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Al-Mursalat 1-50 Tafsir 1-15


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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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lesson number 301 solar thermal Salat. I remember one 250

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sort of the most of that is a Maki surah. And it has 180 words then about 800. Who. So yes, there are 50 verses however, they're very short. There are only 800, who it has been recorded in, say Buhari that Abdullah, even was ruled in Iran who said that while we were with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam in a cave at Mena, while more solid was revealed to him. So this habit, were there with him. And until it was said that was revealed to him. And this was obviously before the hegira because it's a murky soda. He was reciting it, and I was learning it from his mouth. So after the revelation, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam started reading the sewer, and even was rude said that I

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began learning it from him immediately. Very, his mouth was moist with it when a snake leapt out at us, so he was reciting it. When all of a sudden a snake leapt out at us and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said up to her kill it. So we quickly went after it, but it got away.

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So then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, it was saved from your heart, just as you all were saved from the time

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you understand, it was saved from your heart, and you were saved from a time meaning it couldn't kill you, and you couldn't kill it. So both of you were safe at the end, say from one another.

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Then we also learned that even our bustle the downtown area to that woman will hurt even or bustle dinner and reciting sort of a more solid and normal father was his mother. So he was reciting so little more salads, and she said, Oh, my son, you reminded me with your recitation of the surah Verily, it is a last solar I heard from the Messenger of Allah. before he passed away, this was the last solar that you heard from him, and he recited it in the moment of prayer.

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So this shows to us that furuta masala profits are recited when in his macro prayer

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim well, more Salah to

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buy those wins that are sent forth in gusts while masala tea or alpha masa that is a florala Mozilla and Mozilla is from the newsletters, last seen Lam aerosol aerosol is to send and Marcel is that which has been sent. Mosul must rule that which has been sent.

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And it says is also used for the constant and gentle Walk of camels or goats or such animals. So when animals they're walking constantly, gently together forming a line. The thing is that when animals are walking in line automatically it affects their speed. Or for example, when people they are walking together in a nine one behind the other one after the other. And when they come in this way, forming lines, it is said Joe it is and they came one after the other gently and together

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and Mozilla This is feminine. So what does it mean? That one that has been sent meaning one that has not come by itself, rather it has been sent by someone it was retained it was held back it was prevented? And then it was sent. So while mo salah and Allah subhanaw taala is wearing an oath by Al masala over here.

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And how are they sent? Earl fair? What does it mean Earth is from the letters in Rafah. And the word Earth has been understood in a number of ways. First of all, it has been said, that gives meaning of my roof and what is my roof mean? That which is well known, a custom habit tradition, one that is well known. And Earth is also kindness, generosity, our son good deed which is why my roof is what

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a deed that is good, which is why we translated as recognized. Good. So, almost select your own fair, meaning those that are sent, those that are sent that are dispatched. An Earth is it's more forgiving the meaning of for the purpose of Earth meaning with Earth. So those that are sent with their own for the purpose of and what is Earth mean that which is well known. I'll give you the meanings of what it refers to. But let's look at the meaning of the word Earth first. Then secondly, the word Earth is also to come in succession gradually one after the other. It is a general Comber often or often or the owner ofa meaning they came in succession one after the other.

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And this is basically right from the roof of the horse roof is the main of the

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Which is the hair on the neck. And how is that here lined up in a line, one after the other.

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So, while masala tea rolfer meaning those that are sent how in succession, one after the other,

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one after the other in succession.

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Then thirdly the word of also means fragrance.

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And we have learned earlier with Mohammed the outflow of the hand at home remember the agenda which Allah has our further meaning he's even made it fragrant for the people agenda. It's that prepared, then it is also from Rafa Dijk, which is

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the what is the rooster sarofim is the red part which is on the head,

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the crown, why, because it's raised up the same, which is the word out off as well, which is heights. So while most alethia olfa know, we're here and these are in the beginning, I have sort of musalla several exam have been sworn several oats have been taken almost a lot allow suffered a national and federal court l molcajete. And with regards to them, some have said that all of these five maximum array they are referring to angels.

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Others have said that no they refer to wins. And some say that they refer to the verses of the Quran. Some say that it refers to the prophets of Allah. And some say that it refers to different different things in each one, or in some of them, they refer to different things. So if we take the first meaning, that it refers to the angels, then what does it mean by this almost allottee of those that are sent meaning the angels that are sent that are dispatched? And what are they sent with? Or what does it refer to the commands that Allah Subhana Allah has given? So for example, the intelligibility brought revelation of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and what did he bring out?

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Moreover, the commands and prohibitions of Allah, some have said that the angels, those that are sent in earth, meaning those that are sent in succession, one after the other as a forming a line as a go out in order to carry out the commands that Allah has given. Because the angels, they're the servants of Allah who obey Allah, whatever orders Allah gives them, they carry them out immediately, instantly. So as if they are ready to receive the orders, as soon as they're given the orders and more so that they're dispatched, and opha in succession, one command after the other one, Angela after the other, they're sent in succession, and they carry out the commands that they're given. And

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some have said that over here in the context of the angels, it will give the meaning that they bring pleasant and gentle breezes, one after the other in succession, because remember one of the meanings of Rufus fragrance, so pleasant breeze, that is also fragrant. So who brings up the angels at whose command at the command of Allah? Secondly, it has been said a lot so that your offer and all of these they refer to the winds. So almost a lot, you're on fire? If we take the meaning of winds, what does it mean those winds that are sent forth, that are released, that are dispatched? How are they sent? are often First of all, giving the meaning of Marvel as kindness to people. When Allah

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subhanaw taala sends wins, what do these winds bring to people, many benefits, they're a source of many blessings for people. When the wind blows, then there is pollination. When the wind blows, then the clouds can come, when the wind blows, then it can rain. And when there's rain, then there's life. So we'll mortality or alpha, this is why we learn in sort of aged 22. Well, all of a sudden, at the lower end, we have sent the fertilizing winds

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into the alpha 57 return well who will lead the user to Rhea habush on beignet, they had either a conda to heavens icon and these winds, they pick up heavy clouds and these heavy clouds, then they drive them to a deadline and then Reinfeldt over there.

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So the winds that are sent with their oath meaning out of kindness for people, then winds that are sent as a roof What does it mean by that meaning in succession, one gust of wind followed by another

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and sometimes you feel that a gust of wind and then another one, and then another one, which is why especially when you can hear the wind blow, how is it that the sound constantly keeps going up and down, because one does is followed by another, while more sanity and there are also such winds, that as they blow, they also spread fragrance will musalla to fair,

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then it has also been said that it refers to the rustle the messengers. So the messengers of Allah, they were also sent by who have lost all of them were sent by Allah, Allah

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Have fun with my roof meeting with revelation with cannons. And fourthly the Quranic verses, how are they sent often in succession? So one after the other, the Quran was not revealed all together at once, but rather how was it revealed in parts one part after the other, while most allottee

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then almost upon without a says, philosopher at Oxford, and those that blow violently. Now, if you look at all of these meanings and look at the following is, well, what seems most appropriate is that it refers to the winds.

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Because we see that in this era, many other signs of a loss of data are mentioned. And it seems more relevant to the context that this would refer to the winds, different types of wings, one that is gentle, and other that is asleep, another that is natural that spreads further, once that separate. So, these characteristics there are very clearly found in what winds and we see over here that man's attention is being directed to the wind and the wind, Allah subhanaw taala swears by it. And the wind is something that draws a person's attention to itself. Whenever the wind blows, are you drawn towards it? Yes, you feel it, no person can ignore it. And at the same time, it illustrates to us

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the power of the perfection of a monster panda.

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philosopher, the Oxford philosopher deplorable

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and also from their own countries, I insert for us, us is to blow violently. And our our safe is a violent wind that picks up dry leaves and it's like, anything that comes in its way it just picks it up and blows it away everywhere.

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You may have noticed that with the fall, all of the leaves on the trees may have fallen, and if you didn't rake them, then what happens is the wind blows. They spread everywhere filler, also fattier as

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well, what does it mean by this philosophy? If we take the meaning of the winds, those that blow violently, picking up everything, so raging hurricanes, violent winds, merciless winds that destroy everything that comes in their way? So it shows to us that winds are of different types, some that are gentle, and others that are violent, and and also fattier. Elsewhere, if we take the meaning of our ossified this angels, then what does it mean? those angels that violently extract the souls of people at the time of death,

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philosophy, 31, nationality national and by the winds that spread a national plural of national and national from noon Shinhwa. National, what does national mean, to scatter to spread? And it is basically to spread something everywhere all over the place. Like for example, you take a handful of seeds, and you just scatter them on the soil.

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You don't pay attention that okay, this seed should fall here, and that seed should fall there. No, you just pick them up and you just throw them scattered. And so when Nashi Latina Shah, what does it mean by this? Those winds that distribute the clouds, which clouds the clouds that bring rain, and if these winds did not distribute the clouds, then what would happen?

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What would happen the people would suffer from drought, there will be no rain, and as a result, no life no food. So because of these winds, there is life when national or international.

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And we see that they spread the clouds across the sky, and they spread the vegetation across the earth as well indirectly, because of the water they bring as a result, there's life everywhere. And if we take the meaning of National Art as the angels and refers to the Angelou, a national or international potential Dakota, the books the scrolls, meaning the right the deeds of people and they present them before who have lost our national what is nationally, one who spreads opens up so a national multinational fail failure quality for car, then by those that bring the criteria in federal court is Florida Federica and Federico is one that separates one that divides, one that

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distinguishes so Federico de Falco, if we take the meaning of winds, then what does it mean those that separate the clouds and those that discriminate between the lens. So for example, the winds, they break up the clouds and scatter them across the sky. And similarly, the winds as they bring the clouds to a particular place, then what happens, it rains there, and it doesn't rain at the place which is right next to it. So they discriminate between the lands as well so it rains

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One land and not the other Fairfax County.

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Then if we take the meaning of firefighters angels, then what does it mean? Farrell caught me those angels that bring the four on that bring the criteria, the criteria in between lawful and unlawful help and battling. Then firehawk can also be understood as the verses of the Quran. Those that discriminate between truth and falsity between what is lawful and unlawful to the Quran is what criteria and the verses that Allah has revealed. What are the criteria funfetti car default car fell mukhiya to the car, then by those that deliver, what do they deliver? They can a message a reminder, and mukarat is a plural of multi year and multi year is one that

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throws one that casts one that flings worlds. So mukhiya those that cast those that put, what do they put? They can't reminder.

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If we take the meaning of molcajete as wins, then what does it mean? When the wind blows?

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Does it remind you of anything when the wind blows gently or violently?

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Or does it have no effect on you? Perhaps it doesn't, which is why we don't feel anything.

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The wind as it blows,

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it serves as a reminder, we'll theatrical, the prophets are allowed a sudden when he would see the wind blow when he would feel it, then what would happen he would become afraid and nervous.

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So the blowing of the wind, especially one that is very violent. It warns you It scares you.

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Similarly, when the wind blows, it's very gentle, it's a breeze, it's very peaceful, then it reminds you of the many blessings of Allah subhanaw taala. So fall molcajete Electra,

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which shows to us that whenever we notice these things, these great creations of Allah soprano tada when we experienced and when we see them, we should feel something we should learn a lesson from them. Because it's not that Allah has placed them, or he's made them different for no reason no, for multi at the core. Then if we take the meaning of multiaxis angels, then it refers to the angels who deliver a message who deliver a message to the prophets of Allah, meaning they bring revelation, they bring the commands of lawful multi Attica, and this when it is brought around as justification owner draw or warning, or the What does it mean? an excuse, what a person offers, in order to

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absolve himself from blame, or from reproach so that he's not held accountable. It could be an apology, or reason, an explanation or the owner, what is neither mean? Warning. So earthdawn are neutral. This is describing what they call that these winds, they blow

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and pharmakeia to the crowd, they cast the crew into the heart of people. And this vehicle, is there other Oh, another, meaning when the wind blows, either a person starts to justify the wrong he's done. Because he's feeling guilty. He's afraid, oh, Newsela, it serves as a warning. So he improves himself.

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Remember that Earth that I told you it's a different types. One type of other is that a person apologizes, and he makes the intention to fix his ways. For example, when you've done something wrong, and you genuinely feel bad about when you apologize to that, if you say sorry, I won't do it again. This kind of or that is good.

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This kind of earth it is good. Why?

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Because it's taking you to reform. So these winds when they blow, they leave, they infuse the heart of a person with zeker with a reminder with a lesson and he realizes the wrong he's doing. And as a result, he does Toba he seeks a loss forgiveness, he becomes afraid onodera or warning or not onodera.

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Then if we take the meaning of unworldly out as the angels who bring Revelation, this revelation, this decode that is revealed, this is sent as a rather as justification that people cannot see on the Day of Judgment, oh no, we did not No, no, Allah has sent Allah sent the angels, the angels deliver the message to the messengers, and the messengers pass that on. So on the Day of Judgment, no person can say, I did not know. No, as earthen, I will know that ah, and at the same time, this revelation is also

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warning. This revelation that these angels bring this is also know that our warning or the run, owner draw. So there are a relation that Allah has sent. What's the purpose that people don't have any excuse on the day of judgment and secondly, it also serves as a warning for them against what

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The consequences of disbelief, disobedience.

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So, in other words, there are different types of people. There are those who take a reminder, who take a lesson from the winds that blow. And every time the wind blows, every time, something major happens, they take a lesson from it. And there are other people who ignore that reminder, great things happen, but it doesn't affect them. It doesn't change them, they don't take any lesson from it.

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The wind when it blows, it compels a person to remember.

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It compels a person to remember a lot to remember the best things that Allah has given to him. And sometimes also take warning that what if this is going to bring some kind of punishment because it terrifies a person it scares the person when the wind is very fast, you know, especially when it's very fast and you can hear it blow and you can hear that creepy sound as the wind is blowing from between the houses from between the buildings, and sometimes it just picks up what you have and blows it away. It really scares you. So there are some people who take benefit from this know that and there are other people who do not.

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And obviously, a person must be of those who take benefit from this reminder that God has said

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then Allah says in Nima to Arduino lower indeed what you are promised is about to occur in America to Arduino man over here gives meaning of a lily, this is job Awesome. All of these five is what were they awesome Allah subhanaw taala is wearing by the winds or by the angels or by the verses or by the messengers in number two Arduino Okay, indeed what you are promised is to occur? Well, what does worker mean?

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Definitely one that will occur.

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If you think about it, the job question, it always has a connection with the maximum early. There's always a connection between the two. It's not that randomly Ally's wearing by the wings. And then he says, what you are promised is going to happen. No, there is a connection between the two. The winds, no person can ignore them.

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No person can not notice them. No. people notice them to the point that when people are stepping outside, they check the speed of the wind. What's the speed of the wind? Is it this much? Or is it that much? If it's this much, I'm not going out? If it's this much, okay, then I can go out, isn't it? So the wind is a reality that people cannot ignore, that people take notice off. Similarly, the day of judgment, the resurrection is a promise that will definitely be fulfilled. And a person cannot ignore that this reality a person cannot deny.

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In number two, I do not care. And the Lord who causes the winds to blow differently, sometimes in gusts one gust after the other, and sometimes a gentle breeze and sometimes a violent hurricane. The Lord who does that you think it's difficult for him to bring about people after they have died? No. In number two or donella Walker, it's not difficult for him at all, for either nujoma Tony said so when the stars are obliterated, Tommy said this is from the newsletters from EMC and Tom's is to wipe off something, erase something so that the signs don't even remain you can't even tell it was there. And the palms of eyes or the thumbs of stars are the moon it is when their light will be

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extinguished. So the thumbs of eyes is that a person cannot see anymore. The thumbs of the stars The moon is that they're not visible anymore their light has gone they're extinguished in throw the duckweed if you were either new German carrot and when the stars fall dispersing and over here, what do we learn that they will have no more light left they will be completely extinguished. What it is summer Oh foragers, and when the heaven is opened up

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for Egypt, this is from fair or gene farms, what does forage mean? and opening a cavity and opening in something and from this word is also used for private market primarily what does it mean? and opening a gap? So what it does smell footage it when the sky is opened up?

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Right now How is it? You don't see any food in the sky? any gaps in the sky? any holes, any cracks? Nothing. Instead of off is six Allah says Follow me on little ASMR fo okay. femenina was a Maha Amala her main food. Similarly in certain workouts or loss of hunger, the challenges of look up to the sky again and again. Do you see any problem when do you see any gaps any cracks? No. However, on the day of judgment, what's going to happen? The same sky is going to be opened up

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instead of

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Number 19 we learn we're 40 had a summer over candidate abueva they will be gates doors in the sky and from the angels will be coming

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into the 25 we learn way home with the Chicago summer Obama and mentioned the day when the heaven will split open with emerging clouds, the sky will split open. In certain in Chicago, I afford it a seminar on Shabbat inserted into thought I wanted to eat a semi on Fatah kawaki one.

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So the sky that you see right now peaceful without any openings, on that day, it will be opened up will either devalue Lucifer, and when the mountains are blown away, Lucifer This is from noon scene.

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And this is basically when something is crushed, and it is scattered, it is blown away.

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It is crushed, and it is scattered, blown away when something heavy when something huge, is uprooted, crushed, and then scattered. So the mountains that are deeply rooted on that day what's going to happen, they will be pulled out, they will be crushed. And then there'll be scattered, scattered dust that is scattering everywhere.

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And also NASA file hub from the same route mesophyll hub hub is what grain seeds it is to scatter them. For example, if you have some kind of grain and you're going to cook it and you know that the packaging is not that good. You might want to clean it before actually cooking it. So how do people clean it that they put it on a plate on a dish or something and they you know, shake it so that they will fall apart and then back down and then what's going to happen? They will be separated from all the pieces of rock or dust or whatever and then you can take them out you can separate them

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so imagine these mountains no Seaforth

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yanko there places dust up they will fall down and then what's going to happen what's going to happen there'll be turned to dust scattered everywhere

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we have learned early we're homie little of the well developed carried up homie not mean they'll be pulled out. brought down, completely turned to dust shattered and then spread

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into the Taha I 105 to 107 we learned with aluna garni Japan for Cali and Cebu healthiness fair same word yen Cebu harrowby. Nest, they ask you about the mountains, tell them my Lord will blow them away with a single blast. You will blow them with a single blast inserted calfire 47 Wyoming, no say Yo de Bella, the day that we will remove the mountains we will make them move What are all other batteries or any will see the earth prominent.

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What either was updated and when the messengers dime has come up that from the root letters. Well, that worked What does work mean?

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worked time and they'll get is to appoint a time to fix a time. So in other words, it is just scheduled something to make an appointment. So what either rasuluh updated. And when the messenger Stein has come, meaning the time for the testimony of the messengers has gone that appointment, that time that was scheduled in it has arrived. What does it mean?

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That all of the messengers on that day all of the prophets of Allah, they will be gathered together.

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In this dunya last panel data has sent them in succession, one after the other. But on the Day of Judgment, all of them will be together in one place in South America I 109 we learn yo my edge Mr. LaHood lucilla Be warned of the day when Allah will assemble all of the messengers and not only messengers but the messengers along with their people as well along with their nations as well they will be assembled in total out there we learned quite a while in will earlier in the first and the last ones all of them will be gathered up to the messengers and the people will be gathered at why

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the Justice may be established. So that evidence is there against the people. The people will offer excuses on the Day of Judgment we did not know to the messengers, they will be brought and they will testify that they delivered the message to their nations. So why is it the messengers will be brought so that they can testify against to their nations what testimony that they delivered the message to them, they conveyed the message them and still the people will deny so who will be called as a witness?

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Who will be called as a witness. The prophets are a lot of cinema as well as the last oma his oma as well. Intellectual Baccarat 143 we learned this wicked Erica Giacomo Martin Masato nittaku shuhada Arlen ness. This is what it means by Sheila that Arlen ness.

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Or either Russolo that the time has come in and they will come in order to testify against their people.

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And we see that are handed over that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said to the people have made the message.

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Allah has been locked and what did the people say? Yes, you have to then he raised up his finger and he looked up at the sky. And he said along with that I did convey the A Yeoman or JIRA for what day was it postponed or delayed Hamza Jim, lamb agile, what is agile mean? time and it also means to delay to postpone. So for which day has been postponed, meaning if this testimony was to take place, why has it been delayed? For which day has had been appointed for which day It has had been deferred? Why is it that the final judgment will be delayed? Allah says Leo will fossil for the Day of Judgment, that is when the testimony will take place alpha. So what is possible mean decision and

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it also means separation. So Leo, male fossil for the Day of Judgment, the day of decision in which the matters of all people will be decided, and it's the day when people will also be they will also be separated.

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People who are together as family members, as friends as co workers on that day, they will be separated yo may have federal Model A he will only he will be really old mill fossil.

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One other argument welcome al Mufasa. Allah says what can make you know what is the day of judgment? You haven't seen anything like it? You haven't seen anything like it all people will be there from the first to the last. All decisions will be made on that day.

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What are you doing Alma a little mocha DB war that day, for who? For those people who deny what does it mean, destruction, destruction for who? And look at the mean those people who have denied for them, they're in big trouble on that day. They are in a big trouble on that day, because of their denial insulted that he had a 60 also we learned for a lonely lady NACA for Romeo Mahima lady you are doing and woe to those who have disbelieved from their day, which they are promised. That day is a very difficult day. You have seen nothing like it.

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And on that day, those people who have denied they will be in big trouble.

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know Joe pamesa Whoa,

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whoa, whoa, so no, theta. Li, min. de la. Mia.

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worry Louis.

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should look at this time over here.

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What can tell you what that is? Meaning? It's a very difficult, it's a terrible, it's a day full of difficulties. And what's the description of that a way to live.

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On that day, the MOCA TV Warfighter, they will be in big trouble. Those who don't believe those don't affirm those don't prepare for that day, they will be in big trouble. So what is the way of saving oneself on that day? believing in

00:34:04--> 00:34:14

preparing for it working for it? Because as we have learned in total inside on that day, those people who are afraid of that day, they're the ones that will be successful.

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We listen to the rest of

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what is oh

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