Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 11 – L115E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of good dreams and the success of achieving Islam, including the success of the Prophet sallavi and the god's guidance. The success of Islam is centered around being a good person and not being insulted. The conversation also touches on the concept of success and negative actions, including false expectations and the potential consequences of lying about certain actions. The audience is encouraged to not be fooled by the presence of success and the desire for everyone to feel successful.
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So who are the Olia? Allah? alladhina? amanu? What can we act upon those people who have believed?

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Those people who believe they have the right to man? What kind of a token and they also fear Allah?

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Do things I've mentioned over here, amen. And then also the court

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because a person can have a man. But what is it that drives a person to observing that email?

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To proving that email? It's to fear of of

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so many times we have no idea you alladhina amanu and a command is given.

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We know about those comments. But what is it that will enable us to observe those comments? It's the fear of alpha. So they have a man What can we get the only thing they do what they're supposed to do and they stay away from what they have been forbidden?

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So what do we learn

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that every believing and bias and God fearing person is a friend of Allah

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lahoma Basra for them is good news. Of what good news of reward

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Phil hayata dunia in the life of this world war Phil after and also in the Hereafter, they will get the good news of reward not just in the Hereafter, but also in the dunya they will get it

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later with the reliquary Mattila, there is no changing in the words of Allah, the kalimat of Allah. What are the Kalamata of Allah, the promises that have Lost Planet Allah has made,

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no one can alter them.

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Allah subhanaw taala has promised them a good reward, a good end, no one can change that.

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No one can change the promise of Allah, Veronica who will found her earlier and that is a greatest success, what is a great success?

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What is a great success to get Bushra filha to dunya fulfill ask Allah to be of the Odia of a lot to be off those who will have no fear nor any husband on the day of judgment in the hereafter.

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The question is, what is this bush law that they will get in this world and also in the hereafter?

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This has been understood in various ways. First of all, this has been understood as a true dream.

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A True Vision

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that a person might have himself or another might have of him, which shows the good end of a person that what he is doing is good.

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We don't even recommend he has recorded that our beloved Arnold he said that the Prophet said a lot of them said level will butcher will hire to do near zero. And then he said that the good dream that comes as a good news for the believer is part of 49 parts of prophethood. So if any one of you has a good dream, he should narrate it to others. But if he has a dream that he dislikes than it is from Shetland to make him sad. He should blow to his lap three times and say Allahu Akbar and should not mention it to anyone.

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So what is this good news, which a person sees in a dream?

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Like, for example, a person has a good dream, or another person has a good dream of him. What is it show a good end of the person? So the homeowner Bushra Phil Hyatt adonia, Allah subhanaw taala shows it to the person in this dunya even that what he is doing is good.

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Now it doesn't mean that we base everything on dreams. That just because somebody had a good dream about me was wearing something white and beautiful. Therefore, even though I'm not praying for that, I am fine. No, this is not the way we should not base everything on dreams. What happens is that when a person tries to draw closer to Allah soprano, tada, he becomes more and more obedient to Him. He wonders, is what I'm doing right? Is what I'm doing really going to be acceptable?

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What worse is it off? The person begins to wonder because this is what he's always worried about. Are my deeds going to be accepted or not? So Allah subhanaw taala shows it to him How? Through dreams,

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either to him or to other people. So for example, the parents or the friends or the relatives, the teachers, fellows, they say good dreams about that person, we chose that insha Allah, that person is on high on good.

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Similarly, a righteous person passes away. And you wonder, where are they? You wonder, for example, if it's your parents, if it's people who really love you wonder where they are. You wonder what ended they meet? What happens? Somebody has a dream about them. A good dream about them. So this is what good news Lomo. Bushra. Phil Hi adonia. So first of all, it has been understood as true dreams good dreams, which our last panel data shows to a person

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giving you good news. Secondly, Allah Bushra is also understood as good fame. When a person gains fame, what kind of fame which is positive, that he becomes well known for the good that he is doing.

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Now, this does not mean that just because somebody is famous, definitely what they're doing is good. People are famous and they're also infamous. Right? So lahoma Boucher, this Bushra is when a person becomes well known for the good that he is doing. Like, for example, Mr. Bahari, he wrote a book, isn't it? But look at how widespread that book is. Look at how widespread that good is. How many people are benefiting from it? How many people rely upon it, you hear the word Bacardi, and you know that that Hadees is authentic.

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Any other book except for Muslim and few other books? You wonder? Okay, but is it authentic? Right. But if you read Buhari, you know, definitely it is accepted. So this is a good reputation. When a person becomes famous for the good that he's doing. This is also good news that a person has given in his life,

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that inshallah the work that he has done is accepted

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in Sharla, that what he is doing is good. Similarly, Alicia includes the help of Allah, the assistance of Allah.

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Then when a person is doing something, Allah subhanaw taala helps him.

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Again, when you're doing something good, you wonder, should I really do it? Should I really continue with this course.

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And then you see your results from there like or 90s this is what good news that inshallah what you're doing is good, it is beneficial for you.

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Or, for example, your family members, they testify to the fact that Alhamdulillah they have seen a lot of positive changes in you. What is that? Good news? lahoma. Bushra, Allah help Allah assistance.

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Similarly, Alicia also refers to the good news that is given to the people in the dunya from the Quran and also at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam by the prophets.

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Like for example, some Sahaba, the 10 Sahaba they were given the good news of Jenna were in their life, even the ashada overshadow the 10 companions who were given the good news of Paradise even in dunya. We don't insult the Toba 21 you were shirahama boom era mighty men who worried when was your net in the home fee? Hi nerima morpheme their Lord gives them the good news of mercy from him and approval and of gardens for them were in his enduring pleasure. So lahoma, Bushra filha dunya. What will occur and also in the hereafter. And there's good news in the dunya has also been understood in another way.

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So how has that been understood good news in the world.

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Another way is that when the angels come to take the soul of the person at that time, while he's still alive, He is given the good news

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of what afterward

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to refer to the good news that the angels bring to the believer at the time of his death.

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They bring him good news apart. Jenna and mouthfilling.

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Like for example, we learned in the Quran in surah facilite is 3232 that in Medina, Carlota buena Lago de muster como, tetanus Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that those people who say Our Lord is Allah and then they remain firm. The angels descend upon them saying that don't fear and don't grieve what ambition will be generated Lotty contempt to atone and rejoice, be happy with gender which you have been promised. Similarly, international is 32 we learned a Latina that our fellow human melodica to be the ones on the angels taken death being good and pure, your coluna Assalamu alaikum and they say Peace be upon you. Although Jonathan Bhima Quantum thermolon enter paradise for what you used to do.

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Similarly, in the Hadees, we learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that when death approaches the believer, the angels with white faces and white clothes come to him and they say, Oh, good soul, come out to comfort and provision and the Lord who is not angry. The soul then comes out of his mouth, like a drop of water pouring out of a water skin

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tullahoma Bushra. Phil hyah to dunya and also they will have good news where in the hereafter

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letter with the Delica Mattila no one can change these promises of Allah and that is a great success. What do we think great success is the success of this world. But the real success is that of the hereafter.

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One is on cupola home and let another speech agree view

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Their speech whose speech, the speech of those people who deny you, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he faced a lot of opposition from his enemies.

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And that opposition was also verbal. And sometimes verbal opposition is the worst. Because people cannot dare to harm you physically. But they say such things about you that cut you up from inside

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that sting you that fears through your heart, they would call him a candidate to share it.

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They would say less than one, Sarah, you are not at all a messenger. They would market him just imagine somebody is mocking at you. Just imagine somebody is calling you bad names, and he's publicizing them. How would you feel?

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If somebody says something negative about you, even online, and only a few people get to read it? How do you feel humiliated, insulted.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam has been told, lay on kokkola home, whatever they're saying, their statements of mockery, their statements of denial. They should not grieve you don't be sad, because in there is indeed the honor. Who does it belong to delay for a larger mirin altogether?

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When somebody says something negative about you, and it becomes public, you feel humiliated, isn't it? You feel as if you've been insulted that people will not respect you anymore?

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But what does Allah say? That all reserved belongs to Allah anyway.

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All reserved, all prestige, all honor and power it belongs to Allah. You are a human being in a certain Illa engineering, if somebody insults you, what should you think resides for Allah Anyway, I'm only a human being.

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And who was me earlier, he is the hearing. And he is the knowing a lot here is what they're saying to me and he knows what I am going through.

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And we should remember this, that if the prophets of Allah went through this, if the righteous people went through this people mocking at them people saying negative things to them, people being harsh towards them. If people have not even spared a lesser penalty, that they have marked a lot and said negative things about Allah, then who are we?

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Who are we we are nothing and we should remember that Allah is hearing Allah is Knowing he knows very well as to what people are saying. We learned until the sofit i 180. So the hanabi cannabutter is it? Am I asleep on exalted is your Lord, the Lord of Might, about what they describe?

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To who is Allah or Buddha. So many times we say Allah

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azza wa jal, Rob Buhler is so all reserved belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. We're human beings anyway. So if somebody insults us, what's the big deal? Allah, unquestionably know this, that in Melilla, he indeed belongs to Allah, what manifests somehow it woman Phil or the whoever that is in the heavens and whoever that is in the earth. Everyone, everything in the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah soprano.

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His milkier His possession, his ownership is complete and perfect.

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Woman you have your lady near the room and dooney lay Shoraka

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and those who invoke other than Allah do not actually follow his partner's

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woman yet tomorrow. And he does not follow who does not follow alladhina those people who gather owner they invoke men don't lie besides Allah. In other words, those people who do shake

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those people who do shake, who are they calling upon?

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Shoraka partners, partners of who?

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Allah, what does it mean by the statement?

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that these people, when they are calling upon their Shaka, they are not actually Shaka of Allah.

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When these people, the polytheists when they call upon their shadowcat, they're not actually sure cap.

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In reality, they're not partners of Allah.

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And this part of the ayah has been understood in another way. That one may yet the bureau man means what is

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that? What is it that these people are calling upon?

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are they calling upon besides a lot partners? While these partners are non existent? They're not even there. Why am I at the very levena there Unum, Indonesia aka

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IATA Verona, in reality, what are they following? a loved one except supposition.

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They're not

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really calling upon partners of a law quote unquote, partners of Allah?

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Who are they following? What are they doing? They're following supposition because Allah does not have any partners.

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In their assumption in their thinking in their mind, they're calling upon the partners of Allah, his son, his children, his wife now with a villa or his partner, but what does Allah say? In reality, he does not have any partners. So what are these people doing? They are following supposition. They don't have your thing they have assume that Allah has partners, they have assumed that there is a God of this and a God of that. In reality, there is only one healer, because he is the only owner. What in whom, and they are not a liar who soon except estimating. Yeah, so soon as 100 letters ha, are offside fifths. And what does this mean to estimate the quantity of fruit? on a tree? Remember,

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so it is basically to get something

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to guess. So they're only guessing

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when they set up imaginary gods and they attribute imaginary functions to them. This is what based on assumption, guesswork, there is no evidence for it. So what do we learn in this ayah? That Allah subhanaw taala alone is the only God and that there is no foundation, no basis for sure. So no matter what they say, don't get affected, don't feel that because they are wrong,

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who are ladee He is the one who generally local who has made for you later the night why, for what purpose, later school fee, so that you find rest in it. Lita schools the school newsletter seemed crafternoon sukoon

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and what the school me to become still to have peace. So, he has made the night so that you find peace in it.

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So that you can rest in it when the * and he has made the day mobile Ceylon giving site the word mobile site is from the roof Tetris bear sodre and mobile site is understood as one that shows one that sees

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one that can see.

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So, he has made the day seeing

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what does he mean by that? The day can see

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the day can see the day cannot see what can see in the day we can see right. So by saying he has made the day seen, what it means is that he has made that is such that you are able to see in it

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just like for example we say the river is flowing,

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what is actually flowing, the water is flowing in the river.

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Similarly, in Arabic, he said Leyland armor blind night. What does it mean? That it's so dark that people become blind in it, they cannot see anything in it. Okay, so he has made the day seeing meaning giving sight in the feed Erica, indeed in that Allah is designed with only a smartphone for people who listen, who listen to what will listen to the Quran,

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who listen to what Allah subhanaw taala is saying, those people who accept who listened attentively,

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if you look in this ayah, the cipher of the night has not been mentioned,

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the attribute the characteristic of the night has not been mentioned. But the work that has to be done in it has been mentioned, isn't it?

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He has made the night so that you can rest in it.

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On the other hand, the day what has been mentioned about the cipher, but not the work that is to be done in it.

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Correct. The night he has made so that you can rest in it. The day he has made bright and visible.

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Why? So that we use our minds and think and reflect that he has made the night for us to rest in

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how that he has made the night such it's dark, it's peaceful, it's quiet, it's silent. That is a cipher of the night, which is why we're able to rest in it. And the day he has made it such that we can see in the day why it's that we can do our work.

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So the night is for sleeping for resting and the day is for working. Not the other way around.

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Remember that it's not the other way around.

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What is it supposed to be that we rest in the night and we work in the day

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we learned instead of the night

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I number nine to 11 with Gianna Noma calm so bad weather and the Laila labasa weather Alana hora, Marcia and we have made your sleep a means for rest and made the night as clothing as a garment it covers you and he has made the day for livelihood

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or do they have said it to her Allahu Allah that Allah has taken a child somewhere Hannah who Glorified is He meaning how can you have a child he does not need a child because he will when he you He is rich.

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Who has said that Allah has a child, so many people, the Muskegon said he has daughters, they are who said he has a Santa nesara They also said he has a son. So Karnataka Allahu Allah that Allah subhana wa he does not need a son, who will honey he is rich, he does not need a child. Now who Memphis somehow it will mess it up. He owns everything that is in the heavens and everything that is in the earth, He does not need any children.

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In the commensal filing, you do not have any evidence for it. In not in the comb. You have mental done in any evidence the word savant is used in different ways over here it gives meaning of evidence.

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Meaning you have no evidence to support your claim that Allah has a child.

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What evidence do you have?

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What proof do you have? Bring some proof that shows that Allah really has a child?

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At aku Luna? Do you all say are the lucky about Allah? May Allah tala moon what you don't know? Are you just fabricating things about Allah?

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If you are doing that, then remember that cold say in alladhina indeed those people who have taruna and Allah healthcare diva who fabricate lies against Allah lay you for whom they can never be successful.

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For now, you may think that they're successful, because they're not punished immediately. They're saying such an atrocious statement, but nothing happens to them. So you might think that they're being successful, but what is Allah say, those people who fabricate lies about Allah, they can never be successful, neither in the dunya, nor in the Hereafter, because eventually they will be caught. And right now what they have is their own fifth dunya a temporary enjoyment in this world. Some Elena ma gerawan, then to us as they return some money to go home, then we will make them taste are there but the punishment what kind of punishment is shady, the severe? Why be mad Can we look for

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own because of the comfort that they used to do? So what does it show to us? That lying against Allah, ascribing children to Allah partners to Allah, this is what

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what is this? Go for? vema can Oh yuck foon because of the kafir that they used to do,

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we learn insolate Miriam, I add 88 to 93 that will Carlota holla Rama Nuala there and they say that the Most Merciful has taken for himself a son.

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What does Allah say to Shay and it the you have done an atrocious thing? You have done a terrible thing by saying this. And how terrible is a statement that the cat is somehow Why do we have autonomy and who wasn't shocked with the federal devalue had the heavens almost rupture there from

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the heavens would break apart, they would rupture and the Earth would split open and the mountains would collapse in devastation. Why? And there are many weather there that they attribute to the Most Merciful a son.

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But a lot does not need a son, woman a young bully like Manny, either whether it is not appropriate for the Most Merciful that he should take us on. Why? Because in koloman facility will be in utter harmony Aveda. There is no one in the heavens in the earth, but that he will come to the Most Merciful as a servant.

00:24:03 --> 00:24:15

So what do we learn from these I add that the statement of ship, ascribing partners to Allah, this is such hyenas. This is such an atrocious crime,

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that the consequences are severe.

00:24:19 --> 00:24:43

What are those consequences that Allah subhanaw taala says that the whole Heavens and the Earth would get destroyed because it's such a severe statement. But we see that nothing happens. You might wonder if so many people, ascribe partners to alpha, but nothing as such happens. So what does Allah say? That in reality, these people are not successful?

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If now they're not being punished. It is rescued by that Allah is giving them

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and what they have right now is only mataro dunya

00:24:55 --> 00:25:00

and mataro dunya. does Allah have any value for it? does Allah ascribe any value

00:25:00 --> 00:25:01

Do it know,

00:25:02 --> 00:25:13

if Allah ascribed any value to the material dunya then a person would be able to rent them himself by offering this entire world, but we see that that's not the case.

00:25:15 --> 00:25:20

So if a person who does check if a person who does wrong, no matter how much dounia he has

00:25:21 --> 00:25:32

never considered that he is successful, because those people who lie against a lot they can never be successful. What they have right now is their own

00:25:33 --> 00:25:42

temporary enjoyment, and eventually they will see their end. So don't be fooled by the presence success of those who are disobedient

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with decentralization desired

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he v.

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00:27:23 --> 00:27:25

v one

00:27:38 --> 00:27:38


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with me.

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harmonica, Michel de la Ilaha. illa Anta the stockbroker wanted to believe assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah.

Yunus 53-74 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 64-70

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