Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 11 – L113A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of characters and their meaning, including a woman named Shariati of the light atonia, a man named Mr. Sulu, a woman named Zilla, a man named Mr. Sulu, and a woman named Mr. Sulu. The characters also mention a woman named Mr. Sulu who is a doctor and a woman named Mr. Sulu who is a doctor.
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National Zoo on a Sunday.

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I'm about to be left him in a shape on the virgin Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for beshara.

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Safely Andrey

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Coco Lee, Papa Nancy

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surah Yunus I am number 21 to 30 transition where either and when, as a cleaner we made to taste a minister, the people are smitten and we see men from barely after the role of hardship. Mr. toman attached them either suddenly or at once the home for them also they have because meaning have and home day, McLoone a plot, see in Athena reverses.

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Say, Allahu Allah, a slow is more swift mcrent in planning indeed rasulillah Our Messengers, look to do the right man what the guru yo taught.

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alone he is who you say eurocom she makes you to travel t in a very demand, well bursary and to see Hector until either when you will see in a silky the ship

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and the sales became with them. variation with a wind value button code will sell issue and the rejoiced. Be her with it.

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It came to them vision of our system a stony Roger when it came to them, emerging the wave name from clearly every mechanical place where we enter was certain

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that indeed, Russia it was surrounded Beijing with them, though they invoked Allah Allah, Mr. Sooner when sincerely memory for him at the village in the name, the insurance is MJ Turner, you served us men from heavy this limit. Surely we will definitely be men from a shirking those who are grateful feminine men than when and gentlemen he said them either them at once. When they

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are rebellious. In an odd Earth reading without a shopping the right yeah, you have

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a nursery the people in America indeed not but bill your comb your rebellion against and seussical yourself with a temporary benefit. And Shariati of the light atonia, the worldly symbol then

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to us material come you're returning

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then we will inform you with what continuous damage

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in the mind indeed not that methadone example of hilarity of the life

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of the world.

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like water.

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We sent it down from a summary described systemically so it makes me happy with it. My Belton vegetation

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of the most remote year couldn't eat, and most of the people will earn and cattle. Hector until is a win. So that took me to the juicer her it's adornment, it's glitter, vaginas. And if you decide was under and he was certain

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that add

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one stone or layer upon it. I tell her it came to it.

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I recommend laymen at night ignite

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the heroine at de

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sublimated hustle Dunstable.

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As I learned not doesn't exist, it will empty by the yesterday.

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Likewise, Mr. Sulu, we explained in detail at the vs for the same

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people, yet the second room the founder,

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and Allah.

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He invites me to bury a salami are the piece where the and he guides men who Joshua who he will email to certain about, Mr. Payne one straight

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Arsenal the utmost good anxiousness, the best was wearable and an increase. In addition, whether or not your pet will cover it will overshadow

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their faces any darkness, Renner and gelatin industries.

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Eco those as herbal companions and genetti are the paradise.

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They see her image. Sally was obeyed eternally. Medina Anderson, Casa de earned a CLT the evils just the contents, say attend us an evil Denise Lee has with its light will tell her to him and it will cover them it will overshadow them Zilla humiliation

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the home sudden alert alert means on awesome any defender mmm as a OSHA that was covered would you remember their faces? Get on vsas mention a lady donate muslimah one that is Dr. Ola echo those of herbal or companions a melody of the fire they see her in it

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once obeyed eternity we're human and on the mushroom we will gather them Jimmy we are together sooner than later we will say

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to those who are Shoku they associated Americans mechanical job places

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you all were shorter ago enjoy Parsons

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as a young man so we separated

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between them for Tyler and he said Shoraka their partners may not continue with Jonas that wooden you will worship soccer so he sufficed or key is sufficient below he definitely a lot shahidan as a witness buying an air between us we're buying a comb and between you in surely Kuma we will and rebetiko your worship lover Filene surely once were unaware primerica there the blue it will try it will test every medicine soul man what a sliver of the soul it sent ahead? Well and

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they will return email to Allahu Allah Mola home their guardian and

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the real weapon and it was last unconcerned them now whatever time they were yesterday they fabricate

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to two words which require a little more detail because there is some confusion if you open up the word Oracle alasia 16.

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at Oracle, we translated this as I informed you

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must have noticed that India's international the translation is he informed you so what's the difference? A broken can be understood as both I informed you and he informed you, you see sometimes the answer at the beginning it means I and sometimes it indicates the meaning it's part of the structure of the word like for example, a soldier What does he mean he went out

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a soldier he went out a year he gave life. So, he hunter also indicates at times

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when the hunter is a part of the structure of the word in trouble when we will do more about words then we will know about it. And symptoms Hamza is also named by So, both translations are correct. In the case where it is he informed you meaning or less apparently informed you have the Quran by some other means besides me okay.

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And when it was that I informed you meaning I informed you directly through me Allah would have informed you

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and the second word is iron number 30 who know Lika Tobu can be translated this as it will try it will test and in the translation says it is just it will be tried. So, both are correct again because Tableau can be models and also module modules that serve like for example, when the action is done on something else. Okay when the action is done on something else. So Tableau can also be translated as it will be tested.

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Meaning it will be tried. It will be accounted on the Day of Judgment for everything that it did.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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What is

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sort of not

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Be here.

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Daddy, Mommy, Russia.

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Lima una,

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Yunus 21-30 Translation 21-30

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