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Yunus 21-30 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 21-23

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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that's number 113. sola Tunis is number 21 to 31 either a doc on a nurse or Hamilton and when we give the people a taste of mercy when either other Conan nurse or hamerton when we make them taste mercy mimbar the the raw at home after adversity has touched them, what happens to them? Either Allahu macoun Fie, Aya Tina, that once they conspire against our verses,

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say, Allahu SLR, omaka Allah is swifter in strategy in narrow Solana Yak to Guna Martin Khun, indeed Our Messengers record that which you conspire.

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Well, either as a document is from the roof letters, then well of those,

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which is to taste something.

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Taste is an experience. So what either a document nurse or Hamilton when we make them experience some mercy, because taste gives a sense of experiencing something slightly a little bit. It's the initial stage.

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So when we give them a taste of our mercy, when mimbar, the the raw after some Baba, after some hardship, Masato that touched them. So basically, we make them experience blessings, after they had been suffering from difficulties. And a nurse over here, specifically in the context, it refers to the people of Makkah, the disbelievers of Mecca, but then after them, it refers to other people as well This can be general,

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that when people are made to experience some mercy, what does it mean by Mercy Indonesia, blessings, such as health, good times, rain wealth, member the law after hardship, what does the right refer to opposite of

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so for example, hunger, famine, disease, poverty, insecurity of life, insecurity of property.

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So, when Allah gives them mercy after difficulty, what is their reaction? Either then at once, either gives a meaning of them, but either is also a forgery, it also gives a meaning of forgery. What does it mean by that? Immediately at once, instantly.

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So, either immediately as soon as they get the mercy, what is it that they do? Are they grateful, that are 100 allowed, the difficulty has been removed, or hamdulillah we get some relief now. That 100 alone My bad times have been changed with good times. No, generally the reaction of people is that at once law home for them. Meaning they have they engage themselves in what McCrone plotting conspiring, scheming

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fee. Tina in our

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What does it mean by this?

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The people of Mecca wellness believed in the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they suffered from a drought. As we learned earlier, that when the people denied the messengers, they were made to go through difficulties Why? So that they would turn to Allah they will become humble. The people of Iran also they were made to go through many difficulties.

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So similarly, the people of Mecca as well. They suffered from a drought. And they came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asking him requesting him that if you pray for our relief, we will believe just as the people of our own What did he say to masala? Remove this difficulty from us and we will believe. But then as soon as that difficulty was removed, what would they do? They would go back to their ways.

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So similarly, the people of Makkah, instead of being grateful, instead of becoming believers, what did they do McCrone plotting fiata against our iron,

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instead of believing in the idea that Allah had revealed, what did they do? They started mocking at them. They started rejecting them. They had promised that they will believe but as soon as the drought was removed, instead of believing, what do they do? They started plotting with regards to the ayatollah.

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And if you look at it in the general sense, Mujahid he said, That man's attitude which attitude of ingratitude, of turning away from Allah of not thanking Him, of increasing in his disobedience

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This indicates a mockery of the blessings of Allah.

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It indicates belying denying marking at the blessings of Allah.

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So, either level mccravy it now instead of being grateful, they begin scheming, plotting against the IRS.

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So what does the plotting refer to? Their attitude of rejection of ingratitude of mockery, towards the blessings of Allah soprano

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old say, Allahu Akbar, after receiving a blessing, you are not grateful to Allah, instead you turn against him. Remember that Allah is much more swift than you in planning, in scheming, in taking revenge from you. What is the mocker of Allah refer to

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the method of Allah refers to his giving, rest bite, his giving recipe

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that he lets the person do whatever he wants. A person who is suffering from a difficulty. He made promises to Allah Almighty remove this difficulty I will do this and this I will give sadaqa I will become more righteous. I will study the Quran I will read the Quran every day, I will become very obedient to my parents. And as soon as the difficulties removed, a person has given some Rama, he forgets all the promises he had made. This attitude is of mockery at the ayatollah This is like mocking it Allah See, I used you. I just used you to get my work done. Now I don't care. What does Allah say?

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Only level.

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Allah is much more swift in taking revenge from you. How that Allah gives you time, he lets you do whatever you want to do. And then what happens? A person is caught. And while a person is allowed to do whatever he wants to do, in Rosalina, indeed, Our Messengers which messengers, the angels, the kilchoman, ketamine, una, they are writing Martin Quran, whatever that you're plotting, meaning whatever you engage yourself in, instead of being grateful, you begin marking. Instead of being grateful, you begin thanking others and not thanking Allah soprano, tada, the angels, they're writing every action of yours.

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into Hebrew Hurry, it is recorded that the prophets are allowed to sell once he led the federal prayer and after it had rained during the night, so basically, he led the fudger prayer and during the night it had been raining. So then he said to the Sahaba, after the Salah, that Do you know what your Lord has said last night? They replied aligners messenger know better. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah has said this morning, some of my servants have become believers and some disbelievers in me. What does it mean by that?

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He will said, we have had this rain fall due to the grace and mercy of Allah is a believer in me and a disbeliever in the stars. And he will said we have had this rain fall due to the rising of such and such star is a disbeliever in me and a believer in the stars.

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So when people are in difficulty they turn to Allah. Oh Allah help us or Allah, give us this blessing. But as soon as that difficulty is removed, when Allah sends blessings, what do people do? Instead of thanking Allah, they start turning to others. And this is marking it Allah, this is marking at him. This is Mark This is plotting.

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This was just a plot to get out of the problem. This whole praying to Allah business was what a plan just apply to get out of the problem. And once they were out, they forgot about Allah.

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So although the is with regards to the specific context of the people of Makkah, however, the message is general, as this is a very common characteristic in people. That when we suffer from difficulties we turn to Allah, making promises pleading for help and relief. And when Allah gives us blessings instead of being grateful, through trickery, instead of fulfilling promises, what do people do? They don't fulfill their promises.

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So each one of us needs to reflect on his actions. Because Allah subhanaw taala says that he is a sort of Roma crop. If you can get away once you think you can get away again. You think Allah will not hold you accountable?

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We learn in solitude a lot of data says well in other corner who nirma burger lover, but if we give them a taste of favor, after hardship has touched him masa to lay a colon the herb is say to me in a hula fairy hunt for food. He will surely say that bad times have left me in

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He is exultant, and he's boastful. Instead of being grateful, he becomes ungrateful. And when a person is in this state, there is a threat for him, that Allah has a seroma clock and everything that you're doing is being written by the angels. And when it's laid out before you on the Day of Judgment, you will not be able to deny anything,

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or needed to learn who said that when Allah give someone abundantly from this world. And that person does not consider this as respite from Allah, then he is deceiving himself, then he is deceiving himself, that Allah is giving you abundantly and he does not take that as respect from Allah. He thinks it's because of my efforts. It's because of the doctor. It's because of so and so. It's because of my degree. It's because of the university that I went to. It's because of my resume.

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Such a person is deceiving himself.

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Who are ladee He is the one who every good that you receive in the dunya. Who does it come from Allah? So thank him.

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Who led you say eurocom? He is the one who makes you travel? You say you don't under better senior saddle you Cyril, what does that mean? To travel any other word from the same route? Sierra, what does that mean? biography because in a biography, especially that of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam you travel through his life, you see, okay, where was he born? Where did he grow up? What did he do? What events took place in his life?

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So Sierra is a lifetime. So say euro, you say you what you see over here this is to make someone travel to enable someone to take a journey.

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You understand? To enable someone to go for a journey.

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Is it easy to travel? Especially today? What do you need?

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If you want to go abroad, then you need visas and you need passports and you need tickets and you need reservations and you need a lot of planning. And you need to take a break and you need to take a leave. There's so much planning involved. Who enables you to go on a trip

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Allah enables you who led you say eurocom and he makes you travel where Phil Bertie in the land. Well Buhari embassy he makes you travel on land by car by train by Airbus one by one and also over the sea he makes to travel overseas on ships had the until either control when you were fill in the ships and focus on the rotators fair lamb calf. And the word folk is Islam gents which is why it can be used for singular as well as plural.

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So Hector, either Quantum filfil

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until you are in the ship, and the ship is where they are in a beam. And the ships are sailing with them. jurina What's the root? gene raw? Yeah. Any other word from the same root? veggie demon 30 Helena.

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What does that mean tragedy, it flows. So jurina they are flowing, they are flowing, the noon at the end is a feminine, feminine plural. Why is feminine floral being used because of folk.

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So what arena and they say they flow? What the ships be him with them? Who does them refer to the people on the ship, the passengers, the crew as well as all of their stuff that they're traveling with.

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So, what arena behind the ships are sailing with them

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beforehand with a wind meaning because after when the ships are sailing with them with the people with their stuff, because of Erie hint that is the yerba that is good

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for UVA is from the veterans for yoga and Tai Chi is that which is good, pure clean, what else there is another meaning of the pleasant, what else beneficial? suitable remember,

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also means suitable that which is suitable for a person. As we discussed earlier, the type of food means good healthy food. But every good food is not suitable for everyone. If someone is lactose intolerant, milk is very good for you.

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The Prophet said a lot of them loved milk, he preferred milk. However, that milk is not going to suit that person. It's not the use for him.

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So tell us what that which is good in itself and it's also favorable, it's in your favor. It's suitable for you.

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So the ships there are sailing because of a wind that is pleasant because of a wind that is favorable.

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You understand? The ships are able to sail we're talking about the ships with sails. Okay, now ships with huge motors. We're talking about ships with sales. How do they sail because of the wind. And if the wind is blowing along with them, if they have a good tailwind, then they're able to flow faster. But if the wind is blowing against the ship, then what happens? The ship is not able to sail in that direction.

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Like for example, even with planes, you may have noticed that sometimes you go on a journey, you're traveling and you find out you end up arriving half an hour, early, 45 minutes early. What's the reason for that? Because you had a good tail wind, you had a good wind that was blowing along with you in your direction, making your speed faster.

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So what you're gonna be him bury him play button. And when this happens, we're finding how big they become very happy with it. They're very happy with the wind. Just imagine you're on a ship and the wind is so pleasant. The breeze is so pleasant, and it's making you go faster. Obviously, you're going to be happy. Well, funny, he'll be here. If you notice, the ayah begins with who led you say your comb, he makes you travel. And then hotter either consume filfil until you are in the ship. And then what you're gonna be him were 30 who be here. You changes into de, doesn't it?

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Allah subhanaw taala is talking to us at the beginning and then it changes today. to third person Why? This is known as lt fat. The change of person in the same text is known as lt fat. What does it mean by that change of person? That for example, a loss penalty that talks about something he's addressing someone with second person and then third person. This is lt fat. And this is not random.

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Nor are these grammatical errors. There's a reason behind that.

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At the beginning, when Allah subhanaw taala is addressing us directly What does it show his favor upon us? And then when it's mentioned that the ships are sailing with them, and they become very happy, what does it show that Allah is showing some dislike? He is showing some disapproval with what with the behavior of people that when they're in the ship, they forget about Allah subhanaw taala completely Allah enable them to go on the ship and travel and when they're in the ship, when they're traveling different about a lot they don't remember a lot. They don't worry they're not careful about observing the limits set by a loss a penalty like for example many times that happens

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with people that when they sit in the plane when they take off they will say the door and for the entire travel time they'll be watching one movie one music video listening to one thing after the other completely how long stuff they don't care about what is right what is wrong. So we're fairly who we what does it show us pantallas disapproval with the behavior of people while they're on the ship. While they're there, he enabled them and they forget him.

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Then what happens? It came to it. All of a sudden the entire scene changes. What happens jet hair, it came to it meaning the folk the ship, what came to it, the horn a wind that is our ASLEF that is stormy. All of a sudden the nice favorable wind changes into a stormy wind asked if it's from newsletters, I installed

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and Asif is basically used for a violent hurricane or a violent wind. A stormy wind analysis author is used for a person who is very fast Asafa logic, the man ran very fast. So violent wind also comes with a lot of speed. From the same route us is used for father gas from cool stubble broken up broken up pieces of twigs and leaves and hay. That is us because this is what happens when a strong wind blows. Things are broken up into pieces.

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So Jan 31 out of a stormy wind came with Joe and it came to them. Along with the stormy wind what comes to them Elmo to the wave.

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Elmo just on the roof Hatteras meme, while gene waves come to them in Colima can from every side from every direction. Just imagine everything was smooth. Now all of a sudden they're in the middle of a storm. And waves are attacking them, founding on them from every direction was a new and then you

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Unknown that indeed there is one mean supposition assumption. But when it's followed by unknown, what does it mean? To be certain? So there are certain that unknown to him that that's it, they have been surrounded, who hail from the outsiders how well it helps us to surround to incircle. So there are certain that they have been surrounded that just as an enemy surrounds, and the people who have been surrounded, they have no escape. Similarly, they have been surrounded with the storm. There is no way of escape.

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If you're on land, you can still run away. You can go upwards, you can go down, you can find some way of escaping, you can jump off, but when you're in the middle of the ocean, when you're on a ship, where can you go? Can you fly, you cannot fly. If you jump into the water that's jumping in that that's leaping towards death.

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So we'll hear from him. What do they do?

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when they're in the midst of the problem that are Lucha? They begin praying to Allah, Muslim, Allah who Deen making sincere for him their religion. The means religion, but it also means worship. In other words, they sincerely pray to Allah. And they only pray to Allah before they pray to others, they depend on others for when they're in this situation. And they know that only Allah can take them out. They turn to Allah only.

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What do they say? That lead in nj Tana? Surely if you save us min Heidi from this from this trouble if you save us an akuna nomina shackling surely we will be of those who are very grateful, will be grateful.

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Now, this ayah is an explanation of the previous ayah that what do people do? How do they behave alone makes people travel, he enabled them to go on journeys, he enabled them to enjoy life to have freedom and he also makes things favorable for them. But then things change the favorable things turn into unfavorable things. And people become certain that now they are the so at these moments, what do people do? They turn to Allah subhanaw taala they forget about everything. They forget about their Shiva, they forget about their idols, Who do they think about a muscle?

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Generally, in a difficult situation, what will people do, they will call the police, they will call some rescue team, they will call one another, they will call the doctor they will do many things in order to get themselves out of the problem. But when a person is in this situation, when he cannot even get to the rescue team. When the ship is drowning, you don't know how to call the rescue team either. Then in that situation, who can you call upon one another? How can you help each other? You cannot. So Allah subhanaw taala sometimes puts us in certain situations in which we know that no one can help us. No painkiller can relieve the pain. No surgery can solve the problem. No doctor can

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come and rescue. No emergency room can help. Nothing can help. No firefighter can come and get me out of this. A person is put in these situations where he's made to feel that he is only dependent on Allah only Allah can take him out. And in these situations, what does a person do? He prays to Allah that Oh, Allah, take me out of this problem. If you do, I'll be very grateful. I promise I will do this and this I will never lie again. I will never do this again. I'll be very obedient to you.

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But what is the reaction density of people? Once Allah takes them out of problems for them and Javelin, but then when he saves them when he rescues them, either No, then suddenly they Yerbabuena fill up the blade and

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they begin committing injustice upon the earth without any right. It's as if nothing happened before. They never went through any trauma. They were never in a situation where they made promises with Allah. As soon as they're out, immediately they begin committing injustice. Yerba Buena, Yerba Buena is on the roof letters belvane. Yeah. And what does it mean literally, it means to desire to want something. Generally when people want something, they will cross our limits to get a hold of it.

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So, belly is also used for committing injustice, crossing limits. So at once they begin committing injustice in the earth behavioral health without any rights, no one has the right to commit injustice on the surface of the earth.

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So instead of being grateful, they become ungrateful. Instead of fulfilling their promises

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They break their promises. Instead of being kind and generous towards people, they begin to become more harsh, more arrogant. Instead of telling the truth, they continue, like, instead of turning to the arm, they keep turning away from the villain, either homea wonderful, or the behavioral health. What does Allah say? Yeah, you're a nurse or people in indeed your body, your rebellion, your injustice, Allah unphysical, it is against yourselves, who is going to suffer the consequences of your body, you yourself, the consequence of your, of your injustice is going to be suffered by you, you will not escape it, it will come back to you, whatever you do, it will come back to you. Your

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building is not going to be ignored, it will definitely harm you.

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And why is it that generally people forget their promises that they have made with Allah? Or they commit injustice on the earth? To get some worldly benefits? What does Allah say? material higher to do near a temporary enjoyment of this worldly life?

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When you commit injustice against people, what will you get some enjoyment? When you break your promises with Allah, when you're not grateful? How much will you enjoy for some time, for this worldly life? It's only for this worldly life.

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Suddenly, Elena Magiera come then to us as your return fund on a vehicle, then we will inform you by our content, our model of what you were doing.

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So if you become heedless of Allah, remember that eventually you're going back to Allah. And Allah will inform you as to what you have been doing, he will make you realize your crimes, and then you will be recompensed for them.

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So we see that at times of turmoil, people turn to Allah for help people use the means that Allah has given them to get themselves out of problems.

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Because a person might say, Oh, no, there wasn't my there. I was actually because I went to the right doctor, which is that my surgery, you know, it was successful, just worked out for me. But the fact is, that who enabled you, Allah enabled you, who provided you with that ability with that opportunity. And once upon a time,

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in times of turmoil we turn to Allah, we asked him for help, we use his help in order to get out of the problem. And after that, instead of being grateful, many people increase in their outrageous acts. For example, the person has a surgery. And after that, their body is fine. Whatever illness they had, whatever problem they had, it's fine. Now instead of using that good health, to please Allah, what do people generally do? They're sitting watching TV activity going here. They're doing wrong things. This is Billy, this is rebellion. And when a person does that, what does Allah say? It's going to come back to you. Whatever you do, it's going to come back to you never think that you

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will not see the consequences of your actions. Because we get fooled. We get deceived by our present situation. Yes, I didn't thank Allah before so I'm fine. My surgery worked out so I'm okay.

00:28:17--> 00:28:25

Everything's okay. I don't need to turn to a light or need to obey Him. I don't need to pray. But the fact is that anything wrong that a person does, it comes back to him.

00:28:26--> 00:28:49

The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, three things, come back to the one who does the three things they come back to the person who does them. injustice, first of all, learn when a person is unjust, the injustice comes back to him. He is treated unjustly. Secondly, deception. When a person deceives other people can you think of an example

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lying, for example, cheating people when it comes to buying and selling, so deception, and thirdly, betrayal. What is betrayal that a person makes a promise, and then he breaks it.

00:29:04--> 00:29:07

So three things when a person does them, they come back to him.

00:29:09--> 00:29:26

The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said, there is no sin that is more worthy that Allah hastens punishment for it in this world, on top of the punishment that Allah has in store for it in the Hereafter, then First of all, a bully oppression and secondly, clear

00:29:27--> 00:29:29

cutting the ties of the womb.

00:29:30--> 00:29:41

When a person is unjust, when a person oppresses others, when a person is rebellious towards Allah subhanaw taala. It will come back to him

00:29:42--> 00:29:43

in this dunya even,

00:29:44--> 00:29:49

yes, there is punishment reserved in the hereafter however, the punishment will also come in dystonia.

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

And what's the second crime cutting the ties of the womb cutting blood ties, severing blood relations This is a big crime.

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A person suffers its consequences even in this world. If you see a loss of pounds, Allah is addressing all people yeah, you have ness, or people in Namibia Kamala and forsaken, your corruption, your facade is going to come right back at you.

00:30:18--> 00:30:28

So never think that if you're doing something now, it'll be okay. You won't suffer anything later. No, whatever you do, you will get it.

00:30:29--> 00:30:48

So what's the lesson of this is that you will get what you do to others. When a person is unjust to others, then he faces injustice in reality is doing lol against himself. So therefore, we should be thinking of benefiting others of doing good for others just as one does for himself.