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Yunus 75-109 Translation 75-109

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Susan Karim and my dad for older Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem furbish rashly surgery was simply only Washington that only listen III have totally forgotten

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lesson number 116 pseudo units

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I 75 to 109

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then beisner we sent men from body him after them we saw we saw the salon were heroin and heroin

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in his own

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or mentor he and his cheats the era Tina with our clear truths sustainable so they acted arrogantly working and they were the people would remain once criminals send a man then when

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it came to them and the truth I mean some Indian as near as Tony they said in the indeed however this decision surely a magic moonbeam one clear one open

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corner he said Musa Musa a salon, do the toluna you will say

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to the truth lender when

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it came to

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his sexual magic, however this all there and not usually who he succeeds a superhero those who are magicians?

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They do they said, Oh, did you come to us? Little sweetener so that you turn away as our man So what was your dinner we found a lady abandoned their honor our fathers or our forefathers

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Latinas and it is it will be local man for you do a Kibriya in the greatness see in a lb the earth the land

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and not nationally we'd love for you to denote meaning at all ones who believe or in the least ones who believe

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we'll call it and he said for their own for their own it to me you will come to me because he was every session magician or name one knowledgeable

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solemnise Irwin journal he came to the magician's parlor he said loving to them Musa Musa alayhis salaam, alto, you will throw your test whatever anthem you will will want to test

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than one elbow the last corner he said massage massage the salon more whatever you will be with it. A session is the magic in the Indeed Allah Allah say you deliver soon he will nullify it. He will make it false. In the ledger, Indeed Allah land not useless. He reforms anila deed elucidating of those who spread ministers will end you should he establishes? He proves true. Allahu Allah. And the truth became Murthy he with his words, or with his commands. Were alone Even if Terry had to did I would remove those were criminals. Sooner than not Amina he believed

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in the except the return of spring men from Omaha he has people either upon housing fear men from federal owners, or military him and their chiefs and that he astina home he puts them in trial we're in and indeed for owners that own law Ireland surely arrogant, surely mighty. See in an obey the land. We're in the who and indeed he learned surely from a mystical those who are extravagant or corner and he said Musa Musa alayhis salaam, Yoko me all my people in a quantum you were our mental your believed the levy in Allah. So Allah then upon Him

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you will trust in His continue where this remain one ones who submit ones were Muslims. So 10 So they said, Allah upon Allahu Allah. There were Turner we trusted Roberto

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Now, our learner do not make us sit natum a trial of fitness only for the people. We mean those were unjust

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and save us the rushmere ditto with your mercy, men from ultimately the people of cassadine those who disbelieve

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will and

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we inspired me to lose a Mercedes sedan

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and a CG his brother and that double will urge you to settle you to appoint leuco mikuma so people have YouTube, famous in Egypt, do you 10 houses what do you do and you will make the you comb your houses, people attend a Tobler a center will appeal and you will establish a celebrity solar shoot and give good news and meaning to those who believe

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what Allah and he said Musa Musa alayhis salam

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our route in Mecca indeed you data you gave only to fit on where men are who does cheats, Xena 10 adornment will end a moron and we'll see in a hierarchy the life a denier the worldly robinair

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Leo de leeuw so that they lead astray on some severe liquor your way Rob banner

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it miss you erase Allah upon a morally him their wealth wasted and you harden Allah upon to be him their hearts center so not you know they believe Hector until

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they see an either the punishment and the painful.

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toner he said that in fact, he but it was accepted. It was answered positively. That word to pronounce the prayer of YouTube do all of you to

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say you to remain

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the owner and do note that there are many you to definitely follow Sabina way. And Medina of those who learned not yet a new

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listener and we crossed the bunny with children is la isla of Israel is

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the sea.

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So he followed them, he pursued them.

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And drew his forces is only those

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who are doing and do do enmity

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until either when

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it reached him, it overtook him on the hood of the journey. Further he said, I believed

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that indeed he learned not to hurt me God except anybody who learned he believed that he was him. Children, Israel, Isla of Israel, he will and I mean some Alyssa Mendoza submit

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an honor. What now work well. In fact oscillator you disobeyed. Before work into and you were men from aloof serene doses partnership

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Salima. So today

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we save you the bed meter with your body. So that you may remember whoever Hunsaker is behind you. I attend assign we're in and indeed, many men from a nursery the people, unsung iopener, our science lovers, surely once heedless and aware

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when occurred and certainly the workmen resettled many children of Israel, mobile we're a place of settlement, a place of dwelling, sifting of truth, good

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news, and we provided them men from upper Uberti the good things

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are not so different with each other. Hector until it came to them. The knowledge in the indeed Rebecca Hilda Jacobi, he decrees he decides they're in a room between them Yama en de la da Mata standing SR in whatever term you see in it yesterday so they differ with each other.

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So insert into you will see in shakin doubt, most awards engine now we sent out a letter to you then ask and levina those who

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read lt turbo men from publica before you.

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Certainly j occur it came to you a shock to the truth knew from Rob Baker.

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So less so do not document you definitely be men from a mentoring those who doubt

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will know and do not

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you definitely be men from a Latina those who

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might be with signs with versus ally of

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consequences will be main form those were losers

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in indeed unloading and those who have got it was established it proved to

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you upon them dealing with the word Rob Baker of your wealth may not know they will believe

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Willow even if it came to them to you every Eliot insane Hector until a year ago they see the punishment and the pencil

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similar so when it came in it was three attorney attorney as well in a moment it believed centers are her so it protected her imagine her its belief of her belief in law except only people UNICEF of units alayhis salaam

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number one

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avoiding punishment OCZ officials say in a hierarchy the life of the wealthy

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and we benefited them in it too.

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an appointed time

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Willow and if she or he will rob Booker.

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Mmm surely he believed men who ever see in an earthly the earth quinlivan all of them. Jimmy and together

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will surrender. Then you to clear who you compel. You force an answer the people Hector and Yoko they become Many believers will not and not telling me it was limiting for me soul and that it believes in that except the evening with permission, Allahu Allah.

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And he makes he places naturally he places a good self defense, honor upon and loving those who learn not your pillow. They use intellect, they understand

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and say in your look,

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what what is that? See in a similar way to the heavens

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and the earth.

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And not to me it's a veiled threat to the signs

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and the Warner's uncertain only a people learn what they believe, to help them not all them do. Young

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except missler like a yummy days and Medina are those who follow the best away men from before them. Ponce's until we don't wait in the indeed I miracle with you, men from a winter rain those who wait

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sooner than

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we save, this will enter our messengers will Medina and those who are believed to very little likewise have a duty meaning incumbent upon us. We save and load meaning those who believe

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in say a you have a most of the people in His Word. See in shaking out men from DNA my being my religion sooner than not Arabic our worship and learning those with

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your worship men from doing other than a lie

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while making that

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worship allow her older old lady who yet our circle. He records you fully meaning he gives that to you. We're used to and I was ordered under a cooler ID name from a lot meaning those who believe

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that you establish friendly which record your face lifting for the dean Henderson upright unswervingly

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and do not the Conan you definitely be mean from a wish the game the sudo ship.

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table you invoke men from the other than La la

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la Mert em focus. It benefits you

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as not your broker. it harms you. So if you did for in meqasa indeed you even then

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mainframe world You mean those who do wrong

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we're in and is the ancestor he touches you along with the person with

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the night caches that

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are in there except for

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we're in an S unit, he intends for you. He wants for you. Before it was any good center the night around anyone to turn away anyone to rebel Lyford Lee for his struggle, you see when he reaches or he afflict behave with it man whoever gesture Oh, he will

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men some rebel the he has servants

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the most forgiving version The boy was almost

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a year or you have a Nancy the people, but in fact Jericho it came to you shortly the Moonstone will become your

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sermon. So, whoever is the he received guidance or he obtains guidance

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but yesterday he receives guidance limits see for herself woman and two levels below his trade for them indeed, but he strays or lay her against it. You can also ride by it itself.

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Really enjoyed it. Array come upon you be working at all the Disposer of affairs at all a trustee.

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work to the end you follow? Whatever you have, it is divinely inspired. elated to you. Was there any patient Hector until yes coma he decided? Allahu Allah. Those who are anti fungal is best. And how do you mean of those projects?

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Jimmy Fallon

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Bobby Kennedy,

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the moon

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be misma boo

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Please stand up

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Dini honey,

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be wonky. What

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