Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P04 047A Translation Aal-e-Imran 92-109

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript is a jumbled mix of disconnected sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. The group discusses a false statement made by Jesus, including a woman named Linda being a witness, a man named Shahidan being a witness, and a man named Bill obtain to be a member of a community. They also mention a woman named Holly who wants to be a member of a community. The group discusses possible punishment and the importance of learning about ho intention to lead vocal activity. The conversation is disjointed and difficult to follow.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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national one on Sunday Allah rasool Allah give Karim and my bad for OTA bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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er Beshara li Saudi UAE safely Emery washable octet and melissani Kahu Kohli the openers

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lesson number 47. So early on Ron I number 92 to 109

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Len will never Turner do you all obtain

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I will be

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the righteousness Hector until don't feel cool. You will spend mama from what

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to hit buena. You will love

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warmer and whatever. Don't feel cold. You all spend men from shea in anything for inner So indeed, Allah Allah be he with it. I leave on always all knowing

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cannot all Itami The food's gonna it was Helen lawful. Lee Bernie for children, Israel Isla of Israel eel in LA except ma what? Hardware he made unlawful. Israel EU, Israel eel, Allah upon nap See he himself men from I believe before on that, tonight Xena it was revealed a Torah to the Torah

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say to then you will come back to Rottie with the Torah firstly, then you will recite it in a quantum you were cited the ones who speak the truth, ones who are truthful

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for men. So whoever if there are he fabricated either upon Allah He Allah and que viva the lie, men from body after the liquor that for owner equal so those whom they avoid the moon, those who are unjust can say so they occur, he spoke truth. Allahu Allah for tiberiu So you all follow me letter creed, Ibrahima of Ibrahim Have you found upright warmer and not gonna he was made from a mushy cane those who do shake in indeed are one of the first baiting house will there it was placed it was put

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lay mercy for the people learn know the shorty which be back later back at Mecca mobile rockin when blessings were hidden and a guidance little all the mean for the world's fee in it out in science. But you know, done once clear, more calm. Standing place or station.

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Ibrahima of Ibrahim

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woman and whoever the father who he entered it. Can he was Amina in safe

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well and Linda he for Allah. Allah upon a mercy the people who do pilgrimage LBT of the house, man whoever is to thaw he was capable. You know he towards it sebelah away women and whoever go Farah he disbelieved for enough so indeed. Allahu Allah, of an EU which all sufficient I'm from Milan, I mean, the world can say yeah, oh 100 people. I'll Kitabi of the book. Lima why talk foreigner you all disbelief be it with signs with vs. Allah He of Allah will know who and Allah. Shahidan is a witness on upon more whatever the Malone you all do.

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See here? Oh 100 People al Kitabi of the book. Lima why? Pasadena you will stop you will hinder us from severely we Allah He of Allah Minh home almoner he believed the Omaha

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Have you all seen it done crookedness or crooked

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or undone while you should have our witnesses warmer and not Allahu Allah be raw feeling at all unaware Alma from whatever the unknown you want to

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hear uh you have for you and Medina those who knew they believed in if to to your true you all obey Farrakhan a group men firm and Medina those who do they were given al Kitab the work you do come they shall turn you back bother after Imani come your feet carefully as ones who disbelieve were kafer and how the Karuna you will disbelieve, were unknown, while you to clear, it is recited on a come upon you, our two verses, Allah He of Allah will he come and in you amongst you rasuluh His Messenger women and whoever you are to assume he holds fast Billahi what Allah for God, so in fact, so indeed who the he was guided either to Surah thing but was still being one street

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Yeah, Are you her or you and Medina those who may know they believed it taco y'all fear Allah Allah haka, as is right to RT fearing him. Wala and do not tomato tuna, you will definitely die in law except one turn while you all Muslim want to submit while Tassimo and you all hold fast, hold firmly be heavily with row Allah He of Allah Geneon all together, Walla and do not prefer your call you will be divided with guru and you will remember near Mehta blessing Allah He of Allah

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may come upon you in when content you will are the enemies for unlawful so he joined in love by now between God will become your hearts for us bottom. So you became been your mercy he with his favor, a Hawaiian brothers Welcome to and you will Allah upon Scheffer edge, her 14 of a bit men from a memory of the fire for an overcome so he saved you minha from it Karateka likewise, you by you. He makes clear, he expresses clearly Allahu Allah Lacan for you. It he his vs la nakoma so that you don't you are locked in guidance

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Walter Cohn and it should be men come from you or mutton and omega a community a group

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yet earner they invite either to Ohio at the good

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well and yet Marina they order Bill Maher roofie with the recognized right recognized good way and Hona and they forbid I'm from La Mancha the recognized drunk

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we're gonna ICA and those whom they are nothing hone those who are successful wala and do not they're cool no you will be can Medina like those who perform your call? They are divided or they became divided work telephone and they differed with each other men from by the after ma that Jaya home it came to them and they you know to be clear proofs. What will ICA and those the home for them? Are their wounds a punishment or the human great yoga on day Toby updo it will become white module one faces water sweating and it will become blackened. Would you horn faces for Amma so as for a novena those who is what bet it became black? Would you whom their faces Oh

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did care for them? You are disbelief. By the after Imani calm your belief for the home so you will taste and either the punishment Bina because of what Contin you were the croon you disbelieve we're Amma and as for a novena, those who ABR but it became white would you whom their faces for fee so in rahmati mercy, Allah He of Allah whom they fee her in it, Holly don't want to abide forever Tilka that to versus Allah He of Allah Naklua we recited an acre upon you been happy with the truth, while more and not Allahu Allah. Yuri do He intends he wants Roman any injustice Milan Amin for the worlds when Allah He and for Allah ma whatever fee is in a Samoa to the skies warmer and whatever fee is in

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an OB the earth where ILA and to Allah He Allah good Joe, it will be returned and remove the matters.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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your ba had two people

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or two people who need shade in law heavy already.

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Go look mica and leave any straw ILA lemma how llama is

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a lemma how Brahma is straw in Haryana seeming all day

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to be told no.

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tunes are you kidding? Felony still on a law he look at the Bermuda

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body mourn. Also the more that Debbie omy ledger, Ibrahima honey

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can I mean shrinking in whatever you do the audience see the lady that cares about

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me he is

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evil or he was

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July 18 and his staff or ladies and Biela

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in law have on

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be limited

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along with shahidul narla

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duna be

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limited so do

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you want

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to show her

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alma log will be logging in

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are you

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into the old

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lady now

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e money healing work a

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lot of people may

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or may

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be learning about hoodia LLC. Oh, they'll be Yeah.

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Double law have fun to aunty Orla damoh Tune in

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to most on why don't see more will be heavily learned me I

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was good

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All year long Jana you need to

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bounce back

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but also back to being in my TV wanna

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hold on to me I

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mean Gary k will be no longer than

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we had Rona he doesn't

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Yeah Do your own for you rewire Munna

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Pym how?

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Inca hormonal movement Hone wala Hoon can lead vocal was done

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in Kerala who Murda will know the name? Yeah will match every mood yo this was xojo

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Milady Enos Watson toujou

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Imani baggu

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Milady Nabil

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30 off magic

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magic. He wants me

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to hone

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on Allah Who God

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I mean Bali Lahemaa his summer was you

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were in a law he told me Oh

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