Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 11 – L115F

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The human habit of collecting hate for oneself is discussed, along with the benefits of the Quran and the use of macom in various cultures. The importance of privacy and privacy in personal relationships is emphasized, along with the need for conviction and fearless execution. The successors of Islam are stressed, and the dangerous and practical situation of submitting to Allah subhanaw taala is discussed. The importance of clear evidences and evidence in proving the legitimacy of Islam is emphasized, as it is crucial for a messenger to be successful.
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Are we living in a shared language in Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim?

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I was listening to the discussion that you all were having about hoarding. And I was just reflecting that human beings by nature, they want hate for themselves, isn't it?

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Every person wants good for himself, which is why anything that he finds that he thinks could benefit him, he wants to have it, whether it is some food, or it is a piece of garment, or it is a pen or a pencil or anything, right? Which is why people develop this habit of collecting things because you think that this might benefit me? What if I need this? And by nature, this is a good thing to have, this is a good characteristic to have, because you should always be searching for something that's going to benefit you. But Allah soprano data, what does he want us to focus on? That compared to the things of Estonia, what is it that really benefits us? It's the Quran, because

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the things of this dunya they can only benefit us temporarily.

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Isn't it so? And their benefit is also partial, it's incomplete. But the benefit of the Quran, it is much more and it's not temporary.

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The benefit that Koran brings us isn't the dunya isn't the grave isn't the hereafter as well. This is why this comparison is being made, who will hire me manage my own, that people gather things to benefit themselves, but of the best things out there that you can get for yourself is what the Quran the knowledge of the Quran, a man of the Quran because that is what is truly going to benefit us.

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So the point of this was not to make fun of or laugh at people or consider this to be such a cheap habit or something like that. But the point is that we must reflect on ourselves and think that what is it that we should be collecting for ourselves?

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Okay, let's continue the lesson. Lesson number 115. Sorta Tunis will begin from Isaiah number 71.

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What are they him and recite to them? Number a new one. The news of new early hustler

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breeding Oh Prophet sallallahu Sallam recite to the people the story the news of the Prophet new or the his center.

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Meaning his story as to how he dealt with his people. His color when he said no at a salon said he called me to his people. What did he say? That Yeah, call me or my people. In if Ghana, it was terrible. It was great. If it is very great or they come upon you, what is very great upon you. Murakami, my place my standing whatever key and my reminding you my reminder

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of what the I Attila II with the vs of Allah.

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in Cana Kabbalah, la ko makani, whatever, ke B Atilla, if my residents if my stay here, and my reminding of the signs of Allah has become too great for you. kabbalists from the newsletters, gaff Berra. And what does that literally mean to be big and colorful? is when something becomes very difficult, very burdensome for a person. It's very difficult for him to tolerate it.

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So in Cana Kabbalah alaykum, it's become very difficult for you, it's become intolerable for you what makani First of all, mikumi is a combination of macom and the year at the end, which means me and this year is called here with a cannon. Okay, you know how your tables when you're learning, there's a third person, there's a second person then there's the first person the first person is called with a colleague, because he's the one who's speaking. So my army, my place and the word mcommerce. From there implanters off well mean comma commas literally to stand.

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And the word macom is used as the status of a person, the position that he has.

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And secondly, the word macom is also used for residents.

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It is also used for residents because it's the place where a person stands a place where a person resides from the same root of the word karma, what is it karma?

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karma is also used for what

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you know when people go to some other country and then they have to get their karma. What is it? residence, right?

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So makhan is residents. You should relate words with such words so that you can remember them. Okay? So if my mom is very difficult for you, what does it mean by that? First of all, if

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My staying here amongst you, my residents amongst you has become very difficult for you to bear.

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How long was new Edison amongst his people

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for over 900 years, and throughout that period, he was delivering the message to them.

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And constantly the people were in denial. So he is saying, if my residence here has become very difficult for you, you can't tolerate me anymore You want me to leave.

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Secondly, macom has also been understood as my position,

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what position they knew how they

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have a messenger of a diary that he was calling them to Allah. So in other words, this work that I am doing, while amongst you that I am calling you to Allah, if this has become very burdensome on you, were the key and my reminder that key from the roof letters, they'll care for

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the crown, Vic, that key does key is to remind

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liquor is

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reminder, the clothes altar reminder and the key is to remind to give reminder.

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So my giving reminder to you my reminding you of the Ayat of Allah, meaning my reminding you of your duty to Allah, soprano, tada of worshiping Him alone has become too difficult for you. In other words, you cannot tolerate me any more than for the Lucha debacle to then upon Allah I have trusted.

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And notice Allah He upon of meaning upon only Allah, I have put my trust that he is going to support me, he is going to help me he is going to protect me against you. Then what should you do for me? So all of you gather together

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as you move from there to Tetris, g meme, I'm jemar, which means to collect together together.

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So all of you gather and welcome your affair your matter.

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At Jimmy row, a Morocco

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literally means you all gather your affair. But the words together, they give the meaning off to agree on a plan.

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What do they mean, to agree on a plan to make a joint decision to come to terms, so all of you make a plan.

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either of you make a joint decision, all of you come to terms with sugar accom, and your partners as well. Meaning take the help of who of all those Gods whom you worship, besides almost

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all of you collectively plan? Why in order to harm me, in order to expel me in order to finish me,

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all of you people, and also seek the help of your Shoraka. And once you've made this plan to army, don't keep it as a secret.

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Someone then lay upon it should not be unbroken your matter meaning your decision that you've made concerning me. Are they come upon you Houma, obscure

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Luma is from the root Tetris line, meme meme.

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Behind me meme, the word of a meme is also from the same root, what does

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a cloud What does it do? It gives you it,

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it covers, it hinders sunlight from reaching the surface of the earth, from the same root as the word alum as well, what does love mean? sadness, because that also, you know, covers a person, it makes him gloomy, makes him sad.

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So, this plan that you have made, it should not remain as Luma. What does it mean by Luma? obscure, hidden? What it means is that don't make it as a secret plan,

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publicize it,

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carry it out, executed openly, in front of me in front of one another.

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Tell one another as well.

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So in other words, what he's saying is, make a plan to harm me and execute it without any fear.

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Because generally what happens when people wish to do something wrong when people wish to do something evil?

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Eye for example, getting a particular person, then what do they do?

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They make a plan in privacy, isn't it? So just remember the time when the machine of Makkah, were deciding to get rid of the profits out of all the sudden, how do they do it?

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in privacy in a private gathering, they didn't go out in the harem. And even when they wish to execute that plan, they didn't do it in the morning, when did they do it at night. So similarly, he's saying that this plan that you're making

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Don't fear people don't fear me rather executed openly do it fearlessly some mockable illa Yeah, then you all decree to me. overdue for newsletters, car body acaba kabayaki. Is to accomplished execute to carry out a layer to me meaning perform what you have intended to me. Intended with regards to me, do what you have decided about me when I totally Ronnie and do not give me any respect. Don't lead only from the realtors noon law.

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Don't give me any chance don't defer the plan. Don't give me any chance Just do it.

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So we see over here that new hairless lamb he did our for over 900 years. But the people were not believing in him at all. And it was getting to a point where the people could not tolerate him anymore. They wanted to get rid of him.

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So he said to them openly, that if you cannot tolerate me anymore, then go ahead, try to make a plan and execute it against me. I have trusted upon Allah, all of you get together, agree upon a plan. And don't keep it as a secret plot, but rather do it fearlessly openly. And let's see what happens.

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Don't give me any rest. Don't delay this at all.

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Don't say that you're going to carry it out next week or next year? No, do something against me right now.

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Now who can say such a thing?

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The person who is extremely confident about what he's doing.

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The person who is very confident about what he's doing.

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That he can challenge other people try dare to harm me. So it shows the confidence that new hair salon had.

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That what he was doing, what he was preaching was 100% true. So what do we see that conviction? certainty, it gives confidence to a person.

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So if we're ever afraid of obeying the commands of Allah, then what does it mean? We lack conviction, we lack certainty. Because if we were 100% sure that this is the very best option for me, then we would not doubt for even a moment,

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we would not fear people for even a moment.

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And this type of your pain, this type of conviction is essential for a messenger

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for someone who is conveying the message of a lot to people.

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So it's not just essential for a messenger, but anyone who conveys the message of a lot to the people after him.

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Why? Because when he is delivering the message, you will face many challenges, a lot of opposition.

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And this opposition should not make him fearful should not make him stop.

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The person should be confident that if I am doing the work of a loss of panatela and I have trusted upon Allah, He will protect me, he will save me. I rely upon him. He is one who commanded me I'm obeying Him, He will take care of me. And if all the people gather together to harm me, they cannot harm me unless and until Allah allows.

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And we see that even with our listener, when his people said to him that in Nakula Illa Taka Babu earlier Tina bizu, in

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that the people said to him that we think that our gods they have intended some evil for you. Which is why you're saying what you're saying. Allah He said in a shade of law was shadow anybody remember to shake on that I call a love to witness and you bear witness as well that I have free from that which you ascribe as partners in worship with him.

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mainone for kidani Jamia supplies against me all of you so monotone loony and do not give me any respect, in need of a call to Allah he'll be what have become I have put my trust in Allah, Who is my Lord, and also your Lord.

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So what's the lesson in this for us? That when we have to do something, and act of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala then we should be 100% confident about it.

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Because only when we have that confidence, then can we obey.

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And if we begin to fear people,

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if we begin to fear their threats, if we begin to fear their plans against us, then we will never be able to do anything that we want to do.

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For Interlaken and if you turn away, new Edison continued, that if you turn away meaning from my turkey, from my reminding you my invitation that I'm giving you to believe in Allah subhanaw taala. So if you turn away from us to come, then I have not asked you men aged in any reward.

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Meaning that know that I am not going to lose anything.

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Do you understand? If you turn away, then you should know that I did not ask you for any budget anyway.

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In other words, if you were to believe it's not like I was going to get some personal benefit.

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And if you don't believe I was going to suffer some personal harm, no, when I am calling you to Allah, I am not calling you so that I can get some get some reward from you. You cannot give me reward anyone who can give me reward for the work that I'm doing Allah subhanaw taala. So if you don't listen to me, you cannot harm me. Who are you going to harm in reality yourself. And this is what happens many times

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that sometimes the person is telling us about what the truth is, but what is really the right thing to do. But we have some personal grudge against them some personal bias against them, and we don't listen to them.

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Why? Because we think that if we don't listen to them, somehow or the other, we're going to harm them. But in reality, who are we harming ourselves? Because they're not gonna get anything by our doing right. it's we who are going to benefit so for myself to come in Nigerian, I have not asked you for any budget anyway.

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Because in Nigeria, not is my reward in that except Allah upon Allah, only a look and give me reward, what will make do and I have been commanded an akuna minal muslimeen, that I should be of those who submit to Allah.

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And this was the man head, this was the creed of all of the prophets of Allah. What submitting to Allah subhanaw taala alone. And we see this repeatedly in total Valhalla at 131 to 132 What did we learn? It's part of the horrible Islam. Islam to me, Abraham renesola wasabia Ibrahim Ibn he were

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a perahera Sam and yaku bredeson and both of them What did they do?

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Both of them they gave this was a year to their children that you have any Yeah, in Allah has stuff Allah como Deen ferratum una Illa anthem, Muslim moon. This was a creed of all the prophets use of RNA Salaam as well. Instead of use of Ayah 101 we learn a lot because I take any minute Mulkey while I lengthen him into reading a Hades falcoda similarity will interleave it dunia will after they were funny will Sleeman while happy beside him even he makes $1 that are funny Muslim and make me die as a Muslim masala Sana he also said in the same sort of I 84. inshallah, we will learn that the alchemy in quantum momentum biLlahi Farrelly, ito kalu in contumacy me if you are Muslim.

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So we see that this was a creed of all of the messengers of Allah, that they submitted to Allah subhanaw taala and knew how to send the first messenger. What does he say that what made to an akuna Muslim Muslim, I have been commanded to be of those who are Muslim, those who submit to Allah, therefore, I'm not going to leave what Allah has commanded me out of your fear.

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Forget the blue bird they believe in you know, they denied him for energy now, so we saved him. Allah subhanaw taala rescued him Omar who and those who were with him meaning those people who believed in know her, they said

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How did we save them? Phil full key in the ship. Water allow him and we made them. We made who we made those people who were saved with new addition.

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We made them holla if successors were on the earth, meaning from now on it was these people who resided upon the earth. It was no other nation. It was only those people. And after them it was their progeny that continued. Well, there are now honkala if

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we're unlocking it, and we drowned alladhina camdeboo Biya Tina, those people who denied our I add funds of So look, can you fuckin Araki batterman Daddy, how was the consequence of those people who were warned Monza Dean who is one of the

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one who has been given the warning and who is one the

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one who gives the warning.

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So who does the ones that refer to the people of no Hadassah? They were given the warning very clearly very openly, but still they're rejected. So Allah subhanaw taala saying, Look, what was your end? Now we have to check as well. That we have also been given several warnings.

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So what is our behavior

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at the end, those upon the truth, those who actually

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Except the warning, they're the ones who are successful.

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Some of us know then we sent member the after him meaning afternoon and he said and we sent roussillon messengers to either foamy him to their people.

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Allah subhanaw taala sent many messengers afternoon, I listen to their people and new artists and I was the first messenger. And after him which messengers were sent, for example, lute artists and Ibrahim alayhis salam before them, sure. abrahamsson.

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Who else slyly heard so

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many messengers were sent for the EU, so they came to them? Meaning the messengers came to their people with what will begin at with the clear proofs. What do the way you refer to clear evidences through which the truth of the messenger was obvious, and these v net include the miracles and it also includes the evidences that the messengers gave?

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For America? No, but they were not leave me know that they would believe. Meaning despite the clear evidences, despite the clear miracles, these people, they did not believe why Bheema cut the movie, because they had denied in him in who, in the messenger, mean, covelo from before?

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What does it mean by that? That when the messenger came to the people, what was your initial reaction,

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of denial, of disbelief, and because they deny the messenger right at the beginning, after that, no matter what the messenger said to them, no matter what he showed them, they refuse to believe.

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Then the following I add, we will see as to how musar listen to him, he was sent to fit our own. And the initial reaction of our own was of what denial. And after that, no matter what Musa SNM showed him,

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fit our own refuse to believe. Why, because it's the arrogance, because of the arrogance, that because they had disbelieved the first time they refused to believe after that they refused to change their minds. So format can only you know, be marketable, because they had denied before in the messenger Main Avenue before when he first came to them.

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This is why they were not to believe

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gallica. Likewise, not very, we set a seal, Allah colluvial Morita, Dean upon the hearts of those people who cross limits.

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What was the area that what was your crossing limits, that they rejected the messenger, as soon as they heard about it,

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that was their initial reaction, without using their mind without paying attention, without asking anything. Their initial reaction was of denial.

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And because they denied

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at the beginning, a loss of final data set up on their hearts, then no matter how much they were shown, no matter what they were told, they refuse to be.

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As we learn in the Quran, that one only will have a data who will ever saw the home and we shall turn their hearts and their eyes away from guidance. Why? Because they did not believe in the first time.

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They did not believe the first time

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Like for example, the prophets are allowed to sell them as well. When he came as a messenger, when he was sent as a messenger. There were some people who rejected right at the beginning.

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They recognize the truth, they understood it, they knew it, but they reject it. Why? Because of their bias, because of their arrogance, like for example, a Buddha Buddha, there was an arrogance that prevented them from believing there was this fear that if we believe in Him, we will lose our prestige, we will lose our leadership.

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Which is why even if the sausage troops, even if they recognize that they refuse to believe, and after that, no matter what they heard, no matter what they saw, they refuse to believe why, because now it was a competition against the help. It was a competition against the messenger. It became personal now.

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And we will see in the story that is mentioned afterwards the story of her own, that this is exactly what happened. That musala sam brought him the message. He refused at the beginning. And later on, even when he saw the truth. He refused to accept because accepting the truth meant degrading himself and he was not willing to do that.

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Amal Kumar,

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in Nigeria.

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Remember, we learned that if luck gives us an opportunity, and we don't avail it, then what happens? We lose future opportunities as well. So similarly, when a person rejects something the first time, then what happens? His ego comes in the middle, and that prevents him from accepting the truth, even if he realizes it.

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And this is something very dangerous, practical lahoma we have the kind of internal stuff we're going to be like I said, I'm already caught on delay.

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