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Al-Anam 20-39 Translation 20-39

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah

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him. Am I bad for Oda Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for beshara, he is further away sadly, and we

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are determined listening you're

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open and

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that's the number 79. So total and I am number 2239,

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And Medina, those who are thinner whom we gave them, Al Qaeda, the book,

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URI foreigner, who they recognize him, comma, just as yardie funa they recognize a winner, a home their sons,

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I live in those who have zero the last, and for some whom themselves, for whom so they learn not up known, they will believe.

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Woman and who is more unjust, me man than who if there are he fabricated either against Allah He, Allah, Caliban, Li,

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O, or Weber he belied the Aya t with his verses in the who, indeed he led not usually who he succeeds, avoid the moon, those who do wrong

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way oma and on the national home, we will gather them, Jimmy on all together. So, then makuu we will say levena to those who are Shaku the associated partners in where should occur are your partners and levena those who come to you work does remove your claim.

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So much, then learn not the icon, it will be fitna to home their trial. They're excuse Illa except on that ALU they said, One law he by Allah rabina our rub, ma not goodner we were wished he came wanzhou associate partners with Allah.

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You look okay, for how credible they lied either against and foresee him themselves were Burleigh and it was lost on home from them. Man, what can you do? Were you after all the fabricate

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women home and from them man who yestermorrow he listens carefully. He listens attentively ilica to you what Jana and we made Allah upon guru be him their hearts, Akin Latin veals and that you have kahuku they understand it, where fee and in other lehayim their ears walk along the heaviness. We're in and if you're oh they see color, every I think sign learn not you may know they will believe they have with it. Hector until either when they came to you uj the luneta they argue with you YOLO he says and Medina those who cafaro they disbelieved in not Heather, this is except a sell to you stories. And a one of the first ones

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were home and the young homeowner, they forbid I'm home from him or from it. Were an owner and they keep away they stay away

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from him or from it. We're in and not you Nicola they destroy Illa except and foster home themselves warmer and not yet alone. they perceive

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Willow and if you see it when was the fool they were made to stand? They were detained Allah upon entering the fire for callooh so they said yeah, who later would that we later would that we it does not mean more to us. Later wood that we normally do. We are returned winner and not look at the back we will belie the IIT with vs for dinner of our rub when akula and we will be main from a movement in the believers.

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But rather better. It became clear

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It appeared the home for them. Man what can they wear your phone? They hide men from cold blue before?

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We know and if we do they were turned back. Now do surely they reverted Lima for what knew who they were forbidden from it.

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Were in the home and in the DE LA County Boone surely liars

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will call you and they said in not hear it in law except higher to know our life adonia of the world warmer and not new we remember or seen at all ones who will be resurrected.

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Well, no and if you see it when we flew, they were detained. They were made to stand upon or behind their

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honor. He said Elisa, is it not? Heather This will help definitely the truth or at all the truth? Although they said Bella, why not? Yes. Well by rabina our caller he said for the EU then you all taste or whatever the punishment be man because of what come to you were duck food you all dispaly

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are in fact hasura he lost and Medina those who get the Boo they belied baluchari with meeting Allah He of Allah Hector until either when it came to them a sir to the hour, but then suddenly, unexpectedly or no they said yeah who has retina and asked for us yeah has retina our regret or our regret. I know upon ma what for lacuna we neglected fee her in it we're home and they yummy Luna they will carry out Zara home their burdens either upon Louie him their backs by now. Beware. unquestionably sir. How bad ma What? jazzy rune they they're

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warmer and not adhere to the life adonia of the world Illa except Larry boom, a play when the one and an amusement well and let the surely the whole an era to have the hereafter. Hi Ron is better than Medina for those who yet the cone they adopted.

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They fear Allah.

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A fella do the not dark loon, you will understand

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it in fact, now we know in the who indeed it layer zuka surely it grieves you and lady that which Yoku Luna they say for in the room sir indeed they are not UK the Boo. Boo Bella, you when I came in about a volley mean the wrong doors, be it with vs. Allah He of Allah Jeju. How do they reject? They deny

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what occurred and certainly could be but she was belied or it was belied with a sudden messengers men from publica before you for several rules. So they enjoyed with patience, Allah upon Mao, what could the Boo they were denied, or they were belied were all do and they were hurt Hatter until at home it came to them no sooner I will help whether or not mobile there anyone who changes legally Murthy for word Allah He of Allah. When 100 and certainly jakka it came to you, men from Liberty news and mousseline of the messengers

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were in and if Canada it was Kabbalah, it became big. It became hard America upon you Iran to whom they're a version for in then if is the bar that you were capable, and that that you seek you search mythical eternal fee in an LBD earth or Solomon another fee in a summer the sky for your home. So you come to them be I attend with a sign. When Oh, and if Sherif he will, Allahu Allah, La Jolla, whom surely he gathered them, and upon and Buddha, the guidance.

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Vanessa do not the kulana you definitely be men from a jacquelene there was a word ignorant

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in Nima indeed not but yesterday when he responds, he answers and Medina those who yes morona they listen

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When Mota and the dead ones nearby to whom he will resurrect them, he will raise them. Allahu Allah. Summer then lie to him your Jerome they will be returned

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will call you and they said Lola Why not? lucila it was sent down early upon him. I don't assign main firm or be his work.

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Don't say in Indeed Allah Allah by their own one who is able Allah upon and that unit Zilla he sends down I assign when I can no but a third of whom most of them learn not Yana moon Dino

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owner and not men from there but in any moving creature any living creature fee in an early the earth one and nor for it in any bird. Your three year old it flies by Jenna Haley with its two wings in LA except oma moon groups species. I'm sorry loucon like you may not for what we have neglected fi in El kitabi. The book men from Shay in anything summer then either to or be him there rub your Sharon they will be gathered.

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When novena and those who get the Buddha belied the attina with our verses. So men are ones Deaf were Bookman and one's dumb fee in a rural America the darknesses man whoever Yeshua he, he wills Allahu Allah, your blue, he leaves him a stray woman and whoever your shirt He wills your journal he makes him or he puts him upon sit off in a bath was stuck in one stream.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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The moon

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wanna see you mobile?

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101 a

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pom pom

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pom colada Deena

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Kita beamy Shay

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Valentina. Boo boo,

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boo, boo.

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blue army