Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 11 – L111C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The three groups of people who were left behind by the Prophet sallahu sallam during the Battle of the Book were not accepted until April seventh. The church's actions caused them to be restricted and restricted from speaking to them, and the church's actions caused them to be restricted from speaking to them. The history of Islam's "’t with a name, but with a title," is discussed, including a woman who experienced false excuses and lost her job due to it, and a man who claimed she had been doing everything to get rid of him.
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Wireless LSAT, meaning whatever lsrs it and Allah has also turned in mercy towards the three. Which three? The three people from the unsolved, what did they do alladhina holy for those who were left behind Allah subhanaw taala has now even turned in mercy towards

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towards those three who remained behind who were left behind. As I mentioned to you, there were three groups of people, three groups of believers, we're not talking about them in everything, we're talking about sincere believers. So those who remain behind and levena Holyfield, who are these three companions, they were garb, even Malik, who are on Who? Who was the famous poet.

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Secondly, it was Hillel, Romania. And thirdly, it was muralla, even for a beer.

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We learned earlier in io 106, where an indication was made to these three companions, that were a Haruna more giovanelli umbrella, that there are others who have been deferred, whose case has been delayed whose matter has been deferred. For what for the decision of a loss.

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In my audible room, either he's going to punish them, what am I a to Berlin, or he's going to turn in mercy upon them.

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Their measure was deferred initially. Over here, what do we learn

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that Allah subhanaw taala has also forgiven them. Allah has also accepted their repentance.

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All of these three companions, they were sincere believers. They were of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they had sacrificed greatly for the day before. Some were present at Aqaba, others were present at the Battle of beddit. So they were those companions who had done a lot for the team, however, at this point at the Battle of the book, because for some reason or the other, what did they do? They did not accompany the profits or the bonuses.

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And Medina holy foo. So holy foo is from the roof letters ha lamb fat, they were left behind, meaning they were left behind from the expedition to the book. They did not go along with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And it wasn't that they didn't go because of nifa. Why did they not go because of procrastination, because of not giving priority,

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and later they regretted their error.

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It is also said that alladhina hoadley for those who were left behind, what this means is that their matter was deferred. They were left behind initially, from the acceptance of the Oba. Initially, they were left behind from what from the mercy of Allah from the acceptance of Cobra from forgiveness for some time.

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We learned that when the prophet SAW the Lotus and returned from the book, there were some people who came to him and began presenting false excuses, which we learned at the beginning of the 11th use that the author the lunar eleiko, either reject them in a way that they will present excuses to you when you return to them.

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However, these companions, they did not go to the prophets are allowed is that in presenting false excuses, they did not do that.

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Similarly, we also learned that there were some companions who did not go along with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam However, what did they do? They tied themselves up to the biters of the mothership, and the sad Nana's opening us except to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. These three companions, they were not even of that group.

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You understand? They were not even of that group. When the Prophet returned, they went to him, and they told him, we had no excuse. We had no reason to stay behind. We don't have any hypocrisy we don't doubt we are sincere in our faith. And we are greatly remorseful for what we have done. They went and apologized to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they were not immediately forgiven. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told them, wait until Allah soprano data tells you about your case. So their matter was deferred. alladhina Holyfield. And the acceptance of their repentance was deferred for so long, for about 50 days, that had there until either baccata la himal abou when the earth

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became tight upon them. When it became constricted upon them, the earth felt narrow for them. What does it mean literally the earth shrank around them. No. It means they felt like strangers in their own country in their own land, in their own city, amongst their own people. Why?

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Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had commanded the Sahaba

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Not to speak with these three companions. There was a complete boycott,

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a complete boycott, no one was allowed to speak to them either Dr. La he will outdo the earth became constrained and narrow upon them. Also because of the guilt, because of the anxiety, that is our attendance going to be accepted or not what's going to happen with us had a deadlock, what are they you will be now Hubbard wrote about the scenario debtors law had that

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and is vastness it's the opposite of the

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so the earth despite its vastness, it became tight upon them. So they didn't find any place where in they could feel content, where in they could feel secure, will dock the island him and foster home. And it became so bad that their own cells even became constricted upon them, meaning their souls confine them, their own cells became unbearable for them, they could not even tolerate themselves.

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It was as if they were suffocating inside.

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Externally, they could find no comfort, and internally, they could find no comfort either. Nothing could vasin their hearts, nothing could Vaseline their place, no pleasure, no person, they could find no happiness, no solace because of the fear because of the anxiety because of the sadness. That is our repentance going to be accepted or not.

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Well unknown, and there were certain one gives a meaning of assumption. However, when the word one is followed by an it gives a meaning of knowing for sure. There were certain about this fact, that alertmanager Amina Allah He La La he, that there is no refuge from Allah, except with him.

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There is no way of being saved from Allah except when you are with Allah.

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La manager manager is from the root letters, lamb jeem, Hamza ledger

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and ledger is to take refuge to take shelter.

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And the word manager is used for a place where a person finds shelter, where a person takes refuge, from the danger from the threat of some enemy, where a person finds shelter from what from the danger of the enemy or from what he fears.

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So they knew for sure that there is no escape from Allah. refuge can only besought in him lemenager Amina Lai la la,

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there is no refuge from Allah except with him.

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So matabele him, then Allah turn to them in mercy, giving them the trophy, so that they would repent, Leah to bow so that they were driven.

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So you see some metabo lay him Leah to the first step it gives the meaning of that he turned to them in mercy, giving them Sophia to repent, Leah to bow so that they would repent to Allah in Allah who at the web of Rahim because Indeed Allah is the Greatest acceptor of repentance. He accepts repentance, and he is also the Most Merciful.

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And this is off the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that a person turns to him at times of difficulty. Because many times at times of difficulty, what do people do, they begin complaining, they begin running away.

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They say, we have found no peace in prayer, we have found no peace in the Quran, we have prayed a lot, we have done a lot. Enough is enough. We cannot handle this anymore. And they completely turn away from

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it happens with many people in times of difficulty. However, they underwent such a great difficulty. But alas, the penalty was merciful towards them and allowed them to repent to him properly because he is the web and he's also

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now these three companions, as I mentioned to their names, these companions, their accounts have been mentioned in detail in many books of Hades, in Tarot books of

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carbon Malik, who was one of them, he narrated his incident as well, and he narrated it in the most detail.

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And we find this in books of Buhari books of Muslim as well as many of the books of Hadith.

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Even he records in Muslim that are the LA urban garb, even Malik Who was he? The son of Carbonite.

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He used to guide capital dinar in him. After cargo Leonardo became blind in his old age. So he used to guide him and he said that he heard carbon mallet called the Learn him narrate his story when he did not join the battle.

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The book with the Messenger of Allah.

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What is that story? Gabriella Maliki said he narrates that I did not remain behind Allah's Messenger in any battle that he fought except the Battle of the book. The only time he stayed behind was which battle,

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the Battle of the book,

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I did fail to take part in the Battle of Babel, he did not go for the Battle of weather as well. But a lot did not admonish anyone who did not participate in it. For In fact, a lot of messenger had gone out in search of the caravan of Kurdish until Allah made the Muslims and their enemies meet without any appointment.

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So when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam left there was no intention of battle. So there was no reprimand on those people who did not accompany. But I witnessed the night of Aqaba pledge. And as I mentioned to you the previous year that we learned in the last minute and for some while I'm, according to some scholars, these two are actually murky. They were revealed with regards to the pledge of Aqaba.

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So I witnessed that night with Allah's Messenger, when we pledged for Islam, and I would not exchange it for but even

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I would not exchange it for the Battle of butter even, even though the Battle of better is more popular among the people than their October pledge that is more precious to me that is more beloved to me.

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As for my news of this battle of the book, I was never stronger, or wealthier than I was when I remained behind Allah's Messenger in that battle.

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So basically, I had no genuine excuse. It wasn't that I was physically weak, I was physically ill, or that I was financially incapable, no, I had no reason to stay behind.

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By Allah. Never had I do she camels before. But I did at the time of that battle.

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At that time, he had two camels. So he had no reason to stay behind. And whenever it was messenger wanting to go to a battle, he used to hide his intention. He would not tell the people as to where exactly they're going.

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Because if he would, then what would happen? People would become nervous, they would become scared as well. Then when African what would they do? They would spread the news amongst people and the news will also reach the enemy. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam would not tell the people as to where exactly they were going, until it was the time of that battle, meaning the Battle of the book, which allows messenger fought in intense heat, facing a long journey, the desert at the great number of enemy soldiers.

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Have you ever traveled in Saudi Arabia?

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we've ever traveled from Mecca to Medina.

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Can you imagine just standing outside in the desert.

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We're sitting in air conditioned cars and buses. Just Imagine standing in that heat and walking in that heat walking through the desert.

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So he says that this battle allez messenger fought in intense heat facing a long journey, the desert and the great number of enemy soldiers.

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So the profit side a lot isn't clearly announced the destination to the Muslims. Why? So that they could prepare for their battle. And he told them about his intention.

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Allah's Messenger was accompanied by such a large number of Muslims, that they could not be listed in a book by name, nor could they be registered. Because how many were there, according to some reports, 30,000

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so there was no way of recording their names, listing their names.

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So capital denardo added, any man who intended not to attend the battle would think that the matter would remain hidden. Why? Because of the large numbers, nobody would notice that he is not there.

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Generally, this happens that if there's a lot of people, we say, I won't go, nobody's going to notice. Allows messenger fought that battle at a time when the fruits had ripened.

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As I mentioned to you, it was a time of harvest.

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And the shade was pleasant. People were busy in their fields. And I found myself inclined towards that.

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I was inclined towards what comfort I was inclining towards staying behind.

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A lot of messenger and his companions prepared for the battle. And I also started to go out in order to get myself ready along with them. So every day I would leave to get myself ready for the journey. But I returned without doing anything.

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I would leave in the morning to do something, but I would come back home without doing anything. I would say to myself, I can do that if I want. I'll do it later. So I kept on delaying it every now and then until the people were prepared and

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Allah's Messenger and the Muslims along with him departed. But I had not prepared anything for my departure. I said, I will prepare myself for departure, one or two days after him and then join them.

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So what do we know?

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He had the intention, he had a good intention, his Nia was good. However, he did not do anything.

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And many times this is what we say as well. And we had a good intention, we really wanted to do it. However, I was just not able to, perhaps because we didn't really try hard enough.

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In the morning, following their departure, I went out to get myself ready. But again returned having nothing done. I returned, and I hadn't done anything. Then again, the next morning, I went out to get ready, but returned without doing anything.

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Such was the case with me until they hurried away, and I completely missed the battle.

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This continued happening until I realized, now they're gone. And I've completely missed the opportunity. But even then, I intended to depart to catch up to them. I wish I had done so. But such was not the case. So after the departure of Allah's Messenger, whenever I went out and walked among the people who remain behind, it grieved me, it made me sad, that I could see none around me, but someone who was accused of hypocrisy, or one of those weak men whom Allah had excused.

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So he found only two types of people, either those who had been accused of hypocrisy or those who were genuinely physically unable to participate in the battle. And on the other hand, Allah's Messenger did not remember me either. Even he did not notice me that I was absent until he reached the book. Because of the great number of people he didn't realize that I was missing. So while he was sitting among the people in the book, he said, mafara the carbon pneumatic, what carbon malic acid companions. And then from Bhanu selama, he said, All as messenger, he has been stopped by his to Buddha,

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but his Bertha garment, so he has been stopped by his garments and looking at his own flanks with pride. He is busy with his own property with his own body with his own self, and he's too busy. This is why he could not come and if you look at it, many times, we get distracted by these things. We're busy getting our workloads, dressing ourselves up, and because of that, we delay so many important things. But more other than juggle, he said, What a bad thing you have said. He said this to who? The person from bonus element, that what a bad thing you have said by Allah Oh Allah messenger, we know nothing about him, but that which is good. What is this an example of one now hoonah. I know

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that if somebody is being spoken negatively about Then what should we do? We should defend that person. But alas, messenger, you remain silent. He didn't say anything.

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So Cordova medic, he added when I heard that allowes messenger was on his way back to Medina. I was overcome by concern, and began to think of false excuses. I said to myself, how can I escape from his anger tomorrow? And I started looking for advice from wise members of my family in this matter. That what do you think I should say? When it was said that Allah's Messenger had approached Medina, all evil and false excuses, abandoned my mind. And I knew well that I could never come out of this problem by forging a false statement. I knew that I could never get out of this by lying.

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So then I decided firmly to speak the truth that I was going to go and tell him the truth.

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Allah's Messenger arrived in the morning and whenever you returned from a journey, he used to visit the masjid first. He used to offer to Dakar prayer, and then he would sit for the people. And then after that, he would go to his house to visit his family.

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So when he had done all of that, those who fail to join the battle, they came and started offering false excuses and taking out before him. We learned earlier today you're on the telephone. And they were over a demon. How many people over at just imagine Allah's Messenger accepted their excuses, which they expressed the accepted them. And he asked for a loss forgiveness for them. And he left the secrets of their hearts for a lot of Judge because he dealt with the people on their apparent then I came to him. And when I greeted him, he smiled a smile of an angry person.

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And then he said, God, come here. So I came walking until I sat before him. And he said to me Mohan love

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And then took on courage to return. What stopped you from joining us? Had you not purchased an animal for carrying you for your transport? Did you not have an animal? I answered, Yes or less messenger. By Allah, if I were sitting before any person from among the people of the world other than you, I would have escaped from his anger with an excuse.

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By Allah, I have been bestowed with the power of speaking fluently and eloquently. He was appointed. But by Allah, I knew well, that if I tell you a lie today, to seek your favor, because of it, Allah would surely make you angry with me in the near future. If I lie to make you happy, what's going to happen in the future, Allah is going to make you angry with me in the future. But if I tell you the truth, if I tell you the truth, though, you will be angry because of it. I hope for a loss forgiveness. We learned early in the same sort of 96 that he actually fonolo come later

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for into the unknown for in the lower layer of our annual common philosophy. And caregiver, Maliki understood that very well. So he continued, and he said, By Allah, I had never been stronger or wealthier than I was when I remained behind him. In other words, I had no reason I had no excuse. It's my fault. I know I've done wrong

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to the profit side a lot is that I'm said, I'm Heather. I've got the sada facom hotteok. demography.

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As regards to this man, he has surely spoken the truth. So get up until Allah decides your case. mean let's see what Allah has to say about you.

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So I got up, and many men have been Salama, they came to me, they followed me. And they said to me, by Allah, we never witnessed you commit any sin before this. You've never done anything wrong before today. Surely you fail to offer an excuse to Allah's Messenger, like the others who did not join him? Meaning Why did you not present an excuses like other people that the invocation of Allah's Messenger to Allah to forgive, you would have been sufficient for your sin? Because every person who came and offered excuses the prophets of Allah said and prayed for that man, if you came and offered an excuse as well, he would pray for you, and you will be forgiven? Why did you do this to yourself?

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You should have just made an excuse. So he said that they continued blaming me so much that I intended to return and accuse myself of having told a lie. So I almost wanted to go back and present an excuse. But I said to them, I asked my people that is there anybody else who has met the same? And as I have?

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Is there anybody else who's in the same group as me? So they're applied? Yes, there are two men who have said the same thing, as you have said. And to both of them was given the same order as it was given to you. So I asked, Who are they? So they replied, they are muralla even have a beer.

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As I mentioned to you, the three companions can't even Malik is narrating the story. So he said they are morada even Aurora beer? Why did he stay behind it is said that he stayed behind because his orchard, his garden, was ready for harvest, was ready for harvest. And he thought that since he has participated in so many battles before, just one time, if he stays behind, it's not a big deal. Isn't that a genuine reason? If you think of it, his orchard is ready, the fruit are ready to be picked. And if he doesn't pick at that time, what's going to happen, they might spoil, they might get stolen. So he had a genuine reason to stay behind if you look at it, however, because the

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announcement was clear that every person has to go and each and every person was needed. At that time, you cannot prefer your own self to the call of a loss planetary

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called encana Abba webinar. Remember that I that nothing else can be more beloved to you than Allah subhanaw taala in certain situations.

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So they said that one is Murata, even Arabic, and the other is Hillel even omiya. Why did he stay behind

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it he said that his family had all gathered up together, after a very long time, was like a family reunion. And he thought that it was okay for him to stay behind at that moment to spend some time with his family. Because it had been such a long time since he had been with them. Then he had been so busy in participating in one battle after the other one journey after the other. So you thought let me take a break. I participated in so many battles before that may give some time to my family now.

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However, there was also not correct

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so they mentioned to me too pious.

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Men, carbon monoxide, they mentioned to me do pious men who had both attended the Battle of butter

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and in whom there was an example for me that if they did not lie, if their case has been deferred, then hopefully I should also be okay. So I did not change my mind when they mentioned them to me.

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