Yahya Ibrahim – Road to Return #12 – No Good Without Evil

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of evil and how it is allowed to occur in the world. They also mention the use of evil in the context of human behavior and the importance of avoiding evil in one's life. The discussion touches on the idea of evil being a way of achieving good health and avoiding suffering mental downturns.
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Evil is real. Allah subhanho wa Taala asks us in the last two chapters of the Quran, to worship Him and to ask for his protection.

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Say I seek protection refuge, a shield from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah pull through Europe bill Falak He is the Lord of the daybreak and pull out of Europe dinar say I asked protection with the Lord of humanity.

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Each of those two sutras asks for protection from two different things. The first sawed off from the physical things and the physical dangers the second one from the invisible dangers and the whispering of the shade on us with Sophie savouriness, mineralogy, Nettie oneness, both of them show us that it is important for us to recognize that evil does exist in the world. And that makes us want to then ask a question that other people might challenge us as Muslims and say, well if Allah is there, why does he allow evil to exist? Allah subhanho wa Taala Harlequin Alicia is the creator of all things and the things that Allah has created. Many of them he has given the ability to choose

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to do good and to choose to do evil, and therefore mean algin Neti oneness from the evil that is brought by jinn and mankind that the evil is not made by Allah, but by the choices that human beings make. And therefore when you see that a suffering is found in the world and the environment and climate change and war, and you see that there's hunger and famine, it's not because Allah subhanho wa Taala intends this for mankind, rather Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us the intellect and beyond the ability to speak and negotiate so that we can solve those problems well as to see do fill out the bad Islam. And Allah warns do not cause corruption in the earth when I have made it balanced

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and in harmony for you at tackle min Cooley Shea minko Lima ultimo Allah says I gave you from everything that you would ever seek to ask of me so that you could live with each other equitably, fairly justly, but you have caused corruption verhaal facade you feel badly well by honeybee Makassar. But at NASA, facade and evil which is another word that describe seen evil and corruption has spread in the ocean and the seas in the air and everything around us on this earth, the Marchesa bit at NASA as a consequence of the dealings of mankind, of the actions of the hands of men, and therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala always in the Quran, when evil is mentioned, that those who have

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knowledge they refer it to themselves or the actions of others and not to Allah. And therefore whenever we speak about evil, it's important as a part of our belief, to know that nothing in the world nothing in the creation of Allah is created more evil than good. Nothing in the world is even created or in the realm of the creation of Allah that is even equal in good and evil. Even the chez THON has more good in the creation of the devil than there was in the evil consequence of his existence. Because the shaitan that you and I combat in proving our love for Allah, it diminishes him and diminishes the evil that is wrecked in the world. There is more good that exists experience

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in the world in its totality, then there is evil and sinfulness and wretchedness and we pray that Allah Subhana Allah allows us to be callers to good rejecters of evil yet Muna will not at all if we invite people to what is good way in * not and in monka and we forbid evil for what is being done, where you may know Nebula which means Nebula and you have a belief in Allah subhana wa Tada. We hope in the law heater Allah that our belief in Allah is one of the things that protect us from doing evil by following the Shetty out the path of a good life A Serato monster theme that was led for us by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu it was selling so why does evil exist? Well, it allows us

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to understand why what is actually good, unless I experienced being unwell. I didn't value how important good health was, unless I experienced suffering mental downturn and not having always the amount of money that I want. I wouldn't and you wouldn't appreciate the good things that we already have with us. If we didn't see other people's suffering, we wouldn't appreciate our place and they wouldn't appreciate their place in compared to those who suffer more than them. And therefore good and bad in life are in harmony Arne and Arlene the two

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sides of the same coin. But there is always more good in the creation of Allah than there is evil. And that's a part of our belief as Muslims, evil also is given to a person as an opportunity for them to show obedience to Allah. So when Allah allows evil to be done, and you reject it, and you turn away from it, and you take opportunity to be obedient to Allah, that is a great way of honoring the magnificence of Allah and of elevating yourself and status in this life and the next. And to do so to be from those who push back against evil. We have to push back against against those four enemies that we spoke about our inner dialogue to ourselves and our soul asking for evil, that enemy

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of outside us the shape on human and Gene, to be a person who doesn't put so much value on the dunya that we seek it at the expense of our era, and that we're not people who lose self control and know that we are in charge of our own place in time with Allah subhana wa Tada. One of the most important steps of course, is identifying how the shavon who's a clear enemy to us seeks to attack us. And that will be our next discussion in sha Allah, the shaytans attack against mankind.

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