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The speaker discusses the confusion surrounding various statements made by the Prophet sallali Alayhi wa Sallam, which are not true to say that people are not in need of any knowledge. They argue that Islam is not a complete black box and that people should not be the ones who say they have been saying they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have been saying that they have

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then it is said wakanow coluna Hola. And they said, our hearts are wrapped. Okay, our hearts are enclosed, they're enveloped. And basically what they're saying is, you know, to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, that what you say, doesn't impact us, we're not in need of it, go preach to someone else. Okay? We don't need what you are preaching. You can go and preach to someone else because our hearts are wrapped up. And if you think about it, when is something wrapped up when it is complete, right? So for example, if you are preparing a gift box, you know, you've put everything in it. Once it's complete, then you will wrap it up. You are packing your luggage, you you're

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putting things together in your suitcase, everything is in then you zip it up. Alright, so basically what they're saying is that we know enough. We know a lot. We have a lot of knowledge, we know exactly what we need to do. Stop preaching. Stop advising, stop telling us we'll call you Karuna Wolf, Allah subhanaw taala says ballerina hula hoop ecoffee him rather, Allah has cursed them because of their disbelief. It's not that they already know and they are not in need of any more knowledge. No. What prevents them benefiting from what they hear is the fact that Allah subhanaw taala has cursed them. And Allah is not unfair to people that he would curse them without a reason.

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No, Allah has cursed them because of their disbelief. So when they rejected resign he said I'm and they rejected, you know, the prophets of Allah who earlier sent him as a result what happened? Allah subhanaw taala curse them. And now as a result of that * of ILA made up known so little is it that they believe meaning very few of them believe, or they believe in very little, or their faith is very little, or for Khalil a minute meaning some orlimar say that what this means is, they hardly believe hardly any among them will believe or they hardly believe. Okay, basically, that they don't believe ballerina homologue will be configured for kalila may or may not. So they said this as an

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excuse for not believing that we know already go preach to someone else. Or they said this an arrogance that our hearts are covered as in their full. We have no interest, we have no desire in learning what you have to offer. So this excuse is not accepted. Right? And there are people who will say this people who are Muslim who will say this, don't tell me don't advise me. All right. I know exactly what I'm supposed to do. I know already. You advise them anything you say anything to them. I know already. I know already. I know. I know. I know, so arrogant. When a person displays such arrogance, this is a sign that they're cursed because of their own disbelief because of their

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own rejection. *a Lila may or may not, you know, when someone advises you with something, even if you know about that idea. For example, you know, someone quotes an idea. And you know that either, maybe you can recite that I are better than them. Maybe you can think of three I have that speak of the same theme. Maybe you can even think of a hadith that mentions the same thing. Never say I know, this is a very arrogant response. Show that you have that willingness to learn something beneficial to be affected by something beneficial, have that humility, don't display arrogance towards the Quran towards the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Then it is said Well imagine

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a home Kitab women are in the Lehi Musa de Colima, Mara home and when there came to them a Book from Allah, confirming that which was with them, meaning now that the Quran has come and this Quran is not something completely different, right from the Torah. I mean, you have seen from just a few verses that I have quoted from the Torah, there's so much similarity. Alright, it's very obvious that the source is the same Musa do Colima Mara Han, what cannot be Pablo yesterday Hohner and Alladhina Cafaro although before they used to pray for victory against those who disbelieved meaning before the Quran came, they were actually waiting for it. Before the messenger SallAllahu Urdu

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Saddam came they were actually waiting for him. You see the Jewish tribes that lived in Medina, they would often say to the Arabs that our savior is coming our messenger is coming. And when we have that help from God, then we will, you know have victory over you. Right now we are the foreigners in the land. Soon when our messenger is going to come, we will be the victors. So yesterday Hoonah they used to seek victory, meaning they used to boast about the victory that they were going to have. And yesterday Hoonah can also be understood as they used to seek victory from Allah meaning they would ask a

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last panel thought they would pray to Allah make Goradia Allah send that Savior send that, you know messenger send that leader. So yesterday Hoonah but now for the Majah home merciful now that beer came to them what they recognized meaning the book the Quran, they recognize that the messenger SallAllahu early Islam they recognize him kuffaar will be they have disbelieved in him they have disbelieved in it fillerina To Allah here l caffeine so the curse of Allah will be upon the disbelievers. Now, think about this. This book is not any book, this book is from Allah. All right, and this messenger is not just any messenger. This messenger is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam.

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This is the book they were waiting for. The messenger they were waiting for the book, they boasted about the messenger They boasted about even before the arrival, but when the messenger came, they rejected him. Why is it because they failed to recognize him? No, they did not feel to recognize him, then why did they reject Him? Because the messenger is not from their own people. He is not from their own tribe. He is from a different race from a different people speaking a different language. So basically, it did not suit their desires. Right? So we learned in total Bacala verse 146, Allah subhanaw taala says, Alladhina Artina, whom will kita they already funa who come I

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already for now, but know that these people recognize the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, as well as they recognize their own children? Right? It's not that they don't recognize him. It's not that they don't recognize the Quran. They see the truth. In it, they see the truth and the prophets of Allah who really isn't, what is the one reason why they reject Him? sallallahu alayhi salam because he's an Arab. Okay, that is the main reason. And there are people today as well, who will speak of Islam very favorably, who will speak of the Prophet sallallahu arisen very favorably, but they will not accept Him as their messenger, because they say he's an Arab, he's not from us. And they will

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say that with a lot of respect, you know, they will say that yes, he's a messenger who's supposed to be believed and who's supposed to be followed by his people, but he's not for us. Any what kind of an argument is this, if there is a messenger from a law, the same God that you believe in, who sent musante Sinha, who sent there will be a listener who sent in a messengers before the bunny is saw you even existed? Right? That same God has sent Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam then why disbelieve in that messenger. And you think about it weren't their messengers before the bunny is slightly any money is not Ealer children of off your Kubernetes syndrome right descendants of your Cobra

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listener? Think about it before him were there messengers. Absolutely. There was Ibrahim or his sunnah there was no hurry his son Adam, Adam on his sunnah Idris and his sunnah. So many messengers, were they from the Bani Israel? No, they weren't. There was no concept of Bani Israel, Bani Israel did not exist, but there were legitimate messengers. So now if there is a messenger outside of Bani Israel, will you reject him simply because he is not of your own people? And what kind of arrogance is this? The problem then is that you don't believe in the messengers of Allah. You follow your desires, you are arrogant, this is the real issue. So Allah subhanaw taala says be so much total be

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heat and Fusa home how wretched is that for which they sold themselves? And yet food will be my Angela who Boolean a Yuna Zilla LogMeIn fugly here Isla mania Shadowman everybody that they would disbelieve in what Allah has revealed. Why did they disbelieve because of their outreach? Why the outrage why this grudge this envy that Allah who would send down His favor upon whom He wills from among his servants, and he as if they're saying that Allah does not have the right to give his favor to whomever that he wants? Allah subhanaw taala has all the right to give his favor to whoever that he wants from his creation. And Allah subhanaw taala chose that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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from the nation that is alumi should be the final messenger. So who are you to criticize Allah's decision? Who are you to criticize Allah subhanaw taala is choice for bat will be huddled in our lab. So they returned having earned wrath upon wrath when in caffeine or double Mahina and for such disbelievers as a humiliating punishment. So we see over here, that kofler is basically a symptom. It's not the real cause the real cause of something else. The real cause is jealousy. It is arrogance. It is. You know, when someone is rejecting the truth, this is a symptom there is a deeper issue. So for example,

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If a person is rejecting the right of their parents, there is a deeper issue. The problem is some kind of arrogance The problem is some kind of ingratitude. The problem is some kind of jealousy, some hidden illness. So we see over here that you know, all those hidden deeper issues are brought out. Allah subhanaw taala mentions them over here that you know on the surface you see that okay these people don't believe in the Prophet sallallahu already said it but there's actually a deeper issue. So for that we'll be huddled in Allah Hatha wallet caffeine or double Maheen. So, for this arrogance, there is a humiliating punishment in the hereafter than it is said what either Pete

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ameobi Mandela Allah when it is said to them believe in what Allah has revealed. Any Allah is the One who has revealed this Quran believe in it. Follow their responses. Nope. middleby Mountain zilara Lena we only believe in what was revealed to us. We believe in what was revealed to our people and to the prophets among Bani Israel. And this is not real belief. Any of you are basically being loyal to your own people, you're not being loyal to Allah. If you were being loyal to Allah, you would believe in all of the messengers way up furono beam Bhima whare who and they disbelieve in what came after it or what is beyond it? Meaning any other book that was revealed to prophets other

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than Bani Israel, they reject that will will help Casa de Colima Mara home, even though it is the truth, confirming that which is with them and it is from Allah it is held. So if they reject it, they're rejecting Allah. And then it is said confetti Maddock. Taruna Ambia, Allah him in Kabul in quantum Momineen say, then why did you kill the prophets of Allah before? If you are indeed believers, meaning you claim to believe in the messengers that were from your own people? Why did you kill those messengers? If you claim that you believe only in prophets among you, who killed your hairless sinner, who killed the criada sinner who tried to kill rissalah His Salam. So you don't

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truly believe this is the main issue you think you believe, but in reality, you don't actually believe? So? What are the main lessons we can take from these verses for ourselves? I mean, these verses are not verses that we should take and then hate on a certain people and, you know, use them to spread hate against them. That's not the objective. There are lessons that we are being taught. Okay. And what are these lessons that real Eman is that you believe in Allah and everything that has come from Allah, whether it suits your worldly benefit, or it doesn't, whether you like it, or you don't, you have difficulty accepting it, or it comes easy, whatever comes from Allah, you should

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accept it. That is real faith. And that means you don't pick and choose, you don't decide, because you're not God. You're not the legislator, right? Who is the legislator over here it is Allah subhanaw taala. So whatever comes from Allah, we should accept that we should not have this attitude that okay, I will do this, but I will not do that. I will pray salah, but I will not wear the hijab, right? I will be good to my mother, but I cannot be good to my father. I will be you know, good to people. I will speak nicely. But I'm not going to pray. No, you don't get to choose. If you are a real believer, then this means that you submit in entirety to Allah subhanaw taala in certain Nyssa

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150. I mentioned this earlier as well, that people who say that we believe in some and we reject others, and they're just trying to make their own way their own invented religion basically, they're not upon the truth. They're not true believers. Real Eman is that you surrender completely to Allah subhanaw taala and we should all strive towards that and we should all seek ALLAH subhanaw taala is help for that as well. Wherever you see yourself struggling wherever you see yourself lacking ask Allah subhanaw taala to help you. If there's any questions you can ask them right now. I saw that in the chat some questions coming in. Okay, so the bunny is slightly you see they do not believe in

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reciting As Salam the Christians any they're not all from the Bani Israel okay. There is already his Salam was sent specifically to Bani Israel but the bunnies sloth you'll did not believe in Him. In fact, they attempted to kill him. Why? Because he sourly Sam told them what they did not like to hear. And now they rejected Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Again, not because they did not recognize him because of their own arrogance. Right that he's not from our own people. But what is the punishment of breaking relationship with your parents? This is a major sin, major, major sin and He Allah subhanaw taala has forbid

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didn't rule cook off parents, right? And Earl Cook is not cutting off only the Roku can also be you know, causing your parents to cry that you hurt them you disobey them to such an extent that they're so upset that they're crying. Right? So imagine cutting off from parents is even worse we learned in the Quran that even if your parents are not Muslim and they strive against you, that you associate partners with Allah, any they don't like your Islam, they want you to do Schick like they do. You don't obey them. However, will Sahib uma for dunya Moldova, you still live with them in the world in a good way. And you don't cut off from them? Okay. Are inlaws included in mobility, they near Santa,

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they're not your parents, but they're your spouse's parents. So what you should be doing is you should be encouraging your spouse to be good to your parents, unfortunately, a lot of people will discourage their spouse from being good to their parents. And this is very wrong, very wrong. Encourage your wife, encourage your husband, encourage your spouse to be good to their parents to go visit them to go see them to go do something for them to spend on them. This is something that you should do yourself, be good to your parents and also encourage one another to do. Okay, when it comes to, you know, toxicity from parents or oppression and injustice from them Inshallah, that

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that's another discussion. Here, we're talking in general terms that you know, all children should be good to their parents. Okay, in a situation where a person is conscious, they're able to pray, but they're not able to make will do. Right, then of course, they will make time What if they're not even able to make time will because that also happens. I for example, you're in the hospital in COVID times you need you don't even have any family member with you, any person to be with you. You know, you are in the recovery room, you are awake and you know what time it is you know, it's time to pray, you are not able to make will do you don't even have anything to make time one with and

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even if you brought something to make time when when you don't have the strength to make time when you can even move because sometimes you know people are feeling so nauseated that they can't even bend they can't even move. So in that case you pray as you are okay. You pray as you are person is not able to wear proper hijab a woman is not able to wear proper hijab. She doesn't have access to it. Again, she will pray as she is. Okay. Inshallah, we will conclude over here if there's any other questions, you can email them and I can address them in the upcoming classes. barnacle lofi calm Subhanak along will be handy I shall do a La ilaha illa Anta Stouffville Cava to booty Lake wa Salam

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o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh