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An-Nisa 135-147 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 136-138

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For him

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Yeah, you're Latina. Who are you who have believed Amina will be la hora su de believe in Allah and His messenger. While kita be leadin as Allah, Allah, Allah O su li, and also believe in the book that he sent down upon His Messenger.

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Yeah, are you Hello, Dina ermanno believers are being addressed. And what's the command?

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I mean, believe

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isn't it strange believers are being addressed and they're being told have EMA believe.

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Now what's the purpose of saying this? Are they not believers which is why I lost a parent. Are they saying me? No, no, they are believers, which is why Allah said yeah, are you and Edina Amadou in the first place?

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So, what does it mean by this Aminu have email this is understood in two ways.

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First of all, it refers to having said that in email, what does it mean by that? that a person becomes firm on a man he is continuously maintaining his even

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why in order to be steadfast in order to be firm in his email

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because we see that a man it fluctuates at one time at one moment you feel so good. you're praying Salah with so much for sure you want to recite the Quran you want to do this

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your demand is very high. And at another time you feel that praying with Kishore is so difficult. So demand fluctuates. Correct. So over here on the loss of pounds, it says, um, you know, what does it mean? That continuously persevere in email, improve your email,

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continuously persevere, remain steadfast.

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And it also gives a sense of adhering to all the elements of email, all of the branches, all of the biters have emerged.

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Because many times what happens, sometimes we're focusing only on one aspect, and we're neglecting other aspects. Sometimes we're focusing only on the heart and we're neglecting the actions or we're neglecting the tongue. Sometimes we're only focusing on the actions and we neglect the heart. So me know meaning have Sabbath.

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And we see that the hypocrites they don't have the one or they don't have Sabbath in Eman meaning they are shaky. Between Eman and cough. They go from Iran to Cofer to semantic of whatever they've been abena dyadic they're wavering between email and co for all the time.

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So over here, when the videos are being told me know what does it mean that stay firm on your email, don't leave it. stay firm. Don't leave it. Persevere, and make sure that you adhere to all of the elements of email.

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Secondly, it has been said that what this means is, um you know, meaning complete your faith. revive your faith, prove your email, prove your email.

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Because one is that a person says I am a woman I'm a believer. Yes I believe in Allah I believe in the angels last day etc etc. but saying is not enough a person has to prove it from his actions. So, yeah, you alladhina amanu. Aminu believe meaning prove your Eman. Show your image demonstrate your email

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just as we pray in certain Fatiha that Idina Soraka was talking guidance to the straight path. What does that mean? that keep us firm on the straight path? Don't let us work Don't let us leave it.

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So yeah, you're letting me know um, you know, meaning continuously persevere and prove your Eman in who

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believe in Allah. And what does it mean by believing in Allah subhanaw taala First of all, in his existence,

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secondly, in his Lulu here, that he is the only one worthy of worship, thirdly, in his robe obeah that he is allowed. He is the Creator And fourthly in his Sleaford, in his names and attributes,

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and remember that if a person denies even one of these spitters Then whose email is incomplete, if a person says that okay, I believe that Allah is the Creator, but I believe that somebody else also deserves worship. That is what should

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it is not acceptable. This is not even.

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So amino belaire means that a person believes in all these four pillars

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while also D and ultimately even his messenger which messenger

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Because it is singular it refers to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that believe in Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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Now believe in the messenger, what does that entail?

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That first of all, he is how he is true, meaning he is really a messenger of Allah. And a person believes that with conviction without any shakiness because sometimes even our own Muslims, what do they say? What if he was not really a messenger? What if no, this is not even Eman is at first of all, a person believes that definitely he was happy.

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Secondly, a person believes that whatever the messenger brought was,

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so, belief in the messenger entails what belief in the book, believe in the teachings of the messenger and remember, that what the messenger has brought is not just a scripture, but what is it his Sunnah as well his other teachings as well, his commands his prohibitions. So, I mean to be law, he wore a suit he

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and also believing in the messenger includes believing in the miracles that he has brought, that he has presented that he has shown to people.

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So to summarize, belief in the messenger includes, first of all, believing that he is true.

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Secondly, that all that he has brought is true, whether it is scripture or it is miracles or it is other teachings. All of that is true.

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And believe in the messenger also includes that a person obeys the messenger follows the messenger.

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One Kitab, Elodie, meaning and also believe in the book which book and Latinas Allah, Allah, Allah Sudha he which he has sent down upon His Messenger mean the book that Allah has revealed on his messenger which book is this the Quran? So, what does it mean by believing in the book that a person believes First of all, that it is from Allah?

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That first of all, a person believes that definitely it is from a loss of personal data. Secondly, that a person believes that whatever is in the book is how every I every word, what is it? It is how it is correct? It is true, not that Oh, what if this is not part of the Quran? No, every single statement of the Quran is held.

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So believing in the book includes believing in the fact that it is from Allah and secondly, whatever it has, whatever it tells, is also the truth.

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While lucky to have a lady and also believe in the book, which book a lady ends lm in probably the one that he revealed before.

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Over here Al Khattab gives a sense of its origins. So what does it mean? scriptures, books, meaning and also believe in all of the books that were revealed before? All of the books whether you know about them, or you don't know about them, even if you don't have their original version with you, still you believe that have lost the penalty is the one who revealed those books.

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Well maniac forbidden there, and whoever disbelieves in Allah, whoever disbelieves in Allah, how, whether it is denying his rubia or his Zulu here, or his that or his sleep acts, if a person does go for in Allah, llama equity and his angels. Monica is a poor enough Malak for the angels, creation of Allah subhanaw taala and what do they do? They do everything that Allah commands,

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with our Luna minute model, they do whatever they are commanded, whether that command is worship, or that command is taking somebody's soul, or that command is delivering the message of Allah, whatever that command is, what do the angels do? they obey the commands.

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So, when we look for biLlahi, woman or equity, whoever disbelieves in Allah and His angels, what could you be and his books, what also he and his messengers, well, you will ask him and the last day what is the last day include? The Day of Resurrection and his a desert

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for Cordoba, lobola number either than in fact, he has strayed, what kind of string? What kind of error, banana and a misguidance that is very meaning far away from the truth. He has gone far away from the truth, who the person who disbelieves in any of what is mentioned over here.

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So what do we learn from this is

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that first of all, it is not enough to just say that you're a believer.

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What is needed is

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that a person constantly strives to strengthen his image to improve his image when a person constantly strives to improve as a man to strengthen his image,

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you know, people who are concerned about their diet about their beauty about their claws? Do they just go shop once a year? Seriously? Is it? people who love clothes? who love fashion? Do they only go shop once a year? No. What? Do they have? Regular trips, they regularly go to the mall buy clothes? Why? To see what's new, to see what's new. And I need one more of these things. I need to replace this particular outfit that I have.

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And what if there is a sale? And what if there is something really nice, so I should go. And which is why people who love clothes and stuff will love fashion, you will see them, they will be going out regularly almost every week, every two weeks, every three weeks.

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And if they don't go to the mall, what do they have emails popping in their inbox, there is a sale new. So when you like something, you are going to try to improve in it, it's not possible that you will ignore it, it's not possible that you will not worry about improving it. So having a man is not just claiming that you have a man but it is to constantly try to revive a man constantly trying to increase the image and improve the man strengthen the email. So I mean rubella.

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We also learned from this ayah that, to believe and to not believe is not the same. One person is the one who believes in Allah. And the other is the one who does believes in Allah, Who does not have the correct email, not just displays and a lot but all those that I mentioned over here.

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So a person who has the correct email and the person who does not have the correct email, they are completely different in their end result. One is on sawed off almost stuffing, and the other is Banana, banana and berry that he has gone far away from the truth. Remember that Hadees that I mentioned to you, in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam drew a line? And then he drew some other lines crossing it. And what did he say that this is a Serato Musa theme and these are the other ways and on all of these ways who is sitting, check on.

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So if a person leaves the correct way, leaves a correct email and deviates, even one step even one thing even in one aspect, then eventually you will have gone far away, beloved Island, but either

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we also learn from this idea that Amen, in everything that a person must believe in, is what completes the email is the correct email. So person cannot say I believe in Allah, but I don't believe in the angels. If a person says I believe in Allah, I believe in the last day but I don't believe in the angels This is an acceptable No. So having complete email in everything that a person must believe in is necessary denial of even one invalidates the event of a person

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in alladhina amanu indeed those people who believed similar cafaro then there is believed some and then they believed some mega photo then there is believed some as their do cofra then they increased in their.

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In the previous time we learned a lot. The parents are the same. I mean, meaning become firm, don't leave it become firm, persevere, be steadfast.

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Over here, what's happening with these people, they're believing and they're just believing. They're believing and and they're just believing and then they increase in their cover.

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Such people Allah says lamea Connie level Allah is not going to leave ferula home that he forgives.

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Allah is not going to forgive such people

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will Alia do home Sevilla nor will he guide them to a way which people who fluctuate between Eman and Cofer and finally they become firm on their coffee. Because it has been said alladhina amanu so maka photo Soma Amano so maka photo. So imagine is twice and then Cofer is twice so Africa for a man doesn't come what comes so much dadoo cofra, then they increase in their coffee is that or something better say yada, yada. They increase in their coffee.

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What does that mean by that they increase in their coffee, meaning they increase in their sugar. In it, they intensify in their disbelief. This golfer is stronger than the previous of

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understand. This golfer is stronger than the previous golfer. The first cover was after him and the second cover was a

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After the third golfer is much stronger than the golfer that they committed before. And so much data to confirm also indicates that they increase in their COVID, meaning now they don't go back to email. They only continue in their coffee, they don't go back to email, and they die in this state. You understand that they were fluctuating between your mind and COVID. And then finally, there came a time when they were in the state of gopher, and then they increased in their COVID, meaning they remained in Cofer until they died.

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Such people Allah is not going to forgive them. And he's not going to guide them to a way which way? Which way Serato must have been a way of hiding

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away of who they're aware of how he's not going to guide them to it at all. Why? Because they have died upon it.

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Over here, this is been understood in a number of ways.

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Some have said that it refers to the hood. It refers to the hood. Why? Because they believed in who in Masada center, then so MakerBot, then the display now by worshipping mograph,

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then some amanu Then again, they believed after worshiping the craft, they did Toba and then so Makoto, then the disbelief when when reciting the donkey.

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And then so much that Luca for the increase in their code for how by disbelieving in Hamlet sort of authors

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and others have said that this ayah refers to the hypocrites the mean ethical, that this is the behavior of the monastic that he believes. And then he just believes, he believes and then he does believes, and then he only increases in his group. And we see that at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when the Muslims were victorious at better some people became Muslim at that time. Why? Because of political benefits.

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So in alladhina, amanu, meaning they believed when at the victory of some maka photo then they left even when

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they were going with the profits or losses when they came back.

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Some amanu then they believed again, when things were better when things were improving by the Muslims and they had a mannequin. So maka photo, then they disbelieved again, how, when things became difficult for the Muslims, so much data cofra and then they only increased in their coffers. So such people Allah is never going to forgive them.

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So basically, the attitude of the hypocrites is being mentioned over here, that the hypocrite them and FF is the one who believes, but he does not fulfill the conditions of a man.

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He does not become firm on a man. He does not adhere to all of the elements of a man in the previous eye. Yeah, you and Edina armano. me No. So who is a monastic that he has a man but then what does he do? He doesn't prove his email. He's not steadfast on his email. So he does.

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When he sees some benefit, he becomes a believer. He increases in his email. But when he sees some harm, then what happens? he abandons his fate. He does go.

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And such a person eventually what happens to him who fluctuates between email and gopher. He only increases in his coffee.

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Because this type of attitude, what is it? It's like mocking at the dean? Isn't it? It's plain mockery of the the that when you like it, you take it when you find it difficult you leave it when things are easy. Yes, I'm a good believer. And when things are difficult, don't talk to me. So this is, you know, mockery of it. And if any person does something like this that is constantly fluctuating between doing something and not doing something, you take them seriously. No. Life is over example, if there's a girl, she gets married, she goes to her husband's house, and then she has a fight with him. She leaves. She comes back and then she leaves. She comes back and she leaves. So

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what does that show? She's not serious. She's not serious. Similarly, there's a student, they enroll in a course, they come they take one test, then they don't take one test. They come for two days, then they don't come for three days. They come they attend one class, they don't attend the other class. What does it show? What does it show? They're not serious. And eventually will they be given the certificate? Will they be given the diploma? No. Why? Because the diploma depends on your full attendance on that you've taken all of the subjects and that you have taken all of the tests. Now if a person is not taking something seriously, why should you be given the credit for it? He's not

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going to be given the credit for it because he never did it. He's not serious from the first day. So similarly, if such people if they are between him and prefer all the time, why should they be given the certificate of email

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They will not be given that they will not be stamped with a man which is why Allah says that Allah will never forgive them. Let me akoni level learfield.

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So what do we learn from this ayah

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that first of all, the door to forgiveness and mercy is closed for the one who dies on

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a person who dies on COVID because there is so much there to confront lemmya Cannella who Leah ferula home. So the door to forgiveness and mercy is closed for the one who dies on COVID. And this shows to us that whatever a person dies upon, however, a person ends, that is how he will be judged. However, a person dies, in whatever state a person's death comes to him. That is how he will be judged.

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So if a person has been doing righteous, good deeds all his life, and then he says, okay, never mind, I'll just do a few wrong things. And if he dies in that state, how will he be judged based on what based on his ending, based on how he ended?

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This is why we should always make draft for hajima behavior behave for a good end, for a good end, that all know when the Angel of Death comes to me, I'm not in a state of disobedience to you. And we don't know when our death is going to come to us. So we should always try our best to stay away from those things that displays of loss.

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We also learn from this idea that a person who is shaky with regards to something he ends up in failure. Remember that a person who is shaky, meaning he does something once and he doesn't do it the next time. He starts it, but then he leaves it. He does one assignment and he doesn't do the second assignment. He comes one day, then he doesn't come the second day. How will he end with success? No, with failure, because we see over here so much daddo for the increase in their cover. They don't increase in their email, they don't go back to email, because it was a man coffee, man coffee, man coffee, there is no sebat there's no firmness. So if you're shaky, one day, you're doing

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one thing and the other, you're not doing it eventually, how are you going to end up in failure. So what is necessary, persevere instead, when you've started something, don't leave it even for a day. Don't leave it even for a day because if you leave it for a day, then you will leave it again for two days. You will leave it for three days, you will leave it for one week, and it's not going to affect you anymore. And at the end, what will you have in your hands? What will you have in your hands? Nothing. And the whole time that you spent fluctuating between doing something and not doing something wasted? Because at the end you don't you haven't gained anything. So person who is

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fluctuating a person who is not first, how does he end up in failure?

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But she'll want to give glad tidings to the hypocrites be another Homer either been a Lima that there is for them a painful punishment. So this is shows that the previous is mentioned in the hypocrites in particular. Because the I have before that mentioned zoo, believers that be firm on your email. So over here, but she didn't when I 15 gift glad tidings to the hypocrites. Now, this is strange, but should give good news or that an element is not a good news. So I just being said give good news. This is like sarcasm. Throw this good news on their face. Give them this good news. And remember that Bashara, it is such news that the effects are visible on the person on the skin of the

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person on the bus shot of the person. So by shooting when ethylene meaning give them this news, inform them, tell them on their face. What that another home that indeed for them is a Lima a painful punishment.

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But the question is who is monastic? Because there's something very serious that they will have a painful punishment, who is a monastic?

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Whenever is under implanters, nonfat cough.

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And the word monastic was unknown before Islam. In fact, it was unknown at the beginning of Islam even because nefarious hypocrisy. When did it begin? in Medina, after the Battle of birth, when there were some people who became Muslim, apparently, and their hypocrisy was revealed when at the Battle of the hood. So this word, it was unfamiliar to the Arabs. It was completely unknown because there was no concept of someone who would just become a believer for you know, worldly benefits. No. If you became a

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Believe it meant that you're inviting trouble in MCI especially.

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And it is derived from the word nephew call. And never caught is a particular kind of a mouse that lives in the desert. And the house or the borough that it has. It has multiple exits. It has multiple entrances and exits.

00:25:20--> 00:26:00

So basically, it has a tunnel in the ground, that it enters, live there, each there, whatever. And if there is some problem, let's say there is a predator coming from behind a lizard or a snake. What does this mouse do? It leaves from the other exit. And this is the moment that he enters Islam, he becomes a Muslim. And if there is any difficulty, if there is any problem, anything that he does not like anything that he does not want to do slightest difficulty, what does he say? I cannot take this anymore. I cannot do this anymore. That's it, I'm leaving. And he leaves. This is what hypocrisy is.

00:26:01--> 00:26:05

Because if he was sincere from the beginning, then no matter what happened, he would be firm.

00:26:06--> 00:26:17

Like for example, if a person begins to do something, if he is firm, and if he is confident from the start, then no matter what happens, he will continue. He will continue.

00:26:18--> 00:27:02

But if he is shaky from the beginning, if he is not sincere from the beginning, then what happens? slightest difficulty and he leaves he cannot tolerate any difficulty. A moment a believer, he is sincere in his team. He is confident about his Deen. Therefore, no matter what happens, he doesn't leave. And this is the quality that Allah subhanaw taala likes that when you started something, don't leave it just because you find it difficult. Continue. And what happens with many of us, we start something good. We find it difficult. What do we say? Okay, it's not fun. It's not wired. I know of another opinion that says it's okay. If you don't do it. So we start something, we find it

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difficult and then we leave. This is the attitude of a hypocrite that he has a man and when he finds it difficult he leaves. So a lot of times it says over here that brush it in when I feel cleaner be anila Homer, I'd have been a Lima tell them that there is painful punishment for them. What can we learn from this ayah?

00:27:23--> 00:27:27

First of all, we learn about the obligation to warn against Nephi

00:27:28--> 00:27:46

because Allah says bat*, it's a command, tell them. So it is our responsibility that we should warn against what neofolk we should warn people against new facts so that they stay away from it. And how will we warn them about In fact, when we knew what to focus,

00:27:47--> 00:27:59

we also learned from this ayah that the men African they deserve painful punishment. Because it is said law home for them. They deserve painful punishment. Why do they deserve painful punishment?

00:28:01--> 00:28:28

Because of their hypocrisy? And what is their hypocrisy, that they enter Islam. And when they find it difficult, they leave. They enter Islam again, when they find it difficult. They leave. And they make a joke out of the team. They make a joke out of the the because something that you find serious, something that you take very seriously, then what happens? What happens? you adhere to it? You don't leave it.

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And if you do something today, you leave it tomorrow you do something here, you leave it tomorrow, what does it show? You're not serious about it. You don't care about it, you don't show any respect to it. And unfortunately, this is our behavior with the dean, that when we are going to school when you're going to university when we're going to work. Does it happen that in the morning, you say oh, I'm too tired, I can't come. You call your boss and you say I'll be half an hour late. Or you call it work and you say I'm going to take a longer lunch break. You say that? Do you do that? No. But why is it that when it comes to studying the dean, we think that we can walk in at 930 we can walk

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it at 915 no big deal. Okay. 15 minutes, 30 minutes, no big deal.

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Similarly, when there's lunchtime, we think that it's okay if we go to the groups late because what we do, would you do that at work? No. Sometimes it's amazing how when people come to pray tomorrow how after the Juma they run out of the masjid. Why? Because they have to make it back to the workplace. And if they don't, they're going to lose your money.

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If you treat your work like this, if you treat any other professional place like that, you are fired. You don't get the same benefits. But when we come to study the dean when we come to work for the dean, we think that we can take it very casually. A sincere believer is not like that. He will give more importance to them than he will give to himself. By sharing when I feel cleaner, be another home rather than an email.