the life of this world. What is his punishment? Various types, as we learned earlier in the previous ayah that a carrier will continue to strike them in dystonia. Time and again, again and again. They're going to suffer from disasters, whether either will actually lead to a shock and the punishment of the hereafter it is much more intense. It is much more difficult, much more severe a shock on the roof letters Shinnecock off from the word mashup and what does

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Misha mean, difficult, so a shock more difficult, more severe, more heart more troublesome. Why? Because the punishment of the Hereafter is everlasting. It is eternal and the punishment of this dunya what happens to it?

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Eventually it comes to an end. Similarly, the punishment of the Hereafter, it is much more stronger, much more severe and much more intense. Just think about the fire of this dunya and the fire of the hellfire. There's a huge difference between the two

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of them in a lineman work and they will have against Allah no protector, no one to save them from Allah weapon is from the reflectors. Well coffea any other word from the same route

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with higher taqwa. So, what the with higher, what does it mean to protect yourself, to protect yourself from what? From anything that could harm you? Anything that is harmful.

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And basically, the word is used for when a horse carefully sets foot on a walking trail. Why

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does not notion of horses running but if the trail becomes very rocky, the horse going to be careful, he's going to set foot very carefully why to protect its feet, it's hoops. This is why they put horseshoes on the horses now Why? So that they can run with ease even on rocky trails. Because if they don't run carefully on such rocky trails, without their shoes, then what happens their feet can actually get injured very easily.

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So this is when a horse walks very carefully on a walking trail. And sometimes what happens is even avoid such trails. This is what the boys Think about it. That you very carefully go through life, being very careful about where you step, what you do, what you say, how you behave, where you go. And in some cases, you have to avoid certain things, why in order to protect yourself. Because if you put yourself in that situation, you are going to end up harming yourself. So walking is one who saves 1% so no one can save them from Allah. Because the punishment Allah when a lion fits on someone, no one can save that person.

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Now, after mentioning this, a lesser penalty dimensions the reward of those people who believe because you see there is a balance in the Quran, where there's punishment, there's also reward.

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So, nothing will jannetty the description of Paradise, the paradise allottee which worried

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that the righteous have been promised, the righteous have been promised this Paradise by who? Allah subhanaw taala So, what is the description of that?

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Remember the word method, sometimes it gives the meaning of example, and sometimes it gives the meaning of description. Sometimes it gives the meaning of example, sometimes description generally, when the word method is followed by

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like methylome karma thing in the ad, then it means example.

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And when it's not followed by car, then generally it means description. Not always, but generally this has.

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So, methyl jannetty over here, it means description. Because there is no calf that is following and if you look at it, what is mentioned, the description is mentioned.

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So the description of Jana which the righteous have been promised, what is that description, that tragedy mean tactical and how rivers flow from underneath it. That God it flows mentality out from underneath it and how rivers First of all, it has a lot of water, many rivers, many ravines, many streams, many springs, many sources of water. Because water, what does it do? It adds a lot of beauty, isn't it? For example, if people want to landscape, their garden, their backyard, many times what do people do?

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They will try to put something in which there's water, like for example, a small pond in which they will have some fish or maybe a small fountain even which is fake, but from the top the water is coming out Why? Because water adds beauty. It adds a lot of beauty

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and the sound of water even what does it do? It's a very peaceful sound.

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There are certain places where they have certain fountains from which the water flows in a certain way so as to create a particular sound. They know that

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Almost like water music, the water comes out of fountains and the way that it falls down, it literally forms a rhythm. And it sounds more beautiful than music.

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So water, it adds a lot of beauty. So in general, digital, industrial and how many rivers engine and Auckland O'Hare, it's fruit.

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From the roof letters Hamza krafla.

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We have done this word earlier as well. It's used for fruit, that which is eaten, and that which is tasted, which is very flavorful. So the fruit of Jana is going to be the eternal that from the root letters Daddy, well me.

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You know, sometimes you have something and it's very flavorful. But within moments a favorite is gone. So what do you do? You eat more. When you eat more, you continue to eat more. And sometimes you eat more only to satisfy your tongue. Because it tastes so wonderful. And after you've eaten then you feel horrible. So who has that in its fruit, its flavor, the food, the fruit of jhana is eternal, anyone to eat it, the flavor is going to last as much as you want it to last. And the overall meaning the fruit is also eternal. Meaning always in season, plenty, never ending supply, never ending supply.

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Sometimes it happens that you go you buy fresh fruit from the farmers market, you come home. And within a day or two you're like you have to finish it otherwise it's gonna go bad. And sometimes you get a particular fruit you want to have it but somebody else has eaten it. So the supply in general, it's never ending, never ending okuu her dying. And generally fruit it goes bad very quickly. And once you've picked it, it goes back very quickly, very fast. So you have to consume it very fast. And also the fruits in dunya. They're limited to seasons.

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But the fruit of Jenna eternal

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was Linda and also its shape meaning the shade of gender is also eternal, never ending everlasting. Just as we learned about the shade of the battery, sometimes you're walking in the shade and what happens all of a sudden there's light on your head or on your eyes, then you have to move. But the shade of gender it is that and that is from the reflectors that will mean which is eternal.

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DeLuca that is bukoba Latina taco. That is the end of those who adopted taqwa.

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And on the other hand workable caffeine and the end result of the disbelievers What is that? And now the fire.

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What has been mentioned in this ayah is the end of who those people who have Taqwa and on the other hand, the disbelievers there is the fire.

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So what's the main lesson of this is that the price of jhana is the core, the fear of Allah, that you have to live a life of consciousness of being alert at every step. Just remember that horse that walks on a walking trail with a lot of attention with a lot of care. He makes sure where he's setting his foot, that he's not harming his foot. This is how a person must live through life when when a person lives like that making sure that he does not upset Allah. Then for him is done.

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One Medina hi Tina homolka taba and those people to whom we have given the book Who are these people, first of all, it has been understood as their or the amount of the other cater. And secondly, a Latina Latina homolka, meaning the believers because they have accepted it Allah subhanaw taala sent the book to everyone, but it's only the believers who have accepted it. The Latina stage Abu Dhabi,

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so when Latina Latina mulki taba, what do they do on receiving the book? here for hoonah they rejoice, they're very happy vema ozy that acre with what has been revealed to you, they are very happy at what has been revealed to you or Prophet sallallahu sallam. Why are they so happy? In the case of the educated they're happy because this Quran confirms what they have. This hold on is what they were waiting for.

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I just imagined to manifest as he had been searching one thing after the other eventually when he found the Quran, imagine his happiness. Just imagine

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other moments around the world they were waiting for the last messenger and when he learned about the Quran and the prophets of Allah said and just imagine his happiness.

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So you for whom they're very happy, because this is what they were

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Waiting for this is what they were looking for. And the believers, if you take a second meaning that a Latina Latina woman keytab it refers to the believers. Why are they happy and receiving the Quran? Why are they happy?

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Okay, good news agenda. What else? Think about it, that when a person reads the Quran, what is it that can make him happy?

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The Quran tells you what to do in order to get to Jenna.

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It's guidance. It's Shiva for what is in the hearts settlement in nicolaou.

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It gives you hope. It's an honor.

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So the believers even they are very happy and receiving the Quran.

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Even they're happy when at receiving the Quran, what does it show to us? Then when a person is very happy at learning the Quran, memorizing the Quran, what is that a sign of the fact that Allah has bestowed him with the knowledge of the book, Allah has given him the Quran because there are many people who appear to have the Quran like for example, so many people possess a copy of the Quran. Perhaps there are so many people who have memorized the Quran and you say that this person has the Quran What does Allah describe this person is and Medina it now multitap there are those who for whom they are happy, because they have been given the Quran What does it show to us that when we

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learn the Quran, we should become happy, we should become happy. And if we have this approach, then we will never be distressed with the assignments or the tests, or the lessons or the homeworks. Never, never at all. Because this is what really makes a person happy. So alladhina atina who Makita here for him in the mountains.

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On the other hand, women are savvy and found the group's meaning from the various groups of people, the followers of different religions. What happens to them, there are men who Yun kiru he denies but although some of it there are many out there from the various groups who deny some of it some of what some of what has been revealed to you in the Quran.

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This is very interesting. It's not that they deny all of the Quran, they deny some of it.

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Like for example, the mosquito maka, they had a problem with the name of Allah, Allah.

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Similarly, they had a problem with the concept of the hate. There were many things that they liked many things that they were impressed by. But there were some things they did not like.

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Similarly, even today, there are many people who appreciate the Quran. They will appreciate the eloquence they will appreciate the beauty, they will appreciate the stories, but when it comes to the hate, when it comes to certain things, they refuse to accept it.

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So there are people who deny some of it. Old say to them in number two, I have been commanded an hour Buddha law that I should worship Allah, Allah oshika b e, and that I do not associate with him. Meaning if this is what you find in the Quran, worshiping Allah and not associating any partners with him. This is not my own words. This is a revelation from who? Allah subhana wa tada la he wrote to him, I invite what la Hema Arab and to him is my return and my absolute fetters, hums as well. Wow.

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And Abuja, Uber is also to return. And we did this word earlier as well.

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So we see that some people, they're very happy on receiving the book, and other people, they're not so happy. Instead of believing in everything, instead of accepting everything, they deny parts of it, because it goes against their desires, it goes against their whims. Similarly, we also have to see that when we learn the Quran, is it that we become happy? Or is it that we feel overburdened?

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What are their returns and now who and thus we have revealed it, beating the skull and we have revealed it hookman Albion as an Arabic legislation, meaning just as the previous messengers, they are given scriptures, in the language that they spoke. Similarly, we have revealed the score on to you as a legislation that is in what language I'll be in Arabic hoekman it'll be in what is her

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her commis judgment and found this results are used for law legislation.

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So the book that you have been given the law that you have been given, this is in the Arabic language Why? Because the people who are given the Quran for

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First, who were the Arabs, they spoke Arabic. And Allah subhanaw taala also chose this language because what this language can express no other language can express when at

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home and if you were to follow their desires, the desires of who

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the rest of the group the rest of the people, if you were to follow their desires farther after magic, that it came to you man or is made of knowledge, meaning after knowledge has come to you which knowledge is this Quran revelation. So after knowledge has come to you if you follow their desires, and remember that Malik amin, Allah, human when he came when I work, then there is for you against Allah, no Wali, and no protector, who is really Guardian someone to support you, and who is work someone to protect you, someone to save you from the punishment.

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Now, apparently, this either profits or a lot of sin is being addressed. And yes, he was the first person who was addressed in this ayah. But the same applies to his followers as well. that a person who has been given knowledge who has been given earlier in the knowledge of the Quran, then it does not suit him, that he goes on satisfying other people, satisfying the desires of other people. Because other people, what are their desires, that you should not follow the book that you should not follow the commands of Allah.

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Like for example, in the Quran, we learn about certain things that we must do. Yet the owner will hasn't had to say yet. Similarly, economist for that in Phalke spending, secretly in open, joining relationships, all of this is what something that our last panel is setting us to do. But the people who just want to follow their desires, what is their way, they don't want you to follow the Quran because they themselves are not doing this stuff. And if you do it, it makes them look bad. If you are maintaining relationships, if you are praying Salah, and those people are not, they don't want you to do what you're doing, because then they look bad. So Allah subhanaw taala is warning us over

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here, that after you have learned than what is necessary for you that you must follow. If you leave this knowledge and you go and satisfying the desires of other people, then remember, no one will protect you. No one will save you from Allah. Because when a person has learned it becomes incumbent on him to follow. He will be questioned. When you learn what did you do? And if we present this excuse, this person didn't want me to do it. That person discouraged me. That's not enough of an excuse. It's not good enough. Malik. I mean, allow him in when he can one hour.

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That's the recitation of these verses.

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All apologies to the abuse.

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vena cava

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