Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 12 – L118E

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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that's number 180.

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Elijah Bruna without the new.

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So it was until our command came and the oven that the new it overflowed.

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had that?

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What does that mean? They had that meaning he constructed. He kept on doing his work. This mockery, it continued until either Jamuna, our command came, which command, the command for their destruction, the command for the punishment to begin for the other to descend upon them, your hill or lay here a double morpheme. So for this punishment to descend upon them, the command of unlocking. And how did that begin without the new, and the new it overflowed?

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The word photo is from the roof letters fat, well follow your photo, which literally means to bubble to overflow. And especially when this happens very quickly.

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You may have seen that how many of you might not be aware, actually, that if you're boiling milk, in a pot on the stove, if you're boiling it not in the cup in the microwave, but what are you doing, you're boiling it in a pot on the stove, then what happens? As it boils over immediately, it takes literally moments for it to boil over and overflow come out. This is what the word follow means. So it has the meaning of bubbling, bubbling, and then overflowing.

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But all of that with speed.

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we have learned earlier where to come in folding him and they come to you in their haste. So fold also gives meaning of haste. So it gives meaning of haste speed, it also gives meaning of continuty without any pause. So a fella can know that the new overflowed, meaning the water gushed out of it, it came out of it. And it began to bubble out of it overflow and spread from there.

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Now the question is what is this done move

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about the new there are at least eight different opinions with regards to what exactly the canoe is.

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First of all, it is said that the work done is actually a Persian word. But is it it's actually a Persian word. It's not of Arabic origin, which is why there must be no root.

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There is no route for that. Why? Because it's a Persian origin. And in Persian language, the word the new is used for a Baking Oven.

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an oven in which bread is baked. We're not talking about these ovens that you have in your kitchen now we're talking about ovens which are made of mud, basically the circular hole in the ground. And it's used for baking bread.

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What you do is that you put burning wood or coal inside and as it becomes hot, you can bake bread against the walls of the oven. So this is what the news.

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So what happened that that the news, which belonged to new Allison which was in his house, according to some it was actually the news of other s&m, and later on new hydrosol He is the one who inherited it. He lived around the same house around the same area. And he used to use at the new for himself a low rpm which the new it was, but it was some oven from where the water came out it gushed and from there the punishment came. And why was it that this the new was selected for the punishment to begin, so that no one would know as to when he was supposed to embark the ship

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so that the new of it overflowed new Harrison and found out that the punishment is now on its way. Therefore he was told, or Lachman fee him in Collinsville Jane his name, what I like. So he was commanded to board the ship.

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Secondly, he said that the word the new it means what will out

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the top layer of the earth, which what is the watch this to the top layer, the surface of the earth, the crust.

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And it's also said that the * is a place where the water collects

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a place in a valley or a place where water collects. So without the know when this place or when the surface of the earth becomes covered in water. It's overflowing with water, then you know that the punishment is here. So board the ship immediately.

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Thirdly It is said that the new is actually an ism Ireland. What does it mean by that it's a proper name of a certain place,

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which according to some is a place in India or a place somewhere else, Alo Ireland where exactly this places for when the water erupts from that place, then new Harrison I was told to board the ship.

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Similarly, it has been said that warfare of the new at the new gives meaning of the morning light. So, without the new at the rise of morning when the morning light bursts through the news from New then we'd noir news light. So without the new when the morning light bursts forth when it spreads. So basically at the break of dawn at early morning, what are you supposed to do? board the ship?

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So aloha Arlen what the reality is of the note, but we find out without the new basically gives the meaning of that new horizon I was given a sign that when water comes out from here, when this happens, you're supposed to board the ship.

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Without the new

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goal now we sat to him meaning Allah subhanaw taala commanded new hallucinogen that he had load into it. It meant from the Riveters hemiola that carry on to the ship board onto the ship. Men can learn from every men collect meaning from everything, every creature, every animal board onto the ship, what zoning do mates, how many is named to meaning one male and one female?

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one male and one female. The words Oh Jane is the dual of Zoey. And what is owed us for one of a pair isn't it? in living beings, it is

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male and female and a nonliving things that is opposites are counterparts are things that complete one another. But over here in particular when Colin Colin refers to every animal every creature put onto the ship so Jane.

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And what are those two though Jane is named the two meaning the one male and one female.

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If you think of it men, Colin's Oh Jane, the meaning would have been complete by mentioning two pairs, meaning one male, one female would be enough. But its name has been mentioned, to emphasize that one male and one female, not to males, not to females, but to every type of male and every type of female, every type of male and every type of female must be boarded onto the ship.

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It has said that when the water began to spread everywhere, if we take the meaning of the news to be the surface of the earth, the water was spreading everywhere, all of the animals they were collecting into one place, you can imagine that when there is a flood, what happens people and animals they gather into a place which is higher. So similarly, this is exactly what the animals today, they came into a place by the ship, where the surface was higher, the water had not yet reached that place. And when the animals were there knew how to center boarded one male and one female of every type of creature, because a person may wonder how did he go searching for you know

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different different types of creatures? You wonder? How would it be possible? This is how it was possible. Because without the * has been mentioned first, as a water rose, the animals they gathered into one place. And when they gathered over there knew her they said on boarded one male one female onto the ship.

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Well, I love that and also your family.

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Meaning also board your family.

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In that except man Subbu Carla Hill Cole, upon whom the statement of Allah has already passed. What does it mean by that?

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This code refers to the call of punishment, the decree of punishment, being those people from your family who are decreed or destined to be punished, ie those people who have not believed don't board them onto the ship. And who did that include his wife as well as his son, they did not believe they were not sincere in their belief.

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So he was told to board his family members except for these individuals. Who else would go on to the ship, woman and whoever has believed

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and how many had believed in him. Allah says woman and Omar who have not had believed in him in luckily except a few, only a few people had believed in him. Imagine after the effort of 950 years

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It is said that only 80 people believed in him. And according to others only 73 and according to others only 40

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Just imagine only 40 people 80 people 73 people had believed in him after the effort of 950 years. So when the ship was built, the storm began, there were stormy winds, the water gushed from below, the sky bore down heavily as well. And there was so much water that had drowned the peaks of the mountains as well.

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So no one was told that he must board the animals onto the ship as well.

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We learned incidental commerce number 11 to 14, that for fatahna Ababa, Summer ebma in Mohammed. So we open the gates of the heaven with water pouring forth. The water was coming down from the sky as well. Or for john older reunion fans, the old man who either amblin powder coated and we caused springs to gush forth from the earth. So the water was also gushing out of the earth. So the waters of the heaven and the earth met for a matter pre destined, meaning how much ever quantity of water was supposed to be there. That is what okay. Warhammer never Allah that He will work and will do so. And we carried him on a ship that was made of planks and nails. So his ship was made of wood, planks

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and nails that gdb our union does and even Canada COVID floating under our eyes, a reward for him who had been rejected. Meaning New Zealand had been rejected by his people, Allah rewarded him how by saving him.

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So what happened? We'll call her kabu. And he said to them really knew her SLM said to them, so to to the people that el kabu all of you embark, it'll cover from the roof letters, broadcast, but which literally means to write an animal and from that it is used for writing any vehicle.

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So embark fee has into it, meaning into the ship as you get onto the ship.

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say Bismillah In the name of Allah.

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So embark there in In the name of Allah With the name of Allah. Majid Aicha

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its course and also its Anchorage, meaning in the name of Allah, it will begin to run it will begin to sail and In the name of Allah, it will come to a stop

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the word Madrid Aicha is from newsletters jeem Ra. Yeah. Any other word from the same room?

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That Judy, it flows, it sails it runs.

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And magically from the root of the GMO yet this is actually an Islam love.

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What is it is some love? As you can see the word is meme GMO, and if

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Is that how you have it in your script? Okay, in some scripts, you will see meme GMO, because it's also read as module, or Mercury, or Moody, it's read in different ways.

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So this is actually on the structure of math.

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And math file, as you will learn is is rough. So Mercury is worth the place or time of flowing,

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the place or time of flowing, meaning when it begins to sail, the time that it begins to sail,

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that it starts off.

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Similarly, it means its watercourse, its passage, its progress, its journey as it sails because it's the place of Jara yejide. It's the place of sailing. So its passage its course its journey begins with the name of Allah and as it continues to sail with the name of Allah.

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Secondly, the word Majesty is also understood as muster.

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First is love. Secondly, muster

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as you will learn inshallah, that mafara is also one of the structures of Muslim. So mercury has meaning it's flowing.

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Throughout, it's flowing throughout its sailing. Allah's name will be pronounced continuously throughout the journey.

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So Bismillah imagery, In the name of Allah, it will begin to sail In the name of Allah, it will continue its journey.

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Throughout its sailing throughout its course throughout its passage, we will mention the name of Allah.

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One more Sangha, and also its Anchorage. Manasa. From the room fetters are all seen well boo. What is received me rasiya Ravasi to be firmly anchored.

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What does it mean to be firmly anchored?

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So morosa is again isn't

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the place of Anchorage, the place of stopping the place of arrival.

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What is Moosa? The place of arrival, the place of Anchorage, you have seen that ships, when they reach the dock, they're not just left on their own, you have to put an anchor in if you don't what's going to happen to it? It's going to float away with the water or by the wind.

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So Murcia has meaning as it comes to a stop as it reaches its destination, whose name will be mentioned a lesson

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and musataha also as Master, meaning it's anchoring, it's being still With the name of Allah. That With the name of Allah, it will sail and With the name of Allah, it will come to a stop when you wanted to sail say Bismillah when you wanted to stop servicemen in Nabila, fudo Rahim indeed your Lord is most forgiving, the surely forgiving and he's also merciful.

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By the way, my god Doesn't it sound different?

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Because there's no a sound in Arabic isn't it? There is either a or there is he?

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This sound is called m Allah.

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And inshallah you will learn about it in vegetarian Shama whenever you will learn but inshallah you will learn about it. So this is called email when it's not pronounced as a or E but a so called kabukiza Bismillah himadri hermosa in arrabida photo Rahim indeed, my lord is forgiving and he's also merciful.

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No highness, I meet all the people when you embark the ship, mentioned the name of Allah.

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When you reach the destination mentioned the name of Allah, it will continue to sail with the name of Allah. What does it show to us

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that when we get into our vehicle, we should remember of last time and throughout the journey as well we should remember a lot because who is the one who has enabled us to use that vehicle? Allah who has provided that to us Allah, Who gave us the ability to make it to purchase it, Allah. This is why Allah subhanaw taala must be remembered he must be thanked when boarding and when getting to the destination.

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All the new hotness and I'm he recited this throughout but even today when we embark on a ship, on a boat, on a canoe or aircraft, any means of transportation overwater, whether it is for re transportation or for fun, what should we do remember the name of the most apparent Bismillah imagery hawassa

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and we should also remember Allah subhanaw taala when embarking on some other type of vehicle, although this is especially for a ship or a boat, because this is sailing and it's coming to a stop anchoring and this is only used for a water and you can see vehicle or a ship or whatever. However for other vehicles, we should also make another door which is mentioned in sort of zakharov 12 to 14 there are lots of panel data says well let the Holocaust as well as your cola we're generally they'll come in and full fuel and army metal kaboom. And it is he who created the species all of them and has made for you of ships and animals those which you mount the Duster were allowed to re

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that you may several yourselves upon their backs, some dead Caronia Matata become it is the way to LA and then remember the favor of your Lord when you have settled upon them what the Hulu silverhand lady Sahar Alana Heather Womack Cannella, who were in, in our banana mukalla on that Exalted is He who has objected this to us whether it is an animal or a car or a plane or a boat, and we could not have otherwise have viewed

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this ship can float on water, but have been rolled around.

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So we do not have this ability. It is only a loss of panel data who has to do this to us. And indeed We to our Lord will surely return.

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So is he that new horizon, he mentioned the name of Allah at the beginning and also upon the arrival

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in terms of what we know is 28 to 29. We also see that fade is the way to enter warm America and full key falcoda al hamdu lillahi leadin and gentlemen, and cognizer alameen. And when you have boarded the ship, you and those with you then say prayers to Allah who has saved us from the wrongdoing people will call rugby and zayley moons Ellen mobile rockin entitlements

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and save my Lord, let me land at a blessing landing place and you are the best to accommodate us. So this teaches us that whenever we go on a journey at the beginning throughout the journey and finally at the

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Arrival as well. What should we do? remember Allah subhanaw taala? Because he is the one who has given us the ability,

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whatever God be him, and it sailed with them,

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meaning the ship was sailing with the people and the creatures in it.

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And where was it sailing Fimo gin, in waves that were as big as cologix Bal like mountains, Mo just under root letters. Meanwhile, Jean, and it is said that its support of the word mojotone with the Tamar booth at the end. And what is the mode a wave. So just imagine the ship was sailing in waves that were as huge as mountains called Japan. Japan is a poor love, Jebel. Just imagine the huge size, the magnitude, and the height of these waves that seemed like mountains, and the ship was sailing amongst them.

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It's possible that we see the ship is very huge. But with this description, we see that the ship was very small. And imagine the water how much it must have been boring down from the sky, erupting out of the earth, where he attached he begin Fimo gin kanji bar, each wave was like a mountain

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when other new and new or they said I'm called out to who even know who to his son,

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new horizon, I'm called out to his son and his son was not in the ship. He was not in the ship. Why? Because he was not a believer.

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What can I and he was meaning the sun was Femara z in a place apart. Marisol is from the roof letters iron zylab as Allah, what does our salami do? Stay away to keep aside from the same root of the word Morteza from the same root as far as you don't miss out a filmer he keep away from the wives when they are in the state of menstruation.

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So as Allah is to stay secluded, to stay away, to keep away and Mark is in this is also a symbol of Mark zil is his bluff. So what does it mean by market, a place of seclusion, a place of isolation. He was in a place apart from what apart from the ship, he was not on the ship, but he was separate from the ship.

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Secondly, what canopy Morrison has been understood as that he was in a position with regards to his religion away and separate from his father.

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He was not in the same figurative boat. He was not in the same boat as his father. He had a different position in religion.

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He was not on the same religion as his father What kind of femur is it? He was awake. He had separated himself from his father. So new harness that I'm called out to him that he abuna yet Oh, my son.

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Look at the word Yeah, bhulaiyaa and juneja gives meaning of love that Oh, my dear son earcup embark Marina with a scan right the ship with us get onto the ship with us. When at the end, do not be mild carefully with the disbelievers. Don't be with those people who display this Mar is off Maria. What does it mean by Maria, to be in the companionship of someone

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to be with someone.

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So he tells his son, don't be in the companionship of all of this believers. Don't be their companion in their Deen in keeping away from us in doing what they're doing. Rather, come and join us.

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We see that this person, he was a son of a prophet. He was a son of the Messenger of Allah the first prophet. But his company was not righteous. His friends were not a good influence on him.

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And they were caffeine, which is why new Harrison m says Don't be in the company of the caffeine. Because what happens and model marmande have been a person is Mara is with those whom he loves. If he sits with them, if he gets up with them, if he talks with them, if he stays in their company eventually is going to do what they're doing. So even at this moment, he was not willing to be with his father he was willing to be with Who were those people who were displeased and his father, he offers him a last chance come join me leave their company, but he was too happy with his friends and he didn't want to leave that company. We see that no Hello Sam wanted to save a son from the

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punishment. But again, guidance is in the hands of Allah

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No matter how much you want for someone you cannot give it to them unless and until Allah allows.

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So what was the response of the sun? Allah? He said, Sir, we illegible and I am going to take refuge in a javelin on a mountain. So are we are we using the root letters Hamza? Well, yeah. And Matt were

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a place of shelter. So, we, I will take shelter, I will take refuge, Isla Javelin to a mountain.

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Remember that the people had never seen a storm such as this before.

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They had never seen a flood such as this before. And there was no weather forecast to tell them how bad that fraud was going to be. They had no idea. So this son also thought I can just go on top of a mountain and I'll be okay. The water is going to be beneath me the water cannot manage to reach the height of the mountains it cannot drown the mountains and besides it cannot even move the mountains. So I'll just go on the top of the mountain. I will say myself, I don't need to help my father. So I will eat a javelin. I'm going to go on the top of the mountain and this mountain here a Simoni it will protect me middle mat from the water, meaning it will protect me from drowning into the water

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Yasuni from the roof gutters are inside me.

00:26:22 --> 00:26:28

And what does that mean to save something from some harm by keeping it in your protection?

00:26:30 --> 00:26:40

So I will go to the mountain and by staying on the mountain, I will be protected from Germany I will be saved from Germany. Yasukuni minima.

00:26:42 --> 00:27:32

Allah he responded No. SLM said, there I'll see my Leone there is no protector today, there is no one who can save you today. Min Emery lair from the command of Allah, no one can save from the punishment of Allah today, a lamb or rahima except for the one who Allah showed mercy to meaning only the one who Allah wishes to save, only he will be saved. No matter what you do, you will not be able to save yourself. But he did not listen. He did not listen to his father. He did not accept his invitation. And what happened soon walhalla and it came in between how that from the root letters how well halia Hulu, to come in between to intervene, where Alamo and Allahu lubaina Murray will be

00:27:32 --> 00:27:33

to come in between.

00:27:34 --> 00:27:48

So Hannah avena Homer and intervene between them to this conversation was going on. New Helena was telling us uncom that onto the ship and the sun was resisting that No, I don't want your help. I can save myself.

00:27:49 --> 00:27:55

I'm enough for myself, I'll go on top of the mountain this conversation was going on. When within moments.

00:27:56 --> 00:28:10

A mode a wave came in between Academy and mobile clean and use of those who were drowned. He drowned before the very eyes of his father, by his father was trying to save him. What kind of an unmoved rocking,

00:28:11 --> 00:28:15

he was a son of a messenger. But he was drowned. Why?

00:28:16 --> 00:28:19

Because he did not accept the invitation of his father.

00:28:21 --> 00:28:45

When his father invited him to him and he did not accept when his father invited him to board onto the ship, he did not accept. So for Canon and McLaughlin, he became of those who were drowned. Just look at how much effort the father was putting in. But if the child does not want good for himself, if a person again does not want good for himself, then the well wishes of others cannot benefit him.

00:28:46 --> 00:28:53

The change has to come from where from inside from within you. What can I mean? Just imagine,

00:28:54 --> 00:28:56

put yourself in the position of neutrality.

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You're telling your friend, you're telling your child to come

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save yourself, get onto the ship and they don't listen. They don't listen.

00:29:07 --> 00:29:13

And this is the reality of the person who is offered a man but he refuses to accept.

00:29:14 --> 00:29:25

Remember the profits or losses, Adams had a similar statement that I'm trying to save you from the fire and you are racing towards it like moths and butterflies. You're running towards the fire and I'm trying to save you.

00:29:27 --> 00:29:33

This is exactly what's happening over here. They see the water but they still don't listen to know how they see.

00:29:34 --> 00:29:40

They see it but they still don't want to help themselves. Then can the other person help him know?

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How more direct Can you be in trying to help someone? So what was the problem with the son of new heinessen it was bad company. It was bad company that led him to making very wrong choices. very wrong decisions that even when he saw destruction before his eyes, he didn't see it.

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He didn't take it as something dangerous. Why? Because of the influence of his bad company. So we need to see as well, that whose company are we in.

00:30:13 --> 00:30:20

If we keep ourselves, if we keep our children in the company of those who disobey Allah, then they will continue to do that.

00:30:21 --> 00:30:31

No matter how much you want them, no matter how much you tell them. And if you don't change your company, then you will not be able to change yourself, you will not be able to change yourself.

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Recently, there was a documentary that somebody had mentioned to me about, I saw a clip of that even in which there were some teenagers who were prone to committing very serious crimes, the record was getting really bad. So in order to save these children from ending up in prison, with a life sentence, they took these children to the prison to show them how life in prison is.

00:30:58 --> 00:31:01

And they showed that this is what happens. This is how you treat it.

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And it was so sad that still there were some children who refuse to change their ways. Why? Because they were in the company of wrong friends who were doing drugs, who are stealing, who are robbing.

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So when you don't get out of that company, then no matter what you see, no matter what you hear, no matter what you're short, it doesn't make a difference to you. What do you have to do? Change your company?

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This is why we have been told to Hitler.

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And Hitler does not necessarily mean that you leave your country and go to another country and adopt the same kind of friends. What does it mean?

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That you do a draw from what Allah has forbidden.

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If it means you have to change your company, you change that company.

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Because unless and until you change your environment, you cannot help yourself.

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The son of new Hadassah, he was in perhaps the most righteous household. Imagine his father was a prophet. It wasn't that religion was unknown to him. He knew about it very well, but he didn't see it. Why?

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Because he did not like his father. He liked his friends who were carefree.

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But he drowned with them. He ended up in the same punishment with them.

Hud 25-49 Word Analysis and Tafsir 40-44

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