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Hud 25-49 Word Analysis and Tafsir 32-38


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The speakers discuss various arguments used in court, including accusations of fraud, objections, and claims of victory. They stress the importance of truthfulness and thorough research before the judge, emphasizing the need for thorough research and finding a better army and relationship with people. They also stress the importance of not feeling sad and not being abused by others, and stress the need for compassion and not to be like a coworker.

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I was a bit lame in a ship

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for him.

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Lesson number 180.

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In the following I add, what is mentioned is as to how the people respond now to new

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Ubuntu now, what have we read how New Horizons delivered the message them, the objections they made, and the answers that know how to send them gay to their objections and the following if, again, the opposition of people as mentioned, we will see this constant back and forth. And this is exactly what the prophet sallallahu was going through. At this time when this surah was revealed intense opposition and argumentation and dispute from the side of the mystic in America. And this example has been given why

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to comfort the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and also to guide him

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live in sub beta v fu attic so that we can strengthen your heart with it because you may wonder, we just read the story of new listener, why is it being mentioned again, if you notice, other details are being mentioned. Because the point is not the story. The point is the lessons that can be learned

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they said the people of New Hire SLM they responded to him, that ya know who are new, or the general tenor you have disputed with us? Certainly you have argued with us for October 30 delena. And you have been very frequent in dispute with us for dinner, so bring us the military dinner with that which you threaten us with in condemning Assad again, if you are of those who are truthful.

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We see that no Haile Sallam he invited as people do worship of a loss of panel data alone. Why? Because that is the purpose of the creation of human beings. However, the people did not respond to him positively. Instead, what did they do? They presented several excuses, several objections.

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And no, hello, Sam refuted all of their objections.

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When they said that the people who are following you they are very poor, they're not high in their status, which shows that what you're saying is not true. new hires said and refuted that claim as well.

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So he refuted all of their claims. So in other words, the people have known that Islam were completely defeated when it came to argument.

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So when they were defeated, and they didn't have anything else to say, What did they say further, Jonathan, you have argued a lot with us.

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The fact is that new hire said I was not arguing with them. What was he doing? Any objection? Any question they were asking. He was giving them a response to that. He was only refuting their false objections. But they call this argument called the Delta.

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The word j Delta. fetters deem that not from the word didn't.

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And then is to argue, to debate and basically it is used for arguing excessively, or arguing continuously, or arguing with a lot of *.

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And basically, the word that is from the word gentle, which is used for Iraq, gentle herbal, is I made a rope meaning I coil the together.

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For example, if you ever notice a rope, if you look at it carefully, you will notice that there are several strands, right several strands of fiber and they're all intertwined. So Jeddah, Allah is to intertwine all of them to lock them up, to coil them one on top of the other.

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And this is what happens in an argument that one person, he says one thing, the other refutes it. And then he says another thing and then the other refutes it. And this process, it continues for a long time.

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If you ever tried to unravel a rope, it'll take you a very long time. It's almost endless. So similarly, doodad is used for an argument in which both parties are trying to overcome one another. And it's a long, endless excessive argument.

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So autodelta you have argued with us for delta x delta from the root letters, gaff

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death row, which means abundance. So for delta, meaning you have increased g delena. Arguing with us what does it mean by this delta delta?

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First of all, it means it's been such a long time. How long did New Horizon convey the message to his people

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900 years plus. So just imagine for assaulted Elena, it's been a very long time. It's been too long. It's been ages forget about it now. Or for adultery that and that means that

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You have brought many arguments. You have brought many arguments. You may have seen that new hairdresser and responded to them very forcefully. Any objection that they presented new Harrison had a response to it, and he gave it with a lot of force. So for accommodated Elena, you have brought many arguments that Dina said, Bring us, come to us be mathari doula with that which you threaten us with?

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What is it that he was threatening them with? The punishment of Allah, if they continue to do shake? As we learned earlier, that in Nila caminho, nadolol, mubin.

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And in the hall for our laico are there biomin. And him, so he gave the warning to them very clearly. So they said, we're not going to believe in you. We've had enough. We don't want to argue with you anymore. So bring us the punishment if you really have it, if you really truthful in your claim that if we don't believe we're gonna get punished? Why are they saying this bring the punishment,

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out of mockery out of denial, and they didn't want to believe at all. It wasn't that they literally wanted the punishment to descend upon them. They didn't believe in it. They didn't take it seriously. Because if they did, they would never demand such a thing. So they said, bring us a punishment if you're truthful.

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Allah He said, who said

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no, Hello, sir, and responded to them again? Anything they said no, hello, salaam had a response. So he said, in my decom, indeed, he will bring you be here with it, Allahu Allah, meaning only a lock and bring it to you? How do we get the meaning of only from the word in lemma? And what does innovation mean? Indeed, the reality is this nothing but that's. So indeed, only Allah can bring you the punishment, meaning I cannot bring it only a look and bring it

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in Sure. If he wills, meaning if he wills to bring the punishment to you, by hastening it, or by delaying it, it's up to him, only he can bring it insha Allah if you will, to bring it only you can bring it, I cannot bring it.

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But remember, that when the punishment of Allah will come, then woman and don't be magazine, then you can not at all cause him any failure, marriages in plural of merges, one who causes failure to the other.

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So you can not at all cause failure to the plan of Allah, which kind of Allah is plan to punish you. So when the punishment comes, in other words, you will not be able to escape, you will not be able to save yourselves, again, he is giving them a warning. And this is the sincerity the well wishes of the messenger, that no matter how much people deny him, he does not take it personally. You see, it's not a personal battle, that because you have denied me, therefore, I'm going to go against you. I'm going to oppose you now. And regardless of how you are, I'm never going to think good about you know, even at this point, when they asked him to bring the punishment, look at his sincerity, he's

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warning them that only a luck and bring it whenever he will. And remember that when it comes you will not be able to save yourselves. So do something before the punishment comes. You don't have the power to resist it.

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And he continues that will a unforgiveness he and my advice will not benefit you. When I in federal court in federal federal federal is known for I Neff, which is to benefit and no three, no meaning advice. My counsel, my well wishing, new heartless around with a sincere well wisher to them, which is why he advised them which is why he warned them, which is why he answered their questions and their objections. So he says all of this most my sincere advice, my warning, my sincere attitude towards you, is not going to benefit you in order to even if I wanted, even if I intended an answer helicon that I should advise you. Meaning even if I want the very best for you, even if I want the

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very best for you. And with that feeling, I advise you, my advice is not going to benefit you. It will not benefit you in Canada law who you redo a new vehicle, if a law should intend to put you in error.

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If Allah should intend to put you in error, then no matter how badly I want you to be righted, my desire, my well wishes is not going to benefit you.

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Isn't it that so many times you advise someone, you tell them and you want good for them, but they just don't get it. They don't get it at all. You cry before them.

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You share your feelings before them, you aren't that you do it with, in a happy way, in a sad way through tears, different different ways, but they don't get it they don't understand. So this is exactly what he's saying over here that no matter how badly I want to die for you,

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no matter how badly I want to advise you, my advice is not going to benefit you. When, if Allah intends to put you in error.

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And when does that happen? When a person wants error for himself?

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Because Allah does not force misguidance on anyone, what happens as we have learned earlier, that when a person desires misguidance, and that is what he will be given? Allah does not force it on someone.

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And remember the meaning of the word youth vehicle. From the root letters line. Yeah, yeah, like

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and what does it mean? misguidance. According to others, routers rain while yet from Hawaii, which is also do go straight to become hopeless.

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Basically, the word is what is used in three ways. First of all, it gives meaning off to lead someone astray from the right course. But does it mean to lead someone astray from the right course to misguide someone to mislead someone?

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Somebody was going in the right way. And you tell them no, no, what you're doing is wrong Come on this way. This is what is what.

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Secondly, the word is what is also used for giving someone an instruction, giving someone a command,

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whose disobedience becomes a cause of their misguidance

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whose disobedience becomes a cause of their misguidance. And remember, at least he said this, that fahima awakening, you have led me astray, how that you gave me a command, I didn't obey. And because of that, I have become misguided. I have gone into error.

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So what is also used for giving someone a command and instruction whose disobedience becomes the cause of their misguidance.

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Thirdly, the word is what is also to punish someone for the wrong that they are doing to punish someone for the error that they are in. And how does that punishment come

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with further error with further misguidance?

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Like, for example, a person wants to do something How long?

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And he does it. So the punishment comes? And what is that punishment that a person is given more opportunity to do that? How long?

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This is, what is what is that when a person is inclined to words wrong? And he does that wrong? And Allah punishes him how, by giving him more opportunity to do wrong.

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So in canon law, who you redo a new vehicle, what is this is what referring to that if he wishes to punish you, for your dholera for your misguidance by increasing your in your misguidance, that what's going to happen, no matter how much I tell you, it's not going to make any sense to you, you're not going to accept it.

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Because new Harris, when he presented the truth to them, he presented it in several ways. Through arguments, he called them in many, many different ways. But still, they weren't ready to accept why. Because they did not want to change

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when they did not want to change a law, punish them with further misguidance.

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So when you reach this point, no matter what I tell you, it's not going to go in it's not going to go into your heart, hello buco. He is your Lord, what he told Jerome, and to him, you all will be returned.

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So what do we learn this ayah

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that denying the messenger is not something small. denying the Messenger of Allah is not something trivial.

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But rather, it's a big deal. Because when a person denies the messenger in reality, who is he deny a loss

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and the one who denies Allah, then his chances of obtaining guidance are finished, are gone. They're over. In Canada, luckily, you're either on your vehicle.

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Similarly, we also learn from this idea that sometimes a person may try to advise someone do make them do that which is good by telling them however, they will not accept if they desire long for themselves. You cannot help them you cannot force them. The change has to come from where?

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From within from your heart. And if it doesn't come from there, then the advice of other people, the tears of other people, they don't make a difference.

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The change has to come from within from inside the heart

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and mucuna or do they say

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After all, he has fabricated it, he has invented it. This ayah number 35 that you reading this ayah is a parenthetical sentence. What does it mean by that a Joomla. motto. Basically, it is when a sentence, which is not really in sequence with what was mentioned before, and what is mentioned after is put in the middle. It's relevant to the context, but it's not really in sequence. It doesn't really come in the sequence of events. Like, for example, you're telling a story, what are you supposed to tell what happened first, then what happened, then what happened until the end of the story, you're going to mention one event after the other until you complete the story. A Joomla

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mattarella is that you insert a sentence in the middle, which is not really directly related to what is mentioned before and what is mentioned after

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if you notice, over here, the story of new harness and as we mentioned, that how new harness and I'm presented the message of the people what they said in return and what he said in return. And now Allah subhanaw taala says that or do they say, who does they refer to the machine of Makkah? That do they say that if there are who has fabricated it, that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has fabricated this incident, this story, or this Quran,

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all say, meaning all prophets are modest Adam say to them, that in if I do, if I have fabricated it, for our lady Rami, then upon me is my sin, what anybody remember to remove, and I am free of responsibility from that which you commit crimes, meaning from the crimes that you commit, I have nothing to do with them.

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In other words, what is being said is that this story is not invented, it is not false. It is not a lie.

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Because just imagine the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is reciting this to the people, they're listening.

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And you can imagine what might be going through the heads of people are? Well, when interesting what a detailed story he has invented, he has come up with.

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So just imagine these doubts, these thoughts that are going in the heads of people, and all of a sudden the profits are about isn't precise, and your coluna thorough

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enough to try to find a better army? Will anybody remember to the moon?

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And this shows to us that the Quran is actually kind of, it's the speech of Allah. It's the word of Allah.

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Because when you're talking, then what happens? You're telling a story, but in the middle, what do you do? You explain a point, you refer to something else. This shows that the Quran is a column of Allah, it's the speech of Allah. It's the word of Allah.

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Because in the middle lessons are being taught.

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This is ultimate understood in another way

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that only a gurunath are who

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they refers to the people of New Era center. That do they say that he invented this message, this message of the heat, the fact that he was a prophet,

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do the thing that he has invented all of this. All say, if the right room in New Zealand was commanded to say that if I have fabricated this then far earlier Islami, then upon me is my sin. What anybody remember to remove and I have nothing to do with whatever crimes that you committed.

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For Alia, Islami, the word Islamism, newsletters de la mi

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is wrong. and Iran is basically used for the consequence of a

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crime, the consequence of a crime that has been committed.

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So I will suffer the consequences of my crime that I have committed, and what's that crime in your eyes, that I have fabricated this. But remember, that you will also suffer the consequences of the crimes that you are committed? What anybody and I am innocent of them, meaning I am not committing the crimes that you're committing.

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war crimes were they committed,

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of ship, of denial,

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of marking at the messenger of belittling the people, arrogance, calling the messenger a liar, these are crimes that they were committed. So I am innocent of these crimes, meaning I am not your partner in these crimes at all. I am not your partner at all.

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So when the punishment comes, who will descend upon Me or you?

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You it will not come upon me. So far our layer is your army what anybody imagine.

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So in this ayah what is being emphasized that the story is not invented. It is not fabricated for

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Because the profits or losses are the new better about the punishment of the one who lies against a loss penalty, as we have learned earlier one of them the manufacturer or the law he can even such a person is a greatest, unjust person. And will Erica Yerba Buena lot of such people will be presented before they're on

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the profit side a lot of sort of new better of the consequence of the one who invents lies against Allah. So he would never do such a thing. But we see that the people they have always denied the prophethood of the messenger. And at the same time, they have also denied the message that the Prophet Ron denied both things, the messenger as well as the message, and over here, exactly that is being said that they denied the messenger. But at the same time, they said that he has fabricated his message, meaning they were denying the message.

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And to this, the messenger is supposed to say that if I have done that, I am blameworthy for it.

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But look at what you are doing.

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Look at what you are doing. And many times this happens with people, that they become focused with the faults of other people. And they completely forget about the actions that they themselves are doing. They don't reflect upon them. They don't want other people to tell them, other people to advise them, other people to stop them. They don't want that at all. And at the same time, they will not reflect on their own ways.

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If somebody is pointing out their mistakes, they will attack them back. That look you have these mistakes as well. But the fact is that each person should reflect on his own actions.

00:21:39--> 00:21:44

Remember that when you're pointing at someone with one finger and the rest of the four fingers are pointing towards you.

00:21:45--> 00:22:05

So each person must reflect on what he is doing. So new Hyundai sedan says that I am responsible for my crime, and you will be responsible for your crimes. So don't just keep saying that I am a fabricator. I'm an inventor, I'm a liar. Look at the actions that you're doing. Look at your ways. Look what you're doing.

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We're all here Illinois, and it was revealed to new listener. Allah subhanaw taala informed him

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that under who indeed he name You mean, I mean,

00:22:18--> 00:22:21

never will he believed from your people.

00:22:22--> 00:22:35

From now on, may or may not. He's never going to believe Minho Mika from your people. In except man who could already Amana who believe.

00:22:37--> 00:22:41

from this point onwards, no one is going to believe in you.

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Except those people who had already believed in you, they're going to remain believers. However, those people who have not believed as of yet, they're not going to believe at all.

00:22:53--> 00:23:23

And new Hassan had been giving the message to them for over 900 years for so long in so many different ways. So in our last panel data Delton, that's it. Your mission has been accomplished, whoever was supposed to believe has believed and whoever is not going to believe they're not going to believe now. Find out what that is. So do not be distressed. Bina, can we have our own because of what they have been doing? Don't be sad. Don't be sorrowful over what these people have been doing.

00:23:24--> 00:23:30

That there is this wonderful veterans. Beth Hamza scene bitset. What does this I mean?

00:23:31--> 00:23:37

This basically gives meaning of difficulty, hardship, dislike.

00:23:38--> 00:23:58

When you go through something that is hard, when you go through something that is very difficult, do you become sad, you become tired, but at the same time you also become sad. hardship brings sadness. So Tabitha is empathy as is to become sad.

00:23:59--> 00:24:03

It is to feel sad to be miserable, to be sorrowful,

00:24:04--> 00:24:08

on finding something that is displeasing and unbearable.

00:24:10--> 00:24:35

So when a person comes across something that is very upsetting, very difficult, it's unbearable. What happens as a natural reaction he becomes sad. So for that up there is don't be sad, don't be sorrowful be McCann we have our own because of what they have been doing. What is an invite us that now these people are not going to believe? And what does that mean that the punishment is going to come very soon.

00:24:36--> 00:24:59

Now you don't be sad over the actions that these people have been doing. Don't grieve over them. Don't be concerned with their affair. You did your job. You did your best. You told them what you were supposed to, if they don't believe it's their fault, so you don't be sad over there end over there consequence. And this again reflects the soft heartedness, the well wishes

00:25:00--> 00:25:25

The dairy of the one who is calling people to Allah, that he must have his soft heart. Because unless and until a person has a soft heart, a compassionate heart, a gentle heart, he cannot convey the message to the people. We learned about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well. That he is an author Rahim. Aziz and RNA, how do you sound early.

00:25:26--> 00:25:39

So he was very soft hearted. He was very gentle. He was very compassionate when it comes to dealing with people. This is why he was able to convey the message. For example, when you're dealing with a child, a little baby,

00:25:40--> 00:26:06

it's possible that the child is screaming a lot is crying a lot is yelling, and maybe in its movement, it manages to scratch you, it manages to hurt you. But are you going to take it personally? That Oh, my God, you hit me, I'm going to hit you back? No, you don't do you realize that a child is a child, your compassion, your love is more than the anger that you may feel at the moment because of what the child has done.

00:26:07--> 00:26:21

And that compassion is going to enable you to do what you're supposed to do. And if you don't have that compassion, then will you be able to help the child not at all, you will not be able to help instead, you're going to harm the child.

00:26:22--> 00:26:32

Similarly, the one who calls people to Allah must have a heart that is very compassionate. Because if he does not have that Harkey will not be able to convey the message.

00:26:33--> 00:26:44

So no lesson is being told that you have done your best you have done your job. If still people don't believe and now they're being punished for they're wrong. Don't be sad.

00:26:46--> 00:26:52

Because now if you become sad, you're going to hurt yourself, you're going to harm yourself, and the profits or losses, and I was also told the same thing,

00:26:53--> 00:27:02

that for another birthday or an upset or perhaps you would kill yourself out of grief, that they're not believing, because you know what awaits them if they don't believe.

00:27:03--> 00:27:20

So, we see that a person must have compassion. And this compassion is what drives him to convey the message to people to tolerate their harm. However, it should not make him sad. It should not make him sad to the point that he is harming himself.

00:27:21--> 00:27:27

Because if a person becomes sad, then that is going to disable him from progressing further.

00:27:29--> 00:27:37

So falletta is Bhima can we have we learn until it No, I have five to nine how no Harrison I'm conveyed the message to the people.

00:27:38--> 00:28:10

That Allah He said, Robbie, oh my lord in need to call me. Indeed, I invited my people how Leyland went to hell night and I called my people at night and at the time 24 hours I was calling my people follow me as a 200 D in the funeral. But my invitation increased them not except in flight. The more I invited them, the more they avoided me the more they ran away from me

00:28:11--> 00:28:54

when in need kilometer outta home little fella who Geraldo casabianca Danny him, was still show the home with a son who was stuck bottle stick bottle. And indeed, every time I invited them, that you may forgive them. What did they do? They put their fingers in their ears, and they cover themselves with their garments. And they're persistent and we're arrogant with great arrogance. So my immediate out on G Hara, then I invited them publicly. Just imagine he was calling them they would put their fingers in their ears. What did you do? In neither of them do you have I called out to them loudly, so that even if they have plugged their fingers, perhaps they would be able to hear something, when

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I would call out to them loudly, some in Erlang Tula who will assert to the home a salado and then I invited them publicly and then I announced them and also confided to them secretly.

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So he conveyed the message in different different ways. He used different techniques. And this is what happens when a person really has compassion in his heart for the other. When he really wants good for the other that he will find some way or the other to get the message across. However, new harness I was told over here, that these people are not going to believe despite your repeated their right to them, and despite you're constantly calling them despite you're using different techniques, they're not going to believe anymore.

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And Allah subhanaw taala has decided now to inflict his punishment upon them.